Disney Feature Film Tomorrowland

Disney Channel Tomorrowland Casting

Disney Channel Tomorrowland Casting

Initially titled 1952, Tomorrowland is Disney s new feature film. Walt Disney Studios announced in January that it was producing the live-action movie in which George Clooney will star; the film was written by Damon Lindelof of “Lost” and Brad Bird of “The Incredibles.” We have learned that the casting directors are now holding auditions for several supporting roles and extras in the film.  The working title of the movie was 1952 but Disney decided to change it to Tomorrowland to name it after its theme Park , home to Space Mountain, Star Tours, and Pizza Port blasters game. Applications are now being accepted for actors of all ages that are interested in auditioning for the film. Do not miss out your chance and apply now.

While details on Tomorrowland are still very hush hush, we do know it will be a live-action adventure starring the world’s most eligible bachelor and will hit theaters on December 19th, 2014.  Whatever the plot of the hit movie will be we are sure that Disney will not disappoint  The casting directors have announced that they are now taking applications for several supporting and extra roles.  They are looking for both union and non union actors of all ages and backgrounds.

If you are interested in auditioning for Tomorrowland pleases submit several recent photos and a basic resume. Please keep checking back often for more information on casting dates and locations and as always leave us a comment and let us know what you think the plot of the new Disney movie will or should be.


Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

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  1. Hi my name is Arielle king and i love acting it something I’m good at and enjoy it I’m 5ft3 and have black wave hair and my eyes are brown I live in Ulm,Mt. i’m ten year old and will be turning 11 on July forth 2015 thank you for your time really hope to here back from you.thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;0

  2. I am 14 years old female and love to act at home. I am interested in the this project and hope you can contact my parents

  3. Of British decent, I’m able to look anywhere from 12-25. i have a face that’s good for molding to characters. I’ve starred in highschool plays and musicals, including a Disney review.
    Height 5’2” and still growing
    weight 110 (but subject to change because I am losing weight)
    have done modeling for for friends

  4. Age:14
    Height/Weight: 5’5″-140
    Hair/Eye color: Brown-Blue
    Phone Number: (208)-610-8168
    Hobbies: Singing, Acting

    I Would love ot start anywhere. This woud be a great opprutunity. I’ve Always to be on anything Disney. I’m Obsessed with Disney. I’m not just saying that either. If you gave me this oppronunity you will nnot regret it! I Promise. I’m Happy staring out as just an extra even. Please give me this wonderful oppronunity.

  5. Hello my name is Libby. i understand you have many comments to read but please may you read mine. I also understand you may even have chosen the few you want but again please read mine. I was not able to put in my details because i live in Wales and so i was unable to fill some of the requirements needed: post code (zip code) and the telephone number. So i will put them in at the end.
    My details:
    Name: Libby Strain-Thomas
    Age: 14
    Date of birth: 1/8/2000
    Gender: Female
    Hair colour: Bleach blonde
    Eye colour: Green
    Height: 5″4
    Weight: 7 stone
    Address: Hendre Gaerog, South Road, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, Wales, LL55 2HP.
    Nationality: Welsh/English mostly
    Contact number: 01286 479720
    Family number: 07724 693978 (please contact this number if unable to get through to the other)
    Personality: Happy, upbeat, funny (so I’ve been told)
    Hobbies: Singing, acting, sketching
    I personally think that i would be good for this film because i will work hard as it will be my first time on set. I will be polite and will respect all workers there. I would love to be in this film because i would love the experience. All my life I’ve wanted to be an actress, but not just to be on films to experience what its like to make a film and to meet new actors/actresses and great directors. This would be a dream come true for me so please if you will contact me back i would be ever so grateful.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Libby Strain-Thomas.
    Again thank you

  6. My name is Casey Burton, I am 12 years old, and I am in middle school. I have long blonde hair and green eyes. I am a cheerleader for our school and I take currently take dance, chorus, tumbling, and took drama last year. I have been a singer and dancer since I was three years old and enjoy every part of acting.

    I am a very positive and energetic person and I would enjoy working on the movie Tomorrowland.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Casey Burton

  7. Hi my name is Savannah Pero I am 13 years old almost 14 and ever since I was little I always wanted to be in a movie or tv show and my dad always supported me but he just recently passed I am very good at singing and dancing and very athletic and this would be a great opertonitie for me. I would be great in any open roles or spots you have for me.

