Lead Roles and Extras for ‘The Conjuring 2’


Performance Type: Lead and supporting roles

Payment Mode: Paid

Location: London, Los Angeles, England

Website: http://www.conjuring2casting.com/

Required: Four kids for roles of the ages 8, 10, 11 and 14

Specific Requirements: No specific requirements or acting skills are needed.

Online movie auditions for lead roles – These type of opportunities don’t appear often and should not be missed.  Here is a unique chance for your child to become a part of a Warner Brothers super hit horror series.  The casting crew of Warner Brothers requires teens and kids to cast for lead roles in this sequel.

Online auditions are being held nationwide. Kids from all over the country can send their profiles and online videos to the casting directors of The Conjuring 2. The directors are looking for four kids and teens who will play the role of siblings in the movie.

About The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist

Children between ages 8 to 14 are required for major roles. The movie is a sequel of the first part — ‘The Conjuring’ — which was a huge success in the box office. A $20 million budget was used to film ‘The Conjuring’ but the movie earned $300 million worldwide.

‘The Conjuring’ was directed by James Wan.  He has also directed other horror classics including ‘Saw’ and ‘Insidious’.

‘The Conjuring 2’ was scheduled to be released in October 2015, but due to delay in production, the movie was pushed back to summer 2016. Los Angeles, England, and London are primary destinations being considered for filming The Conjuring 2. The production will also include prominent actors from other horror movies.

Details and Requirements

Four kids and teens are required for the following roles.

Janet – 11

Janet is curious and intelligent.

Caucasian girl with excellent British accent is required. The child must have exceptional emotional intelligence. It is a lead role, therefore the character must convey strong messages with impressive dialogue delivery.

Billy – 8

Billy is cute and playful. He is the youngest sibling in the movie.

Billy is a supporting role in the movie, but also the baby of the family. The character needs to have strong British accent with excellent dialogue and emotion delivery qualities.

Margaret – 14

Margaret is an intelligent student. As the eldest sibling, she is not only mature enough but also has strong decision making qualities.

A sympathetic, supportive, and mature young woman is required for this character. Margaret is also a strong supporting role. The candidate must have a strong British accent with powerful dialogue delivery.

Johnny – 10

Johnny is an athletic boy who is always ready to get into physical fights with his siblings.

The character should be physically strong with good British accent and excellent dialogue delivery. Knowledge of football is a plus as the character is also a footballer in the movie.

The casting crew has set up a website for updating people about the movie. For audition details and other important information, visit http://www.conjuring2casting.com/.


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  1. Hi my name is victoria but u can call me vicky I wanted to be an actress and I know I can do that if u give me a chance I want to play the part ofJanet because i can relate to her im very curious and intelligent just like her and thats why u should choose me

  2. Hello!
    My name is Agnes and I would be extremely happy if I got a role in this movie because my biggest dream is to become an actress. I know that I’m not alone whith having that dream but I can’t think of anything that would make me live a life that I want to live except being an actress and I have to start somewere. I would like to apply to the role of Margaret. I think I can do a pretty good britsh accent.

    Lenght: 1,61 meter
    Weight: ca. 60 kg
    How old: 14 but can play 12-16
    Eye color: blue
    Hair color: dark blonde
    Hair lenght: medium long
    Speciall skills: I can play bass guitar, I can sing, I can act, I can speak english, swedish and a little bit of spanish.

  3. I am completely serious and I love in Spartanburg and it is hard for me to get transportation so I really want to act but it is very hard for me because there is not no audition that goes down in spartanburg.

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