Assassin’s Creed Open Casting Call for Female Supporting Roles

Assassin's Creed Film
Assassin's Creed Film
Assassin’s Creed Film

Assassin’s Creed Open Casting Call for Female Supporting Roles

Assassin’s Creed is making the leap from an action-adventure video game to a live-action Sci-Fi feature film. The feature film is set to begin production this summer in London, England and will be directed by Justin Kurzel. Kurzel has just wrapped filming on the live-action adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

AC’s Synopsis:

The Assassin’s Creed game series centers on the rivalry between two ancient secret societies: The Assassins and The Knights Templar. The film will follow the game’s central character, Desmond Miles. Desmond is a bartender who is abducted by a company called “Abstergo Industries.” Abstergo wants to explore Desmond’s mind in order to access the memories of his ancestor, Altair Ibn La’Ahad, so they can recover a sacred artifact.

The Tentative Cast:

Michael Fassbender has been cast to portray Desmond Miles. Fassbender is quite the busy man; he has recently finished filming the Steve Jobs Biopic in which he portrays Jobs. He is currently filming X-Men: Apocalypse in which he portrays Erik Lensherr/Magneto. He has also just completed filming with Justin Kurzel on the film Macbeth, in which he portrays the Duke of Scotland.

Also seeing Justin Kurzel for a second round of filming this year is Marion Cotillard. Her character in Assassin’s Creed is yet to be revealed. Cotillard portrays Lady Macbeth in the upcoming live-action adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Casting Call Details:

Jina Jay Casting has released a casting call for 2 roles. The casting team is seeking a young girl between the ages of 14-18 and a young woman between the ages of 26 – 30 with very strong abilities in the following activities/field:

  • Urban Street Dance & Hip Hop
  • Parkour
  • Acrobatics

Actress can be of any ethnicity but must be fluent in English.

Assassin’s Creed Movie Casting Call



We are looking for girls (14-18 yrs old) and young women (26-30 yrs old) with strong ability in any of the following fields:

  • Urban street dance & hip hop
  • Parkour
  • Acrobatics

Any ethnicity. Must be able to speak English.

No previous acting experience is required.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg, Max. file size: 2 MB.


  1. Hello I am Lacey wildd I have a superhero body .I just finished a feature film I played lead role as assassin I have fight trainning gun training and I look and even feel the role. I have one of the most extreme female bodies on the Planet I am a hard worker always giving 100 percent and I do alot f my own stunt laceywildd on instagram I am and actor and reality tv star I have a huge following this tole is perfect for me.

  2. hi, my name is Jesse and I want to go for the 14-18 year old. i’m Caucasian, 5’3, i have brown hair and brown eyes. i’m fluent in English and I can dance, do some acrobatics, and learn parkour. i’m thin, and i look really young for my age.

  3. name: Melissa Sanabria
    age: 16
    height: 5’2″
    weight: 122 lbs
    hair color: ranges from blonde to dark brown and is not dyed
    eye color: green with light brown in the middle (hazel)
    I’m a quick learner and i have two years of experience in theater classes. I love to dance. I work well with others and i really think this is a great opportunity. Please consider emailing me. Check out my instagram @_meliimelon or on facebook: Melissa Sanabria.
    Thank you

  4. Full NAme : Koralage Sachintha Nadessha
    Gender : Male
    Birth day : 22.02.1995
    Age : 20 Years 8 months
    Height : 5’9 inches
    weight : 73Kg
    Shirt Size : 15 1/2 inches
    Hip Size : 35 inches
    Chest size : 29 inches
    Hair Colour : Black
    Hair type : Straight
    Eye Colour : Black
    Language : English

  5. My name is Eli Andersson, I’m 16 years old, and I’m from Denmark, and I live in Washington State untill this summer. I have blond curly hair, green/blue eyes and is athletically build. I’ve been in several musicals so I can learn all kinds of dances.
    I don’t have any accent, and I am fluent in English.

  6. Hey I’m Akshita. First of all, I never expected the game to be turned into a movie. That’s pretty interesting. Getting to the application though, I’m Indian American, Age: 21, and Height: 5’2″ (yes, I’m short). I’m a brunette, with a slight hue of red, and caramel-skinned. I have brown eyes, and mixed features. I was raised in the U.S. and speak fluent English. I’m also a great singer, although I doubt there might be a singing role in this movie. I weigh about 105 pounds (kind of skinny) and have great memory, which I know is important in acting fields. I’m studying to be an engineer, but would like to do something creative in the year I’m taking off from school. I’m a very artsy person, and a fast learner. I’m also good at different accents.

  7. Hey, so I’m not going to lie, my dancing skills are not exactly spectacular but I have partaken in pervious dance lessons and classes throughout my life. I am able to preform basic parkour and am taking classes at the moment, these classes also include basic taekwondo and handling of wepons such as a bow staff and numchucks. I have previously done gymnastics and although not extremely good, am capable enough. I have performed in school theatre productions, and have done minor acting work In front of a camera. I am athletic, a fast learner and just about ready to take on anything that doesn’t invlove me breaking my neck. I know that my chances of getting this role are slim to non existent, but if do then I will put all of my effort into it.
    Thank you for your time :)
    Gender : female
    Age : 14
    Height : 170 cm
    Weight : 56kg
    Eye colour : blue
    Hair colur : blond

