Nationwide Casting Call for Hot Rod and Pin Up Girls

Hot Rod Model
Hot Rod Model
Hot Rod Model

The casting team with Miami Talent Casting has released a nationwide casting notice for modern pin up  & hot rod girls for an upcoming TV show. The show is looking for edgy girls who love attending car show and hot rod competitions with a 50’s era style.

Models must be available between January 26th and 30th for an interview via video call. The show will begin filming in February. Models selected will receive compensation, approximately $1000 per episode.

All models interested in being considered for this show please read the casting call provided by Miami Talent Casting and follow all instructions:

 Nationwide – TV Show 

Interview Dates: 01/26-01/30 via video
Shoot Date: February 2015
Pay Rate: $1000 per episode
Location: USA
Submitting talents asap !!…looking for Pinup and Rockabilly girls.
Are you a modern day pin-up girl that goes to Hot Rod shows for fun? …..Do you and all your friends get attention because of your distinctive look? …..Do you consider yourself a
“badass” chick? …..Does your social group involve
themselves in all competitive car shows?
Do you have that 50’s style,
with tattoos, and ratted hair America seems to love?
Please submit a brief story about yourself and your close friends,
a few pictures, name, age, and location and contact please!!!


  1. hi there,

    im alfia….quiet passionate about modelling since childhood.
    im 34 …i have brown eyes brown silky hair and perfect structure according to the physic. i am indian…live in san francisco.. more passionate about old the style statement whic you would be looking for!

  2. To whom it may concern,

    My name is Lacey, and I am 20 years of age. I am sweet, sassy, clever, and witty. I am extremely honest, and have been told I look beautiful, but I’d rather go with decent. I’m humble, but confident, and people notice that most about me. I havs been called a Chameleon due to my ability to adapt to stressful situations, and different personality types. I’m a fast learner, a great listener, but I am also very strong, independent, and resourceful. I am open minded, and have always been empathetic and understanding of others, but I can assure you I am not a doormat. My background has shaped me into who I am, and I have accepted my past. I think I would be a good fit for this show, because I am personable, funny, cute, and I know how to sway a crowd. For more information you can email me at the email I listed, or direct message me via Instagram. My user name is bold_lace.
    Thank you for your time I Iook forward to hearing from you!



    • Hi I’m Shaniyaphillips I am 14 years old. Acting is my dream career and it’s going to happen one way or another. I read this and imagined what such a bad ass I could be in this. I am in a theater arts school and I am always determined to try out different roles. I have been told that I am gourges and I look older than my age. I am a very confident girl and stopping me from something is not an option..ever. I like when people try to test me it makes me feel more edgy. Well I hope to whoever this is concerned for , that you seem interested I am looking forward to getting feedback from yo, thank you.
      Name: Shaniya Phillips
      Hair color:black
      Hair type:straight
      Hair length:medium
      Eye color:brown
      Ethnicity: African American

  3. Hi my name is Shannon Hiemenz and a 16 year old girl. I am constantly told that I look 18 or older. I am from an Irish and German background and at the moment I have black hair. ( I change my hair very often because I thinks it’s fun to do crazy hair colors.) I have green eyes, 105 pounds and 5’2. I have small boob but I have a tiny waist and a big butt.
    I love the pin-up look ever since I was exposed to it when I was young. I hope you give me a chance because you will not regret it one bit. I live in Plainfield, Illinois, a small town about 45 minutes away from Chicago. I am very “bad-ass”, my friends and I are very sarcastic and funny. I love being different because it’s fun to stand out. Although I may not have much experience in acting, I do think I will play the role perfectly. I am very determined, and motivated so I will give everything 110%.
    If you wish to contact me you can email me at
    Thank you for your time, Shannon Hiemenz

  4. Hello my name is Micah McDonald and I would love to be a part of this modeling opportunity. I may not be what u were looking for cuz I’m only 14, I haven’t been to any races ever in my life, I really want to though. But some have called me “too skinny” I don’t see how I am but I just thought u would like to hear that. I have been told by my family many times that I have no figure, butt, or boobs but I have been stopped on the steets by strangers who tell me I’m very pretty and that they are jealous of my bright blue eyes. Oh and please do not contact me through my email cuz its not working. Well I hope that’s everything I have to say there’s more information about me down below.

    Age: 14(15 in January)
    hair color: brown
    Hair length: medium
    Hair type: straight
    Eye color: blue (gets brighter when I wear blue)
    Weight: 94.2
    Height: 5’1
    Ethnicity: Irish, Italian, Native American
    Race: Caucasian

    Thank you

  5. Hi my name is nicole, I’m 18 years old. 5’5, red/brown hair, hazel eyes. Caucasian women. I am very outgoing and charasmactic. I think logic and try to always look at the brighter side of things. This Era was definitely made for me! I love vintage, and couldn’t express to you my love for tattoo art. I have a select few of my own tattoos also. I’ve been to every rod run for the last 4 years. I have not yet had modeling experience before but I would love for this to be my opportunity! I just cannot pass it up. I’m a very quick learner and I’m great with new surroudings. I would love to be apart of this show. Please contact me back. Thank for taking time out of your busy day!

  6. Hello! I’m talent you will be happy to cross paths with! I’m very directable, pleasent to be around, hard working, and focused! Give me a call or E-mail and I’ll be sure to make you happy! Looking forward to hearing from you 440231529
    Thanks alot for your time, very much appreciated
    -Nina Lefelhoc

  7. Hi my name is brooke im 16 and i am interested in being a pin model. ive been looking to do this type of stuff since i was little. please contact me.