  8. Hi my name is Taylor Davis . I am 13 years old . I live in Atlanta Georgia . I love to act ! I am not shy . And would love to be apart of this movie . Me & my little brother absolutely LOVE Despicable Me . We own all of the DVD’s. I am very very intelligent ! and very mature. i’d be best contacted by my email .
    height : 5’2
    weight :110
    eyes & hair : dark brwn

  9. Hi! My name is Lisa am 21 years old it would be a honer to be on the show since i was a little girl I all was wanted to be a acter and my friends and family all was told me that i will never make it i want to prove them wrong and ill take whatever it takes to go for what I believe in and be what I wanted to if there is any way you can help it would mean the world to me i’am not giving up

  10. Hello my name is Julissa and i am a Hispanic American and i want ot be given a chance to be in a movie.
    Height:5 ft Weight:103 lbs. Hair: Long, curly, dark brown
    eyes: brown DOB: 4-16-97 age range: 12-17 shoe size:6 1/2- 7
    shirt size: x-small, small pants size: 0-1 dress size: 1

    Special skills:
    Spanish, beginner trombone, beginner piano, soccer, know to swim

  11. Hello, my name is Victoria Shroyer. For as long as I could remember I’ve always wanted to be an actress. I really enjoy acting out things, making everything a scene. I don’t have any experience in acting, unless you count a Christmas play I did at my church. I would like to have an acting career anywhere, but I would love to start it off with Disney. My love for Disney, I would not have enough time to explain. I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I was born and raised in Louisiana. My ethnicity is white. I’m sixteen years old. I have sandy-blonde hair. one thing I absolutely love about my hair is its length. Sort of like a blue-grey eye color, they’re different color blues in different lighting. I’m five foot two inches. I can act, sing, and dance. I’m a sporty girl, very athletic. I am a cheerleader, so I teach myself to memorize things quicker. I’m a very outgoing type of person, love to meet new people. I’m a really nice and sweet person. I would really enjoy the opportunity to work with everyone on Disney. If you give me a chance to prove myself I know you wouldn’t regret it. I will not let you down. When I go for something I give it my all, I give 110% all the time. Please allow me to have the chance to work with all of Disney. This would be a huge opportunity and I hope I’m able to be in this movie or if you think I would be better in something else that’s fine to. Thank you for taking your time to read this. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.

  12. It sounds very interesting! Acting and singing is the only thing that I really want to do with my life, and this sounds really great. I would be ecstatic If I could work on this film. Thank you for consideration.

    Age:17 about to be 18 next month
    Hair color: Strawberry Blond, If you need me to dye it I will.
    Eye color: Brown , I have contacts.
    Height: In the range of 5’7 1/2 to 5’8
    weight: 129

  13. My name is Brittany, I’ am 17 years old, and looking to perform at higher levels of acting. This would be an amazing opportunity for me to peruse my acting career. I also have experiences with performing, and would love to learn more from this once in a lifetime opportunity.
    -Thank you for your time! (407) 371-7326

  14. Hi, I am Courtnee Renee from Terrell, Tx. I am 18 years old and have wanted to act for as long as I can remember, and I got very serious a about out it three years ago. This film is definitely very interesting and I would love to be a part of it. I have many qualities any actor should have but most importantly I am very dedicated and enthusiastic about the work that I do. I would very much appreciate consideration for this film. Thank you.

  15. Hi I’m Alex,
    I love to act but I haven’t gotten to try my hand at it on stage/in a movie. Being in this film would really get my acting career going. I love George Cloony and can’t imagine anything greater than working with him. I’ve seen almost all the movies he’s been in and take notes from his acting. In my acting, I try to model his acting because I just think he’s the best actor there is.
    Please, PLEASE consider me to be in this film. I would be eternally greatful.
    But, If I can’t get the role, that’s just fine too. Just knowing that I was considered is enough for me.
    thank you for your consideration

  16. Hey Everyone, what’s up?!
    My name is Michael Milne, and I am 18yrs old.
    I have blue eyes, light brown hair, I’m 6’4, and I’m very athletic.
    I’ve always been a fan of voice acting and acting in general. I’ve performed in my school plays and a variety of other minor roles. I have a hard work ethic, I get along with everyone, I’m friendly, smart and have a good voice! If you’d give me the chance, I won’t let you down. You see, I can’t prove anything if I don’t have a way too. This is my way. I believe it’s my time. I just need a chance, and if you give me the shot, it’ll be the best decision you ever made!
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Michael M.

  17. Hi, I have been watching Disney Channel my entire life and as a 16 year old, I still do. I grew up watching only Disney shows and have learned many lessons from the shows. I would be honored to work with such an amazing and inspiring production company. If you click on my name, it will take you to my website. Feel free to look through my resume and photo gallery on the website. If you decide that I might fit the description of what you are looking for then please contact me. I am willing to travel and possibly dye and/or cut my hair if needed.

