FX Show Needs New Actors for Pilot Episode

Casting needs extras to play several different roles in the upcoming show.  The show takes place in the 1940’s, so extras must have appropriate haircuts and style.  The first casting call is nationwide, but the auditions if you receive a call back will take place in Boston, Houston, or Pennsylvania.  Exact locations will be detailed as the tentative dates approach.

As a model in this show, you will be dressed up in clothes from the 1940’s and in the background during vital scenes.  The casting team also needs models for promo photo-shoots to be used on billboards, in commercials, and on posters in big cities.  As an actor, you will be featured in various roles with potential speaking parts.  This could be a great opportunity to have a significant role in a brand new FX series.


FX is a division of 21st Century Fox that launched in 1994.  It boasts high quality television shows that aim to compete with premier channels like HBO and Showtime.  FX stands for, “FOX eXtended” because it promotes adult themed shows that would normally not be shown on FOX.


Network: FX

Paid: Yes

Roles: Models for background

Date: January 31st

This is a great opportunity to work with producers on FX.  You will meet several people that have been around the movie industry for a while.  As  featured extra, your role is pretty vital to production, so make sure you follow directions.  You want to pay close attention to directors because along with getting paid you might learn alot!

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