  8. Hey, so I’m not going to lie, my dancing skills are not exactly spectacular but I have partaken in pervious dance lessons and classes throughout my life. I am able to preform basic parkour and am taking classes at the moment, these classes also include basic taekwondo and hadeling of wepons such as a bow staff and numchucks. I have previously done gymnastics and although not extremely good, am capable enough. I have performed in school theatre productions, and have done minor acting work In front of a camera. I am athletic, a fast learner and just about ready to take on anything that doesn’t invlove me breaking my neck. I know that my chances of getting this role are slim to non existent, but if do then I will put all of my effort into it.
    Thank you for your time :)
    Gender : female
    Age : 14
    Height : 170 cm
    Weight : 56kg
    Eye colour : blue
    Hair colur : blond

  9. Im 5’3 and im an athlete. Im fluent in English. I’m brown with black hair and im thin. I can speak in an American accent and an asian accent.

  10. Name: Sage Tellew
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: mixed race (Filipino, European. Looks rather racially ambiguous)
    Skills: gymnastics, dance, parkour
    Fluent in: English, can also speak Spanish
    Previous acting experience: yes

  11. Hey my name is Crystal…
    I’m a fun brown skin girl from the South Pacifica… I’m fluent in English and I Know Karate and I’m 16 years old and willing to work in this production ….

  12. I’m a 28 yr old 5’3, 48kgs Asian female. I use to do beginner karate, boxing, hip hop dancing and ballet while growing up. I now do a lot of yoga and pilates. I was raised in Australia now currently living in NYC. I am easy to work with and directable. Would love to be given the opportunity to be a part of this.

  13. hi I have acting exprince, I am athelitic and a fast runner.
    age: 14
    hair colour: blonde

    speak fluent english.
    please pick me
    sincerly Genevieve

  14. Hello, my name is Rauna.I’m 15 turning 16.I can dance dub-step and some how hip hop but only if i’m taught the moves. I’m a girl and i’m from Namibia.I believe i have what it takes into performing very well.I have one eye that’s fake and the other is real.I think you need new faces in the industry….

  15. Hi my name is Laura-Alexis and I’m fifteen years old, turning sixteen in November. I’ve been in my Jr. high school’s dance crew and I’ve performed hip-hop and breakdance for school rallies and events. I was also in dance my freshman year of high school. Currently, I’m a junior, but I still have experience. I can also do a left split. I’m white/Hispanic with medium-large eyes and dimples. I have long purple and blue hair, and I love Assassin’s Creed c:

  16. Hi my name is Aimee. I’m 18 years old and I’m an aspiring actress. Ive been taking theatre since junior high and have done multiple plays. I would love to get a shot at the screen. Acting is my passion in life, I hope to get a shot at showing you what I’m capable of.

    • Name: Erica Lorraine Strassburg
      Age: 23
      Height: 5’3”
      Build: athletic
      Hair: blonde
      Eyes: ocean blue
      •former gymnast
      •very fit and active
      •memorizes lines like I thought of them
      •animated and bubbly personality

  17. Hi! My name is Paighton. I am 13 years old, but often get mistaken for being older. I am 5’5 and weight about 120 lbs. i have red hair, green eyes, freckles, and pale skin. I have some acting experience wih school plays and some play outside of school. When I was younger I look gymnastics, tumbling, and karate. I might not be the most experienced, but I am a fast learner. Thanks!

  18. hi my name is kendra adaora. am a Nigerian. Am 6ft tall. Am 23. Statistics : breast 33. Weast : 26. Hip : 36. I can take any role. been acting from Little age in school and am done with school.

  19. Hi my name is kendra adaora. am a Nigerian. Am 6ft tall. Am 23. Statistics : breast 33. Weast : 26. Hip : 36. Can take any role. been acting in school here in Nigeria am done with school.

  20. Hi Everybody, my name is Ziedha. I have some experience with acting as I have done theater while I was in highschool and moved on to do a couple of small film projects for the Colorado Film School since I reside here. I love to dance but have never used my ability as a profession. If you all will be willing to work with me I know I could pick up the choreography. I am a 26 year old African American female who stands at 5’5″ with weight of 130lbs. Acting has always been my greatest inspiration in life and can’t wait to see how far I can take it.

  21. I have no experience with dance or anything but I can learn. I know I would be great actress. I’m 19, 5’0 and about 90-100 pounds. I have dark brown eyes and long hair that’s currently dyed light brown but I always dye my hair black. I would fit PERFECTLY in this movie!

  22. Hello!
    My name is Grace Skalecki and I am very interested in the 14~18 year old’s role! I am a current client at Seattle Talent and Seattle Artists Agency and I have been looking for amazing acting jobs like this! I have done acting since was very young and have also been training and taking acting (and modeling) classes for 2 years now. I used to be involved in gymnastics and three kinds of dance(including hip-hop), and could quickly learn those skills back. I am a bit of a daredevil, if that’s what you can call it…I love heights and am a trapeze artist; I also do pole vaulting. I know numerous tricks on the trapeze that could most certainly be considered acrobatics, These things could help me a lot with the parkour and acrobatic aspects of this job. I am also a swimmer, which gives me a lot of overall strength, and especially upper body and shoulder strength. I am fluent in English (it is my first language) and can also do various accents, including British (proper and informal), Scottish, and French. Here are some of my details:
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’9″
    Size: 0-2 dress size~slender
    Eye color: light brown; one eye has a black stripe
    Hair color: medium/light brown

    The website I have given is actually my Instagram, just so you have some pictures, but I also have a complete resume and acting headshot. I love traveling and working with new people, so it would be AMAZING if you guys called me back.

