FOX Series Empire Casting Call for Talented Performers in Chicago

Music. Family. Power. The  Battle Begins.
Music. Family. Power. The Battle Begins.

FOX Series Empire Casting Call for Talented Performers in Chicago

Music. Family. Power. The Battle Begins. FOX series Empire is a unique serialized drama that centers on the music and life of a Hip Hop dynasty. The Hip Hop drama is produced and directed Oscar Nominated director Lee Daniels who directed films Precious and Butler. The Show stars Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson, rounding out the Family is Jussie Smollet, Trai Byers, and Bryshere Gray (This is Gray’s debut as an actor).

The show is infused with powerful music and performances by the Lyon sons and talent individuals signed to Empire records. While the music is the feature of the show  the dramatic tug of war between each family member to ultimately retain control of Empire is the foundation of the show.

Empire is currently filming the Chicago area. The extras casting team for Empire released a casting call for male and female extras to portray performers on stage who are available to work the next two days on “Empire.”

To audition for a role on ‘Empire’, Please read the casting call details below:

FOX Series Empire Casting Call Notice:

Casting Alert! Searching for males and females who can work both tomorrow, Jan. 28th and Friday, Jan. 30th, who has awesome outfits like you are a performer on stage, rapper, singer, as we are casting people who would act as “talent” on stage – these are non-speaking roles. If you have the look, the outfits, the hair and makeup, send a picture all made up in an outfit that looks like a cool stage outfit so we can see what you would look like to and put “Talent 1.28/309” in the subject line. Include your height, weight, age, phone number, city and state.

Please do not apply, if you are not local or if you do not fit the description.


  1. I would like to go into the acting business I’m a funny person I get along with people and I work hard I think I have a face to be an actor and personality….. I also like to have fun and I believe that I can put my mind to do anything…

    • Hi guys ,

      I’m a beautiful and very talented up and coming actress , who can sing and a natural when it comes to putting on a show. I really enjoyed being an extra on season 1 , and would really love another chance on season 2. So take a look at my photo and see how having me as an actress add just a little more flava to the show.


  2. Hi my name daron im 15 yrs old and i love to sing i attend the marvin L winans academy of performing arts i dont believe but i know its my time to shine because i comefrom a struggling family and im just waiting on a miracle.

  3. Dear casting,I would love to audition for extras as well as for principal speaking roles.I am a sag actor.I had bits parts in many projects.Steven speilberg Lincoln and a few on tvs show.I will pay for my own transpotation.To audition for major roles and I will pay for a hotel if select just to do extras roles.I am being followed by a few of the regular cast on twiter and facebook.I am empires biggest fan.I submitted my headshot to LEE DANIERS CO AND MS BUTLER. Thanks for your consideration

  4. Besides being a huge fan of the show, I’m very talented. I sing, dance, rap, creative, and very original. Multi racial, African American, American Samoan, and native American. I am 15yrs old and mature. I would love a shot at auditioning to be on the next season of Empire.

  5. Hi my name is Alfreda Collins I’m interesting in auditioning as an extra or a character part. I’m an older lady which can pass for a woman in the early forties just today I was told that how proud I was. I do christain comedy my character is an 86 yr. old lady name Ms Ona. Ms Ona sings, raps, dance and makes you really laugh right now I’m a non-known comedian. My interest other than an extra if allowed. I would love to play Taraji/Cookie’s mean mean selfish grandmother or loose -lip great aunt on the other hand I would like to play one of Terrance/Lucious’s arrogant high class musical talentive relatives. I’m available at any given time. If additional information is needed just inform me. I’m looking forward in hearing from you this September for Season 2 baaaaaaby I’m ready. You may notice that I have summited several interest letters because that’s how much I want to ve part of the Empire Show family. Thanks for reading and may God Bless.

