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The Bachelor
The Bachelor - ABC
The Bachelor
The Bachelor – ABC

The producers of the hit show The Bachelor are currently seeking eligible men and women who are seeking true love for a brand new season! If you want to be the next star, than apply now! The show features one lucky guy, normally a celeb or someone who is very successful in life that 25 gorgeous women would really want to fight over.

The Bachelor certainly features many internal and external conflicts that come from the elimination-style format. Those who apply should be well cultured, classy, stylish and passionate about finding true love.

We are currently seeking feemales between the ages of 25-32 who are extremely confident and bring a great quality of character along with them. All ethnicity’s are encouraged to apply for the show as long as you are a guy is looking for true love and you must legally be eligible, (no one who is in the middle of a divorce should apply) Include your contact information as well as the reason why you think you belong on the show. Please keep checking back often for more information on casting dates and times and leave us a comment.

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  1. I would like to be on the show to prove to the world what a real woman is really like! I am the real deal and the bachelor or bachelorette has yet to experience it! I am an 11 on a scale of 10, and have it all! I have looks, personality, intelligence, confidence and charisma!! I would like nothing more to find true love on the show and to be an example to the world of the meaning of love and marriage with the man of my dreams!

  2. I am cute funny and looking for love. I always bring drama as well as make every situation interesting. I am definitely a ladies man no doubt about that.

  3. Hi I’m 23 years old. I’m a very fun, energetic, ougoing and most of all mature lady. I’m looking for real love. I haven’t been in a relationship in such a long time. I’m looking for someone who love me, cherish me ,and see me for who I am and the life God has blessed me with. I love my life, I’m just looking for that special someone,that other half in my life.

  4. I would love the opportunity to meet the special woman for me!! Please pick me…. I want let ya’ll down!!!!

  5. I’ve been humiliated on national TV before when I thought I found true love. You can see here at the 7:35 mark. and also at the 1:40 mark. I know how it feels to not be loved and hurt in front of the world. I believe I should be on the show because I have hit rock bottom since the show has aired and I haven’t had luck yet finding someone. I want the world to see that no matter what kind of hurt you’ve been through there is still love out there.

  6. Im 28 yrs old. Im sexy, tattooed , confident, outgoing and also an uprising celeb. Im a guy that lives up to his character . Choose me and ppl will HAVE to tune in everyweek to see what i do next!

    recent star from: MTV TRUE LIFE “I HAVE A FETISH”, BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD season 8 episode 8 “copy machine”

  7. I should be considered for the show because im a beautiful young lady looking for a handsome young man that can handle me. Im competitve, athletic, determined, and resilient. im confident and i dont take any s#!t so i should also be on the show because i know i would knock the other women right out of the game with my charm and charisma….

  8. I miss love, desire to be love, love to love and simply love love. Been focused and success driven the past few years and realize I need to make myself available for love. I’m from a lil small town in Michigan, currently living in Georgia. To sum things up…I’m a catch! Extremely affectionate, a great listner, educated and certified to love. My name is Key and I honestly believe I am the Key to Love. Drama FREE with no attachments, ABC-The Bachelor is in need of me cause, I’m simply…~KEY … muah

  9. *Something New*. I am a Fantastic candidate for the Bachelor audition. Without giving a laundry list or sad plea to why i am looking for love, I’d like to say I’d make a great candidate because of the type of smart, sexy, fun loving, outgoing, grounded, chicago raised, God fearing woman who is ready to hold it down for her man (while letting him be the outstanding man that he probably is) woman I am.

  10. I want to be considered for the ABC Bachelor Audition not because I think I can find true love but I think that friendship is what is most important. If chosen to be on this show I am confident that I will be the bachlorette that is picked because I have everything a man is looking for. However I can’t seem to find the man looking. I will also be the second individual from Grand Rapids Michigan who would have an opportunity to find love out of a small city.

  11. I am in search of that special “effect” called LOVE..I want to be the first INDIAN candidate to participate in the show..i have huge interest in your show..i am 23, 5 ft 9 inches..and i think people around the world should also know how strong Indian love could be..

  12. I am 23, 6 ft 3in, 180 lbs, blond blue eyes, I have served in Iraq, I had my heart broke when I returned home to find my spouce was no longer in love with me, I would like to find the right person to settle down with that want’s to have a breath taking life, Im romantic, like to hunt, ski, boat, race cars, sky dive, play football, base ball, and restore cars.
    I have a 1 yesr old son, and any lady in my life would have to love him as well.
    I have a good job as a corporal.
    I am looking for a good lady, that is honest, sweet, self suffecient, to share my life.
    Im not intrested in a psychotic, devil of a person, she can be sexy, but if her head spins around and shoots flames from her mouth, I am (not )intrested!!!!!

  13. I think I should be considered for the ABC-The Bachelor audition, because I am a real down to earth person seeking love. I believe in good old fashioned romance, and chemisty between two people. I don’t know what will really set me apart from all the other beautiful women seeking to get on the show except to say that I am a genuine person with a good heart. I am not an actress or a model, and I am not looking for a gimmick, or five minutes of fame. I think if the show is casting in an effort to match people that are capable of true love, than I am your best choice!

  14. i am a 24 year old single mother living in chicago. i have had a very bad time with men i have been divorced and my daughter is almost 4 years old. i would love to be a part of this show.

  15. I feel like I should be considered for the abc show because I have been single for 6 years, i have no kids and no one to share my love, joy, happiness and myself with, besides my family. I have meet so many guys and none of them have that specail spark that I have been searching for! I have only had one great guy in my life, which was the the first and last guy i was ever deeply in love with and he passed away 6 years ago, and on my search for love im starting to belive you only come across one good one! Deep inside I know its not true but It has been 6 long years and nxt year I will be 31….something needs to happen soon….

  16. I should be considered for the ABC- The Bachelor Audition because, Look At Me, Now Look At Your Man, Now Look Back At Mel…No Just Joking! I’m a Single man who has a great sense of humor, I’m a hard worker who just recently opened up a Limo Company, I’m not bad on the eye, and I am looking For Love. Holla Atcha Boy!

  17. I am nominating my sister Amy because overall she believes that THE ONE is out there she just hasn’t found him yet! She has a fabulous personality along with brains, a sexy bikini body and killer looks. She is the total package. Amy is a very giving person and her heart goes out to those in need, she is an ICU nurse so she has to have passion for her patients! She loves traveling and exploring and is very adventurous but is desperately searching for her soul mate to share that with. I have been telling her for a long time that I want to nominate her as a contestant on The Bachelor! She would make a great contestant because she is a very strong and competitive person who is not intimidated easily by other women. I know that any man would fall in love with her whimsical charm and I am hoping that you choose her!

  18. I’m just looking for love. I will be sucessful one day. My heart has been torn apart a million times but I will not give up because I know it’s out there

  19. I should be considered for the Bachelor because I am looking for REAL love. I have had my fun partying and dating and im ready to be serious in love. I am at the age where I now know what it takes to find and keep a good man and be happy and why not start here?
    In addition I KNOW i would add a some spice to the show. I have noticed that there is a lack of women of color on the show and someone such as myself would bring up ratings in the African American communitiy. My statement may come off as cocky or over the top to some but I only speak the truth. Im attractive, intelligent, exotic, classy and sassy. I know that me being on the show would be a mutual benefit.

  20. I should be selected on the show because when I know what I want I go after it and I am very beautiful looking for a really good man that I can please and who can please me!!!

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