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  1. Hello I’m 43 years old and I’m benn trying to find a free acting class to do in Chicago where u do not have to go out to far and I do have one movie that I’m going to do but I do not know when we are going to start but I want to keep going with my acting career I’ve been trying to do acting for a long time

  2. I am a kid from Nigeria I have a talent of acting and love the Nickelodeon channel but I can’t audition because I am a small boy of 11 years please if you can help me come there and audition I won’t let you guys down

  3. Hello there my name is Brolin Omondi.I have always wanted to an actor in Hollywood films.I just love being an actor from my childhood.I believe I can give the best of my energy and be the best.If there is a chance please consider me.Thank you.

  4. All I want to be is on tv im going through a wird stage but I have wanted this for along time hopfuly I can forfil my dream and this will be fun plus I want to keep on doing cheer and school!!! L<3

  5. Hey buddies, it’s Sphelele from South Africa aged 16 & I’m a tall & confident actress in my community,who wants to reach her destiny.I would really love to corporate with you & I assure you that you will not regret to work with me.

  6. Good day,

    I am Jade Le Pape and I will be turning 15 next month. I am bilingual. I speak English and French. I have been taking acting classes for the past 5 years. I live in Gatineau Quebec Canada and there ain’t many auditions here. I always dreamed to audition for the Disney Channel. I hope one day my dream can come true. Just like the late Walt Disney use to say: Dreams come true. With your help this can happen and has my father always say, distance is not a problem. I would like to have more information about Disney auditions.

    Thank you

    thank you

  7. hi my name erwina nury im from indonesi
    i like this movie almost every day i wacthing this movie cause the story very nice to i never boring if i wacthing this movie
    and to be honored can join this movie and make dream come true

  8. hi,

    I’ve been trying to add a casting/ opportunity for singer/songwriters but it’s not working. It’s giving me an error message and wont allow me to post.

    My company, Chideo, an online charity network has partnered with legendary country singer Clint Black to find the next big singer/songwriter.

    When I hear back from you, I will provide all the details. We’re trying to get this in front of as many people as we can!

    Thank you,


  9. Name: kelly onazi
    age: 17
    country: nigeria
    sincerely speaking i love singing[hip hop], but was told m way better in acting, i know lots of people think nigerians are nt as gud….but i bet you could try 1 and see how it goes, hoping to hear from y’al soon, Thanks!!

  10. hi i m traind actor in india, done lots of films TV shows, done theatre 10 years. age 33. waiting for good acting projects….. my FACEBOOK page VISHWANATH CHATTERJEE ACTOR/DIRECTOR. God bless

  11. Hi this is Jaime a 11 year old girl almost 12 and I really want to be actor or singer or, even a dancer all it takes is practice. Ever since I was 5 years old i wanted to be on t.v. It would be a honor if you could find a way to make me apart of a movie, show, or a commercial. I just really really want to be on REAL live t.v. Me and my sister always used our iPad to pretend we were on TV and we would say we are on Disney channel. So if you accept my application I don’t know what I would do but I would sure say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU I think you will be the one that accepts me. I also applied for one other one and they said they just got full so I really hope you can sign me up to preform with other famous actors. I just want to say please accept me, and hope to meet you someday well if you accept me. I really try my hardest to do what people say like if you told me to sing this i would do or if you said do these dance moves i would, or even say a line in a script. But thanks for at least putting my hopes up hope to hear from you soon.

  12. I don’t know if I’m a great singer, actress or dancer but I always wanted to be any of those.I would freak if I got a part for a show or a movie.Please I hope I could be the next big thing,just some day.I started dancing when I was 3 years old but I stopped at 5.Also I started singing when I was 6 to 7 and I started to like acting.So it will be an honor if I can be a threesome.Everyone in my family has supported me about my dream.

