Casting Featured Roles and Extras in “Patriot”


Performance type: Acting

Required: Featured roles and extras

Location: Chicago


The first season of Patriot is filming in Chicago area and the directors are looking for a number of featured roles and extras to work in it. If you live in Chicago area then this is a huge opportunity to work in Patriot, Season 1.

Chicago’s 4 star Casting has mentioned that they are looking for the locals only to work in the upcoming episodes of Patriot Season 1. They require various types of characters and roles in these episodes.

Details and Requirements

The casting directors require actors for the 109th episode of the show. Filming for this episode will take place in Lake Forest and Chicago in Illinois. The shooting is scheduled on multiple dates. It is important that you should be available on all dates, for which you apply.


It is a paid job. All the selected candidates will receive a payment of $84 for one working day i.e. 8 hours. Some characters require the vehicle as well. You will get extra bump if your vehicle is used in the show.

Character Breakdown

Read the details of characters given below to find a suitable role for you.

Featured Role of Female Museum Guard

  • Gender: Female
  • Required Ethnicity: Caucasian/European
  • Age: 45–65

Featured Role of Female Prisoner

  • Gender: Female
  • Required Ethnicity: Caucasian/Ambiguous
  • Age: 18+

Role of Motel Patrons with Cars

  • Gender: Male/Female
  • Ethnicity: All
  • Age: 21+

Please make sure to attach a photograph as well as the make, year, and model of your car in the email submission.

Cleaning Lady

  • Gender: Female
  • Required Ethnicity: any
  • Age: 23–35

European Museum Patrons

  • Required Gender: Male/Female
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian/Ambiguous
  • Required Age: 18+

European Male Police Types

  • Gender: Male/Female
  • Required Ethnicity: All
  • Required Age: 22–65

You may resubmit for this role if you have worked as police type in the season before.

European Library Patrons

  • Gender: Male/Female
  • Ethnicity: European/Ambiguous
  • Required Age: 18+

Hospital Type People

  • Gender: Male/Female
  • Ethnicity: European/Ambiguous
  • Age: 22–55

Important Notes

  1. All the candidates must be available on the working dates.
  2. The candidates may be booked for other roles, depending on their availability.
  3. The directors have booked some candidates after July 29 until now. If you have been booked by them then do not apply for these roles. However, you may apply if you were not filmed after booking.
  4. The directors require non-union extras only.

Details for Submission

Follow the given steps to submit for this role.

  1. Write your respective role in the subject line. If you are applying for multiple roles then mention all roles in the subject line.
  2. Attach at least two recent photos including a headshot and a full frame photo in the email.
  3. Write in the recipient line.
  4. Provide a little description about why you think that you are suitable for this role.
  5. Mention the following data in the email.
  • Full name
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Ethnicity
  • Confirmation of US citizenship
  • Any experience with Patriot before?
  • Experience in acting (not necessary)
  • All sizes for men and women
  1. Mention the dates you are available to work from last week of August till first week of September.
  2. Mention details of your car. Make sure to attach a photograph of your car if you are applying for such role.
  3. Send your email and wait for the director’s call.

The directors will contact you for confirming the location and time of shoots if you are selected.

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