Indie Film About Mars Casting Several Roles



This film is a comedy/drama student project that explores the process of grief and looking toward the future.  A grandmother is chosen to leave her home to help launch the 2025 mission to Mars in hopes of starting a colony.  While she is more than willing to give up her current life to journey to the red planet, her family will do anything to make her stay.


Lead Male or Female Age 7 – 13: A spunky nine year old that refuses to go down without a fight. They think of any way to make sure their grandmother doesn’t leave for Mars.

Lead Male or Female Age 7 – 14: The first lead character’s best friend.  They tend to worry about the main character’s crazy schemes but usually go along with it anyways.  They keep their best friend in check.

Supporting Male or Female Age 5 – 11: The main character’s younger brother/sister.  Follows the main character around and always wants to be apart of the adventures but usually gets shut down and hurt.

Supporting Female Age 28 – 40: The single mother of the two children mentioned above.  She tries to sway her mother to stay, but is mostly supportive of her decision to leave for Mars.  She understand how much going to Mars means to her mother so she tries to cope with the transition.

Lead Female Age 50 – 65: This is the main character that the story revolves around.  She is chosen to embark on an opportunity of a life time to be apart of the first crew in the world to colonize on Mars. While this may seem like a tremendous opportunity for her, her decision comes with many sacrifices. She will have to leave her daughter and her two grandchildren that she currently lives with.  She is signing a life long pact to live on Mars and she will basically never see her family again. The conflict revolves around her, and it is in interesting take on decisions, grief, and love.


Rehearsal Dates: TBD

Filming Dates: March 26 – March 27th

Where: NYU

This is a great opportunity to star in or be apart of an ambitious and unique project.  The casting director are looking for people that can help bring this project into fruition.  The script is very unique in a world filled with cookie cutter movies