Detroit Indie Movie Casting Now

Casting directors for an upcoming feature film are looking for lead roles.  Filming will take place on September 10th – 23rd in Metro Detroit.  The crew is looking for enthusiastic and dedicated actors that can participate in the film set to shoot in the fall along with extras that can fill background roles.


The film is about Desi Larkin, a young widower with a history of heroin addiction that moves home with his mother Rose Larkin while he becomes the primary suspect in his wife Jade’s suspicious death. They are looking for the following characters to fill roles in the film:


Jade Larkin – Age 25-35, Female, Caucasian

Jade is a complicated individual that had been in and out of rehab for heroin addiction since high school. She constantly resorted to drugs as an escape from a world she felt she didn’t belong in. She was addicted to thrills and chasing feelings, jumping at any opportunity to do something different and exciting.

Detective Sandy Lane – Age 50-65, Female, African-American

A veteran detective that has spent her entire life investigating crimes in Detroit. She is always calm and collected under pressure. Early in the film, she becomes convinced that Desi played a role in Jade’s death and is determined to prove her belief to be true.

Nancy – Age 50-65, Female, Caucasian

Nancy is a member of a tightly knit group of women in Rose Larkin’s community. Rose aspires to be part of this group, but she’s always struggled to gain entry. Nancy and her husband Bill are the postcard couple.

Raven – Age 25-35, Female, African-American

Jade’s longtime friend, Raven has had her own problems with drug addictions ranging from pills to heroin. But the past few years she’s been cleaning up her act and trying to help Jade do the same. She’s got a very tough exterior but is very sensitive on the inside once she lets you in.

Travis Leddy – Age 25-35, Caucasian

A drug dealer with no remorse for his actions. Leddy was raised in a suburb of Detroit, came up through a mixed high school where he excelled grade-wise despite getting heavily involved in the drug scene, weed and cocaine primarily.

Dave Campbell – Age 50-65, Caucasian

The father of the deceased Jade Larkin. Dave always maintained hope for Jade throughout her bouts with heroin. He always tried to remain positive, but he couldn’t comprehend why his daughter couldn’t get her life together.


Dates: September 10th – 23rd
Where: Metro Detroit

The movie industry is a fast-paced industry which requires progressive minds and hardworking people. Filming an indie film is a difficult task because the producers, directors, and screenwriters do not have the support of a major label or production company.  Everything is on them, and with all the hard work and long hours a lot is on the line.  This is why they need talented people that are willing to put hard hours in to make something special. This is a tremendous opportunity to be apart of a featured film with great potential.  Not only will you be working on a set full of passionate filmmakers, you will gain experience in the industry. Being able to adapt to many different roles on various sets shows your capabilities as an actor. The more diverse and versatile you are, the more opportunities you will receive.

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