  6. ❤❤Hey, I am Taliyah Lambert I am 13 years old I can act and dress like I’m 20 I have a lot of great ideas for the next season of empire it is a great show actually one of my favorite shows it is filled with drama and I love drama. My cell phone number is 251-518-4380 I am from Mobile AL I can be real ghetto and I can be classic I am a very good actor I would love a part in empire. I would die for a part or just to be an extra I dont care I just want to be in this next season of empire.❤❤

  7. Hi my name is dominique im 24yrs old born and raised in Chicago I’ve been singing since the age of nine. I have the voice as well as the beauty of a angel i can make my voice do what i want. And how i want. Look on my facebook or youtube account in you will see my talent. I know i have what it takes.

  8. I really desperately need this I’m in the street selling and do not want to its just the environment I’m capable of doing more than I know I have this fire inside and its ready to come out but do not know how to get it out.

  9. I am 31 year old female. I live in the state of Alabama. I think I would I excellent. I Lived the life of Cookie. i have had real life experiences based on the movie of empire I think that I would be great for it because a person that has actually walked that life can related more to the actual ideal of the series.

  10. hello im nya im not gonna do alot but uhm i can act i sing dance i play 8 instruments and etc. i really wanna act and sing i sing for every first friday and etc.but i would really enjoy to be on your show <3

  11. Because I’m the best dam extra that you could possibly pick hands down. I was born in Louisiana raised in Texas and Arkansas. This the chance to show kids where I’m from that if you apply your self all things are possible.

  12. Hi my name is lashonda walker im from pontiac mi i travel i love to dance and sing im a good actor im 5’4 i weight 150 im light skin with a fade, email me i think i will be a good actor by been lucious long lost daughter to hakeem and jamal cause everybody keep sayn me and hakeem look alike

  13. Hi my name is lashonda walker im from pontiac mi i travel i love to dance and sing im a good actor im 5’4 i weight 150 im light skin with a fade.

  14. as if any of the actual producers will read any of these comments lol but what they hey I have been auditioning for shows such as American idol the x factor the voice America’s got talent Sunday best ShowTime at the Apollo etc. since I was 16 I’ve heard no so many times until I just start to believe that I was really no good so why would someone even bother to pick me honestly I don’t know I guess the producers see someone who already knows who he is and they sometimes get afraid because I speak the truth and I don’t take the crap that other contestants or actors do maybe so but I will say this I’m original and very well connected with myself and I can act off the dome so I don’t need lessons for singing dancing or acting because when you’re a performer such as myself it comes naturally so why don’t you guys consider having me in your show thanks in advance

  15. I am 16 years old and I am a talented young singer with good singing and acting background and would love a chance to really strive in my acting

  16. I think Becky needs a sister or a mom on the show. lol… Anywho, I’m a dedicated actress and singer/songwriter. I mainly do gospel stage plays, at least 10. So far I’ve sang in a movie called Cronies produced by Spike Lee and Michael Lanell which was just at the 2015 Sundance film festival. I’m also in the up and coming pilot Family and Friends as a crackhead by the name “Sharonda”. I just found this site so I know it’s too late for the filming mentioned above but when you do have another casting call, please consider me. Thank You

  17. Hi, I am very interested in having a role and or being an extra in the new hit series EMPIRE. I am not a local, but I am very talented, and a peoples person. I dream big and plan to make them a reality.

    Please give me a chance I promise u won’t regret it

  18. I am a hard working mother of three… I have skills in the performing arts… I sing write poetry and songs… I would feel and be truly blessed if I could be apart of this series… God bless you and I pray that I get the chance to showcase my gifts… Be blessed

  19. My name is Ashantee I am 25 I have been performing in stage since I was 8 I have years of experience on stage, musical theater, I have experience behind the scenes as well I am ready to exceed my potential and bare my soul in my music and I would love the chance to show what I can do

  20. I Know You May Not See My Reason But Everybody Just saying They Want The Role Or An Role On Empire But You Don’t Know If Their Talented Or Not. If You Give Me One Chance To Act It Out I Promise You I’ll Blow Your Mind. I Really Really Do Hope You Get This Message. I’m A Rapper And I Could Act. I Hope You Could Give Me A Chance Whoever Se This.

