Lifetime Series Devious Maids Casting Call for Hospital Extras

Lifetime Network's Devious Maids
Lifetime Network's Devious Maids
Lifetime Network’s Devious Maids

Lifetime Series Devious Maids Casting Call for Hospital Extras

The Lifetime network series Devious Maids is filming its third season in the Atlanta area and is seeking extras for the filming of the shows first 2 episodes.

Devious Maids centers around a very close-knit group of maids who have formed friendships and bonds through their jobs, struggles and their very dramatic employers. Rosie, Carmen, Marisol and mother-daughter duo Zoila and Valentina are the women who have each other’s backs through all the smiles and the tears. They have seen each other through the death of a friend, the near deportation, attempted murder, a beautiful marriage and loss of love.

The show stars Ana Ortiz, Dania Ramirez, Roselyn Sanchez, Judy Reyes, Edy Ganem and Rebecca Wisocky as the women who lead scandalous lives in the city of Beverly Hills.

For the first two episodes of season 3 the casting team at Cynthia Stillwell Casting is seeking specific extras for a scene that will center around the Beverly Hills Hospital. The team is seeking Doctors, nurses, orderlies, administrators and visiting families between the ages of 18 and 60 years old.

For your chance to be considered for a role on ‘Devious Maids,’ please read the casting description provided below.

DEVIOUS MAIDS: Season 3 seeking these specific types to work in the first two episodes. SHOOTING Feb 18-March 10 in Stone Mountain and Buckhead.. NOTE: If you have worked with TEAM STILLWELL in the past 15 months, we have created a SPECIFIC DATABASE FOR DEVIOUS MAIDS:SEASON 3. SUBMIT THESE SPECIFIC REQUESTS TO THIS EMAIL:

Please read carefully and follow ALL instructions! Thanks!!

Doctors, nurses, orderlies, Administrators, Visiting Families
M/F, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, African American
18 years old to 60s. No Minors

Recent photo/height/weight/wardrobe sizes/experience to:


  1. My name is Preston Parra. I am 13 years old I am smal for my age 5’1 is my height. I have black hair brown eyes, I am tan because I’m Latino American. I could easily play and extra I really wanna do it. I could play a child in the hospital. Thanks for considering

  2. I would be a great fit for an extra on the show because I have never been camera shy. I participated in several beauty pageants since the age of 10 years old. And in doing so, I have won many titles. I have also taken drama and acting classes in high school and college. I am comfortable in front of the camera.

    Sex: Female
    Race: African American
    Age: 32
    Weight: 230
    Height: 5’4″
    Hair color: Dark brown
    Eye color: Medium brown
    Clothing size: 16w
    Bust: 42DD

    Shoe size: 8

  3. i’m a great actor with no tv experience. I am willing to work at all hour.i live in Conyers,GA

    Height: 5’10
    Weight: 200 lbs
    Hair Color: brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Waist size: 36
    Shoe Size: 12

  4. would like to work as an extra in any upcoming movies. have worked with Cynthia Stiillwell n Selma. am flexible, 56, 4ft 11, 146. have Smart car can travel.

  5. would like to work as an extra in any upcoming films, movies or commercials. am flesxible. latest movie Selma. am flexible, have Smart car will travel.

  6. I am currently majoring in Musical Theatre and I would love to be an extra in order to gain experience and learn! I would accept any role offered and give it my best. :)

  7. I’ve done previous work as an extra for ABC Studios/Lifetime’s Army Wives, seasons 1-3. I have a flexible schedule. I live in Columbus, GA but I am more than willing to commute. I thank you in advance for your consideration.

    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 145 lbs
    Hair Color: Off Black
    Natural Eye Color: Brown
    Prescription Color Contacts: Green
    Wardrobe size: 10
    Shoe Size: 8 1/2
    Attitude: Possitive, unless otherwise directed

  8. Done many minor roles. Looking now for supporting roles and catalog jobs. Currently work in medical field since 1997. Cell 205 514 8875. Live in Birmingham AL

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