    Thanks for reading through this whole thing-I know it was long, and I know you have tons more to go through…

    Grace Skalecki :)

  23. Hi,my name is Sarah. I’m a good hip-hop dancer. I can also do cool stunts and some acrobatics. I know you want a 14 year old, but I’m 13. I hope you consider me.

  24. Hi my name is Rochelle Arellano. I’m 22 years old and 5’2″ tall. My hobbies are dancing, basketball, kung fu and videogames. I’m a big fan of Assassin’s Creed. I was born on the philippines and live currently in vienna austria.

    Thank you for your time and have a nice day!

  25. Hey , Im Emma Cave and I really want to take part in this as I have always dreamed to be an actress and think I’d be good for a part in it.

  26. Hy, my name is Shannon, I am 18 years old and have been dancing Hip Hop for 10 years and have experience with dancing House and Breakdance. I speak a fluently a English and Italian, and I live in Italy.
    I am 1.75 m tall, I have curly brown hair and brown eyes, and strongly built. I have acted in many theatrical plays in both Emglish and Italan, and I have been in multiple short script scenes and a short film.
    Here is the link to the short film (I was fasted as the evil witch Shin)

  27. Hello, I’ve trainer at Shakespeare and Sylvia young for acting. I’m a passionate actress and I did modern dance including street and hip hop at royal academy and I’m currently doing it at pineapple. Ive never done parkour although I’d be willing to learn for this role. I’m 16 years and I’m 5″8 from Greece but born in London and so speak English well. I have pale white skin and black Afro curly hair. Kind regards, x

  28. Hi I know you want 14-18 year olds but, I am almost 13 and would love to be given a chance. I am an actress and a singer

  29. My name is Lily Severa. I am 14 years old. I have dark blonde hair, hazel eyes and i’m about 5’8″. I have danced hip hop for a year. Although it is not in the criteria I can do flag twirling/tossing (Colorguard) which gives me upper body strength. Also, I have seemly good balance. I am absolutely willing to train and learn harder skills. Thank you.

  30. Hi my name is umeki hodges
    Age 14 bout 15
    Height 4:11
    Ethnicity African American
    gender female
    I work well with others, I’m acrobatic and parkour. I also can dance I’m very good at learning and paying attention to the director. I show up on time and finish my work when it needs to be done. I’m willing to learn and do anything you want me to do. So I would be good to be part in the movie.

  31. age-14_18
    hair color -dark brown
    eye color- brown
    race – Hispanic (light skinned)
    fluent in English and can speak Spanish
    athletic and learns new things quickly
    “I can act ,I have a lot of pride in what I do.”

  32. Hi My name is Jerushah Miller From Australia, QLD. I am 22yo, 46-50Kg, 5ft 2in, Dark Brown eyes, Long black curly hair. Details about me are on the website address provided. I would be more than honored to have a role in this movie. I can dance & would rather do my own stunts with training if provided, I am a very quick leaner with high attention to detail. Willing to try anything with 100% effort I got.

  33. Hi my name is Hannah and I am 13 although people say I look older. I am a very experienced dancer in all types. I am also very athletic and would love to be considered for the 14-18 role. I am a very fast learner. Thank you.

  34. I am a 15 year old female. I have been dancing since I was around 2, all styles. Exceptionally good at acrobatics, as I have been told by all my teachers. I learn anything I have been taught pretty fast. Previous acting experience in small plays but taking an acting class in my high school. I have also won a writing contest in grade 8 and went into a spelling bee the same year. Athletic girly built. Brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin. Email for more info. Thank you.

  35. Well I have been dancing since I was 7 I’m a fast learner, mostly in hip hop. You can teach me anything I will catch on and never forget, live in Maryland though if u want to contact me I would be glad.

  36. Very Athletic. 23 but look younger. Dark hair, green eyes. Athletic build. A very quick learner. Background in dancing and acrobatics.

  37. Hello, my name is Jemini Powell. I am 17 years old, 5’6 and can do acrobatics and tumbling. I am also currently learning parkour and freerunning and am willing to learn anything new. I would love to be apart of this movie

  38. I don’t know if anyone would read my comment specially someone that is in charge. I’ll give it a shot anyway. one step at a time. I am Native American, I have modeled on the reservation, and have done my share of photos. I am about 5’1 I weight 110-115 IB. I was in born in Blanding, Utah and my family is from Navajo mountain, UT. my grandpa was known to be a great leader, and as his granddaughter, he taught me to travel my dreams. I enjoy a lot of energy and a lot of people say I have a huge spirit. I have a talent I know I do. I learned fast, as I was born with hummingbird prayer. my skin is brown, eyes are brown. My hair is brown, I don’t know how good I am till I get a chance. I grew up around horses and I love everything about history. I am not experience, but I had my fair chances talking and acting a scene, playing a part, did some acting in high school, I enjoy using accents. I always wanted to be a actress one day that will happen. One Day Oshla Drake on a billboard, on a DVD, on a song, one something. I would love to show what I can do, and learned what I can be a lot better. Even if I do get this. it would be a start of my journey thanks for listening.

