CBS – Got to Dance (Working Title)

Got to Dance- CBS
Got to Dance- CBS

THIS JUST IN … … from CBS Entertainment – CALLING ALL DANCERS! AUDITIONS FOR PAULA ADBUL’S UPCOMING CBS REALITY-COMPETITION SERIES “GOT TO DANCE” (working title) HAVE BEGUN. Nationwide Search for the Chance To Be Crowned America’s Dance Champion.

The audition process for the upcoming CBS reality-competition series GOT TO DANCE (working title) has started. To get a leg up on the competition and apply for the chance to appear on GOT TO DANCE and audition for Paula Abdul, prospective dancers can fill out an application and further details.

This is a nationwide search open to all U.S. residents. There is no age limit or minimum. Dancers can perform any type or style of dance, as an individual or in a group.

Paula Abdul, the award-winning dancer/choreographer, dynamic performer, multi-platinum recording artist and popular entertainment personality, is executive producer, creative partner and lead expert for the show. She will also serve as coach, mentor and advocate for contestants during the performances and elimination process, providing critical input and guidance while sharing her experience with hopeful contestants.

GOT TO DANCE is based on the British hit that debuted earlier this year and has been a ratings sensation for Britain’s Sky 1, making it one of the UK’s top-rated pay TV series this season. In the most inclusive talent search on television, amateurs with raw talent of any age group from across the nation (either performing solo or in a group) can audition any form of dancing from ballroom to break dance, bhangra to ballet and tap to tango. The most talented and entertaining dancers will be invited to audition for Abdul and her panel of experts, all world-class dancers themselves. The very best will perform live in the Semi-Finals and Finals, where they will battle for the right to be crowned GOT TO DANCE champion.

GOT TO DANCE is based on a format created by Princess Productions and Shine TV and is produced by Reveille. Elisabeth Murdoch, Howard T. Owens, Mark Koops, Robin Ashbrook, Anthony Dominici and Paula Abdul are executive producers. Distribution is handled by Shine International.

Please keep checking back often for more information and leave us a comment!

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  1. I’m noah from Winchester va and I’m a techno dancer that specializes in the dubstep, pop, and trap sub genres. out here on the east coast its hard to find a myriad of opportunities to prove yourself and your capabilities. I honestly don’t have the medals and ribbons some of these kids have, but what I have that some may not is indivuality, and passion. I didn’t learn from someone else I’m entirely self taught up until this point. I understand that at some point you can only grow through the help of others and I feel that this is the time. check out some of my videos and let me know thanks later.

  2. I would like to be cast in your movies and competition ‘Got to Dance’ Paula Adbul for CBS Entertainment. I am a dancer, singer and actress living on the Isle of Wight at the moment in England.
    Should you be holding your competition in England and filming in England please would you contact me. Please send via email to: a postal address where I can send my C.V.,and up to date photographs. At present my mobile phone camera is blocked due to overload.
    I look forward to receiving your communication.
    Yours sincerely
    Sindy Sullivan CertHum (0pen)
    Open University Qualifications
    ‘Apppeared in has Northampton Got Talent a talent show England.
    I can tap dance ballet dance (modern) bellydance, spanish dance and have other disaplinces of dance also.
    The White Muslim Virgin Queen
    Sindy Sullivan and twins Phyllis – Beauty and Fernando – John Sullivan
    Sindy Sullivan Dance Academy and Sndy Doll Training Academy

  3. My name is Sienah and I’m a sassy and confident 14 year old. I’m a ballroom dancer with many titles including World Pro-Am Pre-Teen International 3rd place Champion 2011 , 2nd in the World Junior 1 champion 2013 , World Pro-Am Junior 2 International Latin 5th 2014 place champion , and Pro-Am Pre-Teen International Latin Champion 2012. I am very short for my age (5’0) but I don’t let that stop me. I’m a fierce teenager and I want to study dance and perform for a living. My dream is to get a scholarship to Juliard! I’ve attended many ballroom competitions and it’s a very competitive playing field. I’ve been dancing for 12 years, since the age of 2. I have lots of experience and many titles. Please check out my instagram @sienahpablo Youtube: Sienah Pablo or Siehna Pablo. Thanks so much for creating this show! It sounds amazing and I would love to audition!
    Sincerely, Sienah Pablo

  4. I think i would be a great addition to the show because of my hard work, dedication, and great dancing skills.

  5. Hi! I was a professional dancer for 15 years. At the age of 19 I stopped dance, now I am 29 and I work really hard to get back in a shape. I take 10 classes every week. And you know what, I am actually doing a great job. I know I can do it!

