AMC’s “Into the Badlands” Season 2 Casting


Casting directors are looking for a female body double for the lead actress in Into the Badlands on AMC.  As a body double you will replace the lead actress during camera shots that are far away or blurry.  The final product will look like you guys are one in the same.  This allows for the lead actress to rest and not perform in some of the more intensive scenes.  A body double is vital to the success of this show, so please apply if you resemble the lead.


Into the Badlands is an AMC show that premiered last year.  It is a post-apocalyptic show about two people searching for faith and enlightenment in a cruel world.  It is a martial arts-based show, so it is very action heavy.  The drama intensified toward the end of season 1, and many people are excited for the premier of season 2.  The show features Daniel Wu, Orla Brady, and Sarah Bolger as lead characters.

Into the Badlands Season 2 Casting Call

Female Body Double aged 9-13 for Into the Badlands

We are looking to cast a body double for a lead actress in the second season of AMC’s Martial Arts series, Into the Badlands.

Gender: Female
Age: 9 – 13
Ethnicity: Black/Dual Heritage
Height: 150cm / 4’11”