  18. Im Lindsey Lavine
    dancer,gymnast,cheerleader,and softball player
    love disney fantasy movies
    brown hair and eyes
    caucasian/ white
    really want to do this

  19. Hello i am 12 years old i am athletic and want to start my career somewhere so i have been looking for many auditions and want to start with Disney movies thank you.

  20. Hello. I’m Molly Rose
    10 years old
    Blue eyes
    blondish/reddish hair long hair
    4 1/2 feet tall
    I have been in plays and shows since I was 5.
    Thanks for reading
    Molly Rose

  21. Hi, I am Brittney Garcia. I am about 5’4, black eyes, dark brown hair, female, will get braces in March, and I am hard working. I am very talented, all I need is a chance to show it off. I take my work very seriously. Also, I live in Porterville, California. Please give me a chance, you will not regret it.

  22. Firstly, I would like to say Hi.
    Im 13 years old. 5 foot 2. Did 9 months of acting. Love the spotlight. You won’t regret it. Please give me a chance. I’m funny, series etc. Love disney channel.

  23. Hi my name is john Dovel I’m a 6 feet 1 inch 19 year old Caucasian male. I have blue eyes ,brown hair, I’m athletic with a slim build. I have a great sense of humor and always willing to try new things. I’m a hard worker and all I need is a chance to show what I can do and you won’t be disappointed. I am currently registered with onesourcetalent.com my talent number is 88883. Thank you for your consideration
    Email me at johnadovel4th@aol.com

  24. Ethnicity : Hispanic
    Hair: Long, curly, brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 125
    Age: 26

    I am very interested in extra and any stand in work. Please contact me via e-mail for head shots or any further information. Thank you for time and consideration.

  25. Hello!
    I would love this chance to be in this film! I’m an LA represented actress member of SAG-AFTRA and acting is what I do! I’ve had lots of experience in films, television shows, web series, and would LOVE to audition for this! My most prized training has been at Gary Spatz the Playground and also at LA Connection’s Comedy Theater for improv. Comedy is my thing, and I would love to audition!

  26. Hi, my name is Angela and I am 12 years old though I look 13 or 14. I am about 5’5 and I weigh 98 lb. I live in Los Angeles, CA. I have been acting since the age of 7 and have done many musicals, been an extra, and other things as well. I hope you have the chance to contact me:) Thank you

  27. Oh dear God PLEASE select me! LOL!
    I am:
    Brown hair
    Hazel eyes
    5’6″ tall
    Have done modeling and extra work sporadically in the past.
    I can be reached at:
    Email: 01kimsey@gmail.com
    Cell: 321.947.3529

  28. Age 10
    Resume can be found on exploretalent.com
    Some runway modeling and acting experience
    Blond hair, blue eyes, 4′ 8″ size 12-14 clothing.
    Birthdate: 1/17/2003

  29. Hello producers and casting directors. I am Alexandria and I think that I should be considered for any casting calls because I am a determined and funny young person that loves to act. i would love to be given an audition for anything Movies, Extras, Commercials, T.V. Shows, Game Shows etc.
    Name: Alexandria Mackey
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Weight: 110 lb.
    Height: 5’3
    Body Type: Slender
    Ethnicity: Bahamian (but I speak proper English)
    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Skin Tone: Dark Brown

    Talents:I can sing, dance, act, and stunt. I also sing in my choir at school.

    Sports: I run at Track-and-Field,I play Softball, Baseball, Volleyball, Soccer and some Tennis.

    Academics: I have been on the Honor Roll since First Grade and have never gotten lower than a 3.8 on a report card.

    Personality: I am an outgoing, friendly, nice, and enthusiastic person when you get to know me.
    I have been told on several ocassions that I have a natural comedic personality that should be on broadway and television.

    Have a nice day. Thank You

  30. Name: Diana Dioona Marashi
    Age: 16
    Eye color: Haizel
    Hair color: Light brown
    Hair length: Very long
    Dress size: xs
    Pants size: 00
    Shoe size: 6.5
    Bra cup: 34 A

  31. Hello:

    My name is Angelina, i like to act. i also hava experince in acting. I hadthe leading role in my school play. The play was The Wizard of Oz. I did good in the play. I will like to be in this movie. I will also like if u guys can give me the opportunity to be in this movie.

    Thank You!

    Angelina Ramos


  32. hello im 15 year old male,i would love to act or preform for any role. I love to entertain people and make them laugh. I would love to prove everyone wrong who said i would never be nothing in my life and show them im making a change in my life. I wouldnt mind working back stage. Please consider my application

  33. Hello my name is Emma McCloskey and I love Disney channel. I am interested in doing anything that will make my career start! I have danced since I was 3 years old and right now I am 16 and a junior in high school! I am skinny and I have brown hair! I would love to have this amazing opportunity! I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me!