  6. I am interested in auditioning for all dance shows. I’m experienced in Ballroom & Latib as well as freestyle dancing.

  7. My name is Michelle Mishea and I am the director for an All Female group called “LUSH Varsity” (LUSH = Love yoUrself & Stay Happy). These young ladies came together, not trained, practice in the streets, less fortunate and still managed to stay together going on 4 years strong. Their passion for dance reads through every movement, tear and struggle. Many people don’t really pay attention because they are not like many female groups. They are very hard core, and let it be known they can dance like the dudes to. They tell their story through dance and the messages they leave on their audience is very clear. “Look at us, we are here”!!!

  8. I am 18 years old and have been dancing in studios for 12 years, dancing in all styles. My teams, along with myself have been national champions many times, and I am currently on a collegiate national champion team. Dancing is all I dream of doing. I hope I can live my dream starting with this show. It would be a great experience.

  9. I love to dance, at 15 years old I have been dancing for 12 years. Most of my training has been in ballet. Our dance company has put on nearly 40 stage productions and I have been in each one. 9 Years in a row for “Nutcracker” and have played all parts. Have had RAD training and placed in top 20 in regional YAGP. Tks

  10. Hi! I have been dancing since I was 2 years old with extensive experience in all genres of dance (ballet, lyrical, jazz, hip hop, tap, rumba, and chacha). I have been competing since I was 6 years old and my forte is TAP! I have won multiple national titles for my tap and jazz solos along the years, and dance is just so much fun. It is my life and makes me happy! I don’t know what I would do without dance! I think I can bring some major energy and diversity to the show with my tapping feet that move faster than fire! I will blow the audience away with something different; Not the expected contemporary, but I can take that on as well. :) thank you for your consideration! I am 22 years old, 5’1, blonde blue eyes and 114 lbs.

    -ilana Robbins :)

  11. Hi! I have been dancing since I was 2 years old with extensive experience in all genres of dance (ballet, lyrical, jazz, hip hop, tap, rumba, and chacha). I have been competing since I was 6 years old and my forte is TAP! I have won multiple national titles for my tap and jazz solos along the years, and dance is just so much fun. It is my life and makes me happy! I don’t know what I would do without dance! I think I can bring some major energy and diversity to the show with my tapping feet that move faster than fire! I will blow the audience away with something different; Not the expected contemporary, but I can take that on as well. :) thank you for your consideration!

    -ilana Robbins :)

  12. Hi Im 22 years old im a mom of two and a wife. ive been dancing since i could walk 3 years old. i have alway love to dance its like when i dance im in my perfect world were everything bad in my life is all gone. i have never taken a dance class. i learned by watching others dance and i would try. i grew up in foster care so ive been every were i was in foster care for 11 year before i was adopted at age 13 and thats when i took my fisrt dance class. the manager thought i was amazing and caught on quick so she gave me free classes. i can jazz. ballroom, belly danceing, hip hop ,…. but mostly i love free style/street dancing. but i hope you can give me a chance thank you .


  14. Hi, Justin Daniels here looking for modeling/dancing opportunities

    W 31 L 32
    Medium Brown Eyes

    SN: I’ve been dancing since freshmen year of high school now I am a senior and I’e been training proficiently in [Cecchetti ]Ballet and [Horton] Modern, also trained in all other styles of dance

  15. Hi. I am Amanda Lynn Costa
    I am 20 years old and currently a dance major at Montclair State University. I have been dancing since I was 3, and it has become my life. I would love the opportunity to compete in Got to Dance series.

  16. I would love to be on the show. I think it would be a great experience and plus every show needs the bubbly easy to get along person with excellent turns

  17. I have been dancing since I was 3 years old. A few years ago, I had found a passion for hip hop and have been training ever since. In the near future, I am determined to work as a backup dancer for a musician or artist. An opportunity to be in the entertainment business as a dancer would be a tremendous learning experience and an ideal career for me. Feel free to watch my reel and video at:

  18. My name is Rudy Duran I am 9 years old and have been dancing for 3years. I would love the chance to dance on the show. I am on az Hype dance crew in Phoenix and we compete in the national dance competition

  19. Hi I am 10 years old and have been dancing since I was 2. I have a love for dancing and performing. My favorite styles of dance are tap and hip-hop. I have a strong passion for dance and hope to make a career out of it one day. I have a few videos on you tube you should check them out. Just type in my name “Zoe Browne” and you will see a couple of tap solos I have performed. They are entitled “Smooth Criminal” and ” Get up offa that thing.” I would love nothing more than to be part of your competition and show you what I can do.

