Casting Calls For Disney’s ‘For the First Time in Forever’


About the Movie

Disney’s Frozen is one of the most iconic films for young children and families too watch all over the world. The story is about two sisters, Elsa and Anna and how their strong family bond and connection has kept them so close over the years after their parents died in the sea; they have managed to overcome any difficulties that life has thrown at them, with the help and support of each other. The movie has left such a huge impact on everyone, from young children to even adults, that nobody can stop singing their catchy songs like ‘Let It Go’, which was main soundtrack of the movie and was on the top charts for one of the longest periods of time.

For The First Time in Forever is now going to be one of Frozen’s sing along celebrations to give all the Equity members to participate and be a part of their childhood one last time. It is a musical where adults will be able to dress up and act as princesses and princes in a fairy tale world with entertaining songs perform.

Roles and Casting Details

The casting company for the play needs actors to play roles for the lead characters of the story. Both males and females are required and it will also be a paid job. Find out more details by reading the information given below:

  • Males and females are both required for the acting roles and should be equity members
  • All the actors must be between the ages of 18 to 40 years old
  • All ethical backgrounds are encouraged to apply for auditions, there are no restrictions on race
  • The contract is by Walt Disney and the actors will all be paid a minimum of $16.53 per hour
  • The actors do not require any singing skills as the roles required for the play are not singing roles
  • If you are planning to apply as an actor for the play, you must bring your equity membership card with you to the auditions
  • The call type for this play is non-required principal
  • There will be no monitors provided, the producers will be handling the auditions