Nationwide Casting Call for THE INVESTMENT CLUB

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The Casting Firm, Oxygen & FremantleMedia (American Idol, America’s Got Talent), along with a team of investors and self-made moguls, are on a nationwide search to discover the nation’s most brilliant entrepreneurs!

-Do you have an innovative business concept, product, invention, or startup company – but you need financial backing and guidance to jumpstart your venture?
-Does your product or business have potential to be the next million or billion-dollar idea?
-Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with a brilliant new product line or concept but you need an angel investor to help get it off the ground or take it to the next level?

“THE INVESTMENT CLUB” is an exciting new entrepreneurial series that will feature passionate millennials ready to make their mark in entrepreneurial history, give them the opportunity to pitch their concept to some of the country’s most successful business leaders, and showcase their company or product in front of millions!

If selected, our team of self-made moguls will mentor and guide you along the way!

Whether you have a start up, an operating business, or just a fantastic prototype and business plan, we want to hear from you!

-Full name
-Age (must be 18+)
-Phone number & email address
-City/State you live in
-A brief description of your business or product
-Photos and/or links to your product or business
-A photo of yourself
-Why do you think you’d be great for the show!

***All applicants must be legal US residents.

Submitted by: Cherish

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg, Max. file size: 2 MB.


  1. Give to no kill shelters and kids against bullying.

    With the sales of all items % is given to help the bully breed and kids ,when no one else can or will.

    I work one fulltime job and a part-time job while working my business. All this with a busted up back,I almost lost everything a few years ago,but I could not let the dogs or kids down..I also sent you email with pics ..thanks for your time.

  2. I have a jewelry line idea that i believe would make millions!!! My grandmother used to make homemade jewelry when i was little to pass time an make extra money. I found some of the jewelry she made me an everyone always wants to know where i get them. When i tell them my grandmother made them for me they want to know if they can put in an order yo have me make them some for their children or them or other s. I want to do it, i just dont gave the funds or resources to get stsrted!!! HEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPP!!!!!! THIS WILL MAKE MILLIONS!!!!!!!!

  3. I have a religious clothing line idea. I own the machines to produce. I wrote 38000 to put on everything. Clothing. Paintings. Sheets. Cards. Let me know if you are interested. Affliction makes 125 million a year and this will trump that.

  4. Health and beauty are billion dollar industries! My health care product invention could certainly generate millions of dollars. It is geared toward the female population and I have experienced personal success utilizing a truly embryonic prototype. Possessing over 21 years experience as a Registered Nurse, with 15 of those years focused in women’s health, I have first-hand experience as to the particular needs or comfort measures of women. Given the opportunity, my product exposure coupled with my magnetizing personality will yield success, success, success!!!
    Remember…the MOST trusted profession (Gallop Poll) is NURSING.
    Trust + formidable product = SALES

  5. Why not me? Thank you understanding that comment:0) those who have a dream and a vision say “why not me!” If other people can do it so can I! I’m excited to have this opportunity. It’s been a dream of mine for years and I will do whatever it takes (ethically) to make it happen.

    Thank you for your consideration! You won’t be disappointed.

    Kathleen Le
    President and Founder of (XYZ business)

  6. Have a great business idea that is timeless, its the gift that will keep on giving, capability of advamcement. Its catchy title alone in my opinion, would be of interest to many, let alone my slogan and pitch to boot. The worst salesman could read my pitch for my business idea and have potential buyers asking where to sign-up when all is said and done. ThI’m tenacious, hardworking, and this idea when approached to the public, is going to be an honest account as to why it can only benefit and better your life. Thats why I want to try out for this show and see if I can find a top investor that is willing to see my vision realized and profit immensely from a no-brainer investment poised for global dominance and success.

  7. I own a small specialty retail store in wichita falls tx. Its called Wicked Andy’s scare shop. When you are a small business competing with big box companys in this industry. Its a struggling effort. But are little store is unique in its own way. You can go to are website at or our facebook page to find out more about are company.