  20. Hi I’m 13 years old Im a dancer,actor. I’ve done school plays and i have done a couple dance performances I train 13 hours a week I take Jazz,ballet,Tap,contemporary and lyrical I also do a little bit of acrobatics. I love the feeling of being onstage. I’m a really big performer and I’ve been wanting this for a long time and I got what it takes to do this and I really hope that this dream comes true

  21. im teairra williams from savannah georgia im 17 years old i love to dance i love paula pick me please just give me a chance thanks

  22. heya!!
    Myself Kritika , and i have been dancing for over 5 years. And i really love dancing and dancing is my passion and i would really love to take part in your show.
    Thank you

  23. its meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!….ohh i forgot to introduce myself..The names Kyla…..I love to dance bc it makes the ppl around me happy and it gives me the strenth that i need to keep dancing no matter what obstacles are in my way ..i live in sunny florida lakeland and please email 13 years old btw <3 !! Byeee!!!

  24. Hi my name is Jovaniel Salgado, Im from Puerto Rico i have talent for dancing since mostly every person i know tells me i got skills. I wish for chance to try it out on stage since im a street dancer. Contact me on or call at 787-362-1499

  25. My name is Joshua Quesada and I have been dancing for about 12 years. I am currently continuing my training at The University of The Arts. I would thoroughly enjoy to be a part of this show which I’m sure will be amazing either way. This seems like an excellent chance to venture out into the dance world and take the first leap into my career as a dance artist. I have had training in various styles and techniques, and would love to learn new ones, as well as to perfect what I’ve already been taught if given the opportunity.

  26. I am 13 years old and inwould love to be in this show.i love to dance it is my passion scince i was little .you should really consider me for this opportunity because i would love to.i hope yo shoose me and thank you.

  27. I don’t know what to say as i read the other reply’s. I just want a chance to be able to show my dancing skills. My life is all about dancing, its what i want. I want to get an audition and be in. Likeliness is like less than one percent but thank you for reading and your time.

  28. I can’t even explain what dance means to me. I know everyone has been dancing for blah blah years and some only want fame. But dance is something that I can’t live without! If I’m not dancing, I’m listening to music and imagining performing on a huge stage in front of millions! And thats my dream, I also would love to buy my own studio and choreograph for people whether they’re 3 or 50, I want to share the gift God has blessed me with with everyone around the world! I worked hard for this and you won’t be disappointed, I promise!!!

  29. Hi! I believe that i have talent! I am 15 years old. I am a freshman at Celebration. I was born to be a dancer and wish to show my passion to the world. I am currently attending Flava Dance Studio and am participation in hip-hop and latin/jazz. During my free time i choreograph my own dances. And will be honored to preform one of the for you! Im very excited to try something new and take on my dream as a dancer.

  30. I am 10 years old and I have always had a passion for dancing. My dream is to be a triple threat in dance sing and acting. This would be a big oppertunity for me. I desirve to have a chance because I am passionate, intelligent, ambitious, talented, and I’m unique. I would just love this as an oppertunity for me as just being ten years old. I am sooooooooo ready to start my career. THANK U

  31. Hi,
    My name is Janavia Miller I’m 13 years old and I’m from Springfield MA.
    I have been dancing for 5 years. I have never been to a real dance studio I dance at my after school program and school. I’m now an 8th grader and I go to Pioneer Valley Performing Arts. Many of my teachers say I have amazing technique. I would Love to be apart of this show, I have studied
    ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, acro, ect.

  32. hi my name is Lauren. i have only been dancing for two years now but i have already came first at dance competitions. i have been bullied a lot in dance and i would love to be on the show to prove to people that i can do it and even though i have been hurt so many times i can still jump right back up and keep going. i think from being on the show i could get so much experience and finally everyone wold be able to see all the potential i have and how fierce i can hit every single move.

  33. I am kiana gold, 18 years old, I have danced for 16 years of my life, right now I teach gymnastics, parkour and dance. Dance is a love for me and I would be so appreciative of this. Dance has been my life. And this would be an amazing opportunity for me as seeing I want to become a professional dancer.

  34. I writing this for my 14 year old niece. She is smart crazy talented and demands attention. Dancing is what she loves and lives for. I’ve seen her watch a music video and an hour later know the entire choreography. She amazing and deserves a chance to shine.

