Bravo – Rocco’s Dinner Party

Rocco's Dinner Party- Bravo
Rocco’s Dinner Party- Bravo

Can you Dine, Wine and Design your way to a cash prize?

NOTIONAL, LLC IS NOW CASTING Chefs to compete in the ultimate dinner party challenge for Bravo new competition show, “Rocco’s Dinner Party”!

Notional is searching for professional, as well as aspiring chefs, with a keen palate and a flair for entertaining to prove they can throw the BEST DINNER PARTY out there for acclaimed Chef Rocco DiSpirito and his celebrity friends.

Chef Rocco DiSpirito :
DiSpirito was born in Queens, New York City, New York. He is a 1986 graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, and a 1990 graduate of Boston University with a bachelor’s degree in business. DiSpirito is known for his Italian-American cuisine and his innovative fusion cooking.

DiSpirito is best known as a celebrity chef and a cookbook author. He is known for his involvement in Union Pacific, a restaurant he opened in 1997 in the Gramercy Park section of Manhattan. A year later, New York Times reviewer Ruth Reichl, in an ecstatic three-star review, reported that a woman at the next table was moaning in uncontrollable ecstasy as she ate, but it was impossible to determine what dish had provoked that reaction, since just about every entree was worthy of such moans.[1] He left Union Pacific in 2004. In 2003 and 2004, DiSpirito was the subject of the NBC reality television show The Restaurant, which followed DiSpirito and his mother during the opening of their restaurant, Rocco’s 22nd Street.

Can you cook for the most discerning palate? Do you have such a passion for cooking and entertaining that you dream about all the details of a dinner party from soup to nuts?

Bring us your signature dishes, competitive drive and your proven passion for entertaining.

*Must be avail to FILM for a 2-day shoot in NYC

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg, Max. file size: 2 MB.


  1. I am about to start culinary school. I love Rocco’s Dinner Party. I would certainly love to be in the show, but unfortunately for me I live in Mexico… anyway, I just wanted to say I love the show.

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  3. I am a fabulous cook who cannot follow a recipe. I can combine great ingredients and come up with flavorful and unique dishes. I love all type of food and I am best at persian dishes. I enjoy using spices and fresh produce to prepare masterpieces. You won’t be sorry

  4. Cooking has been my thing since I was allowed to wash the dishes, and taste everything my mom made. The kitchen is my real room but it is a hazard to put a bed in there so I cant sleep in it. However, I traveled abroad to thailand for a year and studied culinary arts while there. Upon my return my goal is to combine different cultures food together and that is just what I do over and over at all events. One dish that is so poping of flavor is: Moo Dang Chalupa , this dish has the thai flair yet the latin oomf meaning moist and tender red pork sliced into a chalupa bowl with mixed greens, freshly made salsa, dressed with a sour cream and avacado whipp toped off with sliced avacado and cilantro with a hint of lime, this pleases the senses and the palate. Thank you for condering me for the job.

  5. I was Paul Allen’s private chef for 7 years feeding Peter Gabriel, Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics. Major League Football Players, Basketball players,Feed Jon Voight and his daughter Anjolina for 3 months when filming Lonesome Dove. I’ve feed the secretary of health and human services. I’ve feed secretary of the treasury. Many senators, politicians,governors, and my current family I work for is good friends with Mitt Romney, feed him too. Feed CEOs of IBP, Tyson, Excel, Intel, Nintendo, National Beef, men who know good food. Bring it on. Challenge me. It’s what I do. Let me show you.

  6. I have the best ideas when it comes host a dinner party, have a passion for cooking, have the experience (14 years working in restaurants and banquets), and its all about details, temperatures and timing!!

  7. I am a self taught cook who has always had passion for the culinary arts. At the age of 42, I am in the stage of reinventing my professional career. I have choose to follow my heart and do what I love the most and hope all the rest will follow with hard work and determination. I have a start up catering company that I have been pouring my blood sweat and tears into. I am a single mother of a beautiful 8 years old daughter who is my biggest cheerleader & a daily reminder to live my life to the fullest! This mommy is ready to throw down in the kitchen!

  8. No one refuses my dinner invitations – EVER!! In fact, friends fight over who will be invited to what dinner event I am hosting. From Renaissance Boar to Nouveau RAW Vegan Cuisine — I cook or un-cook as the menu demands. In addition, you want some nice incidental dinner music — I am a classical composer as well and can create an entire evening of food, music and drama.

