Casting for Indie Film “Wrong Over Rights”


The casting directors for “Wrong Over Rights” – an Indie film – is looking for local talent in Dolton, Illinois. The film is based on a message that audience will be able to connect with. The directors are casting call for aspiring young talent willing to make it big on the screen.

The Plot

It has become a very common scenario to hear or see people die every day. They are slaughtered and die innocent deaths and all we see are hash tag of their names, posts on social media, a little trending on Twitter for a while and then they are forgotten forever.

This project aims to give a voice to the fallen. That’s the inspiration for the story that revolves around an investigation. The plot involves a young man who only survives to tell the tale and a police officer who interrogates and investigates the case.

Casting Call for “Wrong over Rights”

The production house is looking to cast several roles for the short film. The following are the casting calls for different roles.


The role requires an athletic man, age 18–25 years, African-American ethnicity.


The role requires another athletic man, age 18–25 years, African-American ethnicity.

Officer Archer

The role requires a white male candidate. No specification for build. Age should be between 25 and 30 years.

Officer Silverman

The role requires another while male candidate. No specification for build. Age should be between 18 and 25 years.

Mrs. Freedman

The role requires and African-American female. No specification for build. The lady should be older than 25 years.

3-4 Officers

The film also offers roles for 3–4 random police officers. There are no specifications for these roles – any ethnicity, any build, any age, and any gender.

Note: Please remember that age specification is only for the guideline.

How to Apply

To apply for any of the above mentioned roles, please create two contrasting spoken word pieces or monologues. Each of them should not be more than minute. Discuss social issues you are aware of or passionate about in one of the pieces.

Please send in your photographs along with your application. The photo should have your headshot and it should be a proper, professionally taken picture.

Submit your application with your name, the city and state you are residing in, your age, weight, height, and contact details. Send your application to You will be given a time slot for results until your resume and application are reviewed.