MTV Series Faking It Casting Call for Couple

MTV's Faking It
MTV's Faking It
MTV’s Faking It

MTV Series Faking It Casting Call for Couple

The casting team with Sande Alessie Casting has released a casting call for a kissing couple for MTV’s Faking It. Couple needs to be male and female and between the ages of 18 to 23 to look younger.  The team will only consider individuals who have submitted with a partner, as they are seeking a couple for this scene.  The couple chosen for this role will need to be available on Feb. 25 and must live in the So Cal area.

Faking It is a romantic comedy that centers around a cast of high-school-age cast that explores topics such as sexual orientation, tolerance, and acceptance among the younger generation. The main characters Karma and Amy are extremely close best friends who rely on each other for advice and support. After several attempts to get in with the popular crowd, karma and Amy are ousted as lesbians which creates an entirely new set of problems for the best friends. Although the incident was intended as a cruel joke both Karma and Amy agree that being thought of as lovers by their peers has its advantages. They are quickly seen as mini celebrities in their school. So they have every intention of keeping the charade alive.

To be considered for a role in ‘MTV’s Faking It,’ please read the casting call provided below:

UNION or NON UNION CASTING NOTICE-Shoots on Faking It. Work day is Wednesday Feb. 25, 2015. Must be available all day. You must live in the So Cal area to work this show.

KISSING COUPLE: 18 to look younger, male and female. DO NOT SUBMIT SEPARATELY, ONLY SUBMIT WITH A PARTNER. No visible tattoos, no facial hair.

Please email current color photos, union status, height/weight and phone numbers and emails to: Subject line should read: COUPLE

**Make sure to include all info for consideration. MUST BE NON UNION TO SUBMIT


  1. Hello, my name is Sophia Garcia. I’m going to start by saying I can act. I’ve had experience. I’m 18 years old. My height is 5″3. And my weight is about 145. If you select me I will say that I will be committed to this offer.

  2. Yo… Age: 14 ( appears 17-18) Height: 6 ft Hair Color: Dark Brown with Natural Light Brown Highlights Weight: 150 lbs Nationality: Mexican/Filipino/White Eyes:Brown —–To know what look like, go to @DanielMPlumb on Instagram/Twitter.

  3. Hello, I am 17 years old, going to turn 18 in February. I am capable of doing everything you need me to do. My dream has always been to act. Thank you.

  4. Hello! I’m talent you will be happy to cross paths with! I’m very directable, pleasent to be around, hard working, and focused! Give me a call and I’ll be sure to make you happy! Looking forward to talking to you
    Thanks alot for your time, very much appreciated
    -Nina Lefelhoc

  5. This would be great for me to start my dream life! I have been acting ever since i was 3 years old. Im 5’6 and have colored eyes. People say i am sweet and fun to be around with. I’m very committed and resposible. and i have someone that is silly and great for this role to do with me. I really hope i get this chance. It would mean the world to me (: and i am really playful too! :D

    • Hi! My name is Sofia Contreras im 16 years old i live in Nampa Idaho, im 5’0 feet my hair is brown, eyes brown. Im very outgoing funny goofy and weird i love to be myself so people can like me who i am and not lying who i am. So hope you guys choose me and you wont regret it.. (208-703-1620)

  6. Hi, my name is Mo’naye Hepburn. I am 16 years old, and I am 5’3. I am a very cool, people person, and I love meeting new people and doing fun things. I am very musical, a little athletic, and very dedicated. Thank you!

  7. My name is Taria Jackson. I’m 18 , 5’7 , a funny person in general , cool, fun to be around , and multi talented! I think this would be a great oppurtnity for me. I’m dedicated I promise you guys wouldn’t be disappointed. Omg I hope you guys choose me.

  8. I will be perfect for this beacuse I have alot of talent. I have 16 years and I know spanish and english, have white skin and Im blonde. If you pick me believe me you wont regret!

    I would love to act here.
    from Puerto Rico

  9. Hello! My name is Ana Vergara I am 16 years old. I speak Spanish and English, am responsible, and condition in groups of action I love the action, it does not make me sad, I am A very happy person, am High, thin, brown hair, clear brown eyed. Thank you attention I wait and considered my application. San Jose C.A cell number: (404 453-1031).

  10. Age: 18
    Height; 5’0
    Weight; 105 lbs
    Eyes; brown

    Hi My names Allie and I’m from New Jersey. I’m an 18 year with a dream. Ive always wanted to be an actress but
    My parents would never take me serious. Now that I’m an adult
    I want to take it to the next step. I’m the most out going, funny, person you
    Will never catch me without a smile on my face. I think my ethnicity
    Of being Greek Italian and puerto ricin give me a sassy and original look then most
    I’m determined to do whatever it takes to get me where I want to be

  11. Hello I’m Destiny, I realize this date has passed, but I still am very interested. I do not have a SAG card, yet but I have had an experience with indigo films, the show Wives with knives, it was only a short sentence I said but it was a step. This has always been my dream, I’ve taken theatre in High School. I am familiar with Fakin it I’ve watched almost all of the episodes and honestly would like to be apart of the set. I am very motivated, hard working, determined, have fun with it at the same time, I like to push my self to succeed and I have a creative mind. I’m 21 years old an I’m originally from New Jersey, I do have an accent but I also could talk as if was from California or even London. I see acting as a job for sure and I know it’s not all fun and games, but I promise you 100% I would never walk off set. I have brown eyes, brown hair, I’m 5 foot 2 and I’m thin. I appreciate you taken your time to read this, please email me and I could email you some photos. Thank you!

  12. Hello. My name is Tiana and I live in Riverside California. I have done acting throughout my childhood by participating in school plays and now I am currently majoring in Theater Arts. I also enjoy singing and directing school theater shows. I am a very dedicated person who is industrious in any tasks that are given.

  13. Hi, I’m Michelle. I am a Latín girl, 18 years old. Big butt, big boobs. I am not like a common girls. I’m not that thin and I’m not tall. Maybe as tall as Sarah Jessica Parker, Reese Witherspoon, Salma Hayek, Shakira. But I have a strong feeling for acting. I love theater, I love acting, and I love arts. I used to sing and played the piano but Because of a disease I was never able to sing again, even though, I am not sick anymore. I used to act on school plays, poetry, sing, and Everything related to arts. Right now I’m in San Fernando Valley, I’m not from here of course. But for a while I’m here.

  14. INGLÉS

    Hello. My name is Ana live in San Jose California, I have 16 years I am high thin, I’m going to gym. I love the acting courses and participated in many plays. I am a dedicated person responsible and I like to read a lot. I hope I consider my enrollment. Thank You

  15. I will be moving to Los Angeles California in 6 months. I currently do theater programs and theater at my high school. I was in martial arts for 4 years and gymnastics for 8. I have dedication to whatever I do. And I’m very hardworking

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