CMT’s “Nashville” Needs Actors and Extras

Casting directors are seeking talent to work on scenes filming on November 2nd in Nashville, Tennessee. Producers are seeking people to play bingo in an old folks home. They specifically need male and female, all ethnicities, age range 68 – 90.  They should have enough mobility to be able to walk to/from set and possibly get into a shuttle van.


Nashville is the hit American drama series created by Callie Khori.  It originally premiered on ABC on October 10th, 2012 and boasted more than 9 million viewers.  The show lasted four seasons on ABC, but was cancelled in May 2016. CMT quickly jumped on the opportunity by picking up “Nashville” for its final season that will premier in January 2018.  CMT feels that it will be a much better fit for the show that focuses on the country music industry.

It stars Hayden Penettiere as the up-and-coming country star, and Connie Britton as the well-established legend of the industry.  It focuses two interesting concepts; the transition from being a nobody to becoming a superstar and the transition from being a superstar to dwindling into retirement under the shadow of the new star.


When: November 2nd

Where: Nashville, Tennessee

This is a great opportunity to appear on an CMT show with amazing actors, writers and producers. Not only will you earn money for your role in this series, you will meet dozens of industry professionals that can help spark your career with their connections and advice. Don’t hesitate to apply, working with the likes of Hayden Penettiere. will boost both your portfolio and confidence tremendously.