Casting Call for Male Infomercial Host

Miami Talent Casting
Miami Talent Casting

Casting Call for Male Infomercial Host

The casting team with Miami Talent Casting is seeking a bilingual man between the ages of 30 to 50 to host a Car Service Center infomercial.  MTC’s client has not decided if they will need to book two hosts, one in each language.

Talent interested in being considered for hosting this infomercial will need to submit a video. Be clear if you can speak both Spanish and English or Just Spanish or Just English.  The script has been provided below.

To be considered as host for this infomercial, please read the casting description below:

Miami – Car Service Center – Infomercial Host

rate – tbd (+$300) CASTING BY VIDEO !
Looking for bilingual men, age range of 30-50, that can speak clearly, accents not a problem. ** ANOTHER OPTION THE CLIENT HAS, IS BOOKING TWO HOSTS, ONE IN EACH LANGUAGE SO IF YOU ONLY SPEAK ONE, PLEASE ALSO SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO.**
here is what to say in your videos after your full name..
“”Meineke’s technicians are certified to change your oil quickly and efficiently while assessing your vehicle for other safety issues to keep you safe on the road. “”
“”Los tecnicos de Meineke estan certificados para cambiar tu aceite rapidamente mientras asesoran tu vehiculo para otras cosas de seguridad para mantenerte seguro en las carreteras.””

send the video attached on email, dropbox, youtube link, wetransfer, anyway you it’s easy for you. Booking asap,.
shoots Tuesday Feb 10.


  1. Hello, I am a 36 year old male, 5’11 140lbs with brown hair and brown eyes. Very good looking and really eager to get a start in the business. I am very energetic and I also have a superb memory, and if given a chance I can garuntee you will not be disappointed. I hope I will be considered in this role
    For the infomercial.
    Thanks for your time

  2. Never have I had any training nor acting class, but I bet I’ll nail any infomercials you put on my plate. I’m also bilingual english and spanish.

  3. I’m a very motivated kid who has a lot of talent trying to whatever I can to make it big I don’t like to be average I never have very athletic and sociable, have been working out for many years and have lots of sales experience also I play the guitar and drums and played hockey football and lacrosse contacts me whenever

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