  34. Hello, my name is Lowai Alkotf i am male. I’m from Newark,Delaware and I am 13 years old. I am 5’4. I am currently a student at in Acting school. I’ve always loved to act and I was in a couple school plays and in middle school and I did very well. I would like to audition to be in this movie because it sounds very interesting and I think it would be a good experience for me and I would learn a lot about the entertainment business

  35. Hi :)
    I’m breanna Martinez a 15 year old Mexican and German mix.
    I love acting more than anything. I love entering somewhat of a new world.
    acting is my escape. I do have some experience in acting due to the fact that I’ve been in drama class in school and has acted in monologues.
    if you would please notice me and give me a chance I would be more than happy.
    Thank you.

  36. Hi my name is Gisselle Salazar. I would love a part in this movie I am 13 years old. I have brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, and glasses(but I also wear contacts). I participate in ALL extra curriculum: basketball, choir, volleyball, A.S.B(club), and Club Live. I am also Vice President of A.S.B. I would love a part in this movie. Please make my dreams come true it would mean the world to me thank you

  37. Hi,
    My name is Selin Batur from Ocala, fl I am 12 years old and I would like to feature in tomorrowland.
    I have black hair and blue eyes and I’m a fun person to hang out with because I do cool activity’s like try to skateboard and volleyball. :)

  38. hey my name is Jennifer i am 14 years old and turning 15 in Feburary. My dream has always been to be on Disnye channel. I love acting and I am a good actor at drama. I always watch Disney channel and I asked myself why am I always watching tv? And never on it. So I decided to try my hardest to become an actor. Since it is summer I practice everyday. I love to be in this movie. I am not the type of girl you see everyday, I am fun, weird, crazy, open minded and very random. But I love to do fun more than anything else. I hope you contact me. Thanks

  39. STOP SCROLLING!!!!!!
    I hope I got your attention. Hi my name is Heaven Javalera I’m 15 and live in Colorado (willing to relocate).Its been my life long dream to be an actor. I have some experience with school drama and short films. I can sing, rap, I’m athletic and I love learning new things. When I act I really engage into my character, as if I am that character.I pray you choose me. Thank you.

  40. Dear Casting Director, I am very interested in the Tomorrow land project.
    Im 22 years old been acting for about 7 years now. I have 10 years of dancing experience from hip-hop, modern, jazz, swing, salsa, and more. Also singing for 5 years now.I have many talents and just looking for one oppertunity to make it. For further information, please visit my profile at: http://www.exploretalent.com/jimmieallen2 I look forward to your audition process. Sincerely, Jimmie Allen jlallen3@me.com

  41. Hi I’m Lauren
    eye colour: green
    hair colour: brown
    I’m from Bradford, England (but can do an American accent)
    I love acting and I would love to be in a film. I am 11 years old but am kind of small for my age.I love having fun and i love meeting new people.
    p.s I love Disney films so this would be like a dream come true!

  42. I am very interested in this movie. It sounds exciting and it will help me achieve my goal into becoming an actress.

  43. Name: Marquis Jamal Jackson
    Eye color :brown
    Hair color:Black
    African American
    Hello I would firstly like to state I have Lots of professional Experience in acting mostly on stage I have worked for a professional Organization called A Source of Joy Theatricals Broadway in the hood we work to bring great Broadway caliber shows to the public and We have done Broadway shows such as the color purple and Dreamgirls I am also A singer And dancer. You may contact me at Marquisjackson22@yahoo.com

  44. Hi . My name is Nancy Ivanova and i’m 14 years old from Bulgaria . I love dancing , singing and acting … and i’m talanted in these categories . I have confidence and i’m not shy or scared to show people my talant . I would love to be a part of the movie , it seems very interesting and i’m sure the audience will like it . My biggest dream is to be on disney and P.S i love all od disney’s work and i would be honered if i’m a part of this one..

  45. Hi, my name is Davi Hutchins and I just recently turned 17. I have been a part of drama/ acting in my school for about two years. It was something that my grandmother did when she was younger, and as soon as I worked up the confidence to try it, I fell in love with the artwork. My mother, brother and I have been stuck in an unpleasant and rough situation for twelve years now, but through acting I found a way to escape whatever was going on currently.
    I have wanted to work on tv/film for a long time now, and would love to have the opportunity to work on such an amazing project as this, and it would mean the world to my family.
    Thank you for your consideration,
    Davi Hutchins

  46. Hi I’m Whitney and I have a huge interest in being In this movie! I’m 11 years old. I can’t sing that well but I’m mad at acting! I have recently been looking into Halo ( it’s a modeling and acting company) my friend takes acting classes there and said after asking me to play some of her roles that I should really try out! But it’s not only because of her I have always loved acting and can not wait to get my big break into a movie or even a show! I am always willing to give it my all! So please consider me!
    I have…,
    Light green eyes
    A golden brown hair color
    Fair skin
    White teeth
    I’m skinny and I’m a very happy/ fun girl
    Thank you very much and I hope to be seeing you at auditions!

