MTV Reboot of ‘NEXT’ Casting Now!



Casting for a scripted remake of the MTV hit show “Next.” Synopsis: “Next” deals with single people going on blind dates with five other single people who are secluded on a RV, referred to as the “Next Bus.” The twist is that the date could end at anytime by shouting “Next.”

The show is a fast moving and hilarious take on modern dating and it was a staple on MTV for three years and six seasons.  The show ran from 2005-2008 running 288 episodes.  The show will now get a reboot with the same general concept.  The person looking for love can either choose to “next” someone, or they can offer them a second date. If the contestant likes the person, they can choose to accept the second date, or take the money and run.  The contestant will receive $1 for every minute on the date, so it often becomes a tough and funny choice.  The episode ends with either someone finding love and going on a second date, all 5 candidates being “nexted”, or a candidate choosing the money over a second date!


The show is somewhat scripted, with people playing certain roles to make the show more interesting. Example of a character:

Lead: 19 year old women looking to find love.  She is obsessed with fitness and is a personal trainer. The character is really serious about finding love, and she will do what it takes to make the date work.

There are several opportunities and chances to be apart of this show.  The casting directors are looking for anyone between 18-25 to star in this episodic reality show.  It will be a fun experience and you will be paid.  Being on a reality show that requires acting skills can be very good to further your acting career or find more jobs in the industry.


Rehearsal Dates: April 22nd 9:15 am – 1: pm

Food provided

Seeking talent nationwide


  1. Headshot
  2. Other photos of yourself
  3. Memorize lines provided
  4. Video reel if you have one
  5. Any Ethnicity
  6. Males and females
  7. 18-25 years old
  8. Resume if you feel it applies

This is a great opportunity to meet people in the industry that know how to be successful.  You will have the unique opportunity to work with industry professionals on a top tier cable network in MTV.  Being able to put on your resume that you worked on an MTV show is a prime opportunity to jump start your career.  Apply as soon as possible, because this show is popular and there is bound to be many submissions before the rehearsal date.



  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg, Max. file size: 2 MB.