Draw Something- CBS Castings

Draw Something CBS
Draw Something- CBS
Draw Something CBS
Draw Something- CBS

CBS has another bright idea on their hand with their new game show Draw Something. If you have a smartphone you probably have played the game or saw someone play it and now CBS is giving contestants a chance to prove their drawing screen on TV in front of a big audience. Draw something was announced back in June but there was no progress or any further information until now, the executives at CBS have announced that Ryan Seacrest will be the host of the show and castings for contestants are now being conducted. This is your chance to prove you drawing skills on a TV show and win prize money along with it. Do not miss out on this opportunity submit your application now.

Draw Something is a dynamic, interactive game show where two teams consisting of one celebrity and one fan of the Draw Something app test their creativity and compete by drawing and guessing words to earn cash! The show is being produced for CBS by Embassy Row, Ryan Seacrest Productions, and Sony Pictures Television.

Draw Something  is based on the most exciting and addictive mobile game ever created by Zynga and is sure to be a hit and this is your opportunity to be on the show. The direcors are now looking for talent of all ages that have the ability to draw to compete in this hit show. If  you are interested please submit your application along with a photo and a resume. Please keep checking back often as we find out more information about the show and the casting dates.


  1. Hi my name is Lorelai Davis. I am a 12 year old girl. I am an American, I speak only English but will learn French when school starts. I am good at drawing. I have played the game on my kindle fire. I think it would be fun. I would love to be on the show. I live in Juneau, Alaska, born in Wisconsin, the place were I live will change my dad is in the military. Love disney, drawing ,and reading. And watching TV. I am a introvert sometimes, most of the times. I am good with working with people, and I am an all honors student. I would love it if you would consider me. Thank you for your time!

  2. My name is Zoe, I am 13, and I live in Kansas City, Missouri. I’ve always loved art- especially drawing- so I think this would be great for me.
    I would love to get a chance to be on this show because I think it would be less about acting and more about having fun and being yourself, which I could do very well.
    (It would also be neat to meet Ryan Seacrest)
    Thank you!

  3. My name is Kayli. I am a 9 year old girl (turning 10 in July) and I love the app draw something. I am a fantastic artist and I think that you should give me a try. I have been acting for a while now too. I live in West Hartford, CT. I play the piano and violin. I love to draw, and I have been in the school art show about 15 times, and my artwork has been hung up in the town hall once. I would love to have this opportunity to be on Draw Something. I think you won’t regret picking me for Draw Something. I really hope you pick me for this amazing show! Thank you! :)

  4. I would love to be a part of this! Im a 10 year old girl and i am an artist. I love to draw and I have been drawing sense I was 1. I really hope you consider picking me. Thank you!

  5. I would love to give this a try. I’m 18 years old, I have taken a few standard school art classes, and I must say…I’m not to shabby. I really enjoy it and I’m actually good. If you have any interest in me, hopefully this is the case, please contact me at me email.

  6. My name is Brittany. I am 13 years old and I am interested in this role. I had experience with modeling more than acting by doing auditions and being in a Performing Arts School. I enjoy acting and modeling. When I act I feel like I can relate to this character so bad that I feel it being me in real life. When I model I love it because I feel free and where people can can see what I love and enjoy to do. I believe if you love it and really want it, than go after it and that is my goal I’m going for no matter what. Because if you don’t enjoy it or love it how do you expect to do this for your career. That is why I think of this in my head when doing something new. It really helps. That is why I think I should play in this! Also time is money and I am all about that because I believe hard work pays off.

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