  47. Hey my name is Katie Grubisa i am 16 years old i am fully Australian. My last name is from coratia my dad is half so you could say that i am a quarter :) i love acting i hope one day i could get a career out of it and i am hoping that you can make that happen. I am a kind, loving, fun and bubbly person who doesn’t mind a challenge i am really intrested and it would be a great opportunity for me for my acting career please email on katie.grubisa@hotmail.com cause i would love to be apart of your movie!

  48. Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Black
    Nationality: African American
    Skin Tone: Carmel complexion
    Height: 5’5 1/2
    Sex: Female
    I am 20years old, very athletic, can dance (hip hop), pursing a career in acting, been taking acting class for some time now. I no I have what it takes I just need the opportunity to come along.

  49. Whoever hv leaved comment , most of them r experienced while i m not.Most of the r trained while i m not.most of them speak english as their common language while i am not.but i love to do acting i life is acting.
    Name=Priya Pradhan
    i even like sports.

  50. Hello, Im an experienced actress I have been featured in Films. I am also a Model for John Casablancas and Wilhelmina modeling. I have done theater and got the role play for most plays. I would love to be in Tomorrowland even be an extra! I would be so grateful. I dance and play tennis I do many sports and get A’s and B’s in most classes. I love Acting, Acting is one of my favorite hobbies.Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be on Tomorrowland! Have a great day I hope to hear from you someday!

    Name: Ada Blackwell
    Height: 5’3
    Date of Birth: September 8 ,1999
    Age: 13
    Ethnicity: Caucasian (White)
    Blonde hair and Blue eyes
    Body Type: Athletic
    Sex: Female

  51. Hi I would love to audition for this movie. Please email me the information for me to be able to submit my resume and recent photos. Thank you!

  52. I would love to be in this movie. I am 17 years old going to be 18 soon. I have alwais wanted to act, it was a dream of mine. I really would enjoy it .

  53. I’m currently a freshman at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. My arts area is Thearte. Acting has always been my passion and I would love to have the opportunity to be in this production. I’m also a singer. I know how to dance to a certain extent. I used to do competitive gymnastics. Also, I was on my middle schools cheer/dance team for 2 years. I am a 15 year old female. Brown hair, hazel eyes, 5’3.5 ft tall.

  54. Hi, my name is Amber Hubbard and I am 18 years old. I am currently living in a city outside of Detroit, Michigan, but soon my family is moving out to Fresno, California. I am about 5 feet 2-3 inches tall, white, female, brown hair and brown eyes. I am very outgoing and I love to laugh and entertain others. I am looking for an acting opportunity because it has always been a dream of mine, and where I live, well there is not a lot of opportunity around here. I strive to please others and would have a blast on set but also be very professional and serious. Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear good news.

  55. hi, my name is Clarisa Bianca Alban, i’m 19 yrs old and i live in Philippines.
    i love to act and to dance.. since i can’t submit any of my information,so this is all i have :) i’m willing to travel
    if ever i you give me an opportunity Please do contact me
    thank you very much

  56. Hi! I’m Ritika from India(pune). I’m 13 yrs old with 4”8 height,black eyes,black long hair,fair skin tone. I’ve acted in many movies & serials got awards for acting & dancing. I’m trained in indian classical dance (bharatnatyam) & latin dance (salsa,cha cha jive). I love acting & dancing. I want to show my talent on international level to make my parents & country proud. I want to prove myself through your movie. If there is a suitable role for me plz contact me on mail id riika.shrotri@gmail.com



  58. i want this so so so much im not kidding i have always wanted to be in an action movie . im nine years old im young but not giving up!!! i have a lot of energy im funny charismatic, serious when i need to, and i can make a joke out of everything when appropiate um well i think tomorrowland is gonna be great. i love the movie from what i heard . im from puerto rico but i would save money to go so please pick me. (YOU DONT SEE ME BUT IM ON MY KNEES) PLEASE GIVE ME A CHANCE! :) XD