    Sincerely- Bianka Deda

  13. Hi my name is Amanda guri and I always hoped even when I was little to be a actress or a singer and now this might happen to me and I hope so much I can be a actress it would be awesome and I would be so happy to be famous and meet famous people and I hope my dream comes true iaplyed for this one and a other one and I don’t know if I will get accepted so I would be very happy and I know I could be a awesome actress with my cousin Bianka and my sister Jaime and I love dancing I stared dancing when I was 5 I stared singing when I was 7 and I stared trying to be in actor right now so I hope I get accpected it would be awesome

  14. Dear Sir or Madam,
    The latest James Bond movie, l know will be a huge success and l look forward to working with the James Bond cast on the current movie and the next James Bond movie that you are planning at the moment also. Please contact me to advise me when the next auditions are being held for the James Bond films, , current and future, in England. Then l can carry out the contract that has already been arranged legally between us, us being the Director of the James Bond Movies and myself Sindy Sullivan (The White Muslim Virgin Queen for Northamptonshire Air Police Force)
    Thank you so much for advertising my Academy on your James Bond website, l am really honoured to be on your website with my emails to the James Bond movie directors and your agents who assertion work for future actors and actresses, and others that you employ in your movies.
    Currently l am still working as a Sole trader, running my Academy ‘ Sindy Sullivan Beauty Academy and Fashion Modelling Training Academy’ also my new Academy, Sindy Sullivan Dance Academy and Sindy Doll Training Academy’.
    I am hoping to publish by 2016 two new books that l am writing entitled :
    The House To Die For’ and ‘Behind The Strip’.
    I am also hoping to enter University in England tp study LLB Law and become in four years time a Barrister of Law.
    At present I cannot send to the James Bond website and Directors, also agents any more photographs of how l look at present because my camera on my La Fleurs phone, mobile phone, has stated that the memory has overlload and l cannot take any pictures at the moment. So l have to download these pictures into paper format for my new books and for personal memory, then l can send to you the upto date photographs that I wish to send.
    In the mean time could you please send to me an address that I could send my photographs to for the James Bond Movie Agents.
    I look forward to receiving your reply via email, we are living in England at the moment, on the Isle of Wight.
    Yours sincerely
    Sindy Sullivan CertHum Open
    University Qualifications The Open University
    Sindy Sullivan and twins Phyllis – Beauty and Fernando – John Sullivan.

  15. Hi ,my name is Jamari Bell .Im 16 years old I’m a Sophmore at Warren Central i have a job at RollerCave I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. I can sing and I am a wonderful actress i am a very creative person. im very hardworking. I take pride at everything I do. My height is 5-4ft and my wieght is 150lbs. Thank You For You Time !

  16. I am Etoh francis i am 12 years old i was born in Nigeria i love acting singing and dancing i love disney channel so much

  17. My name is Zinzi i was born in 2003 i am 12 this year and i am looking forward to being the hardest working person i had this dream as a young child and i grew with it so may u please consider me in your auditions and you will see the work i can do but may you please read my massage and that will be the best thing for me knowing you read it even if i did not win i hope someone does

  18. hi my name is camila fuentes , i from bolivia i live yacuiba my dream is an actress please no chance in bolivia mi inglish my english is not very good because my spanish is excellent

  19. Quisiera saber como se hace para la inscripción a. Las audiciones me gustaría trabajar de actriz en Disney Channel

  20. Hi my name is Dajanae Martin I am 10 years old and my birthday is April 12 im about to turn 11 years old i really hope I am able to be on Disney Channel I’ve always wanted to be on there i love all the shows my most favorite two are Jessie and I didn’t do it I hope i have a chance to work with a great company. Thanks for reading my review

  21. Mi madre de 76 anos, vive en la Argentina, y es una admiradora a morir de la Dra. Polo….estuvo ahorrando mucho tiempo para poder viajar a USA y poder conocerla.
    Ella tiene dos suenos: conocer a la Dra Polo y al Papa Francisco. Como yo hace muchos anos vivo aqui, quiero cumplirle uno de esos suenos,. Ella esta viniendo a USA el 12 de Abril, se queda por tres semanas. Yo vivo en West Palm Beach, me harian muy feliz si pueden hacer un lugarcito en la audiencia, y sacarse una foto con ella…seguro lo pone en su mesita de noche, jajajaja..MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS….Bendiciones a la Dra. y a su equipo..

