Casting Call for People Experiencing Life Conflicts


The casting directors for a particular show are looking for people who have real life problems. You can have any social problem such as troubling parents or be involved in love triangles to be eligible for this casting call.

About the Casting Call

This casting call is for a Talk Show that is designed for people to discuss their social problems and find different solutions for resolving them. The National TV show aims to create stronger and happier people by resolving their social problems. There are also other problems that will be preferably discussed on the show.

The other stories are about the control that your partner has over your life. You can be a part of the show if you believe that your partner is causing serious problems in your life due to their actions. The problems may include the hesitancy to tie the knot and therefore does not commit to marriage or companionship.

The partner may also spend a lot of money and does not save for the rainy days. If your partner is also bossy and controlling your life decisions, then you can take part in this show and try to find a solution to these real file problems.

How to Apply

If you want to take part in this TV show that also aims to resolve your problems, then you need to apply for appearing. You should email it to the casting directors of the show. It is important to explain your story in all its detail within the email.

You should also include your contact information as well on the same email. Also include some of your recent photos that clearly show your face. You should mention your personal details as well such as your name, gender and location. Feel free to become part of a show and resolve your social as well as partner issues.


Note: The directors will only entertain applications from principals and recruiters should stay away from posting applications for this call. The compensation is yet to be decided but the actors will be paid for this call.