  9. I should be considered because I can seriously throw down in the kitchen and I am totally self-taught. I own a small cafe and I write a food column as well as my own cooking site. What makes me different from those I have seen on the show so far is mostly my personality. I’m mouthy and fiesty and a bit goofy yet I can do my business in the kitchen while entertaining most around me. Food is my life as there are very few things I’ve encountered that doesn’t somehow involve food. Even when I was pushing out babies I managed to endure it knowing my cheeseburger was awaiting. I take what I do serious but have learned making it fun and being real as I do it makes everyone around feel comfortable and it gives them a sense of if she can do it I know I can.

  10. I have a wild passion for food and am always coming up with new ideas in the kitchen. My wife and I frequently host dinner parties for friends and family so that they can try out my new creations. I would love to take my skills and passion to another level by being a part of Bravo-Rocco’s Dinner Party.

  11. I will certainly offer a unique style of food combined with travel stories from around the world!!! I have traveled and cooked onboard the Super yachts for 15 years and bring those stories to the dinner table in my job now. Your show is what i do and it’s what i live for, I’m still as passionate about cooking as i have ever been and I can not help myself to share that with everyone that crosses my path. I look forward to hearing from you, Kindly Meryl

  12. I am not submitting myself but my niece-in law. I feel she should be submitted because cooking is her passion. She loves hosting dinner parties and does themes at least twice a year. With her Hispanic background and combination of twisting any and everything into the mix makes it for a distinguished yet bold taste. Words cannot describe what I am trying to say, you just have to taste it for yourself. When I do my murder mystery dinner parties, she brings something new to the table every time which goes with my theme. If you need more info on her, I will gladly tell you what you need. I thank you in advance.

  13. i am a passionate culinarian, graduate of the culinary institute of america, and currently hold a position at beach point yacht club as the sous chef. I love to entertain personally and for a living. i have a easy going personality, with a humble willingness to take critisism and take it as not a failure but growth. i beleive i could take the prize home. If i wasnt to win i would have left embarrassed, but not regretful of the experience. peace and love to those who read !

  14. Cooper Boone is a person for whom the term “triple threat” is a few items short. He’s co-written two albums worth of award-winning songs; created and hosts Cooper’s Kitchen, an online music-themed cooking show with celebrity guests; is a contributor to “Country Living Magazine”, co-owns a homey country store; raises chickens on a farm in northeast Pennsylvania and works with the elderly in New York City. “Boredom’s a killer for me!” he says, chuckling. “It doesn’t exist in my world.”

    “I think most people are a lot of things,” says the personable singer/songwriter. “But many of us let fear drive our lives so we get stuck in ruts. I’ve never really been that kind of person.”

    Born and raised in rural Minnesota, Cooper has deep roots in the country lifestyle. With both parents working as teachers, Cooper had to learn early on to take care of himself and, as a latch-key kid, took up cooking at an early age. As he grew, so did his list of ingredients – from rice and Velveeta, to the more nuanced flavors of Artisan butter, rosemary, grass-fed beef and chipotle peppers. His cooking now leaves the door open for ongoing inspiration while resting on tried and true family recipes. “I’ve loved to cook for as long as I can remember. The kitchen was at the heart of my childhood,” he reminisces.

    While Cooper grew up perfecting recipes and singing along to his hometown country radio station, it wasn’t until 2 decades later that the two would became his vocation. After high school, Cooper embarked upon the education to earn a doctorate in clinical psychology, while paying his bills and keeping up his vocal chops working as a wedding singer.

    Dr. Coop spent years counseling patients from every walk of life, including 9-11 survivors in N.Y.C. It wasn’t until he realized the emotional burn out his practice had on him that he entertained the idea of becoming a full-time musician. It’s not surprising that Boone would have an early knack for songwriting as well. Not only did he have years of musical seasoning by the point he began, he’d also had a wealth of ideas from listening to his clients. “I’ve worked with people from every walk of life with nearly every possible journey you can imagine,” he says. “Those stories sit on my soul and I access them in different ways in my music. It’s a real privilege to be involved in someone’s inner world in that way. On some level, songs are a way to work through those stories.”

    After only a few short years in the music business, Cooper’s already won numerous accolades, including a Hollywood Music Award and an Indepdent Music Award, and has a roster of impressive credits to his name. He has shared the stage with Craig Morgan, Trace Adkins, Angela Kaset, Anthony Krizan, Bucky Covington, Amber Hayes and The Bacon Brothers to name a few. Whether he’s playing to sold out crowds at Joe’s Pub or The Bitter End.; appearing at major events such as the national 4th of July Celebration in D.C. or NASCAR on ABC; or performing at the world-famous Wildhorse Saloon for the CMA Music Festival in Nashville, Cooper has built a massive fan base including a few well-known celebrities.