  21. I always wanted to be on empire that my dream so can u call 5123699542 or email me lakeishadixon19@yahoo com thank u can you’ll please reply back

  22. Hello I think that I am a perfect fit for Empire casting call I am a female and Chameleon
    I have many looks, personalities and I can be perfect for an extra extrodinary person in this AWSOME
    SERIES… Thank you!
    Dorian BIII

  23. Whelp lort its my time to shine so empire here I come to take advantage of my opportunity.when you call me ask for bookie.

  24. hi my name is trinity im 13. i know it sounds crazy for a 13 year old like me to want to be on a show like this but that doesnt stop me from dreaming, i sing dance and act. i been in plays for school, camp, and regular plays. im very out going but that doesnt mean anything. i feel like when i act i express how i feel so i give it my all, same for when i sing. please if you just give me a chance to be on the show empire i will play my role the best way it supposed to played. i will play any role.i dont care what anybody says about this passage. as long as my family supports me making my dreams come true…

  25. I am a very humble hard-working dedicated tenacious energetic young woman who gives one hundred percent in everything I do. I would love nothing more than to work with FOX in helping the is powerful series rise to unthinkable levels as it is already!!!!!

  26. I am a cool laid back rapper, producer from Detroit who has my own label called C.E.O. RECORDS in Detroit and the c.e.o. of BMG BOOTONIC MUSIC GROUP . I have been doing a few plays and really tighten up my actor skills because I really won’t to get into this field as well. I bought a camera just for me to practice my acting skills. My best friend is Julia Hudson Jennifer Hudson’s sister and I always come in and out of Chicago anyway. I’m just looking for opportunity and I know I will make a good asset on the show. Either acting, rapping, producing music for the actors or ghost writing. Please feel free to contact me at 313-844-7166. Thank you

  27. I’m sure that there is a lot of talented people out there, but not one have the energy, strive, or ambition that I have to make things golden. I might not be more experienced but thats can all change in no time. PLUS I’M WILLING TO WORK FREE FOR EXPOSURE… FOR NOW.

  28. Hi,
    I think I would be perfect for any role on empire even an extra because I am very outgoing and I have been told I am a very good singer by friends, family, and people that have heard me sing.
    Melia Ruiz

  29. Hi ,
    My Name is Crystal Johnson also known a s a female rapper “Fresh”
    I am really inspired by the show empire and the great actors and actress
    you had on the show. What a great look. It was a motivating tv shows
    to people who want to own a record label and be an artist. That its not
    about but making music but been a family and having fun as well. I know
    I fit good with been on empire because not only the next season should
    have a famale artist but a Lesbain female artist. To show the world its ok
    to be comfortable of who you are that you can chase your dreams the
    way you are and not change for anyone. Having a female artist that have a
    great strive about music will be eye opening.

    • Hi ,
      My Name is Crystal Johnson also known a s a female rapper “Fresh”
      I am really inspired by the show empire and the great actors and actress
      you had on the show. What a great look. It was a motivating tv shows
      to people who want to own a record label and be an artist. That its not
      about but making music but been a family and having fun as well. I know
      I fit good with been on empire because not only the next season should
      have a famale artist but a Lesbain female artist. To show the world its ok
      to be comfortable of who you are that you can chase your dreams the
      way you are and not change for anyone. Having a female artist that have a
      great strive about music will be eye opening.

  30. Hi my name is Brittany. I’ve been watching the show since day one and would love an opportunity to work with such talented individuals. I am a big fan of Taraji P Henson and her story of packing up her son and moving to pursue her dreams. Her courage and motivation has made me realize that it’s not too late for me to pursue my dreams as well. I’ve decided to show my 6 year old daughter that at any age you can pursue your dreams know matter what happens. Thank you for your time and have a blessed day.

  31. I’m 17 and I fit the spot for empire because I love the intensity the show has and I fit that… This show has a lot if built of anger in the family and I can relate to that and play that role. This show fits me and and helps me experience slot of real life things.