  22. Hello there, if anyone is willing to tell me how long the ”awaiting moderation” message will be there, please tell me. I am new to this website and I am just curious. Thanks!

  23. I’m not an entertainer, although it would be fun. I just happened across your website doing a search of something else. But as I was reading, I noticed something and it REALLY frustrated the detail-oriented, OCD part of me, even though I’m not going to audition for anything. None of the postings are dated, nor do they have audition dates on them. Is there a reason for this? …because this site is called “” and most announcements look like they were posted last year or earlier according to the dates of the comments that were made. How can anyone honestly find an audition without knowing if it has already occurred or not?

  24. I was wondering why no one have thought about a competition show that features rappers, hip hop artist, or those of that nature. There are so many shows geared towards singers but none towards other musical interest. That would be a great show to run, like rising star let the public decide, especially since there are so many horrible rappers out there now. It is not the same as how it used to be.

  25. Dear Disney,

    I’m currently an eighteen year old apprentice hairdresser on the Gold Coast. I was wondering how I can apply for a temporary position for Pirates of the Caribbean 5 when it is being filmed in the Gold Coast region. I read in an ( ) article that the production was offering many behind the scenes positions and I would love to become part of the crew. My ultimate goal in life is become a professional hair and makeup artist assisting in movie productions and this would be an amazing opportunity.

    Yours sincerely,

    Sharna Strachan

  26. I’m Canadian. Worked in the oil field ever since I finished school. want too try something really different again, and can’t because u guys won’t let Canadians type in their fucking area codes A.K.A zip codes.

  27. Hello!
    I’m Molly I am 14 and I am from the UK and I love to perform. Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to be on stage or in a movie. I absolutely adore Disney Chanel it’s the best. All the kids on the show inspire me to perform. Please please could you send me details of any auditions I can attend this year. It is my ultimate dream to be on this show. And if you could help me you would fulfil my dream and make it come true.
    Thanks x

  28. I am looking to get my 5 yr old into acting, commercials, and tv. I was just wondering if anyone had any good advice on where to start looking or how to get his, ( cute), little feet in the door to an amazing career in the industry. If so please let me know, thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  29. Hi my name is JaleaTaylor and i am 13 about to be 14 ill love if u picked me because that would be a dream come true i always pictured myself as someones romodle ik im not perfact but please give me one chance and please call my number. Yes i get very nervous and i know i can over come it. I can do anything i put my mind to no matter what

  30. 31 year old Hispanic male interested in modeling and acting extremely fit and an excellent physical condition 6 feet tall hazel eyes

  31. Hi my name is Janeiry I’m 12 years old. I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes I speak English and Spainish. I live in Minnesota. I’m in 7th grade.I’m in cheerleading. I love acting because it’s a way to express your self in many ways. I like girl meet world because It’s hirliarous and a fun show to watch. It’s would be a honor to be chosen. Thank you so much . My moms email is

  32. Hi, My name is Ashton,

    I am 9 years old, I have been dancing from the age of 5.
    I have been casted in WestEnd theatres in London. Street dancer, love acting and singing.

    Would love to audition when holidaying in the states.

    Many Thanks

  33. Hello,My name is Collin Coburn and I am from Buffalo,Ny and I would love to be an actor and I am 12 years old I am 5 ft- Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes Nd I would love to be in this buisness and please contact me if you have any questions and I have a background I was the lead role for my play I was in and I and a great singer and dancer. Please report to me asap and see ya later(:

  34. Hi I’m Emily and I’m not your average 16 year old girl. Apart from being the typical ‘English rose’ (so freakishly pale, blue eyes and a rosy complexion, think Kate Winslet) I have huge, blond curly hair and I’m desperate to make it in acting. The opportunities available on this website are amazing but the only problem is that I’m from England. I have no issue with having to travel for my dream so please consider me for any jobs available. I can’t fill in your application forms because my details are a different format to American ones, so please email me. All I want to do is to make people happy by doing what I love (gosh that sounds cheesy!!) I really, truely hope to hear back from you. Many thanks, Emily Durie