  35. Hi, my name is Aisha Bachman, i just turned 12 last week, and ive been dancing ballet for 10 years. I started when i was 2. and ive loved it ever since, i danced at a small private studio in mesa, ariona for 8 years, then i decided to go more relistic and moved to a professional studio at age 9. i love dance. Im currelty in Ballet Etudes summer intensive 2014. and id love to be this part

  36. Hello my name is mavin atkins , im 15 years old and I have been dancing since I was in the womb! I grew up in Detroit and do all sorts of dance from, krumping, breakdancing, to popping and etc. I would love to complete in your t.v. show , not only for my self but for friends and family in need. Please email me back l.

  37. Hi,
    My name is Talaya Jones, and I have over 10 yrs of dance training. I LOVE to dance!!! Not gonna get into a long drawn out descriptive of myself, but just give me a chance and I PROMISE I wont disappoint!!
    Just finished up shooting a video (as a background dance)for an artist

  38. I would love to be on this show! I am 19 years old and I have been dancing for 18 years and competing for 10 years. This would be such a great opportunity seeing as I would love to become a professional dancer.

  39. Hello! My name is Tess Dufour. I live in the beautiful city of Carlsbad, California. I am 12 years old and thrilled to be considered for this dancing opportunity. I have been dancing for 10 years at Carlsbad Dance Centre. I have been on the Carlsbad Dance Centre Competition Team for 4 years. I do every type of dance including, tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, and lyrical/contemporary. I am recently participating in a tap solo because it is my forte, but I love every kind of dance. I have also been a variety of plays at local theaters such as Aladdin, The Wiz, Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin, The Paper Bag Princess, and many more. I have recently auditioned for Joffery Ballet School, and been accepted into many summer programs there. I hope to pursue dancing as a career. Thank you for considering me!

    Tess Dufour

  40. My name is Rhea Rose. I am 22 years old with 19 years of dancing experience. I would consider myself to be a diverse dancer with the personality to match. I have studied dance my whole life and had the fortune of performing on multiple stages. I love performing dance more than anything. I have followed the “correct” path so far, but I am ready to break out and become a part of this wonderful dance industry. If given even the opportunity to audition I would be forever greatful. I think Paula Abdul is a force to be reckoned with and when I saw her as a guest judge on sytycd I was hoping she would start her own show. Thank you for creating this opportunity for people like myself who are done with the behind the scenes and are ready to soar. Looking forward to hearing about the aduitions!!!

  41. Wow this looks interesting! I am a choreographer/freestyler from sacramento ca I mainly focus on Bboying, House, and Waacking. I would love to be on this show! Sounds like it would prove to be very challenging especially if I have to win paula’s approval. :D

  42. Heyy! my names Karissa i’m 21 and have a 3 year old daughter. I absolutely love dancing I have such a passion. I danced for about 7 years for Carolyn Dutra Dance Studio. I did ballet,tap,jazz,hip-hop and dance team. This would be my ultimate dream and to experience such a great oppurtunity. I have a great personality, I’m fun to be around. I’m very determined and I will do what ever it takes.

    XOXO- Karissa Parent

  43. Pretty nice post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wished to mention that I’ve truly loved surfing around your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your feed and I am hoping you write once more soon!


  45. My names Eriona I’m a pretty good ballerina and just started dancing. I’m 14 and from Minneapolis Mn. I think I have a pretty good chance of winning the competition.

  46. Not for nothing could be the motto TGIF – ‘Thank God It’s Friday.’ They live for the weekends, whenever they can go do what they actually want to do.
    Whenever a person or perhaps a business decides that success may be attained, progress stops.

  47. Hello i would love to be a part of this competition. I love to dance i have and still am taking dance classes. Dancing is a big part of my life, i dance where ever i go no matter where it is. I dance up and down the halls at my school and people stare at me weird but it doesn’t bother me. The dance classes i take or Lyrical, Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, Hip hop. I would love to be considered for this competition and i hope you feel the same way. Thank you.

  48. Hi I’m a professional dancer with over 12 years of experience and training in tap dancing. i am also trained in hip hop and contemporary dance styles. i’m from Pasadena,CA and t would be an honor to be considered for show.

  49. I have your winner, you must see her, she is awesome… I have owned and danced professionally for years and have owned my dance company for the last 10 years. You have to se this one.. PLease contact


  50. Dance has been a passion of mine ever since I was in a diaper. I’ve always been good at imitating almost any dance move I’ve ever seen. Dance has always been apart of me,I’m always making up new dances. I definitely feel like I have something different and great to bring to the table. I would love to just show the world my talent and my passion for dancing.

