Is HBO’s “Westworld” the Next Big Thing?


Westworld is an American science fiction television series created by Jonathon Nolan.  Jonathon is the brother of prestigious director, Christopher Nolan.  Together they have collaborated on several projects, but Westworld is Jonathon’s innovative creation that has taken the television world by storm.


Westworld is only four episodes deep into its first season, but it is garnering millions of views and high praise from viewers and critics.   So why are people so in love with this new show early on?  The simple answer is its uniqueness.  The show boasts a unique concept inspired by the 1973 film with the same name.  The TV series takes what the movie did right and expands it into an intense show.

It takes place in a fictional world called Westworld.  It is a giant technologically advanced, Wild West, themed amusement park that is populated by robots called “hosts”.  The show is filled with controversy as robots, travelers, wealthy-schemers, and the law collide.  The plot is very complex using a mixture traits from works of science-fiction, dystopian novels, and westerns.

Many critics are comparing Westworld to HBO’s flagship fantasy show, Game of ThronesWestworld is basically the science fiction version of Game of Thrones with more emphasis on being a thriller instead of a political drama.  The series debut of Westworld boasted HBO’s highest viewer ratings for a premiere since Matthew McConaughey’s True Detective.

The show stars Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris along with several up-and-coming actors.  Evan Rachel Wood plays the main character, Dolores Abernathy.

The Appeal

Westworld is as thrilling as it is innovative.  From intense rivalries between characters, to mysteries within the park, this show will keep viewers hooked for a long time.   Are the “hosts” the heroes or the villains? Are the humans the ones really causing all of the chaos?  Why is the world like it is?  There are hundreds of questions that will keep viewers coming back for more.  Nolan and HBO are very confident that this show will keep on rolling.  With the growing success of the first season, HBO will undoubtedly renew Westworld for a second season.