  35. hi im Jennifer lopez. I love acting and singing. I have an older and younger brother I also have a lesbian mom. I have been in many musicals and plays. I am 11 years old and my birthday is coming up soon. I watch your shows everyday. I would love to be a Disney channel star but I have to work my way up and I have to gain trust so if I am just an extra so be it.

    age: 11
    place: phoenix, Arizona
    hair: dirty brown and black with blond highlights
    phone#: 623-980-1513
    race: Hispanic
    DOB: jan. 21, 2003

    thank you for considering me for Disney channel

  36. Hi there, I’m 21 years old, female from Manchester, England. I would love to be a part of this franchise as I am desiring to become and actor. I loved the first two films they were brilliant and I would love to take part in this movie.
    I hope to hear a reply soon.
    Thank you

  37. Hi My name is Tiffany Hall I am 24 years old. My dream I want to be a Disney stars. I love Disney since I was a little girl, I love acting, singing modeling and dancing . Please make my dreams come true.

  38. Hello!
    My name is Martin. I’m 17 and I’m from Poland. My english isn’t very good, but I learn it every day. What I would like to know is: Do I have any chance to take part in your auditions? Please let me know as fast as possible if u can, because it’s very important to me. If you read this comment – thank you!

  39. Hello i am destiny and i love to sing and act although i might not be the brightesst ive always had a huge passion for singing im 13 years old and when i say im 13 u r probly thinking i havnt had much expirience but when tou have been singing ur whole life and singing every free time yoy get goy knoe what ur talkingabout in this case that 13 year old girl isme i hope u respond to this because if u dont that means u just dont want to respond to me cuz im only 13! Text me call me 413-47

  40. I would like to b one of the firat girls from the bahamas on your show am 18 years old an am willing to wait till i reach the right age to be conciderd on your show

  41. please can I have more information about this tomorrow I’m going to Leavenworth for a festival. Will you be able to contact me soon?

  42. Hi… I live in Canada….but I am a First Nation person. I have a government card that will allow me to cross the border and I am able to work in the states. I am interested in applying for auditions on Disney… Is that possible for me to do? Can someone contact me and let me know what course of action I should take. I am currently a model with an interest in acting. I am looking to consider auditions in the New York area. Looking forward to hearing back. Thank you.

  43. Hi I am a 14 year old boy who watch’s movies all day I love movies and television I have always dreamed of becoming an actor I can act good I do it almost everyday I pray to God that someone could hhelp me to get their one day my favorite actor is Adam Sandler I hope one day we could make a movie together one day please call me at (863)( 812)(2749) I live in Lakeland Florida my mom is a hard working lady that has to take care of six kids all by herself please contact me I promise you won’t regret it

  44. Hello,
    My name is Phillip Lewitski. I am 17 years old and beyond eager for an opportunity like this! Acting has always been an all time passion of mine even since I’ve been a little boy. I have been in acting and drama all my life, i joined all my drama options in school throughout my life which gives me tons of experience in that sense. This gives me full confidence playing a main role or a main character or any character you think suites me. I am the hardest worker you will ever work with, and would be the happiest person on earth if i had a chance at this opportunity. I am such a big fan of Disney so you have no idea what this would mean to me. please please please think about giving me a chance and I wont let you down I promise. Thank you so much!
    Here’s a little bit about me to give an idea of what I look like. And if you want a picture of me just contact me and I will be more then happy to send you one. Not to mention I’m a pretty good looking guy!

    Gendre: Male
    Eye Color:  Brown 
    Hair Color: Brown
    Hair length: Medium
    Ethnicity: Caucasian 
    Height: 5’09”
    Weight: 131-135 lbs
    Waist:   29 in
    Shoe size: 9
    Piercings: Yes, on both my ears but they are just studs so i can remove them if needed

    You can Email me at:

    Or you can call me: 1 (403) 402 4774

  45. To whom may it concerns
    Hi My name is Simar and I am 16 yrs beautiful girl. My nationality is Indian, born brought up in America. I am American citizen and Canadian Resident. I been doing theater for last 8 yrs and won many awards in acting. I am 5’5 tall, slim, medium dark complexion, black hair, brown eyes. I speak fluent English and my culture language Punjabi. I been playing basketball from last 10 yrs and I am very athletic. I think I am a born actress, combination or beauty and mind. looking to advance my career in acting, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to send my photographs and biography.
    Thank you taking time to read this and looking forward to hear from you.

