Casting Notice for Actors in Fox’s New Series


Performance Type: Acting

Required: Men, women and kids of different ages for various roles

Location: Illinois, Chicago


Date: August 24–September 01

Are you a non-union actor? Do you want to become a part of a new series that is already destined to be a blockbuster? Then here is your call.

The directors of Fox are currently filming in Illinois, Chicago. They are preparing to hire new characters, and for these characters, they are looking for kids, adults, elderly people, and everyone. There are so many roles in line. Stay put and find a role that suits you the best.

About APB

David stack, the Person of Interest, has written APB. It revolves around an article, Who Runs The Streets of New Orleans. The article is published in New York Time Magazine. The pilot includes a tech businessman. A loved one of this billionaire businessman has been murdered. The businessman buys a troubled policeman to interrogate the murder and flip truths to lead to the conclusion, which businessman desires for. It also includes some blue-blooded veterans and their dirty truths.

Details and Requirements

The casting directors of Fox’s APB are looking for a number of people to sign them up as featured roles including kids playing in the park, construction workers, thugs, and more.

According to the details, the casting directors have provided two stages for submitting your profiles. Firstly, the candidates will submit their email profiles to the given email address. After that, they will open the given URL to fill out the survey form and submit it.

Details of Characters

The directors require non-union actors for the 102nd episode of APB. The filming dates are mentioned under each role however, the candidates should remember that these dates are subject to change. You must be available to work on the changed dates if you are selected.

The directors will pay $84/8 operational hours payment to the selected candidates. They will not conduct fittings test. An additional $35 car bump will also be paid if they book you with your car.

It would be great if you can bring your own medical dress. The directors are looking for doctors, nurses, medical administrators, paramedical staff, etc.

The actual RNs will be paid higher, around $150/8 working hours therefore, make sure to mention it in your resume. The directors may require a proof of your RN experience. The candidates selected for this role will also be required to work on August 31 and September 01. You may not be required to work on all three days but make sure to be available on these dates.

Street Type People with Car

  • Gender: Male/Female
  • Ethnicity: Any
  • Required age: 25–60 years

If you are booked with your car then make sure to send the photographs of your car in the email submission. Also, send the car make, model, and year in the email submission. The directors will select half people with cars and half people in this group without cars.

The directors require mid-range or SUVs vehicles in black, grey, silver, or dark blue colors. Nissan, Honda and Hyundai will be preferred.

The street type people may also be switched to business type, corporate people or criminal people.

Details for Submission Step 1

If you are interested in any of these roles or multiple roles then follow the given instructions to complete step 1.

  1. Mention the role you want to submit for in the subject line. If you are willing to submit for more than one role then mention all roles in the subject line.
  2. Attach at least two recent photos including one headshot and one full frame photo with the email. If your role has any special instructions for photographs like corporate role and character of thugs, then make sure to follow the instructions in the photos. If you are submitting for a role along with your vehicle then make sure to attach a photograph of your car as well. Make sure that you save the photos in JPEG format and rename them with your FULL NAME.
  3. Write your full name, age, height, weight, email address, current address, phone number, distance of your residence from Illinois, and details about your vehicle in the email body. Make sure to mention the details of guardian or parent if you are submitting the profile of your child.
  4. Provide details of your experience of your specific role as well as of your experience for working on pilot. Experience is not necessary for selection. Have you worked with APB before? Make sure to mention the details.
  5. Send the email to