  8. David Dunston 30 living in Greensboro Nc. Im from Philadelphia Pa (336) 346-9981
    I run a few Businesses first is my Record Label:
    “Zillionaire Records Inc.” (Record Label) – “J&D Enterprises” (Software & Retail Company) –
    “Zillionaire’s Private Upscale Nightclub” (Private Dance Club)

    Look at my Company Sites

    I think I would be good for the show because I already have established businesses, partners & I invested the little money I had into every one of them… but I know its time to go to the next level I have a
    Millionaire Dollar Business Mind & Marketing Strategies I know how to attract consumers & I know I could attract the masses of consumers on a much higher scale if given the right platform & the right investors.

    I cant wait to Present all my Ideas to the show thank you for this opportunity!

    • I am sitting on a gold mind and have been for years. The problem is I am a teacher and trainer. I’m not a marketer or sales person. So, I have a memory method that is so powerful that even Alzheimer’s people can improve their memories.

      I have worked with Alzheimer’s since 1985 and they have had successes using this memory method. I have also taught school children, high school, college and university, business people and actors. Most “memory experts” don’t spend time in the field with kids and old people. I did.
      I’d like help to really get this method out there. I’d like to see it developed as a series to teach children, reading, spelling, vocabulary, reading and comprehension. I’d like to see programs developed and trainings where I can teach medical staff, families and caregivers how to help their Alzheimer’s loved one using multi sensory modalities, imagery and memory training. Using both pantomime and improvisation help in creative expression and communication. It makes everyone feel good and enjoy themselves too.

      Why I’d be so good on the show. Most doctors and people don’t believe Alzheimer’s can be helped. It can. The neuro sprouting in a brain even an ill one can improve and keep sprouting. I have the proof. Check out a little talk I have on called Tidbits for Alzheimer’s. It will give you a sampling.

      Products already marketed and need serious global marketing are the Cd’s of 12 memory lessons. I also wrote a book on how to help Alzheimer’s patients. I need an MD to write a forward and then Bantam will publish it. They loved the writing but their PR department requests a doctor to write the forward.

      Call me for any questions. I’d love to be on your show. I’m just a person but I have something that can help Alzheimer’s, brain injured ( think of the vets), stroke, kids and business people. I am especially sensitive to kids and old people and the injured/ill. This can be of help globally. You help me get it out, you save the world! Let’s co partner together. Vicki

  9. I have three intention ideas that are not currently out and available I no tjis because I googled it looking for these products and couldn’t believe they didn’t exsist….I came up with these ideas through dreams….

  10. Hello my name is Kimberly Crist, live in Highlands Tx, I have an idea to address to the world.What if your parents or family lived in a different city or state and you would live for them to have flowers or a card just because you are thinking of them.This brings me to my idea or concept, if there were a way for you to go online and set up an arrangment at Walgreens,Walmart or Krogers etc.for them to pick up,Wow!!!! simple as that.You pay for it online they simply walk into the store go to the flower section and say”hello im here to pick up a order for…”

  11. Willie Miller also known as optimusrhyme aka coolchillwill a songwriter from Spartanburg South Carolina has big dreams of making it in Hollywood. I am a songwriter. I write love songs as well as gospel rap songs. I am also in need of agent and manager . I am asking that some one get back in touch with me I would like to send my cd.

    Willie Miller 407 Watkins street lot 24 Spartanburg SC 29301

  12. my invention is to inprove car seats. they need more padding to make them softer. no child wants to sit in a hard seat. i just need the money to get it started. my cell number 254-799-7152 my name frances

  13. I have to best invention ever… all I need is your help and a manufacture. There is nothing like it . Nothing! Los Angeles, CA…

  14. I have been asked for my life story snd have been told my story is bigger thsn Harry Potter. I was fired from my job of working for our veterans because I saw that we the staff shortage was affecting my life and our veterans life.
    After I submitted my complaint I began to pray more and started seeing things in the supernatural.I also began an writing and artwork to relieve the emotional pain I was experiencing. On social meia I have close to 2000 followers and was able to make a change for our veterans. I have been homeless since my former employer removed me for wanting better for our vets.I have been told that my story could be a series and not s movie because my story is bigger thsn a movie.I just have no clue where to begin.Thank you.

  15. Hi im Fabiola
    and i like to act i have alredy act in my state i can sing and dance im blond in my eyes and in my skin im livin in mexico but i would defiantly be willing to travel im not fat and im beautiful

  16. I’m a Gospel singing/HipHop/R&B solo artist which is a great inspirational way of bringing the youth, middle aged, and elderly people of all nationalities closer to God in a different way know one has ever done in History……

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