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Big Brother- CBS

Have you ever wanted to be on Big Brother? If you fell you have what it takes to win Big Brother 2013 then get your application in and prepare to audition in 2012! CBS has confirmed its hit series for its 2013 season. Big Brother 14 is looking for potential roomies for the 2012 / 2013 season. The plot of the show is that a group of people live together in a large house, isolated from the outside world. They are continuously watched by television cameras. This drama filled show is a hit with the audience and this is your chance to be a part of it.

Auditions will start being listed in the Spring, but for now you can start preparing yourself  by watching back over past seasons to see what worked and what got HGs evicted!

CBS is looking for all sorts of people from different walks of life. Those cast on the show will have to share a house together and not only deal with each other but also the stress of having cameras on you 24/7 Keep checking back here for more details on casting dates and location and as always please leave us a comment.


  1. Никому не дано вернуть прошлое. Надо идти, продолжать свой путь, и бесполезно оглядываться назад. Роллан Р.

  2. well i think i should be considered cos it shouldnt be all about younger ones and i like people and im soooo nosy so cmon bb give us a chance, ill do most of cooking

  3. I am extremely nice, maybe a little too nice sometimes but I feel like that is what will give me my edge in the game. I am engaged to be married and feel like this is the perfect time in my life to be outgoing and have fun.

  4. I got my heart broken a million times and I think it wil b a good idea to share it to the world. Hopefully through big bother find some healing. Call me 213 344-9254. I’m one of those guys you are looking for…

  5. Im 18 & from Australia, I’ve always wanted to be on this show since i was 15, i just want to be in friday night games, im a very competitive person and wont let anyone in my way of winning,

  6. hello….I was actually a semi finalist in the casting calls for season 1……..13 years later I think I bring an even more mature and wiser feel to the cast of the show ontop of what i originally appealed to the directors……would love another shot at being cast, thanks, Styl Gian

  7. I am a 55 year old Mathematics Teacher from Havre, Montana and the mother of 6 children. My husband, Dan and I have worked very hard our entire life to provide the very best for our children and now our 3 grandchildren. After being in the classroom for 32 years, I am ready for a new challenge in my life. I am in very good shape and after working with high school kids for the past 3 decades, their is NOTHING in this world I fear. Please consider me for your show. I think you would be pleasantly surprised!! Thanks so much. Mary Wagner

  8. Well, because you are looking for somebody that is real, that has potential, someone who has struggled through life, and that’s looking for possibilities. That’s me! I am extremely competitive in nature. I’m about as real as a person gets, an puts himself out there for success in life. I have had to fight for every thing I have in life and I have never had any hand outs, I have always been the one to hand out and help others in need. This would be an opportunity like no other to get the chance to fight for. I hope you take my comment and look at me as a potential Big Brother for the show.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. Why should i be on big brother. well i’m perfect for it i can play the game like no other. I got a little bit of everything going. I can be cocky, confident, i will call someone out and will battle it out with them until the end of time. I can be laid back and chill and get to know everyone and be your best friend or your worst enemy. i can put on that showmance with a girl that everyone loves to watch and see what happens with the two people. I would play the game like Russel and Jessey and Adam some of the previous contestants that i enjoyed watching. They made the show great. I can continue that trend. I’m young athletic, funny, smart, and the person that everyone would over look the during the entire show until the end when i win it.

  10. Hi guys, im pippa, 18 years old and from Telford! Everbody says I talk alot but I personally dont think I talk alot at all! Im a bubbly person, not very tall which I hateeeee with a good sence of humour. I think if I was in the house id get along with everyone and id kinda be the one that gets really excitedddd about everything :D I should be in there, you dunna what your missin :D xx

  11. Oh, let’s see…….I’m funny and quick witted, older but young at heart, wiser but still foolish, and I know this game like the back of my hand! I would absolutely be a player and entertaining to boot! I would be the person people would tune in to see……..really.

  12. I’ve been trying to get onto a reality show. I have dreams to use any money I might win to start a youth community center in my home town. Being from Sudan I know that it will be a bill challenge to live with other people in the house from other cultures and to communicate and live daily but I’m confident I can do this. I hope you give me me a chance to be on your show. I know that I would make a great addition to the show.

  13. last year on ultimate BB i was contacted by Jamie Sutcliffe (production manager) to ask a question live (by phone) on eviction night. After a few rehearsals Jamie said if i had applied to go on any of the past shows i would probably have got on !!! I was gutted that i had not tried. So watch out CH5 I’m going to try this time !!!!!