  59. Hello! My name is Blanca Regin and im 14 years old and turning 15 on May 1rst. .Acting and singing have always been my best and loved passions, And if God lets me have this amazing chance for auditioning for Tomorrowland movie it will be my dream come true. Im interested in auditioning for Tomorrowland!:D it will be awsome…Please let me know any more information about this movie:)thanks And God Bless♥

  60. Hey,
    My name is Sydney. I live a long way from Hollywood, but acting is my lifelong dream!! I watch Disney channel every day, and would love to be a part of it!! Any part would be great! Who doesn’t want to be “actress for the day”??? Right??? And in a small town like mine, offers like this don’t come around every day. (: I do sing, and am I’m trying out guitar for the first time! But for now, singing and acting are my passions!! I would love to share it with the world if I could!! if you know me, than you know I make good grades, can memorize a script in no time, can sing like nobody’s business, can act like a lifelong movie star, and can for sure show my personality doing it!!!!! (: I don’t have formal training but I love to dance, and with a little practice, I’m sure that I might add that to the list! (: I am 12 yrs. old, and would very much appreciate any part!! when I put my mind to it, I can do anything! Thanks for your consideration!!
    I’m just an e-mail away!
    Thanks again!!

  61. hi my name is nya i always wanted to be an actress im also a dancer gymnast and singer :) i knew i wanted to be an actress when i was 4 yrs old im 10 yrs old my weight is 59 pounds im also 4 foot 8 inches it is my dream to act not for the fame because i love doing it :)

  62. I’m an aspiring actor/singer/dancer looking for my big break. I’ve always wanted to be a part of Showbiz ever since I was little. Currently I’m a theatre and chorus student at a performance arts high school.

    Kerry Paige

    Hair Color: Dark-Brown
    Eye Color: Dark-Brown
    Height: 6’1″
    Weight: 215 lbs.
    Waist: 34″
    Age: 17 (Dec. 14, 1995)
    Vocal: Tenor II (can sing Baritone & Bass)
    Special Skills: Martial Arts (Tae Kwon Do), Piano, Hip Hop Dance
    Location: Newport News, Va (willing to travel)
    Twitter: @Kerry_Paige


    -All City Chorus (2005-07)
    -Crittenden Talent Show: Host (2010)
    -The Crittenden 11 (Film): Turk (2010)
    -Drama 1 Recital (2011)
    -The Gift of Eternal Life: Disciple (2011)
    -Beauty and the Beast: Ensemble (2011)
    -YouTube Series “Kerry’s World”: Kerry (2011-2012)
    -Summer Institute of the Arts Final -Performance (2011) (Actor and Dancer)
    -Playwright’s Delight : Multiple Roles (2012)
    -The Light of the World: Disciple (2012)
    -South Pacific: Stewpot (2012)
    -Big River: Servant/Gang Member (2012)
    -The Crucible: Reverend John Hale (2012)
    -The Glass Menagerie [School Tour]: Tom Wingfield (2013)
    -NN Police Flash Mob (Film): Dancer (2013)
    -Reflections of God’s Love: Bartholomew (2013)
    -Music Store Massacre (Film): Extra
    -The Lion Who Lost His Roar [School Tour]: Director & Safety (2013)
    -Juvenile Court Documentary (Film): Foster Kid In Court (2013)
    -Hairspray: Edna (2013)
    -“Every 15 Minutes” Documentary (Film): Myself (2013)
    -Company Town (TV sitcom [CW]: Pilot): High School Bully (2013)

  63. Hey wussup, My name is Marcus Reyes. I am 16 going on 17 Its always been my dream to be the voice of an Animated Character, people always tell me I have a voice of a cartoon & I tell them someday i will try to put my self out there & here i am i know its hard to make it to become at least an extra but this would be a great oppertunity for me & it will really make a kids Dream come Truee ! Everybody has a Dream but everybodys different & I feel like this file will be a great way to show what i can do (: Please Contact me. Thank you @ Flacochulo97@aol.com

  64. Singing acting and dancing I do in my everyday routine im 20yrs old 5’5 and 115pounds I work hard and will always continue to do so. I dont want to write to much info on here so please contact me for more information I can send resume and professional photography pictures please know that you dont want to pass up on this opportunity.Thank you so much for your time. There is no way that id let you down I will exceed your expectations and hope to hear from you soon :)

  65. I am 16 yrs old, I live in Glasgow KY and I am willing to Travel
    I have been acting on and off since I was 8 yrs old.
    I have an IMDb talent profile and have experience as an Extra
    I take directions well, read above grade level, professional and able to work long hours on a movie set without becoming tired

  66. Charlotte my daughter is 10 and is experienced and really good at acting and singing! She wants to start being an actor and singer on tv soon.