  51. Hello perfect opportunity!! I am 21 years young and hungry to make my name ring bells. I have been training and performing since the age of 7 (ballet,modern,graham,horton,pointe,jazz,burlesque), and continuously doing so right now. I currently work at an up and coming restaurant/lounge in DC called Sax where I perform contemporary and cabaret pieces. Dancing is how I survive and this opportunity to showcase my talent to Paula Abdul has Kaitlin Davin written all over it! PLEASE take me and I will shed my love on that stage !!!!

  52. hi my name is bradi and i really love to danceonly been ancing for 3 years but sice i was 10 i loved dancing it is my total pation and my mom VERY often tells me to stop cause ‘i will break the floor’ :D i am 13 and would love this chance!

  53. Hope you all get chance to see my Audition on Sky1 Got To Dance series 3 2012 being aired in the UK – My Audition will be uploaded to You Tube soon. I waiting to find out today 22nd Jan 2012 if im in the top 30 acts for the semi-final. Here is my facebook page. or follow me on twitter @bellefisher my website is – I would love to come to USA and do this show, I love to be able to Train in Street – Hip Hop in LA! Thanks Guys

  54. i am 14 years old and i love to dance. i dance hip hop when i am at a party i love to dance and show the crowd what i can do people tell me that im a good dancer my parents brag about how good i am i love music when i hear music i sing it and dance it. i never had a class on dancing. but when i hear hip hop music the rhythm just gets in me and i feel the beat and just start dancing to it. and i would love to be considered for this show

  55. hello everyone ! I’m 19 years old & absolutely love to dance ! I dance everything but my speciality is salsa dancing/ I’m currently in a dance school called the Lorenz Latin Dance Studio in the bronx, New York. Dancing has always been my passion & I”ll be perfect for this show !

  56. Hey guys! I’d love to be a part of this competition. I’ve been trained in three different styles of classical Indian dance since I was six years old and have tons of new expressions and styles to bring to the table. I’ve choreographed for audiences of thousands and am the captain of my dance team at college. I love dancing and would be honored to be considered. Thanks!

  57. I am 65 and and tried out for America’s Got Talent Feb.12,2011 and they filmed me for two hours Feb 13 at the Houston auditions. I am the Dancing Doctor(retired communications teacher) and I want to promote other people to dance and lift the spirit. I want to be a catalyst so people start moving to commercials and get those muscles moving. I am fighting arthritis myself and I will not let pain keep me down. I just did an audition video and I am videoed by club people all the time and there are many you tube videos of me as the old lady DANCING AT THE BAR! I just dance alone or with people- especially for their birthdays! Facebook me as Mary Frances Nichols-Houston Texas and see that I have music on my mind and dancing as my dream.

  58. Without dance, there is no motivation for my life. For years I’ve been hosting shows and pretending to seek a career in so many other things. however, in my heart, I always knew what my passion was and what came easiest to me. Now,I’m 21 and I m living my life fire me, no one else.

  59. I think i should be considered for the CBS-Got to Dance Audition , for he simple fact that dancing has always been my dreamm and im a very determined person once i step out on the stage not only do my moves , addrenelin hit the floor but so does my heart , i’ve been dancing since the age of 5 and i will continue to dance , dancing isnt only my love , or passionit is also my life , i tell storys through movement and express my self through each and every single movement , im determined and do whatever it takes and risk it all for this

  60. i not only like to move it move it!!! i love everything that deals with dancing. it is my passion. love hearing about it, it doing & going all out or just watching the entertainment. anything that i can be involved with or around dance, i appericate.theres no such thing as “i cant”. i take this as an amazing opportunity of enjoyment, learning & doing what it takes.

  61. From the little girl bouncing around in the living room,growing up to discover that dancing for an audience was my dream. I don’t just dance to be in the spotlight but i dance to express myself and give it my all in every dance move. God has blessed me with the gift to dance so i make it upon myself to bless others by dancing with passion and grace from within. I’m willing to learn and try anything new that is thrown to me.I’ve never had the opportunity to try-out for anything pertaining to dance and i feel this would be a once in a life time experience that i would give me all to if i were chosen.

  62. My Name Is Malique Harris and I’m Captain of Team SuperNatural Dance crew soon to be best Teen Dance crew in Washington except we havenothing to make us official. But I’ve been dancing my self for six years day and night everyday all day practicing every style to improve my overall performance from hip hop choreo to popping breakdancing tutting/fingertutting krumping and even jerking to improve my footwork as well as Parkour. I’m also an artist published Author and Director in training and i feel like this would be a good way to bring out my passion and put it to use.

