Disney’s “High School Musical 4” Casting Call


The production team will start filming on the Disney Original Movie High School Musical 4 in August 2016. Disney Channel is casting actors between the ages of 14 and 17 to play the roles. The roles are available for both females and males to portray students of East High Wildcats, and students of West High Knights.

In order to be considered for a role, it is important that all talent has legal eligibility to work on movies and television productions in Los Angeles, USA.

Team Behind High School Musical 4

Jeffrey Hornaday, the two time DGA nominee will choreograph and direct High School Musical 4. The script is written by Dan Berendsen, and Peter Barsocchini, the 3 time Daytime Emmy Award winner. Hornaday previously worked on movies like Teen Beach and Teen Beach 2. Barsocchini worked on scripts for High School Musical and High School Musical 2. Dan Berendsen has previously worked on smilar productions like Camp Rock 2, The Cheetah Girls, Wizards of Waverly Place the Movie, and Hannah Montana the Movie.

The High School Musical franchise has held more than 225 million viewers all over the world. The second movie, High School Musical 2 was rated as the top rated movie of all time by the Disney Channel. High School Musical was open in theatres and set a whole new record for the biggest opening weekend for a musical. The fourth movie is set to air on Disney Channel in 2018.

Casting Information

In order to be considered it is important that you are legally eligible to work in televised productions in the country. Casting directors are looking for teens, both males and females from any ethnicity between 14 and 17 years of age for the starring roles. Previous acting experience is not required. Initial Roles to be cast are listed below:

Erin- female

Erin is the only female soccer player in the school team. She has a crush on another player in her team, Derek. His bad boy reputation gives Erin second thoughts.

Derek- male

Derek may look like a tough kid on the outside, but has a big heart. He is not only an exceptional soccer player; he is also a very talented dancer and helps out at his family studio by teaching others to dance.

Campbell- male

Campbell is the cousin of Sharpay and Ryan from the prequels and like family is star of the theatre. He is also the captain of the soccer team. Campbell has a crush on Erin, who like Derek.

Tamara- female

Tamara wants to regain her former status as a high school queen bee and is currently the captain of the school cheer leading team.

Nathalie- female

Nathalie is Erin’s best friend and another cheerleader.

You do not have to attend the in person casting calls if you cannot make it. You can still be considered by the casting director by sending your details directly.

Place the role you are submitting for on the outside of the envelope on top of the casting director’s address.

High School Musical 4
Jason La Padura
La Padura & Hart Casting
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Old Animation Building 2D-16
Burbank, CA 91521

No phone calls or drop off will be entertained.


  1. I really realy really hope I get a chance for a role. It’s been my dream since forever. My family can confirm that. Good luck everyone.

  2. is it too late to audition? i am irish and have strawberry blonde hair, i play soccer and play left mid, love hsm, i can sing dance and etc.

  3. To be honest I feel i am like campbell and Derek because i play soccer. i know I’m going to be good if I have a try. Then I am really good in soccer so yeah e-mail me thanks

  4. To be honest I feel i am like campbell and Derek because i play soccer. i know I’m going to be good if I have a try.

  5. My name is Jasmine Ost, I am 15 and live in Canada and would love to audition, am I able to since I live in Canada and how can I audition?

  6. Hi and hello!! I’m Aosenla Aier. I have a big dream to be an actor. Even I have a talent to sing as well as to dance. I am an Asian girl. I hav black hair and white skin. My height is 5’2. Hoping for the reply!!

  7. Hello my name is Maria Victoria Almeida, I’m 14 years old and I live in Cincinnati Ohio. I am extremely interested in acting. I have been involved in many local plays, however I am not too experienced when it comes to professional filming. But I am always prepared to learn, I sent an application for an audition and I would like more information about the process. I hope it’s not too late to audition for this amazing opportunity because I have a lot of talent I would like to share.

  8. Hello. I guarantee to be apart of your wonderful production & you’ll be pleased. I’ll try my hardest to be in this movie.

  9. Hi i would love to audition for a role in highschool musical 4 how can i send my application?

  10. My height is 1’70 cm. and my weight is 58 kg. I am very passionate about my dreams and future. I have sent a letter which will probably reach you on wednesday, July 27. Sincerely, Lea Jaffson.

    • Where did you get the script and do we make the video on a computer and make a cd out of it or send the whole computer jk p.s. need script

  11. Hi, I’m Lea Jaffon. I’m a 17 year old girl with a natural physical beauty and football skills. I am good at singing and can dance as well. I do know how to focus on what I love and would prefer that I could be very suitable for this act.

  12. Btw I also forgot to mention that I am a good singer! And I am pretty good at dancing as well. I really can’t wait for you to hear me!!!

  13. Is it too late to audition? Also, how do I get a script and I won’t be 14 till February… am I still able to audition?

  14. Hello. I guarantee to be apart of your wonderful production & you’ll be pleased. I’ll try my hardest to be in this movie.

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