    • Hello, my name is Kayla, and it is my greatest dream to one day become an actress. I have always loved movies, and it would be an honor if I could play a part in them. I am sixteen years old, about five foot four, and weigh 109 pounds. I am from America. I have brown eyes and dirty blonde hair. I have some experience in parkour. My grades are really good, and I learn and adapt quickly. I am part of the marching band at my school, and learn music and drill quickly, which would translate well to being an actress and learning my lines. I also have experience in a few sports such as softball, track and field, basketball, volleyball, and badminton. I am in very good shape and have great stamina. I am good at applying constructive criticism. I would really appreciate being considered for this role. Thank you for your time.

  39. Hi am Rebecca from Nigeria am 17 years old and i really wish to be in this movie to entertain people i really dont know how to dance but i can learn i wish this my request is considered

  40. Hi!
    My name is MARILYN LUJAN D
    Height – 5’1
    Age – 15
    Hair – red/black (dye it alot)
    Eye color – dark brown
    Sex – female
    race – latina (bilingual)
    Weight – 134 (currently)
    Date of birth – December 3rd 1999

    I wanna try and start working as an actress because i think im able to. I passed all my acting classes in middle school and all my teachers told me I should try and audition for things like commercials and etc. Ive had a couple of photo shoots were I was modeling for my 15s if you wanna check out the website its this url ( the photographer and i had a blast! He took amazing pictures. He kept on telling me how easy and great it was to work with me and id really like to work with someone again i just enjoy it. Im really comfortable around cameras and other people just give me a goal I can set my mind on and I promise you I will get it done as perfect as I possibly can. If you know about anyone thats looking for talent please give them my email thank you for reading can get to know a whole lot about me when you ask me personally.

  41. Hello, my name is Martijn van Duin, I am 14 years old, and I’m from The Netherlands. I’m about 6″05 feet, and I have brown/blonde hair If. I have some pretty well condition/stamina, because of my basketball, and long-distance running exercises. If you ask my teacher, I’m an natural speaker of the English language. I can speak with a little accent or just ordinary English. I had some Drama lessons on my school, and I was called a ‘natural actor’ by my teacher, and my fellow students. I was recognized by my improvisations. Almost everyone liked it. ( you will always have people that don’t like your way of doing) I am also a big fan of the assassin’s creed series. I also had a big role in the school musical. I am good in remembering my text, and I am open for critic. I have not much to do in the summer, so I will be very excited to be part of the assassin’s creed movie.

    Greetings Martijn van Duin.

    (I really, really hope, that you would consider to let me be a part of the movie based on a game I really liked, and give me the change I’ve waited for almost my whole life. Thank you very much for your time)

  42. Name: Alina Tairli
    Age: 13, but a lot of people say I look 15
    Сountry: I’m from Russia, but I have lived in Australia for the past 2 years
    look: dark hair(brown), brown eyes, tanned skin, height- 5 feet 7 (170cm), weight- 123 lbs (56 kg).
    I do a lot of sports, I do russian dancing and did hip-hop for 5 years, so I think that I won’t have problems with the role. I also love acting, I have been in 4 school plays and 2 stage-plays (which were more serious). I believe that I can do anything if I’ll be taught properly.

  43. Name : Angelapia
    Surname : Positano
    Age : 16
    Hair : red
    Eyes : brown
    Country : Italy
    Hi, I’m Angela and I’m italian girl who wants to become an actress. Probably you not ever call me, but as they say in Italy ” tentar non nuoce ” and if you want to know the meaning or do you want a picture of me, please contact me.

  44. I am Arielle Lanot, and I would like to audition for the young girl (14-18) role
    Age 14
    108 lbs
    Brown eyes
    Dark brown hair
    tan skin
    I speak fluent english,I’m a fast learner, I’m very athletic, I’ve been playing varsity basketball for 6 years, played football for 3, I’ve experienced parkour, been dancing hip hop for 4 years choreographed my own choreography as well, acted at school plays and won best actress, and I’ve achieved a lot because I believe in myself and I don’t make excuses for something I’m passionate about and I’m willing to learn anything that has to be taught.

  45. Hello,
    I have just turned 19 and have trained a lot in hip hop and dance in general that I can pick up choreography very easily. I really want to be an actress and would love to have a shot at auditioning even though I have missed the deadline.

  46. Hi,
    Aditi Srivastava,
    My hair is black and I have dark brown eyes and I am 14 years old.I am a good dancer and also goes for dance classes.I am from India,lives in India.My height is 5.4 5 meters 4inches.
    Hope so that u will reply me because i love to work with u guys.

  47. hi,my name is Kaydia i am Jamaican,black hair,brown eyes and 14 years old.i am flexible and wish to pursue a career in acting.I am fluent in English and at the moment learning korean.

  48. Hi my name is Pearl. I am 12 years old but everyone tells me I look 15. I may not be the right fit for this role because I am not great at acrobatics (at all) but I am in very good shape. I have different shades of brown hair (natural) blue eyes. I am about 4 feet 8 and I speak fluent english and french. I don’t know much about this show but have been looking for something similar like Teen Wolf or Arrow. I love to act and will be looking for any kind of supernatural show to audition for. I have been excepted in my first audition which I heard can be rare to get excepted in a first audition. I have a twin sister which is also interested in acting and if I make this role she might want to join. I might not know much about this show but I am a very good actress. Please except me!

  49. Hello,
    I would love to be involved in this movie. I love the franchise and the outfits. Am more than willing to learn anything such as parkour.
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Japanese, Chinese, Native American, Spanish, French
    Age: 28
    Height: 5′ 1″
    Weight: 115 lbs
    Eye Color: brown
    Hair Color: brown
    Misc: Archery, tennis
    Thank you!