  46. I am a very nice looking man alot of people told me. I would really love to madel ,and be a movie extra for you. Please respond to this comment as quickly as possible.Thank You.

  47. Hi my name is Francesca i am a 14 year old teenager and i live in New York. I would love the opportunity to be called in for an audition for Disney channel. my number is 13477380558 please contact me

  48. Hi I’m Denise and I hope that you would give me a chance to be on one of your tv shows or/and movies! If you want to see some of my plays I have it on YouTube, my YouTube channel is denneys1623 and my play is on my channel called the Difficulty of love! I am a girl but if you see my play my acting is so good that people thought I was a boy! (P.S I’m the father David he has brown hair and a fake mustache, and I’m an abusive husband).

  49. Hi am Chantal ! Am from Trinidad I will like one day to become a singer/songwriter and also act on Disney role models are god and zendaya Coleman and family. I will really love for my dream to come true that is to become a Disney star.

  50. Hi, my name is Aloysius Johns and am 20, i am an aspiring actor from Nigeria, but i have watched and loved Disney channels and wants to be part of the Disney family, i live in Nigeria, and i want to apply for the audition, please email me a reply if non-american citizens are needed, i will be happy if considered to participate cos its been my dreams.. Thanks

  51. I want to be an actress because I have what it takes to make our world a even greater place. I have HUGE dreams and goals and I need a job that affords me the opportunity to achieve them. I want to be a role model to the world. I want to inspire others to want to do something more. I have started my own shared farm. I am a struggling pig farmer and I desperately with all that I am, am trying to make a difference here on earth. I have the right attitude and the looks and the heroic selflessness attitude that this world needs. The way to our worlds heart is right through their telivisions. I’ve got to do something more with my life. I am a military veteran, I’ve had many different jobs. I am very athletic and healthy and strong. I can look however you want me to look and I have many personalities that you have to choose from. I hope that someone important sees this message. I am the one you have been waiting to work with. I don’t have an attitude, I care about all of our world and never judge others. I have more love to give then anything else and I really really need this. I want to do something more.

  52. im a huge fan of disney channel and live in texas but i have family that lives in califoria and i have hope that i can make the audtions thanks bye

  53. Hi I’m Shianne and would like to audition but first would like some more info about the hole thing so contact me by email or phone call
    PHONE: 0414258005
    And you want I could tell you some information about myself to maybe have ago at trying to be on your show :) thxs :)

  54. My name is nekeyma bates i have been wanting to be a singer since the age of 6 an im 12yrs old now it seems like its going to be for ever untill my dream finally come true and right now everone in my family wants me to be a basket ball player since im 5’9 and only 12yrs old but my dream is to be an actress and singer i want to leave being from suppose to be a basket ball player from alabama to being a famous singer from alabama and acomplish my dreams

    – nekeyma bates

  55. Hi,

    I am from Manchester, United Kingdom

    I was wondering if i got the chance to apply for an audition?


  56. Hi my name is Atem and acting is my dream because the people that act on t.v inspirer me to act and to always believe in myself. My favourite sports are football, basketball, and track.
    Age: 13
    Height: 6’0
    Weight: 137
    Skin: Brown
    Race: Black Contact me at 605-271-0550 or 605-370-8639
    And my email:

  57. HI im Moses Francois acting has been my dream since i can remember watching my first movie, i’ve been desperate to being called for an audition, i am weird in a fun way 16 year old boy. i will really love to be part of the disney family. i live in pompano beach florida. How serious i am about acting? i made a script thats how serious and it was good i’ve also acted in front of my teachers and they told me how good of an actor i will be i really want to become an actor things i can finally do for my family and people all over PLEASE GIVE ME A SHOT.MY NUMBER IS 954-857-3051

