Auditions for ‘Frozen’ in a New Disney Cruise Line Show


The Disney company is conducting open auditions for singers to play the popular Disney characters Olaf and Elsa from “Frozen”. The auditions are for the live shows which will be performed on aboard the Disney cruise line vessels.

This is a joint venture of Disney Cruise Line with the award-wining director, Sheryl Kaller (Next Fall and Mothers and Sons) and the NYC choreographer Joshua Prince (Shrek and Beautiful). Alongside the production and artistic Director, Ed Whitlow, another repertory company comprising of nineteen actors will be hired to play the roles in each one of other musical-type-production. Rehearsal for these will begin in Toronto, Canada late in the summer of 2016. The performance contract of the on board production will expire in 2018. Contracts are inclusive of the following:

  • Guest sailing privileges

  • Room and board

  • Industry compatible bonuses with pay

  • Other additional benefits

For more details read the details below:

When and Where?

The open audition will be held in New York City on 12th May.

Who is the Show looking for?

The show is particularly looking for professional singers of both genders to be a part of the cast as Elsa and Olaf. All the performers who are above 18 years of age are encouraged to apple. The ethnicity of the candidates does not matter. The show requires really strong performers and singers. The show is being produced by a remarkable award-winning director so the selected candidates are bound to have a lot of high class experience.

Female and Male Vocalists


Elsa is required for future replacements. She is a princess who eventually becomes the Queen of Arendelle after the death of her parent when she is off age. She has uncanny magical powers which she still has not been able to master and control. She has the power of controlling snow and ice. She used to play with her powers as a child with her younger sister Anna. However, after a deadly accident that strikes upon Anna because of her magical powers she loses her playfulness and remains in isolation away from her sister and the Kingdom. Following vocal ranges are required:

  • Mezzo Soprano

  • Mix/Belt


This character is required immediately. The candidate must be dancer as well as a singer. A sophisticated experienced comical actor is required to play the role of Olaf who is a snowman which has been created by the magic of Princess Elsa. Olaf has a kind-hearted personality. He has a genuine childlike honesty. His innocence makes him say painfully bitter yet truthful things with a positive energy. His one-hundred percent honesty and sincerity makes him an adorable character.

Audition Details

Location: Pearl Studios, 519 8th Ave on 12th Floor in New York, NY 10018

Sign in shall begin half an hour prior to the auditions.

Requirements for the Auditions

  • If in the duration of last six months, you have already been seen for this particular production, you do need to come for the audition.
  • The candidates must be at least 18 years old.
  • You will have to provide a headshot (latest) and resume.
  • Come prepared with 16 bars of any musical selection. You will also have to supply sheet music for accompanist. Make sure it is in the correct key.
  • It is possible that some performers are exclusively asked to memorize a small combination of movement.
  • Registrations in advance are not required.
  • Call backs will be held in the forthcoming week with the Creative Team

Unavailability for Auditions

If for some reason you are unable to show up for the audition please submit a video through email at In the email include the following:

  • Headshot
  • Resume
  • Song Selection Based Upon Your Preferences

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg, Max. file size: 2 MB.