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Figure It Out
Figure It Out- Nickelodeon
Figure It Out
Figure It Out- Nickelodeon

Do you have a wacky talent or special skill and want to win awesome prizes?? Figure It Out is back on Nickelodeon and the casting directors are now looking for kids contestants. Hosted by Jeff Suphen and judged by  Rachel Crow, Drake Bell and Victoria Justice,Nickelodeon has given Figure It Out another run and we couldn’t be happier. This is the game show that has it all,celebrities, jokes, lots and lots of slime and of course cool prizes. The casting directors at Nickelodeon are now looking for fun and energetic kids to be on the new Figure It Out.The new Figure It Out will have two sets of three timed rounds, in which the panel takes turns asking yes-or-no questions to try to guess the contestant’s talent. Each time a panelist says a word that is part of the phrase that describes the secret talent, the word is turned over on a game board displaying the puzzle. The contestant wins a prize after each round that his or her talent remains unguessed and if the secret is not guessed after the third round the contestant will win a trip.

The directors at Nickelodeon are now looking for kids to be contestants on the new Figure It Out. If you would like to audition for the show please submit your application along with a few photos and basic information. Do not forget to include what talent you have and why you would be a good candidate for the show. They are looking for kids that are energetic, outgoing and willing to be in front of a camera. Please keep checking back for more details on casting dates and times and leave us a comment.


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  1. Hi, my name is Hetty and I am 12yrs of age. I am a dark skinned ugandan with short blond hair. I am good at singing and dancing. Ithas always been my dream to become an actor on nickelodoen. so please oh please may you give me a role in this new movie. thank you

  2. Hi, Im Lea and I am great at mathmatics,, singing, dancing, and sports like pingpong, basketball, and soccer. I have alot of talents and love science facts, so I would love to be a part of your show.

  3. I would love to be on ur movie I have special talents like picking my nose with my toe and dancing and sing I’m ten yrs old pick me I need my big break

  4. Hi I am Nate Turner. I have been watching figure it out for as long as I can remember and have been dying to be on the show. As a fourteen year old boy, I have better myself in my talent of juggling. Yes that is right, I can juggle. I can juggle anything you give me including balls and pins and even dangerous objects like swords. I would love to be part of the 2015 run of Figure It Out and I am hoping to share my unique talent with the world. I have performed in numerous talent shows and always get a huge roar from the croud. Thank you.

  5. i have been waiting a chance all my life to be on tv and i hope i get this chance, i AM 11 and 5’4, I am female with shoulder length blonde hair and bluish greenish eyes. I hope to be in the cast! I love nick

  6. Hi my name is Navai Mays, I am a 15 year old young man living in Eastpointe, Michigan.
    Ever since I was old enough to walk I have always wanted to be an actor, but my dreams were cut short once my mother found out she has cancer….ever since then I have been told to try harder and harder each day to live my dream.

    I do believe I would be a great contribute to the “Figure It Out” game show, because I think fast and great when timed and I am great at acting out parts. If given the opportunity I promise to work hard and give 100% effort being a contestant on the “Figure it out ” game show…


    Thank you, and even if I am not picked it would bring me great pleasure to at least receive an email from you guys.

  7. Well first and foremost i would like to say thank you for taking time out to read my comment..getting to the point I’m very flexible with my arms…I’m able to clasp my hands behind my back and bring it over my head without unclasping them…and from the front to the back..vice versa…I’ve always wanted to featured in something fun and to see the audiences face when I show them my skill..I hope I can be a possibility for this show..tank you for your time.

  8. I would really like to be on this show because I am a competitive gymnast and I can ride the unicycle. I’m ten years old and if there is a script involved I will be able to memorize it really well!

  9. Hi my name is Angela my dream is to be an actress but this game show looks awesome. I would love the chance to participate in this totally awesome show!!!;) ps. I am 11 years old, short, and people say I have a sassy VOICE.peace;)

  10. I’m 14 years old I can play the drums but I think the other thing I can do my be either weird or wacky but I can recite the avengers movie from beginning to end and repeat at least all the quotes that each actor said

  11. Hello,
    My name is Darya Chervanska, I’m 16 years old girl, living in North Hollywood, CA.
    Height: 5-6;
    Weight: 145lbs;
    Eye color: Green;
    Hair color: Ginger;
    Personality: Warm, friendly, talented, and able to show emotional range.
    Special: Was invited for casting to CGTV with Mr. Mosby from “Suite Life of Zack and Cody”. Attended theater classes for 4 years in my native country. Trilingual: Russian, Ukrainian, English. Comic artist and painter.
    Thank you.

  12. hi my name is taylor i do karate and diving. my birthday is august 19 2004. i have never been on tv or acted before professionally.

  13. I’m a little girl Dreaming to be a Hollywood Star, One day..
    My Hometown is Philippines..
    I’M 11 yrs old..
    My Birthday is October 29 2002
    My talent is Singing/Dancing and Acting
    I’m A Smart Girl
    And I’m here in Morocco Today..

    It would be Awesome if you accept me. To be on the show…

    Thank you alot
    God Bless and Peace,

  14. I always liked to be on figure it out since i was 8.I like to sing and dance all the time when i am at home. I am 11 years old and hoping to be on the show very badly.

  15. I am eleven years old. My dream is to be an actress. I have studied all my life. My talent is totally crazy flexibility. I am a dancer. I love hip hop and acro dancing. Plz pick me.

