HBO’s ‘The Deuce’ Is Hiring Kids for a Recurring Role

James Franco

HBO is filming a new drama series called, The Deuce and has announced a casting call for kid actors and talents to play a featured role of a lead character’s son. Grant Wilfley Casting is looking for 9 to 12 year old kids for a recurring role in the show. The filming is scheduled to take place in mid-June 2016 in Brooklyn, New York City.

About The Deuce

The Deuce is a drama series produced and written by author and ex-police reporter David Simon along with George Pelecanos. The drama is set in New York, in the 1970s and 1980s. The series will be premiered on HBO in the US, although the premiere date of the show is not finalized yet.

The plot of The Deuce

The story of The Deuce revolves around the succeeding rise and legalization of the porn industry in New York’s Times Square between the early 70s and the mid-80s. The TV series will portray the world that existed in New York till the rise of HIV and crack/cocaine. The plot of this drama series focuses on two characters, Frankie Martino and Vincent Martino, who used to be the players at Times Square and then became the mob fronts for control of the money-spinning porn industry. The series will star the famous James Franco in the characters of the twins.

Casting call for kid actors for the upcoming HBO drama series

Check the details below if you are interested in sending your kid to the casting call. This is certainly a wonderful opportunity for your child to work alongside James Franco.

What are the casting requirements?

The casting directors are looking for a non-union kid actor to play the recurring role of a principal character’s son in the upcoming drama series The Deuce

Gender: Only males are required

Age: Applicants should be between 9 to 12 years of age

Ethnicity: Applicants should be brunette Caucasian boys

Look specifications:

  • All the boys applying should not have any modern haircut, buzz cut, shaved sides or unnaturally colored hair.
  • Applicants should have looks to suit the era of 1971.

How to apply for the role?

If you are interested in sending your kid to the auditions of HBO’s The Deuce then send his application to the following email address:

Don’t forget to mention “Facebook, Featured Son, [child’s name & age]” in the subject line of your email.

What to include in the submission?

Please provide the following important information in your email for your child’s further consideration:

  • Full name of the kid

  • Age

  • Date of birth

  • Height and weight

  • All wardrobe sizes (shirt, pant)

  • Shoe size

  • Union status (SAGAFTRA or Non-Union)

  • Confirm that the kid will be available for the filming on 8th June 2016

  • Confirm that the kid will be available throughout October, 2016.

  • Expiration date of work permit

  • Send at least three recent candid photographs of the kid (selfies are accepted)

(Make sure that he looks exactly the same in pictures as he currently looks)

  • Submit a short video/acting reel of your child for the production to judge his personality

  • Mention name and contact number of the parents

Important note

  • Applicants must have two valid, unexpired and unrestricted forms of the ID issued by the US government to fill out an I-9 form and must be legal to work on camera.

  • Applicants must have valid New York work permit or willing to get the permit and trust account set up.

  • Mention if the child has a visa of any kind.

  • Applicants must be available throughout October because this is an ongoing featured role and future dates will be announced throughout the month.

Please consider the following before sending your submissions

  • Do not apply for the role if your kid is not a local resident of New York City / Tri-State area.

  • Also, do not apply if your kid does not match the casting requirements.