Dance Audition with Echo Contemporary Dance Co.

Echo Contemporary Dance Co.
Echo Contemporary Dance Co.

Tips On Preparing For A Dance Audition

Auditions for a dancer are very important but more often than not they are the most stressful part of a dancer’s life. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your dance auditions:


  • The most important part of a dancer’s day is training. Take them extremely seriously and train hard to ensure that you are ready. Focus on perfecting your technique.


  • Be attentive. Listen to your teacher’s criticism and apply them.


  • Practice your technique and apply some creativity. Put together a seamless presentation that showcases both your creativity and technical skills.


  • Try to remember your combinations.


  • Be physically healthy.


  • Preparing for an audition should not be a last minute thing, it should be a daily activity.


  • Know your schedule and availability before committing to an audition.


  • Prepare what you plan to wear to your audition ahead of time.


  • Have your audition materials ready and on hand.


  • Be well groomed. Do not overwhelm with too much makeup or too much perfume.


  • Arrive early. Casting may need you to fill out paperwork or you may need the extra time to calm your nerves.


  • Find a place to warm-up.


  • Stay focused and pay close attention to the instructions given.


  • Make a very strong First Impression.

Echo Contemporary Dance Co., located in Austin, TX, is looking for male and female dancers with a strong foundation in modern dance. Echo’s choreography is rooted in the Charles Weidman technique. Rehearsals will take place every Sunday from 5:30-8 beginning 6-14-15.

Audition Details:
Where: Cafe Dance | 3307 Hancock Dr. | Austin, TX 78731
When: Sunday, May 31st @ 6 pmBridget.echo


  1. hi my name is ginger my features:
    i am nine years old
    been dancing for 2 years
    live in austin ,texas
    dirty blonde hair color
    eye color:amber
    i would really love a part like this it would ve just wonderful my mom dosebt really think i am talented even know i really am . if i could get this part it would give me the greastest chance of my lifetime: showing my mom what talent is all about ! p.s. my phone # is 512-731-6193

  2. I really want to audition but, there one little problem. I don’t leave in the US. Wow. That a relive to say. Okay back the problem, I live in SA. That all i have to say

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