  58. To whom it may concern,
    I would love to apply for acting jobs through this website however as I am from Scotland I am struggling to fill in an appropriate Zip Code and Phone Number.
    Would you consider a non US applicant?
    I am 17 years old and have experience in acting through classes, youth theatres and various auditions. I am currently in the process of auditioning for drama schools also. I have dark brown hair, green eyes, 5ft 6in and am a dress size 6. I would be willing to attach my headshot and Resume in any emails or applications.
    Iona Anderson
    Please contact me on

  59. Hi, My Name is Noelle and I am 24 Years Old! I Live in Orlando, Fl! I Work at BOTH Universal Studios and Hollywood Studios Disney World! I have been living in Orlando for 2 and a Half Years now but I am from and grew up in Loganville, Ga! I LOVE to Sing and I LOVE to Write! I Sing and I Write My OWN Songs! I ALSO Write My OWN Stories as Well! The Songs that I Write Can Be and Could Be Played Over the Radio and The Stories that I Write Can Be and Could be Turned into Books, Movies, and TV Shows! I have NOTEBOOKS and NOTEBOOKS FULL of My Songs and My Stories! My DREAM and My Goal in My LIFE is to ONE DAY and SOMEDAY Become a Famous Singer/Song Writer and a Famous Story Book, Movie, and TV Show Writer! I AM Looking for Someone or Anyone to Help get My Singing, Song Writing, and Story Writing Out into The Music and Movie World! My Number is 404-518-5586 !

  60. I am looking for more information on NY auditions. I am about to drop out of college, I was pursuing a major for everyone else but myself and now have waster years of my life. If there is one thing I can do, it’s act, and my skill to capture human emotion is phenomenal. Please call at 845-709-7738 or email.

  61. Hi…I’m Rhandy Solomons ,I’m a male…I’m 17 y.o ,I’m 1.6m tall ,I have straight black hair …
    I have a 6pack ,I like playing games (soccer).. I like making jokes ,but I know when to stop..I’ve been watching Teen Wolf since thee first episode..I always had the idea of me playing a role in a Vampire/Werewolf movie ,where I play a role as an Alpha ,or something evil.’I love acting’..please contact me through my email address with the forms and stuff..I beg you ?:(?.thank you and have a super nice day:)

  62. Hi my name is charmaine
    I have blonde hair blue eyes I’m 5 .4 in height
    Hi I would like more information on open auditions for speaking parts and cameo roles

  63. Hi my name is Teay Napat Thongngam age 12 D.O.B 21/10/2001
    Talent: sing , dance , acting and begginer of cheerleading
    Skincolor: tan , eyecolor: brown , haircolor: black
    From Thailand Bangkok live Australia Perth WA

  64. Hello, my name is Bonnie I am 24 years old. I absolutely loved the 1st TED film and would be honored to be a part in the 2nd.

    I have had modelling experiences and recently placed 2nd in a beauty pageant. I have always been interested in acting and would love to have some insight.

    I am 5’7 and my measurements are 33,23,34. I have big brown eyes and long black hair.

    Thank you.

  65. Hello,

    I loved the first season of this series and I would be honored to be considered to be a part of the second season.

    I am 24 years old and stand at 5’7. My measurements are 33,23,34. I am Chinese, I was born and raised in Canada so English is my mother tongue.

    I have big brown eyes and long black hair. My friends tell me that I have a friendly look as I always have a big broad smile.

    I have had modelling experiences before and I was recently part of a pageant in which I was fortunate enough to place 2nd.

    This is a link to my website:


  66. My name is Ryan Griffin I am 13 years old; I have been acting for most of my life and I have a lot of experience. I have dark brown hair and I’m about 5’4″. I loved this first movie and I hope I can be apart of this sequel!

  67. Hi! I’m Jordan and I’m 19 years old. Acting has always been a dream of mine. However, I don’t have any experience. I have read the Fallen books and absolutely LOVE them. It would be amazing to play a part in the movie. I feel like being able to act in this movie would open so many doors. :) I also have long, dark brown hair and hazel eyes. I’m about 5’6″.

  68. I have been in Transformers , Chicago Fire , Mind Games ,Steve Harvy and I have took classes at Second City and I would to be in this film.