    His debut album “Made in America” included the title track written for actor, director and philanthropist John Ratzenberger, best known for his character “Cliff” on “Cheers”. “It was an honor when John asked me to write this song for him and his Travel Channel show. I was born in the heartland of America. It’s my thank you letter to the men and women who are the backbone of our country,” he says.

    Cooper also put his time and creativity behind the charity DKMS, the world’s largest bone marrow donor center. He co-wrote the organization’s theme “One Song” and joins celebrities such as Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Cindy Crawford in helping fight leukemia, the most common cancer in children and adolescents.

    By the time his self-titled sophomore album launched, Cooper knew the stories he wanted to tell would resonate with audiences. “I mined my life for inspiration and wrote what I knew,” he says. The results included the upbeat crowd-pleaser “Cougar Dream” sitting comfortably alongside the inspirational (and award winning) “Mending Fences” and the Cooper pays emotional ballad for his grandmother, “Celia’s Hands.” “That song is the closest to my heart. She’s passed on, but she’s very much alive in my life and alive in the song.”

    But it’s a song about another woman that’s garnering Cooper the most attention. Having interviewed Paula Deen for “Country Living Magazine”, the two hit it off instantly. A week later, he’s in her Savannah, GA home sharing dinner with her friends and family. “When I thought about what hostess gift I should bring, I knew wine, food or flowers wouldn’t cut it – so I wrote her a song,” says Boone. “I went all out with this one, I even had it animated. ‘The Paula Deen Song’ is a celebration of her style, humor and grace – and of course, her obsession with butter,” he adds.

    Out of his obsession with food and music came “Cooper’s Kitchen”, a web-based series that brings celebrities out of the spotlight and into the kitchen, sharing stories, recipes and singing a tune or two with Cooper. “This show is some of the most fun I’ve ever had! We might be making whoopee pies, or eating truck food – it doesn’t matter. It’s about letting your guard down and talking to my guests like they’re old friends,” he explains. “That’s what food and music does to people.”

    His hit song “Country Living” defines Cooper’s philosophy and career. “Food, music and good conversation are at the heart of country life in America. You put the three together and no matter who is there or what is happening in their world, there’s a celebration,” he declares. “Creating a place of belonging for my audiences and giving them a place at the table where they can eat, sing and talk – that’s my goal.”

    While sharing his time between his farm in Pennsylvania, song writing in Nashville and studying at the prestigious International Culinary Center in N.Y.C., he continues his practice as a clinical psychologist working with the eldery. He brought this experience to ABC recently with their Good Morning America Advice Guru Search. Host Robin Roberts called it “the Mother of All Searches!” Out of nearly 20,000 applicants, Cooper made it to the Final Four. The three month online and on-camera audition included a robust social media campaign, which Cooper won in every category by a landslide, including Facebook “likes”, re-tweets, comments and secured over 42,000 popular votes (his closest competition garnered 27,000). At the end of the day, the old adage that “Mom knows best” won out – and a mother of three took the title. But he takes the decision in stride.

    At the centerpiece of his recent album is “Yes!” – a song that could double as Cooper’s creed, with its subject taking all of life’s up’s and down’s with a smile. “I’m really practicing what I preach to my counseling clients, where I encourage people to take risks and pursue happiness regardless of how difficult it may be,” he observes. “Sometimes that means taking leaps in new directions, especially when the outcome is uncertain. It’s about having courage to go for what you want in life. So I’m doing that as best as I can. And I sure hope that when I’m 75 years old and have a few teeth left that I’m still discovering new adventures.”

  15. The first dish I ever learned how to cook was Rocco’s Penne Alla Vodka, when I was 17 years old. In the last year, I have found more time to learn how to cook — and discovered that I am good at it! I enjoy preparing meals for my family and for dinner parties. I am an outgoing person who likes to have fun in the kitchen and mix new dishes with some of my standard go-to’s. I believe dinner parties are one of the best ways to bring people together — you never know the friends you are going to meet.

  16. I love life, I have a great family and friends, I have always dreamed of cooking to make a living. I feel so complete when my family or friends say wow this is so great can i have the recipe! Cooking is fun for me a true passion. I would love the chance to go futher in my cooking and entertaining and truley love working. Thank you!

  17. Hi there, I live in Eden Prairie, MN. I love to entertain my friends (my family lives in India) with dinner. It’s a time of laughter, memories and fun. Makes me so happy to hear my friends say “this food is so good, thank you Rebekah”.

    A little bit about me:
    Why I should be considered: I am a GOOD COOK, and also, a fun person with a “peacock” personality, which means, bright, colorful, vibrant…

    Let me know if you would like to know more about me :-)

  18. I truly love to cook dinner for my families and friends. I would love to cook for Rocco’s dinner party. Please call me for an audition.

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