Casting Call for “The Exorcist” in Chicago


FOX network is producing “The Exorcist” as a series and the casting directors at 4 Star Casting are looking for background actors. The Exorcist is based upon the 1970s classical horror film. The first season is in production in Chicago. After four decades, FOX is revving the movie as series. The show is a modern tale of the novel written by William Blaty.

About the Show

It is a psychological thriller series in which two very different men will take it upon themselves to solve the mysterious and horrifying demonic possessions of a family residing in Chicago— Father Marcus (Ben Daniels) and Father Tomas (Alfonso Herrera). The latter is a priest in a Chicago suburban pariah. The former is contemporary “Knight Templar” who has been brought up in the Vatican City. Father Tomas is approached by a woman after she realized that her daughter wants to remain in seclusion and her husband begins to lose is mind slowly. She is convinced because of her recurring nightmares that her house is under the possession of demons. The show will premiere on 23rd September, 2016.

Casting Calls

Important Details

  • The pay rate is $64 per 8 hours.
  • The shooting dates have to be decided.
  • The candidates should have an open availability and flexible schedule within this duration.
  • The roles are non-union extra.

 Scandinavian Tourists

  • Female and male Caucasian actors are required to play the role Scandinavian tourists.
  • The actors must have European/Scandinavian appearances.
  • All the interested candidates must follow these instructions:
    • Send submission email at
    • Mention the following in the body of the email:
      • Name
      • Age
      • Weight and Height
      • Contact Number
      • Zip code
      • Email address
      • Measurements of the clothing
        • Men should include these sizes:
          • Pants Inseam/Waist
          • Suit Jacket
          • Sleeves and neck
          • Shoe Sizes
        • Women should include these sizes:
          • Pants Size
          • Dress Size
          • Bust
          • Waist
          • Hips
          • Shoe size
      • The subject line should be captioned as “Scandinavian Tourist”.
    • The applicant must attach a couple of latest images.
      • One Fill length and one from shoulders and up
      • The face should be clearly visible
      • The better the picture quality, the more chances are there for your selection so make sure that you attach flawless images.
      • Images should be JPEG and renamed as your full name.
    • Mention that you are flexible working on one of the dates mentioned above.

If you fulfill the requirements, then you will be contacted soon. If you live in Chicago area, apply as soon as possible.