    Thank You

  69. I am a touring musician and an aspiring actor. I have been a huge fan of the show since the first episode of season one. I am 5’4″ athletic body type/fit. I am bald and have a beard. I also can travel anywhere the filming location is.

  70. I absolutely love Finding Nemo, hey and what’s even better than watching it ? Being it it ! I love this movie & I am very anticipated for the next movie ! Cannot wait .

  71. Hello . I’m Cindia 15 years old . And I would love to stay in Pretty Little Liars/Ravenswood , I would actually think this would be very helpful to me and boost me up . When I was little I always had a dream to be an actress & come out on movies or shows . Although I am not professional at acting I do know basics & I learn very quickly .. Thank you for taking the time to read this & I would be glad to answer anymore questions , please feel free to contact me at
    Have a good one !

  72. I am a 11 year old . I work hard all my life for what I want . My dream has always been to be notices but not by my acting but by my personality and the way I really try hard to achieve my dreams I love singing and acting . Thank you for my chance to act and sing in front of a lot of brilliant people

  73. I would love to be an actress. A lot of people have told me I couldn’t do it but I don’t listen to them. They are not my heart and soul and I don’t follow. Them it is my dream to be an actress and a model. I am 5’5 with green eyes and brown hair. I am Caucasian and I am 14 years old. Please consider me for one of your roles it would mean the world to me as most of the people are saying on here, but I am different give me a chance and I will show you! Acting takes responsibility and I am willing to dedicate all my time towards it! Please consider me! Thank you!


  74. My twin brother and I are 17 year old young men whose been performing all our lives. We would love to audition for one of your hit series. We will be a very great asset to your vision and we will love to learn so much. we started off reciting poetry at the age of four at wedding and funerals. then we went off into doing plays and hosting shows/events at churches, schools, fashion shows, etc. we’ve been through so much in our lives already, many good times and many scary times and spite through it all we know that this is our calling. I hope you get a chance to read this, thank you.

  75. I would love to be on this show . I always wanted to become an actress. It is my life long dream. I love skai jackson she is my idol nd I look up to her. I am 11 years old and I live in NYC

  76. And for facebook im the one with works at chumbucket i have a black shirt on sitting on the couch but anyway i am 11 years old and i should be considered on jessie because i am talented i can do british accent and i wiil try hard to remember my lines

  77. Name: Hannah
    : I’m a 11year old girl. I did speech in my school. I’m hard working. I love to act and I can memorize very easily. I would love this job with Disney. My hair is brown, eyes are brown, I’m “5.1” and weigh 113 lb. it’s been dream do work with Disney for a long Tim and I would love too.

  78. handhar from uganda.i would love to be part of the me for more looking:-) forward for a positive response;-).

  79. Hi my name is Miriam Perez i’ve replied to this one already but i didn’t know if you’ve guys seen it? Sorry for the annoyance! Here’s some information about myself in case you didn’t see the first one:
    Hair color: brown
    Hair style: medium and wavy
    Eye color: brown
    DOB: March 9, 1999
    Age: 14
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 132
    I hope you consider me in any role possible and i promise i wont disappoint! Thank you for your time!

  80. 5’10, 190lbs, athletic build, Hispanic, bilengal (fluent Spanish)
    Love this show, very good improv and loud booming voice, memorization prone. Voice acting classes taken. California based
    I really thought the show was turning a tiny bit darker ten the past seasons but it’s still a great show. I do not have any professional photo of self yet

    • Awesome!! Beautiful!!..Girl, someone needs to be smart enough to give you a contract and sign you to a record label!!
      Much Love..Elizabeth Marcella =)

  81. Hello my name is Miriam Perez and I am 14 years old. I hope you consider me to be in this film as any role that is possible! I am really hard working. Thank you for your time and I hope you agree to consider me.

  82. Hi I’m Louisa Paul and I’m 15 years old. I’m from the UK and I want to fulfill my dream and to star in the movie. I am about 5ft 6in and 132 lbs. I have long brown hair and blue-green eyes. Contact me about auditions or want any more information about me on my email. Thanks for your time.

  83. Hi I am an 11 year old girl and an aspiring actress and singer I would love to be in this I am one of the hardest working people you will ever meet thank you

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