  32. Whassup Empire Family! It’s a great privilege and honor to have an opportunity to jump start my acting career with The hottest cast in television history! I’m Jamie Knuckles from Newark NJ. I’m an aspiring actor, author, hip hop dancer, songwriter and singer (rnb). This has been a dream for as long as I can remember. I’ve traveled far and wide to fulfill my dreams it hasn’t been easy. In fact I’m almost always expecting to go back to the drawing board and start over. I’ve been working acting singing and song writing over 15 years. However, it seems I have failed terribly to meet with the team of people who play a part in making all these things happen. Its not easy when you come from a family who have some much talent but no one believes that they have what it takes. Well, I Do… I sing; I can dance, I’m an incredible actor. I don’t have a history or resume of things to make you a believer but the element of surprise can assure you I am not only a handsome face but I am the missing piece to The Empire that keeps the world fire.
    Instagram: @jamiejroc365
    Youtube: Jamiejroc1 (All I Need)

  33. Hello, My name is Eben Rush. I am and up and coming hip hop artist who can sing and rap, I’m pursuing my acting and music career. I’ve been A actor and MC for 12years my goal is to advance in the acting field to later participate in versatile rolls such as drama, action,comedy, and horror. Please take this into consideration for I have the passion, the fire to succeed and not only learn n better myself from others but to help others evolve as well. Thank you.

  34. I write I sing I act I play I’m just looking for the opportunity to show the word what I can do.

  35. Hi! My name is Alexis… Im originally from Nassau, Bahamas. I am 5’7. My mother is Bahamian, father was Greek. I sing, act, write and dance… I am currently a pretty well known local artist in The Bahamas, but I would LOVE to expand Internationally! I currently have an album called Journey in record stores here in my country and I have won two awards for my roles at our local theater! Including my role as Effie White in Dreamgirls :) I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to be a part of this show! It is EVERYTHING TO ME! And I hope and pray for the opportunity to prove myself! Thank you sooooo much! :)

  36. I have been with this show since the beginning, and I love it, of course that is not the only reason id like to be considered, but also because I am an aspiring actress, and would like to add to my resume. No small role is to small, no big role is to big either.

  37. I use to perform years ago as my alter ego creep. I was the best act on all of the shows that I performed on as a crowd pleasing tongue twisting artist. I look very intimidating to people so my stage presence was overwhelming to start, and when I start rapping I am immediately acknowledged as the one that has skills. If you have the time to spare for a few bars hit my line at 6192081281. I’m 5’7 325 pounds dark skin 34 years old born and raised on the south side of Chicago.

  38. To whom it may concern: My name is Samuel Ramethape from south Africa limpopo region,polokwane area urban area called seshego zone 1 masakaneng. It is an honor and privileges to enter this empire fox movie because what brakes a nigga won’t make a nigga. I,Will be very humble to play a casting role in fox empire besides monologues or audition scouting judges i,will be the best performer you ever have and i,speak pure English and i,am willing to thrive and strive into my acting career curveball and there is nothing won’t be on my way during my acting journey. My whole life i,dare need to be recognized into media industry as well as an writer actor rapper and as an young entrepreneur who will help people to realize their dreams.

    My family we are very poor and i think one day i,will be on the grand stage of them all. I manage to register an international passport but i,fall to register a green card or immigrants lottery card to come to America the world largest market in the world but because of money currency compare zar/rand into dollar i,see my dream being lost in the jungle and no one can realized my dream and maybe they still a chance to apply for casting calls. My point is i,am poor and i,like being there even though i,lost two front teeth through an accident and it doesn’t kill my confident to be on the stage. i like action movie’s like robbing a bank and i, have good skills on how to robbed banks also i,did not have qualifications to be an actor but i,can assure you that i,can do it.


  39. I would love to audition for a role in Empire. I love the show it’s amazing and it’s full of real family drama! I am 29 I’m an R&B artist, and I also rap from time to time, but I love to sing. I am currently working on my album at this time. I have done live performances before so I’m not a stranger to the stage or spotlight. I think this would be a great opportunity for me to jumpstart a career in acting and for my voice to be heard. Check out some of my tracks and let me know what you guys think. Sexy Blacc

  40. Write my email if you’d like to see for yourself. I ask for nothing but a chance I’m not a star struck individual but I do admire skills. I cant send you just one look because I have many so I could give you the look you need. Live in Las Vegas but I will get where i need to be before time on time and ready. I just would like a chance.