  50. Hi my name is Jasmine Jones I left a comment earlier on in the year I just wanted to tell you again a little about my self I’m 19 years old I’m 5,5 and I’m African American I don’t know how to do parkour or acrobatics but I do know how to dance and I am willing to learn anything you want to teach me

  51. Hey I’m McKalyn. I’m white and I am 5″7. I’m 14 and I am a dancer. I have brown hair and green eyes.

  52. Hi!
    My name is Rachel. I’ve been interested in starting in acting for quite some time now. I was in a short film done by a friend of mine who is actually in college now to become a director, filming was extremely fun. I love the franchise and would love a chance to be in the movie, there isn’t a part too small. Here is some basic information: I am seventeen years old with auburn hair and hazel eyes. I also have freckles and an athletic tall/thin build, I am 5’7″ weighing in at about 120 lbs. For a few years I did dance and have a long background in singing. It would be an honor to be considered.
    Thank you for your time.

  53. Hi I’m Aaliyah Machado I am 14 years old and turning 15 in the winter. Im very familiar with the game Assasins Creed and love the concept of the game. I weigh 120pbs and I’m 5’4. I play on sports teams inside and outside of school such as: basketball, volleyball, soccer, and badminton so I’m very athletic. I also love to dance and I have photo genenic memory, so I can memorize things very well. If you are reading this, I appreciate your time and hope you consider me for this role.

  54. Hi I’m Aaliyah Machado I am 14 years old and turning 15 in the winter. Im very familiar with the game Assasins Creed and love the concept of the game. I weigh 120pbs and I’m 5’4. I play on sports teams inside and outside of school such as: basketball, volleyball, soccer, and badminton so I’m very athletic. I also love to dance and I have photo genenic memory, so I can memorize things very well.

  55. First of, please do not skip over me, please at least listen to what I have to say, please. Ok so I have always enjoyed acting ever since I could remember. I used to make up characters and play them. Everyone I know always says I am VERY dramatic. I always get A’s on vocabulary tests because I can remember the words so well, meaning I can remember lines very easily. It has always been my dream to be an actress. Well let me tell you about my physical self, I am fourteen years old, I have medium lenght curly brown hair, I am exactly five feet tall, I weigh 110 pounds, I am white but on the tanner side, I have LOTS of freckles, my eyes are brown, and I am very athletic, I play soccer, basketball, do cross country, do track, and am getting ready to do tennis. Also I swim all summer. It has always been my dream to become and actress, so please just consider me, thank you.

  56. Hi my name is Telicia st.Hill , I’m 17yrs old . Im from Guyana (southamerica), I love acting but never got the chance because of my location . my half sister is an actress she was in resident evil Apocalypse her name is Nicole St hill. I think acting is in the blood.I would love this chance thank you

  57. Hello my name is brittany hall I’m 18 years old muscular bulit I’m part italian I weigh 122 and I’m 5’2 I do martial arts and weight lifting I’m not huge but I have big muscles and I look athletic I’ve played all the video games and I’m a beginner actor ready to explore my future career I would be incredibly thankful if I could at least auditions for the part I would very much appreciate the oppuntity to start my career with this amazing project God bless

  58. Hello my name is brittany hall I’m 18 years old muscular bulit I’m part italian I weigh 122 and I’m 5’2 I’ve played all the video games and I’m a beginner actor ready to explore my future career I would be incredibly thankful if I could at least auditions for the part I would very much appreciate the oppuntity to start my career with this amazing project God bless

  59. hi am maurine am 19yrs,i speak english i love acting but i have never gotten a chance i kindly request the role of the girl,it will be my pleasure to take the role seriously and accordingly,i acted once at our school for our teachers n i was good,i love acting,thank you.

  60. Hi, I am 14 years old and I love acting. I am very good at memorization and a very flexible actress. Please consider me for this role, as I have played and beaten all of the Assasin Creed games.

  61. Fluent English and I love to act.
    I am willing to put in all the effort it will take to get into this movie.

  62. Hello, I am Kayla Gooden. I am an African American female, and I am 15. I will be 16 in October. I am interested in the Female Role. I am Very dramatic on a Daliy Basis, and I love to have fun. I act around the house and with my friends so why not try really Acting. I hope you give me the time of day. Thank you

  63. Hello,
    My name is Camryn Jacobsen I’m 11 years old and I do speak English and I love to act

  64. Hi I am 14 years old, I have brown hair and brown eyes and I am white (English).
    I have been doing gymnastics since a young age, and can I can do acrobatics such as flicks and back saltos. I am a quick learner, and I used to enjoy dancing and could hone these skills with some training and practise. Parkour is something I have always been interested in and I believe that with my gymnastics skills I would be able to pick this up quickly. I would love to be considered for this role.

  65. Im Shania Louise A.Visorio
    Young Venus in Beki Boxer TV5 ( Philippines)
    Upcoming 2 International Movies,( MD & SS of IR) confidential TITLE

    Blackbelter of Karatedo,WingChun,KungFu,Arnis,Jeet Kune Do,Kickboxing,Dance Performer,Grandwinner in Modeling as “Kid Top Model (Catwalk Unlimited Philippines)

    GrandWinner (Cutest Faces of the Philippines)

    I just want to experience action movies outside the country

  66. My name is Jessica Hendricks, I am 5’7″ I have grey green eyes, and have blonde hair. I can dance, act and do anything I am needed to do. I am from America so I speak English.