  67. To how this might considered
    My name is nayelli, im interested in a role of tomorrowland I dont have alot of experience but I will do my best and put all of my effort in to this flim.
    Hair color:brown
    eye color: brown
    height: 5.0ft

    For any questions you can contact me at


  68. Hi my name is Monique Magana.
    i am 13 years old . And i am Really interested of Auditioning for Tomorrowland. And i’ll really love to be in this movie. I always wanted to be a singer/Actress/Model. Make my Dream come True <3 (:
    Height; 5'1
    Weight; 109
    Hair color; Dark Brown
    Eye color; Brown
    Body; Slim
    Ill really Appreciate if you consider me for a part. Thanks (:

  69. Hi , I am 16 years old and I really want to be a part of this film . Please let me know how I can audition .

  70. Hey. I’am trying to become an actress. i love this job and i really wanna do this in my feature. ;P

  71. Hey! I’m intrigued by this film and would love to learn more about it! I may not have the experience as some of the other kids but wouldn’t it be nice to have a fresh face.

  72. Hi! My name is Lucy Lee and I’m a Korean.

    I am 15 years old and I have a slim body.

    I am 5’7 and I weigh 114 pounds.

    I really want to be a part of this film!

    I have had many experiences in acting.

    I have been in school plays such as Bye Bye Birdie and Charlie Brown.

    I will work harder than anyone and will act my best as an extra.

    Thank you for your time and consideration!

  73. Hi, I’m faith and I am a very hard worker. I have been cast in school plays and other plays outside of school. I love to act, sing, dance, and model. I never give up on my dresms and I always like to have fun when doing what I love. I am very diverse and I an not described as a one-note person.
    Hair color: dark brown
    Race: African American
    So please consider me for a role in this movie and contact me.

  74. Hey, my name is Jasmine and I’m really interested in having a role for this movie. I have no experience but my friends and teachers tell me I’m very good at acting. I am currently taking singing lessons. It would mean the world to me if I got a role as a supporter. I’ve always wanted to be an actress since I was a little kid. Any role you give me, I will make it fit to my image
    Imm 5’4 and weigh 135 pounds. I have dark brown curly hair, and dark brown eyes. I’m 15 years old but could play some between 14-19. I’m of Mexican, Hondureñan and Salvadorean descent.
    I do not have any headshots at this point.
    If interested email me at valadezjasmine78@yahoo.com
    I’m there 24/7 .
    Thank you.

  75. Hi! If I were in this movie it would be like a dream come true for me! ever since I was little (i’m talking infant) my parents have said that i have been performing. It has been a dream of mine to be in anything from a short film to a tv series, I just want so badly to be on film. I have been told many times that I am a fantastic actress and i feel that whatever the part i am given I will do my best to make it fit the exact image that you have in your head of what this character should be. I can immitate any voice after I hear it. I have been told that i am also a great deancer and a great musician. I am 14 years ol but i can appear anywhere from 13-16 years old.
    I have light brown hair.
    I have brown eyes.
    I am about 5’8″.
    I do not have any headshots yet, but if you would like to see what I look like I do have many youtube videos. If you go to youtube.com and type Alisha Lusk into the search box and then click on the first picture that comes up, it will be of a boy and a girl (the girl is me, although it is not that recent) but if you watch the videos you will be able to see just a small portion of my acting abilities. Thanks for watching :) If you do not like the videos please leave some comments on what I can do better. Thanks! Alisha

  76. I’m Amit and I’m 14 years old from Israel.
    Here, I was at a TV program about some little girls who ‘looking for their summer’ .
    I sung since I was 8 years old, and at the same year I started take a private drama lessons.
    Weight: 42.4kg
    Hight: 1.52m
    Hair: bright brown
    Eyes: dark brown
    If you’re interested I’m here 24/7

  77. hey I am Mayoora,I am 15 years old,I am a singer, an actor and a dancer. I’ve so many experiences in acting, singing and dancing.I’ve done stage programs, and I’ve acted in a short film.I’d been waiting for Disney to call an audition, and I’m glad that i got chance to prove my talents. I would love to take part in the new feature film Tomorrowland.Please let me know more about the audition details.

  78. hi I’m Jesusnabikrishna,I’m 5 years old,I’m smart to try anything new,and I have ataste to sing and act.I’m really iterested to attend the audition fro Tomorrowland.Please let me know more information abou this.

    Thank you!

  79. hey1 I’m mayoora, I am 15 years old,I’ve been looking for a Disney audition and I’m glad that it’s time to prove my talents, I’m really a good singer and an actor,I am a good dancer too…..I have so many acting and singing experiences,I’ve acted in a short film and I’ve done so many stage programs,I really interested to take part in the film Tomorrowland.Please let me know more information about the audition.