  41. Hey, I’m 16, 5’2″, I’m a very talented and powerful singer. I have been on a tv show called Juke a Chicago story and I attend a Business of the Arts school called little black pearl. I wish for a chance to audition.

  42. I am a very talented singer and I really like ur show and I need this audition so I can show the world my gift and what iI can do

  43. Hi my name is Michael leach I am an artist from Chicago I love to sing an I feel that impire will give me the perfect opportunity to show case my talent

  44. Thank you for your time.
    Ready for the parts needing filled. Standingby. Have a great day!

    -Alexander B.Cormier

  45. Thanks for the opportunity. I feel I would be great to work with because I am a team player. I love music. I produce music and I also sing. I would do whatever it takes to add more to a great and phenomenal show. This is the best show on T.v. much success to next season as ell God Bless. Jason Booker

  46. Hey I’m Jermaine Ross I’m so driven and dedicated into whatever I do I would love to come audition for empire the tv show or whatever opportunity you have for me to take…. Thanks so much hope to hear from you soon

  47. Hello; i am a 31 y/o AA Female. 141lbs 5’5. I am talented singer, grew up in church. interested in acting/modeling. I would love a chance to audition.

  48. My name is Tony, young African American male, who has a strong passion for music, and the power that it holds. Ive been blessed to sing, and song write, and was fortunate to release a song viral! family is the core of me and who keeps me going, its partially why im in school and keep pursuing my dreams in life because the good backbone that i have blessed to be apart of. My personality is adventurous, and literally, speaking and talking to people is my all time favorite, and impacting didn’t lives, and experiencing new things! if chosen to be apart of this show, i would definitely bring a lot to the table and make it worth the investments

  49. Hello I am 5’10” tall. Medium build I was an extra in a movie filmed in atlanta, georgia with Megan Good and Neo. I was acting in a bar scene. It was a long day and night of remakes. I would love to be consider for a chance to audition. I am also with

  50. Why should I be considered for a part on the Hip Hop Drama Empire on Fox?
    My name is Shanna Hollis and I am currently 18 years old studying Fine Arts at Maryland Institute College of Arts. Simply, I would LOVE to attain a roll on the show because I have decided it’s time to take charge of my dreams and make them a reality for my future and I know Empire would be an extraordinary opportunity to start my career. I am very involved with a few of the themes on the show, sexuality and hip-hop, which are shown in various pieces in my portfolio. I have always been interested in all creative aspects of both Visual and Performance Arts and have partaken in both. I have had training in the field of Acting, Dance (Jazz, Modern, and Hip-Hop), and Fine Arts including Graphic Design. I also have a Bermudian accent (if someone with an accent is ever needed). As an African-American of Bermudian decent, I would love to show other young, talented, Bermudians that it is possible to achieve your goals and dreams no matter where you are from. I would be an excellent addition to the team; with my hard working mindset, very outgoing personality, and my drive to succeed, I can help you build your Empire wherever you see fit. Thank You! -Shanna Hollis

  51. To whom this may concern..
    I’m Brandon a very humble person..dedicated..consisted…laid back…street thug…
    Height- 5,7
    Weight- 132lbs
    Age- 24
    Chicago Illinois

  52. Hey. My name is Keonte Taylor, but my stage name is Shawn C. I am a local artist from the South Side of Chicago. I have my own recording studio, record label, play many instruments, and write my own music. I’m a fast learner and cooperative. I’m aiming to be an actor as a musician but also willing to work as an extra. I hope to hear from you soon.

  53. Hi I’m Chanel, I’m a senior in high school and I have already written my first book. I am a writer, poet, rapper, lyricist; whatever you wanna call it,I am very determined. Determined to do and be the best at any and every aspect of art and performing. I would love to have this opportunity to show off my lyrical skills and I look forward to hearing from you.

  54. Hi there, done some acting in high school, great charmer, intense in business and sex appeal.
    It would be great to play a role that partners with the CEO to control his 3 sons as it finds help from his illness. This role can be his secret ACE that covers his back.



  55. I would love to be a actor or singer or model on empire, im beautiful can sing and have a great personality and good at photos and a little acting needs work but can do anything I put my mind too.