  67. Hello, my name is cherish. i am 14 years old (turning 15).
    i am currently on my schools drill team so we do a lot of stunts, dancing etc… I speak english fluently.
    Instagram: cfaamausilii
    Twitter : cherishhhf

  68. I’m 13 but everyone thinks I’m 16 so I’d be old enough, English is my first language. I have blonde hair with blue eyes I’m 5’3 I can’t dance but I’d get lessons.

  69. I am 16 years old, with brown hair and brown eyes and also i have tanned skin.
    I am very sporty, as I do climbing and play basketball.

  70. Hi, I am interested in playing a role for this movie. I am a 17 year old girl turning 18 and I live in Canada and I have a few talents. I can dance if more training and I can also sing and act well. I speak very good English.
    I have light brown eyes, and dyed brown hair. As for the acting experience, I took drama and I love to act and I would be very grateful if you pick me for this role. I am an energetic, outgoing and happy person. I would like the role of a 14-18 year old girl. Please email me.
    My email is

  71. I’m a 15 year old girl and I’m very interested in playing the part. Iv been in 8 plays and have received a lot of positive feedback. I want to help make a great movie! Please contact me if you are interested.

  72. Hi, my name is Brenna Christoffel. I’m twelve but very advance and tall for my age. I could easily play the roll of a fourteen year old. I love acting and i really want to have my big break. Thank you, and have a great day! If you need anymore information please email me.

  73. I cam 12 but I am tall and I have been in 2plays and I can act I would send a video if you email me

  74. Hi Team!

    I would love the opportunity to team up with you on this next adventure! I was a competitive cheerleader for most of my life and have a real drive to jump into the acting world!

    Gender: Female
    Age: 28
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 130
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: long light brown
    Skin: Tan

    Twitter @mistygraham5
    Instagram @mistygraham 5

  75. Hi!!
    My name is Jaela Hill, I am African American, well mixed technically since my great grandmother was white. I have taken hip hop and acrobatics classes. I’m very fluent with my dancing, for acrobatics I can do some gymnastics. I’m also a cheerleader, and I’m very flexible. I would really like this role. I am only 12 years old, but I have been told I look like I’m fifteen. I am 5’4, I’m light skinned and a pretty quick learner. I would love an opportunity for this role. I am also a fast learner.
    I hope you consider me for this role, you will not be sorry☺

  76. Hello,
    I am Katrina, 17 years ole applying for the young girls (14-18yrs old).At the age of 12 I first started to do dance at school as it was a sports option. I soon realised that I enjoyed dance and this was a strong future prospect for me. I continued to do dance up to the age of 16. I did variety of different dance styles including strret and hip hop.
    At the age of 14 my friends and I formed a dancing bhangra group called ‘Nachdi Jawani’ (Dancing youths). We performed at weddings, birthday’s parties and New Year’s Eve celebrations 2012, at Shine Star Banqueting Suite.
    Also in 2012 we performed in a Punjabi music video. The artists’ name was N.S. Kang and the song was Daru (Whiskey). This was N.S. Kangs’ debut track in the UK.
    The biggest success in my life so far was in December 2013. After a year of training at the Lions MMA Walsall Club, I won the Walsall Lions MMA (Under 15’s) Belt.
    In the back of my mind during the MMA competition I was worried about how I will be able to beat the boys, as they were stronger and more experienced than me. I prayed and did the best that I could to win the competition
    I was competing against boys and girls in a club competition and I won the belt. At this point I realised I could succeed in anything I put my mind to and I started to set my dreams in motion.
    The only barrier to my dreams was me, I have succeeded in my fears and now I am ready to succeed in my dreams.

  77. Hi I am Nylah Davenport,
    I’ve Been searching for roles like such for a very long time and not only do I have acting Expierence but I would love to act in this movie.

  78. I am 5’5″ and 1/2 and from the Philippines, very athletic can play any kind of sports and can dance hip hop. I am capable of doing my own stunts and Parkour, my english is Good. I have been good at acting and singing as well. If you could give me a chance, I can show my strength in doing stunts and hip hop and lastly, acting. Thank you

  79. Hello! my name is Keziah and i’m an Asian girl, 17 and trying to audition for the role of a young girl(14-18). To be honest, i think i can do “Urban street dance & hip hop”, the other requirements? i’ll try to do my best to practice it, hoping that you can give me a try? :) thanks…

  80. i will love to be a part of this amazing project. am a huge fan and i am ready for what ever task this project has to offer, am a 22 year old girl and i have the abilities you need and even more. please do consider my request and i promise not to fail you. Thanks for putting out this audition.

    • Hello, My name is Samantha and I am a 16 year old latina living in a small town outside chicago. I don’t have much acting experience but it is something I am really interested in. I would be honored to get the chance to work with you. I am bilingual, I speak english and spanish. I am a very out going person and I will not hesitate to take on a challange. I will be very determined and you will not be dissapointed.

  81. Hello. My name is Lacora bluebird-Roy I am 17 years old. I am 5’3″.I have short brown hair and tan skin. I am native American And I would like to go into acting. Though I do not have any experience in acting besides a semester of drama class I have played the games and they are my favorite. Please consider me for a role. Thank you.