  80. I will love to be in the film and help u out the movie and make it the best movie of the year and i always dream to become an actor so let make this movie the best ;)

  81. Hello,
    My name is Jake Kendrick and it would e incredible if you could consider me for a part. I have experience in acting because I was in drama club and also have singing experience as well. It has always been my dream to be in a movie and this could hopefully be my chance.
    I am:
    Ht: 6’1″
    Wt: 145 lbs (im a skinny guy)
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: brown

    Please consider me for a part. I would greatly appreciate it.

    Jake Kendrick

    • I am also 16 years old Caucasian male.
      I’m sorry, I forgot to add that to my last comment and I felt it was important to know my age.

  82. hi my name is melody roachand im 13 years old with brownish/blondish hair and blue/green eyes. and im so good at acting and memorizing my lines in plays. and im very good at acting,singing (i am very good at singing) and im very kind and creative!!! so i will love to audition for the movie “tomorrowland” so let me know some information. THANK YOU :D

  83. Hi, I’m Kiara. I love to act, sing, dance and cheer. I’m very good at all of those. I’m 14 years old and have danced for 10 years. Im really interested in this and I would love to be apart of something like this. Please let me know more information! :) I would love to audition for the movie Tomorrowland. Thank you!

  84. Hi im madiosn and i put a application for tomrrowland and i am very interested in playing in any roles and i want you to know i will work for a very small amount almost nothing i just really love acting and love the thrile my all time goal is to be in a real movie i have been in two play Rose Red and Susical Jr. they were both a lot of fun i do practice all the time with my acting coach and i really hope i get a chace to adution for you.

  85. Please let me know where the auditions are going to be held. I am very interested and can fly anywhere to audition

  86. Just signed for Sag. Would like more information when auditions will be held for Tomorrowland. Very eager to start my acting career. Have recently been involved with two movies. Noah starring Russell Crowe and Delivery Man starring Vince Vaughn.

  87. Hello,my name is Kaylene I’m 11 years old and have lots of acting experiences. I’ve been in broadway for 3 years I’m a very good singer but I will never be able to sing in front of someone alone but when it comes to acting I’m totally enthusiastic and outgoing.

  88. I am really interested in auditioning for this movie . Can you please send me more information about and where the castings will be held. I eould appreciate it a lot because I really love acting and would totally love to audition for this.

  89. When are the auditions? I love singing and acting, I have been in musicals at school so I have a bit of experience. I live in the UK but I was born in America and I have an American passport so I am able to stay in America for any length of time.

  90. Hi! the applications are not letting me do the resume. So hear is just a little about me
    Height:5′ 4″
    Hair Color:Dark Brown
    Eye Color:Brown
    I live in Los Angeles, California I adore singing, acting, and dancing.I always wanted to be an actor or singer. I do pretty good in school A’s and B’s. I want to be in this movie really bad. I have been in a lot of recitals in elementary. I am you can say somewhat immature but i could be really responsible. I don’t Think i could see myself doing something other than acting. I have so much passion towards it . I would really love to be in this movie

  91. I am 14 years old, and have been in a total of 9 plays at my community theatre starting at the age of 10. I am currently in Little Shop of Horrors, playing the role of Orin, the dentist, along with 5 other roles.

    I was extra in an indie movie, Zombie Crush, that was mostly filmed in my hometown of Macon, Georgia. I worked over 50 hours, many days of which lasted 12 hours, in 100 degree heat. I understand the importance of making a commitment and seeing it through. I look forward to its scheduled release in March 2013.

    I am 5′ 3″ and 97 pounds. I am very out-going in the sense of participating in school activities, theatre, short films, and graphic design.

  92. Hey, (:
    Please let me know any more information about
    This movie because I am really intersted in this. I love Walt
    Disney movies and I’m just really into acting and singing. I have had experience with 3 plays “Alice in Wonderland” , “Oklahoma” , and
    “A Christmas Carol” and I just have like a passion for what actors
    And singers do. Thank you (:

  93. Hi! I submitted my information for acting and wanted to let you know that I do wear contacts regularly!!

    • PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ……i have been offered by super awesome katy to act but i was thinking maybe i should do a movie but if this dosent work out…JUST PLZ ITS ALWAYS BEEN MY DREAM TO BECOME AN ACTOR WHATEVER I HAVE TO DO TO GET A ROLE IN THIS MOVIE WOULD BE GREAT PLEASE PLEASE GIVE ME A CHANCE PLEASE RESPOND TO ME CONTACT AT 714-929-8883 or kavenbrown@hotmail.com

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