  56. I am 5’2 I can sing, I love fashion, I am 23 years old and I am interested in coming out of my shell, doing things that I love.

  57. Let ,me introduce my self to you first off, I’m keionna latrice Currie ! I live in Chicago the most talented city that there is & I believe I can take a part on your show . I’m all about business & I only focus on 2-4 things 1) money ,2) Love ,3) respect & 4) honesty . And on the Empire show that’s all I see .so yes that’s were I’m heading to start off fresh .

  58. Hello, my name is Daijajuan Terry but everyone calls me “DJ.” I’m 18 years old and I have been acting and singing for 12 years. I have been in countless plays and musicals and I have even been in a Hansons commercial. I realized after reading these comments that there is nothing that could easily set me apart from anyone else that commented, but I felt that I would seriously regret it if I didn’t at least try to get your attention. TV has always been the biggest dream of mine. There is not one possible thing that could go wrong if you find some way to cast me. I am a very hard worker, just dripping talent. I have the hunger to make it to the top, all I need is someone as smart as the casting director and crew of “Empire” to realize that. I went to college for acting which was a huge testament to my talent because they only select a handful of people who audition for the program. I unfortunately wasn’t able to stay for financial reasons, and my life has gotten increasingly worse since then. My point in telling you this is not to gain a sympathy vote but to share a bit of my story and to let you know I am one of the hardest working people that have ever walked the planet. Most people will wonder how that’s true if I’m not already famous, but the answer is simply because I haven’t crossed paths with anyone that’s smart enough to realize that yet. I am truly hoping those smart people to finally see me are the people that read this. I am literally wiling to do whatever it takes to make it. If you email me at all to discuss anything you will be refreshingly pleased. Remember my name, Daijajuan (DJ) Terry. The only chance I have at differentiating myself from the other people claiming to have what you’re looking for is to make my plea extra long (I apologize for that) but I am very serious about needing this big break. You won.t regret getting familiar with me, and that’s the truth. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

  59. I am someone yu should know! I learn quickly and appreciably. I am very much interested in acting. I am intelligent and educated. Please see my displayed bio. Oh, I am talented and would be a fresh face to your productions. Thank yiou

  60. I can tell why you should choose me i can even write a whole book about all my good qualities but that will be irrelevant because at the end of the day action speaks louder than words I can’t really tell you how good I am because I know how good I am I know my potential I know my talent I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses I can only show you.

  61. I am someone who is dedicated to not only learning a craft but I am dedicated to what I do. I create music as well and I can bring in my unique sound and talents to add to the direction that the show is headed. Also I enjoy working hard to make a product come out perfect.

  62. Would love to be given the opportunity to pursue a life long dream of making it on the Silver Screen. Very out going and a true guy who belives in the “early birds get the worm”!

  63. Hi,
    My name is Tammie Spraggins. I’am 17 with a 4month old son, with a passion for acting. I was hoping I could get a shot so that I can show my son something different.

  64. I’ve just submitted for extra roles in EMPIRE. I believe i would make a good pick due to being an active/ known face in Chicago’s hip hop scene. Please email me for the next availability..Especially if it pertains to Chicago music scene

  65. The look I Strive for, Dedication and determination is shown in my appearance… I Respect all aspects of the show…Gifts, talent and creativity is what I bring to the floor… I’m mildly experienced and hope I can experience more… That is if I’m destined for the opportunity…. Thank You…

  66. Acting is a creating feeling that you can create for others to believe. .
    if you can build the creation you can create a desire for others to imagine. .
    acting is in my personality to soften or build my world.

  67. Hey . My name is Mecca Bryant Acting and modeling is my dream and i love empire i would do what it takes to be on the show Can u please pick Me

  68. I am a local lesbian & popular LGBT nightlife promoter in Chicago. I have been promoting big events in alternative and non-alternative venues. I am respected as a great party promoter by Club Owners and Managers of some of Chicago’s hottest nightclub/concert venues. Therefore, since LGBT roles are present in Empire and it is set in a nightclub “Leviticus” then I could fit right in!!!