  82. I love parkour I’m not the best at doing the tricks but I can climb and run across high places. I’m not the best dancer but I do dance and acrobatics also not sure how I might do but if it helps I am flexible. Also I love assassins creed I have played one of the games twise and I love it the outfits are amazing and if I could I would be honored to be at least an extra in order to drees like that

  83. I honestly not sure what I would do so I can’t say if I would be fit for the roll but I have done parkour and a bit of dancing my mom thinks it’s pointless but I want to prove her wrong and I love assassins creed and my friend told me about this website and I’m always up to finding new experiences. I am 15 dark brown hair and dark brown eyes . If I’m worth it or atleast your time I would like to be Considered for the 14-18 year old girl roll please.

  84. Name: Morgan Primak
    Age: 16 (in August)
    Hair: Chestnut
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5’6″
    Build: Skinny

    Previous Experience: While I don’t have much professional experience, I have had a few performances in front of an audience. I attend the Hyde School( a boarding school in Maine) which is a leadership school, so I understand the importance of commitment and confidence. I recently had a main role in the schools performance of Willy Wonka, and performed a song I had written at a performing arts center in Maine.
    More description: American, Caucassian, Fluent English Speaker

  85. I like the game, and I’d love to be in the movie. I’ve done a little bit of parkour, and I love to dance. I have brown/blonde hair that I’d be willing to dye, blue/green eyes and I’m 5’7. I really love theater and if I don’t do this, I’ll be in our school production of Mary Poppins next year.

  86. Completely fluent in American english, Capable of parkour and not great at hip hop but have 2 years dance experience. Will be 25 in July, you could probably shift how people perceive my age depending on make-up and clothing; 5″3′ ~130lbs, Hazel eyes and Brown hair, very much Caucasian but can tan to a light gold-brown. Medium-high vocal speaking range. I tend to have very expressive features and am a very dedicated person. I love the Assassins creed series and would be ecstatic to have a chance to become apart of it. Let me know if you’d like some pictures to get a feel for what I look like.

  87. I am an A.C. gamer and I have collected all the AC games released. I also enjoy boxing, running, reading, writing and, acting. I know I would make an excellent female supporting role in this movie if given the opportunity. Thank you.

  88. My name is Chung-Wing Ko and I am a 16 year old girl. I should be considered for a role because I love dance (eight years of experience in ballet, tap, jazz, and modern) and am very athletic, playing a variety of sports. I am not trained in parkour but have tried it on occasion with good results. I love to act; I’ve participated in several school plays, and I am fluent in English. I love working with others and would be thrilled to be considered because it’s been a dream of mine to become an actress. Thank you!

  89. A L O H A
    6’1″. 175 lbs
    2015 High School graduate
    Hungarian, Spanish, Irish, American Indian

  90. Hi my name is Madison and I am 14 years old.I’m currently looking for a acting job.I have no experience but I would like to gain some and I think this is a perfect opportunity.I as well speak fluent English

  91. Hello there,
    My name is Chloe Rhoades. I am 16 years old, and have been acting for 10. I have decided that if I want to make my acting a career, I defiantly need to start now, and I believe this would be the perfect opportunity. I am extremely experienced with stage combat, as well as sword fighting, and I do a pretty mean cartwheel… I would be so grateful if you were to email me back, as I can send you my Head shots/resume.
    Thank you!
    Chloe Rhoades
    Height:5 7”
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Weight: 126
    Eyes: Light blue
    Hair: Chestnut blonde

  92. Hi my name is uinise foochong I am very athletic I played pretty much every sport with a ball and went to state champs for track and field I am a pretty quick learner I am 5’7 pretty fit and i am 20 years of age but luckily I look younger than my age I grew up in Cali and I can speak fluent English. i learned to dance in first grade “polynesian dancing” and learned different styles as i got older. I am ready to work if you’ll have me.

  93. My name is Jael Lopez, and it would be in your best interest if you did not pick anyone until you saw me. Because I am what you are looking for.

  94. Gender:Female
    Age: 16
    Height: 1.66m
    Eyecolour: Blue
    Haircolour: Dark Brown
    Skills: Parkour (beginner), Karate (beginner), Archery, Dancing (beginner), Can do a bit of sword fighting and handle an axe.
    Nationality: Norway

    What I do with my spare time (special FX, and cosplay) pictures (what I look like) ; @thatmakes_sense (instagram)

  95. I am a girl by the age of 16 from Norway, I can master the English language and speak it fluently. I have light blue eyes and dark long brown hair. I can dance, and I am a parkour beginner, I’ve played the game “Assassins Creed” and I would love to be a part of the movie.

  96. I’m 14 years old and I’ll be 15 in september. I’m a begginer in parkour and I’m fluent in English though I have a hard-to-notice accent. I’m blonde and 5’5. I can learn anything I put my mind into. I have no previous acting experiences besides theater class in school.

  97. Hello, my name is Candice Hatch and I’m 15 years old. I have never done parkour but I am a very quick learner and I believe I’d be able to pick it up at a quick pace. I have done a bit of dancing and I’ve also performed in acting. I have good coordination and balance as well as the ability to work well with others. I’m also very active. I am stand at 5’8 and I have blue eyes with light brown hair.
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to apply.

