Casting Call for TNT’s Drama Series “Will”


Anyone that is interested in international casting calls, will be pleased to hear that a lot of roles will be cast for the TNT series, “Will” which shows a contemporary Shakespeare in a playful world of theater. The show will run on the TV in 2018 for ten episodes at least.

About the Series

The TV drama series “Will” is an imaginative story of a young William Shakespeare. It shows the arrival of the famous artist in the theater of the 16th Century in the city of London. The world of theater at the time is pretty violent which often greets talent with riots, fanaticism and other misdemeanors.

The story is designed to present a more modern version of the original life of Shakespeare and constantly plays a modern track in the background.

Theshow is written by Craig Pearce, who is famous for writing the screenplay of the movie, The Great Gatsby, which is a popular Hollywood hit based on a novel.

About the Roles

Mad Dog Casting is given the opportunity to cast the various roles that will be required for the series. There are currently many paid roles in the series that are yet to be fulfilled. The casting company has announced a payment of 150 British Pounds per working day for the drama.

There are currently roles that depict actors, musicians, dancers and circus performers and should probably have the required talent. The casting directors also require models as well as art students who are interested to work in a theater environment.

How to Apply

You can apply for this TNT drama if you go to and form a detailed acting profile on the casting website. Once you are registered, you will be able to apply for this working opportunity for the TNT drama series. For the best chance, share your current photo which is clear and prominently displays your features.

The casting directors for the project will then be able to directly contact you as this project is available to the Mad Dog Casting Company in London.

Note: The TV series will be filmed in different parts of South Wales and Gloucester. It will start in August 2016 and will continue till January 2018.