  63. alex 23 years old.finally i have the opportunity to parents were always against dance and art,so i left home i started working so that i can pay the bdc a beginner dancer but i think day by day i become better.i like to try different styles thats why i take classes in hip hop,jazz,theater dance.i would like u to give me that opportunity, because i love to dance and i would like to perform and the whole nation to see will be amazing.i would like not only to dance for me but for the whole will be something that will really make me proud.

  64. You should pick me because I have danced for 5years my ballet school is pre Professional and they are Russians. I do dance for 25 hrs a week. i am on point. I don’t only do ballet i also do jazz to. This would be so cool if I got on this show. And if you pick me you wont be disapionted.

  65. I’ve been dancing since I was 4, I was in a really bad accident and the day I got out of the hospital the first thing I did when I got home was dance until I tired myself out. I’ve not stopped dancing since. I’ve studied tons of different types of dance but my passion is Hip Hop. Doctors said it wasn’t possible. WRONG! I do it and do it well!!!!

  66. We are Bust A Move Crew and we would love to bust a move on this show! We all love to dance, Hip Hop, choreography, and some breaking. We are young 13 year olds and under, who have a HUGE AMAZING passion for dance. We would love for everyone to know who we are and to get our name out there. We would love to be on this show! We would do anything just to get recognized! Please get back at us. please and thanks! d:)

  67. hi my name is brionna baynes im 14 and i love to dance so much.People tell me i should become a dance teacher or a professional dancer because i know how to dance well.I performed with a dance team with my school for 3 years”we danced in front of churches and the whole school’,we also danced at the shock game and did so well.My mom and brothers and sister say i should also dance because even if i dont hear no music i dance anyways.Every dance audition i went to at my school i made the team because i had really good dance skills and i was actually my dance teacher favorite ones. SO I HOPE I MAKE IT TO THE AUDITION AND ITS A PLEASURE TO ACTUALLY WRITE TO YOU GUYS SO THANK YOU.!!!

  68. I love and enjoy dancing because it takes me to a whole entire different place. When I dance I just let go of everything that’s been on my mind. I’ve never took dance lessons but I believe I was born from a boombox. When I was around 5 or 6 I started dancing and choreographing my own dance moves. Music/Dancing is my passion and my life. If you would give me a try I would show you all that I can.

  69. Hi im Caia i think i can dance i don’t know that many moves but i think i have what it takes im 10 and dancing is my thang Bye

  70. 19 years old, lean male dancer. I’ve been dancing since I was young. About 7 I’d say. Dance is all ive known, and all I’ve ever needed! Early on, I was taught ballet, then around 11 I began to teach myself urban hip hop styles such as krump, popping, locking, tutting, gliding, and many more. I currently study hip hop at a studio, and teach it. I’d love to work my creativity and bring some heat! Don’t forget about me! Ha!

  71. you will see the most passion in my hip hop dancing along with the most perfected timing and moves. i can promise you one thing….. you would not regret giving me an audition.

  72. I am a Senior at NYU on a full scholarship in TISCH. As a triple threat, I am open to broadway, movies and or dance reality tv shows. I can range in ages 16 to 23, although technically trained as a dancer, my favorite style of dance is hip hop. Also, I currently belong to a singing group called B’Sugar, a three girl pop group. Thanks Bebe!!!!

  73. I have been dancing since the age of 2. My mother told me that instead of walking first I chose to dance! Dancing is my passion and I recently realized this is where my heart is. I am currently a college student but I long for more in my dancing career. Dance is my life and it is my passion. Being able to showcase my talents and share a mutal interest with other aspiring dances would be the opportunity of a lifetime!

  74. I have been dancing since I was three years old and competing since age seven. I love to dance and have been told that I am a mini J-lo. I also sing and have been with a vocal coach for two years. I am currently attending film production and acting school called G-Star school of the arts. When I am on stage the energy bursts from my body and exudes to the audience. I have been told that when I am on stage with a group that people can’t help but watch me because of my smile and presence on stage. You will see if you have the chance to meet me that I am a natural entetainer. Give me the chance and I will not let you down.

  75. Ive been Amazing at dance All my life …
    My Dance style can be versatile to fit any occasion … I’m also a quick learner … I observe THEN I SERVE .! here’s one video I have recently made … Please consider me to be an Asset on your show Ms. Abdul …ME DANCING


  76. My sister and her dance class are the best dancers at our school! They would be so blessed to have this opportunity and you would all be lucky o see such great performances by this team! Please consider them for this show!

  77. Me and my best friend sheby have been dacing together since we were like 5 and have been improving. Our dance style is sorta like hip-hop. We love to watch americas best dance crew. We dream to show america what two 13 years old girls can bring to the stage. We dance to show people who we are and that we are both unique in our own ways. We never give up and set our minds to one thing. Our names are: Krista Angelo and Shelby Fowler. Our group name is the Iconic Babes. Hope you choose us.