  14. I would make a good fit for Big Brother 13 Because I do my best in everything i do I am a good actor. I know how to act and sound in different ways. I am a very much a people person i enjoy working with different peoples. Alot of people would say i am a crazy funny person and sometime bitter but a fun person to be around. thanks

  15. Big Brother is awesome and I think that I represent the man’s man pretty well; a demographic that needs to be covered. I watch sports, drink beer, and eat great food. I’m a college grad, although I partied way too much, with a professional job. I’m up front with people that crave drama and can’t wait to take over the big brother house and compete/win the $500,000 cash money!

  16. Im young, attractive very open with situations, im down to earth and i love making friends, very interested in modeling etc

  17. I am a young, very blunt,attractive, woman. I feel like I would be a great housemate Because I’m not afraid to let people know what I am thinking, I’m not afraid to be myself . I don’t cower in stressful situations and I live by the motto of Never back down!

  18. i think i should on big brother 13 because i got d talent,swagga nd im down 2 earth kind of person, Nd lover meeting people Nd above al if give d opportunity i promise no doll moment in this season Nd promise 2 great impact on people life

  19. i think i should on big brother 13 because i got d talent,swagga nd im down 2 earth kind of person, Nd lover meeting people Nd above al if give d opportunity i promise no doll moment in this season Nd promise 2 great impact

  20. i think i should on big brother 13 because i got d talent,swagga nd im down 2 earth kind of person, nd lover meeting people

  21. All i can say is that i’m what Big brother has been waiting for. I was made for this show and it will be a shame for viewers to miss out on the opportunity to see a Nigerian really do his thang! I’ll have viewers wanting more.

  22. I think I am a good candidate because have a different background where america have not heard often. I am not affraid of speaking my mind, I am not scared of conflit I’m a drama frick, but at the same I’m very sensitive, caring, altruism, and loving carraibeen girl you never met that can bring diversity and also chalange myself and be an example for people who think they can achieve anything. I do have a sad and heart breaking story to tell. Please make me a part of that show. I’m dying for that opportunity because I know it will change my life and other people.

  23. i am jamaican and i like everything over the top .i love dancing and noone can shake their booty better than me. i am a little rude at times but i only tell the truth if you dont like it tough. i should be in the show because it will be boring this year without me simply. my greatest asset is my 36 d breast and they are real.

  24. A person destined to make enough noise and cause a ripple effect to millions with useless knowledge. I live up to my name and honestly believe that society benefits from my presence. It’s time to give Canada a small but fun piece of this pie and answer some of the odd questions like, “Do we all live in Igloos ? ” Just give me a stage and I will boost ratings and open up the markets ! I love Big Brother !

  25. I should be considered for this show because i’ve always wanted to be on it since i was 14, and waited till i was 18 and still couldnt get in, I’m from Nigeria, study a little bit in Glendale Community College, Glendale, AZ, then moved to England and study Mechanical engineering at University of Bolton. i love dancing and i love having fun, i’m a socail person and my freinds call me Jerker because i like dancing with my feet and its funny. Please if i could be considered it would be a dream come true.

  26. I am a good-looking 25 year old from Toronto, Canada who is athletic, outgoing, fun, and well-built. I am a university graduate and successful working professional. I may not be “cray cray” like interested applicants but I am definitely more jacked, easier on the eyes, and willing to have a hell of a good time with all the other house mates!

  27. I am going to be the winner…1st i want to avoid what just happened this past season with the worst competitors making it tat far…I competed hard and fast and smart…2nd i am gayish and black and i will represent both communities very well by playing a game the is respectable and likeable…3rd I am fun and crazy and will say whatever I want…I am nice and at the same time I can be mean when I want and need to be…also everyone like to tell me everything about themselves and i love to listen and tell them what they should…I am known with my friends and always and I do mean always right. My application is already done and I am putting together my video a you read…I am ready to go

  28. I’m a 21 y/o homosexual male very outgoing and out landish often described as the loos cannon outta my group of friends let’s just say I’m cray cray. From my own language to my crazy style I’m mos def what this show could use to spark it up! I think I would add more than laughs competition a good tv. I’d keep America guessing.

  29. i’m perfect for this show.. All my friends and family would desrcibe me as a very blunt outgoing person. I speak my mind all the time and i have the “gift/curse” of telling people what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear. I love to crack jokes but when a friend needs some serious advice i dish it out without hesistating.

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