  98. Hi I am fifteen, sixteen in November. I am foot one with tan olive skin and long black hair to my waist I have a curvy strong athletic build
    -I have ten years of dance experience
    – I have seven years of it is and arial acrobatics experience
    -I have five years of gymnastics competing and coaching experience
    I have worked on film sets and confident and out going I follow instructions well and learn fast
    I have attended drama classes for years and have performed for years on stage
    I feel I would be amazingly well suited to this role and would give my all if given a chance
    Traveling for filming and auditions no matter how far or what the cost is not a problem as I have a extremaly supportive family.

  99. Hi very interested. It’s been a dream of mine to become an actress and I have 13 years of dance training. I would feel honoured just to be considered.

  100. Hi my name is Jasmine Jones im not going to sit here and tell you guys that i can do acrobatics because i cant but just know that i am very willing to learn. I can however dance and will also be willing to learn parkour i am 5,5 and i weight 124 lbs i am African American i am 19 years old but i look like i could pass for 15 i have brownish hair but am willing to dye it if you need me to i live in Nashville TN right now i really think that i am the right girl for this and if you think so please email me at thank you so much

  101. Hi, my name is Destiny Rae Hendrix. I know what you’re thinking… I’m not black. ;) I’m 21 years old, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’6, and 120 lbs. I cheered, ran track (short distance, high jump and long jump), and was the first girl wrestler in my school district (6A). I made varsity as a freshman in all three. I continued to cheer in college at UCO. When I was reading the criteria I wasn’t exactly sure what parkour was, so I looked it up.. After reading the definition I went out to my backyard and jumped up my fence and flipped over the top of it (don’t worry, I landed it). I could sit here and write about myself and what I can/can’t do all day, but I would much rather show you. For my website I inserted my instagram, where you will find pictures of me and also videos that will establish a very compelling case as to why you should give me a shot in this movie. And if that doesn’t convince you, I also have a six pack.

  102. I’m a 24 year old mother of 4 year old twins who is finally finding time to get back to my own dreams! I moved to St. Petersburg Florida from Dayton Ohio to inch closer to opportunities. Trained in dance & I work hard. Just waiting on an opportunity to seize!

  103. This sounds like an amazing opportunity and plus I’m going to school for acrobats so this opportunity would be more than a blessing.

    • Hello my name is shidae Martin my birthday is June 15 I am 14 years old I will be 15 in June 15 I live in Stuart Florida I am from Indian town Florida I don’t have experience acting but I am a great learner I would be honored if you guys pick me for the movie thanks guys

  104. Hi, I’m Manisha, I live in Birmingham, England. Drama and dance are my passion along with the full game series of Assassin’s Creed. I have been street/hip hop dancing since a young age and have created a short action film from research alone in which I also played a main role. I hope the opportunity for me to act, learn, and show you the talent that I have arises.
    Thank you!

  105. I would love to be considered for the roles (14-18) I’m a quick learner love playing the assassins creed games love the story line, I am average size 5’10 and i am 18, I am up for anything you guys throw at me.

  106. I am a 15 year old active dancer, cheerleader, football player. Fluent in English. I have over 12 years dance experience in all forms including acrobatics/gymnastics. slim build but very strong. I played football on my high school freshman team, so I am not afraid to try new things. I am also a involved in karate, and and horseback riding. I have choreographed my own dances, and can pick up on new choreography very quickly. I have preformed at Disney Orlando, Fl. My goals are to become an actress, and professional dancer. I have been following Assassins Creed for a while with all 9 of my brothers. This seems like a great opportunity to achieve my goals.

  107. I have always been a hardcore gamer girl. I absolutely love AC 2 for the 360. I am a 22 year old female. I speak English. How cool would it be to move, flip, and act badass like Black Widow, Tomb Raider, or Alice from Resident Evil!? That’s what I want to do for you and I am certain I would be good at it. I have headshots, full body, and a resume just incase you’d like that. I am 5′ tall..or short.. I am very versatile in the way I look. Depending on the clothes and makeup, I can look 16 or 26 and anywhere in between. I am a healthy/fit individual that’s ready to take on anything!!

    Thank you for your consideration

  108. I have acting experience. I have been in 10 shows for Franklin NH Footlight Theater. I can easily remember lines and believe i would be perfect for a part. Thank you.

  109. I would like to be considered for this role as I follow the assassins creed story line, I am a fast learner, love acting, fresh face, not afraid of a challenge, determine to play my part best as I can. Average build, 18 years old, big and bright personality.

  110. I am fluent in English. I am a level 10 gymnast and a pole-vaulter. Im a great dancer and I believe I would be perfect for the young woman (14-18 yrs of age) role!

  111. This role sounds like a huge opportunity and privilege. I would be more than delighted to take the role of the 14-18 year old girl. Being able to be in such a production would be an incredible experience, as I have been playing the Assassin’s Creed series for as long as I can remember. Doing parkour is something I can pick up, as I am a fast learner and already pretty agile. It would be a pleasure should you consider me for an audition. Thank you.

  112. I would be perfect because I am a parkour learner in progress, I love jumping off of things. I can dance any dance taught to me and learn it fast.

  113. I would like to be considered for the girls role of 14-18. I have tumbling skills and can dance, and I believe movies always need a fresh new actress to keep things interesting in the movie making business. I work well with pthers and would love to be considered for an audition. Thank you.

  114. Overcoming the limited film industry in my country, I am reaching beyond new horizons to launch my acting career to show the world of the magnificent talent that can come from this little Caribbean island young woman.

  115. Fluent in English
    Ability to dance, learn parkour and acrobatics.
    Thin, in my 20’s, big eyes, innocent looking

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