  78. I have always had the dream to be big on tv. i come from a small town called Coalinga and i’d really like to make it!

  79. I am 12 years old and I just have to dance wherever I go.
    I dance so much that my friends call me a lunatic.
    Being on this show would mean the world to me.;)

  80. My name is Jesse Raya
    i started dancing qhen i was a freshmen in High School i am now a graduated senior of class of 2011
    I would love to be considered for this because i started a Hip Hop Crew at my school which i was the dance coach president and choreographer. it was very successful and has continued to grow with my help. i also was a part of My High Schools Dance company and i feel it would be an honor to learn from Paula her self.

    Thank You

  81. I have the passion for dance. I have attended 6 yrs of dance training at a high school performing arts school. I have trained in jazz, ballet, tap, and hip hop. I would love to persue a career in what I love doing.

  82. I am Olivia from Perth, Western Australia.
    I will be 17 years old this July 22nd.
    I have been passionate about dancing ever since I was little, I was asked to audition for Youth Ballet W.A and danced with them for 3 years, I currently dance with The Dance Collective doing Hip Hop, Contemporary & Ballet. I am eager to get over to the U.S to dance as that is where it all happens! This would be such a great opportunity.
    If you have the time to email me in regards to this or any other auditions you have coming it that would be great, I’m of course open to video audition as i’m over in Australia.
    Hope to hear back from you!

  83. My name is Becca Robinson, I am 18 years old and a recent high school graduate. I am from a small town in Alabama and it’s far from being overly populated. . I’m VERY family oriented, my brothers and parents mean the world to me. I am a dancer, I have taken dance for 15 years and I’m also involved with theatre/acting groups. I was voted most talented from my senior class. I have always had dreams and goals of performing -dancing, singing, and acting. I am a triple threat and will work do whatever it takes. Dance has been and always will be the number one thing in my life.

  84. Hi my name is Anna Jackson,I am fifteen years old. I been dancing since before I could walk and I believe that I really have a god given talent. And I would just want the experience for people to see what I am capable,of doing. Dancing is apart of my everyday life I couldn’t do anything with it out. But to sum up a lot of uneeded information I would be honored if I had a chance to show you what I can do.
    Thank you and god bless

  85. Hi,
    I would love to be on this show because i want to share my gift with the world. I am finally breaking completely out of my shell and I am ready to take on a challenge. I’ve been dancing since my legs could move. This is who I am. Dance is me and I am dance. I’ve learned hip hop the past 4 months and I am modern based. I’m self taught and I love to learn new dances. Any style from bollywood to ballet to popping to jazz. No style is too much for me to learn. Dance is an art form and it comes from the heart. I love dance because it’s my first language. And when I speak people really do listen.

  86. hi my name is gene and me and my crew been dancing since we were born and we will love to be on abdc my age is 14 nd i live in waco texas

  87. I should be concidered for the CBS-Got to dance Audition because I have loved dancing for as long as i can remember.I have been dancing for 13 years i started with a community dance studio when i was 7 and when i got into high school I was on the Waupun Dance team. My father died my senior year and it was very hard on my family and I…But i dance for him..Dancing is my life

  88. Hello, I am 15 years old and have been training in dance for over ten years. I am disciplined in Mexican and Spanish dancing, but can do most all dance movements, dancing is my life’s passion and I would be honored to have the opportunity to audition for the show.

  89. I am the perfect candidate for the show,i am an excellent hiphop dancer with all the right moves,im 30 yrs old bern dancing since age 9..

  90. Me my friend Kezia, and Samantha are a dance group
    never got far, never tried anything big
    but we love to dance !
    we entertain our family and friends

  91. Before leaving Guinea (Africa) due to dispora I dreamed of my family living a normal life like everyone else in the U.S. Growing up in West Africa with a civil war going on was difficult. I knew I had talent as I start to practice and manipulate my body as an art form. So, I used this tool to express my self. I decide to focus my whole energy in this art to be the provider for my poverty stricten family. It has been a hard road for me and maybe one ahead but, I am willing to take the risk, I am certain I will make it.
    Mohammed Soumah
    560 E. Kirby Ave; Apt #6
    Detroit, MI USA.

  92. I love dance, and I love to put on a Show!!! I dance like the worlds eyes are on me!! Dancing is so much fun, I love it so much. Going ‘Full Out’ is what i live for!! Putting on a show is what iv always done best. I have Always been creative and I want to show this world just how talented I am!!