  69. I have a twin brother we have been rapping more than 5 years we’ve won talent shows in and out of town also did gospel rap for awhile and won trophies for our church.I also believe we have the look for tv! Very camera friendly lol thanks and be blessed.

  70. I need this so bad. so I can take care of my self and my family. they’re starting not to believe in me. and I have to change that. PLEASE. I’m so serious and dedicated

  71. If I could I would put up a hundred comments. I really want this and I hope somebody is really going to read this. I am very committed to doing this. I love empire. I will stay up all night studying my lines. But I have to go now my computer time is up in the lobby. so if you can please call me!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. I don’t even care that I put my number on the website. that’s how much I don’t care what people think. all I worried about now is Being a Great Actor. I will listen and do whatever you all need me to do

  73. please give me a chance to shock everybody that knows me. to know that I actually made it in life , and so my family stops looking down at me.. please. 770 222 5025

  74. I would love to be on empire. I love that show and I will do anything you all need me to do to be a great actor. im tired of being looked at as a failure and I want to do this on my own without nobody knowing. it would be a great honor to me and my family

  75. Also been a rap artis since the age of 7 and performing since the age 11. Every chance is great I took was great even if it wasn’t succesful I atleast had the chance to try.

  76. I think I should be casted on this show because this industry was made for me. I’m a local rap artist from Minnesota with many talents. I was named after Raekwon The Chef from the Wu Tang Clan, inspired by Lil Wayne & a few other new artists from today. Born June 16th, the same day as Tupac. I was born for this. Casting on Empire will be a true honor. I love the show.

  77. To who it may concern I’m a talented rapper/song writer and a artist from augusta ga and who love music and kin to the R&B singer urban mystic so I would think this would be my spot light for the show pick any role I nail it 404 808 0271 I’m ready

    • I am a very talented singer and I really like ur show and I need this audition so I can show the world my gift and what iI can do

  78. Because I’m freaking awesome! I’m a natural born character so it doesn’t take much for me to take on the personality of someone else and perform my ass off. I am from Seat Pleasant, MD and this is honestly my best way out…..

    My drive will drive you crazy. Self-motivated and ambitious. To me, no means YES
    AYESHIAA on all social media

  79. Because I’m freaking awesome! I’m a natural born character so it doesn’t take much for me to take on the personality of someone else and perform my ass off. I am from Seat Pleasant, MD and this is honestly my best way out…..

    AYESHIAA on all social media

  80. I look forward to having the pleasure to be with the cast of this wonderful show and hopefully enjoy the experience with everyone else who is invited. Hope to see you all soon and I would love to enjoy watching more of the show as the season come by.

  81. Hi,
    I am a 23 year old African American male with an ample amount of passion and ambition. I consider myself extremely multi-talented and smart. I am a jack of all trades, not only can I act, but I also sing and dance as well. I believe with all of these attributes I could fit right into your show if presented with the opportunity!

  82. I am a 29 years young. 5’7 bi racial Chicago born down south raised gal.( Lol) I am very out going I love to play around with karaoke , I love to dance. And since the show is about a music empire I believe I could fit right in. I have a very versatile look and I follow directions also have the ability to be taught. Thanks for your time Sinceraly, Sheree a.k.a. Reese ❤️

  83. I would love to be considered for the show empire I’m very easy to work with and very outgoing! I feel that I can execute any role perfectly even if I am an extra in the show I will do everything to bring the character to life. Thanks

  84. I am an aspiring actress singer and rapper!!!! I have a bubbly spirit I’m very outgoing!!!! I’m a quick learner!!!! I love the show and I think I would fit perfectly with the rest of the cast!!!

    • Hey my name is sergio im 15 years old im a young rapper and im am trying to be on this show im offer to share my music with this show if u like it i tried to produce my music in the past but never had a person to do it if u are willing to put me on your show u can contact me at 4055088473 if u need to know any thing else my numbers on here

      • Hey my name is sergio im 16 years old im a young rapper and im am trying to be on this show im offer to share my music with this show if u like it i tried to produce my music in the past but never had a person to do it if u are willing to put me on your show u can contact me at 4055088473 if u need to know any thing else my numbers on here

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