AMC’s “Halt and Catch Fire” Casting in Dallas

AMC is now casting actors for featured and recurring roles in the final season.  They need actors to play upscale business associates and lawyers.  Many of these roles will have speaking lines, but the casting team is open to hiring aspiring actors or established actors; if you are motivated you will be hired.


Halt and Catch Fire is a historical drama set one year after IBM took over the computer industry with its first major product release; the IBM PC in the 1980’s.  The story centers around a former IBM executive named Joe MacMillan (Lee Pace) and his intricate plans to reverse engineer the flagship product of  IBM in order to be the best computer company in the industry.  His smaller company is out manned and under funded, but they have the smarts and the motivation to be better than IBM.

It is produced by Christopher C. Rogers and Christopher Cantwell and premiered on AMC on 1st June, 2014. The drama centers on the backdrop of the 1983 era in the Silicon Prairie, Texas, so most of the filming takes place in Texas and on the West Coast


When: April 7th 2018

Where: Dallas, Texas

What: Actors to play business professionals and lawyers

This is a tremendous opportunity to be featured in a top tier show on a national cable network.  AMC is known for dramatic and action packed shows, and Halt and Catch Fire is no exception. Not only will this help you gain experience in the industry, you will meet professionals that know what it takes to be successful.  You might just make the right impression on someone and find yourself with an even bigger role.