  93. OMG I love to dance and Im in a dance group and I go to a performing arts h.s. Dancing and acting is my passion, I love it so much and would love to have an audition.

  94. Well, I would just like to say that anything that involves dance itself, i’d be perfect for. I love the fact that I can express who I am as a dancer and as a person as well. I have the discipline, drive, dedication and skill to be exactly what the producers and viewers will be looking for! I have what it takes.

  95. I should be considered for the CBS- Got to Dance (Working Title) Audition because dance isn’t just something I do for fun, it’s literally my life! In my eyes, the meaning of dance is to express your inner self. It’s not that I just wanna dance I GOT TO DANCE! Considering all that I have been through in my life, honestly, without dance, I don’t know where I’d be or what I would be doing. I have been dancing for 18 out of the 20 years of my life and Paula is AMAZING at EVERYTHING she does and I really admire her for it! I would give it my all to prove to Paula and the viewers of the show that dancing is all I need to survive. Prayerfully, you’ll give me the opportunity to show you that.

  96. I have danced since I was 3 years old. Growing up surrounded by dancers and musicians it always came naturally to me . My mother is a former dancer and dad a dancer and a musician , my aunts and uncles have all danced professionally . Give me ANY beat and I can bring it! As a teenager growing up in New York City I loved going dancing and would compete in dance clubs and on the street in the early 90’s. I don’t have formal training but LOVE to dance. Belly Dancing, Hip Hop , Salsa you name it and I will tear it up!I can’t help but want to express my self thru dance. I would love to be considered for this audition. Thank you. Sincerely, Maya Balog

  97. Dance is not something that can acquired through just learning steps or technique. Dance is something inside a person’s soul that is stricken everytime a beat is heard. I am 19 years old and have been trained as a dancer. not as in technique but in spirit. Dance is a love that can not be taken away with a rejection or a success..its something within that always has the need to be expressed, and that’s what I want to do.

  98. plieeease give me a chance?i am a double jointed dancer.The world needs to see my god gifted talent. let me get the audition off their feet. I am 11 yrs. old .thank you.

  99. Pleeease give me a chance? I am 11 yrs.old. I am a double jointed hip hop dancer
    i tap.act,dance at one of the best mn dance studios summit dance shoppe.i get the audience off their feet . thank you.

  100. I’m 19 years old. I am a female. I have been dancing in studios and classes for seven consecutive years. I currently dance with a studio in California. I would love for an opportunity in professional dancing. Even,if I do not make the audition I would love the chance to see if I am able to keep up with the combinations and routines. Thank you.

  101. im a very talented boy i love to dance i have 3 brothers and 1 sisther my sisther likes to rap and sing i been praying for this

  102. 12 y/o Nina Sophia Mojares and 13 y/o Gabriel Basalatan are the current National Latin Ballroom Champions.

    • I believe that I would be a good candidate for this audition because dancing is in my soul. I have no professional experience, but dance and music are in my spirit and soul. It would be an honor to be mentored by such a great choreographer as Paula Abdul. I am from Monroe, Louisiana, and we don’t have the privilege of having such great opportunities come to our city to expose what great talent that we have here. It would be a pleasure and a gift to have the opportunity to audition.

  103. well let me just say, I GOT TALENT! since i was little i have been improving, and i want to take my talent somewhere and be big and show it off! i am amazing in jazz/character, tap, lyrical, hip-hop and many more. and to finish it off, i just LOVE to DANCE! i dance everyday and it’s what i love. please consider giving me a chance to just shine. thank you!!
    -tiffany franco.

  104. Hi my name is samantha mutch and i have been dancing for 5years now and i would love to been on got to dance my age is 10 and i hope i get a chance to be one of the people on got to dance please consider me for this year thank you!

    • Hi my name is markea im 21 years old I have great dance background however I just started formal training when I went to college. Iv been dancing lyrical jazz hip hop mimesince I was 7years old I choreograph for programs in my home town it has always been a dream to audtion on a tv show or even make it past auditions and become a back up dancer from there Id like to step in the feild of a choreographer and this could be my big chance

  105. I don’t have any profecional dance study non dance school or nothing of that but sense i was little i love to dance i become a Zumba instructor 3 years ago and i knew that i always whanted to Dance but i guess i discovered late i am 26 years and mother of 4 precious boys, i been seen got to Dance few times and i know is really good good dancers but i think i can be one of them, i will be so happy if you give me a oportunity, hoo and sorry about my spelling my firsth lenguage is spanish and i am still working on my spellin and lenguage :)

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