  16. NAME: Raneisha Morris
    AGE: 15
    BIRTHDAY: Nov. 7
    HEIGHT: 4’9 1/2
    WEIGHT: 98
    SIZE: Petite and/ or Funsized
    SEX: Female
    RACE: African American
    EYE/ HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
    TALENTS/ INTERESTS: Singing/ Acting/ Modeling/ Dancing/ Fashion/ and Law
    FAVORITE CHANNELS: Disney/ Nickelodeon/ ABC Family/ and Oxygen
    QUALITIES: I memorize scripts surprisingly very well/ On any types of “projects” especialy in theature arts or choir, i try my best to do better than my best/ i am very honest with myself on how much i can handle, but for a job i understand their is no limit to what you can or can’t handle/ Whenever i start something i almost HAVE to finish because i hate to leave things inncomplete/ I love to know i’m the one that worked hard for something i have as an independendency boost/ If i have the chance to help my parents live even better than we already are, then thats perfectly fine/ Even if i’m not confident or prepared enough for something like this, i will convince myself i am and that somehow that works: For example, When i preformed in my school’s pop show i did my solo better than i expected because of my inner confidence
    CLOSING: I realy hope you are conviced by my work ethency and attitude towards my dream career. Before you read the next comment, be sure to read mines again so that you won’t forget how serious i am about my future. Thank you

  17. I am a singer and actress that is sadly unknown, but i would like to try to change that by appearing on this awesome show. I will be 16 in a few months, I’m 4’9, african american, female, and very pretty. Thank you and please accept.

  18. hey my name is sweetness A.K.A SWEETY.I would love to be on figure it out because people say am talented and my friends always say am full of energy and people say i do wierd and funny things am a very fun person to work with .I love doing new things every day.My talent is drawing ,acting and 13 years …MWAAAH …

  19. hi nickelodeon i really want to become and actor. i make all ”A”s every year. also i make student of the month every year. im very smart so i will be an great actor.

  20. I would really love to be on the ‘Figure it out’ to show off my acting skills. I have loved acting since i was about six and me and my friends used to put on shows to our parents. I am now in year 8 and getting level 6’s. It really would be a dream come true if i got to show my skills on t.v.

  21. I can do some contorting which includes being able to continuously maneuver my arms around my body while keeping my hands interlocked. I can also do what is considered, to most, impossible: I am able to lick my own elbow.

  22. I’m 11 and i learned to crochet in 10 minutes. I now make lap blankets
    for people in nursing homes.I love figure it out and i think it would be awesome if i got it.

  23. Hi my name is Danielle Mather I live in Hong Kong, I watch figure it out everyday and have always wanted to be a part of it. I like to swim act and play netball. Some weird talents of mine are I can speak pig Latin ( it’s a language) fluently, I like to eat lemons with their skin on, and I do Kung fu and tai Kwan do. Please email me more information on the casting thank you!

  24. Hi,
    My name is Michaela I’m 14 years old and become 15 this month (June).
    I’m an African-Swiss girl , I’ve got short brown hair, brown eyes and wear black glasses. I can speak German, Italian and of course English. My skills are singing, dancing, fashion design, acting, play some instruments like the Drums and the Flute and I also started to learn the Guitar and the Keyboard.
    My biggest hobbies are singing acting and dancing-I went to Hip Hop lessons about 5 years, did a break and started again 2 years ago.
    I would really like to be on this show because I’m somebody who can learn new things fast and when I start to act, sing or dance I‘m myself, I just feel good (in other things I’m also my self but there’s it different) and I want to reach the people out there, something like to show the world that we are supposed to reach/get/make something. And when it comes to Acting I just can say it’s super cool to act it’s always something new for me because I can show all of my skills and parts and get into another character.
    So I would like to show the world my skills. It would be super amazing and an honor for me to be on this show. Thank you

  25. Hi! I’m JaDaija King and I’m 14 years old. I love Figure It Out and mostly figure out the talents without hearing the first part. I would love to be on the show and figure out those talents.

  26. hey My name is Clare i think i ca relate with the role. I am Fun and love making people happy! people say i’m good at acting, singing and dancing and i think so to. I live in England. i am 12 yrs old, prizes wow i love them belive me! haha i like seeing people smile and i love smiling too. When i have spare time i love singing and dancing and acting but i usually do it with my sister. I do some sports like Athletics mostly sprinting, i did netball, hockey, basketball, trampolining, gymnastics i’m not the best at that and i also did handball. hope you read this and like it cheers :)

  27. My name is Brittany. I am 13 years old and I am interested in this role. I had experience with modeling more than acting by doing auditions and being in a Performing Arts School. I enjoy acting and modeling. When I act I feel like I can relate to this character so bad that I feel it being me in real life. When I model I love it because I feel free and where people can can see what I love and enjoy to do. I believe if you love it and really want it, than go after it and that is my goal I’m going for no matter what. Because if you don’t enjoy it or love it how do you expect to do this for your career. That is why I think of this in my head when doing something new. It really helps. That is why I think I should play in this! Also time is money and I am all about that because I believe hard work pays off.

  28. Hi ! My name is Iman Williams I’m 14 1/2 and 5 3!
    I love acting and these shows ! I play accoustic guitar and I do karate and competitive cheer and look great on camera! I have amazing stage performance form traveling on my cheer competitions ! I’d love to do this ! I’m hardworking , trustworthy , and just wanna make people happy and have fun!

  29. I have always wanted to be an actor since iwas was too i like singng and dancing and ACTING its so fun i really want to be on disney channel i watch it almost everyday

    • Please, I’ve always wanted to do it. My dream is to be at least on one show. I’m 15, and I love the arts. I’m holding this can kick off my acting career.

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