  8. My name is Crysta. I’m 19 years old and I would definitely be perfect for this! Throughout high-school I always was looked and talked about because of my rugged vintage style. Victory rolls and winged eyeliner every day. I have some pinup modeling experience and it’s what I love to do. I believe I was born in the wrong time period. My entire life is rockabilly. From my wardrobe to my house. My heart belongs to classic cars. I’ve loved them since I was little. This is my dream job and would love the chance to do this!

  9. Hey Ya’ll!

    My name is Alison and I am 19 year-old pinup princess. I love rocking the fifties look and already have some pinup photo shoots under my belt. I act professionally in a theater company and am known for my wild spirit and spunky nature. I have been to many car shows because my uncle is a race car driver, but my heart belongs to the classics. Overall, I’d be a perfect hot rod pinup girl!

  10. Hi my name is Mistie I am 26 I also love cars and the 1950s era I don’t actually attend car show only because I don’t have a classic car ;) but I do have quite a bit of tattoos and a lot of spunk!!!

  11. My name is Marian
    15 years old
    im 5´7 and weight 95. I exercise.
    I speak Spanish and english.
    study in acting school and I have gone to several castings. I need to take this opportunity because it is my dream and it would be an honor to do this work.

  12. Hi my name ir Elizabeth Figueroa
    Im 24 years old, im from Puerto Rico
    My boyfriend is a mechanic he loves cars
    And i love cars too, im not and actress but i have courage and i wold put my heart on it,

    • Hi my name is Elizabeth Figueroa
      Im 24 years old
      Im from Puerto Rico
      Im not an actress but i have corage and i would put my heart on it

  13. My name is natasha. My husband is a very talented tattoo artist, so naturally i have quite a few tattoos myself. We live a rockabilly lifestyle. I actually am a bad ass chick! My favorite hobby is skydiving and i am a hairdresser by trade. I live north of orlando.

  14. Hello! My name is Ana Vergara I am 16 years old. I speak Spanish and English, am responsible, and condition in groups of action I love the action, it does not make me sad, I am A very happy person, am High, thin, brown hair, clear brown eyed. Thank you attention I wait and considered my application. San Jose C.A

  15. Model
    Hispanic(Puerto Rican & Cuzan)
    Size: 0, XS, S
    Brown eyes
    Professional, Full Of Life and Ready to work!

  16. This is an opportunity of a life time time to change careers Im ready to explore all of my talentsand Bring a NEW face to the Screen Move over here comes Ms. Sugarlious!!!!

  17. Hello my name is Bailey Duran.
    I’m 5’2″ I’m curvy in all the right places. I’m 120 pounds. I have a d cup I wear a 6 to and 8 dress size.
    I also have a love a tattoos and a love for hot rod from the Chevy el Camino to the Ford coop. Check me out on Facebook email


  19. Hi my name is Brooke I’m 22 Years old I’m 5’3 and 125 pounds Blonde hair green eyes, very outgoing and lovable.. I would love to be given a chance to become a part of your team and do what I love most. My family and friends are my biggest fans and i wanna make them proud. I would absolutely love to be given the opportunity to work with you.. Thanks sooooooo much!!

  20. Age:16
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Brown
    Heights: 5’7
    Weights: 128
    Im Hispanic: from Dominican Republic but now i live in New York
    One of the reasons why i think you can give me a chance is because since I was a little girl im always in love with the Mondeling and actress. So please give me that chance to be someone i always wanted to be in life. A successful woman. Try to figure out what is inside me, what is the girl that alot of people think am i. A beautiful girl, that can be someone in life.
    Thank you with all my heart.
    I hope you can make my dreams comes true please.

  21. I know that this job is for me. I am an amazing actress, blue-eyed brown-haired all-American girl who can even style herself to look like a pinup girl. I would not let you down.

  22. It’s going to sound crazy but this is a dream job for me! I’m trying to start my modeling career and I would love to do this. I am a car girl! I grew up around classic muscle cars and hot rods. If I could choose a favorite muscle car it would be a 1967 SS Chevelle. Every weekend in the spring and summer is spent at car shows. I feel I have a look you would like and would love a shot at this.

  23. I love this era, and this show sounds really interesting. Girls, remember, though: the autos from the past are twice the size they are now!

  24. Hello!
    I’m lindsay cousins
    Height 5’1
    Weight 112
    Brown hair
    Hazel eyes

    I think I’m perfect!!!!
    I’m adorable and small but have a bright personality and I’m well rounded. I’m smart. Enthusiastic and lovable. I think I could capture the hearts of millions :) <3
    Everyone that meets me thinks I am beautiful and have an amazing personality when I get comfortable. Which takes me all of about 5 minutes! I love working with people and I'm super easy to get along with. Not to mention I pump everyone's energy up around me!

    Why me?! Cause I'm perfect for it! :)

  25. I hope we can get in touch and I can share the talents God had given me with you. Thank you and have a blessed day

  26. I no I woul be be good for this part not only just because my measurements Is
    Ht 59 waist 32
    Wt 153 hair black hips 48. But I love doing car pictures

  27. Hey I came across this I know it may be a little late but will travel be included for the compensation money? Or will that be an additional?

    Thanks so much!

  28. Hi guys,
    I’m Alyssa, blonde, blue eyed bombshell straight out of the 1960s if you couldn’t tell from the picture. I look cute and innocent but full of sass and spice!
    Dance and acting background. Grew up on classic rock with an aspiration of becoming a rock muse myself. Been around a lot of touring bands. I’m a makeup artist so working angles is easy and fun for me as well as experimenting with color, contour and makeup in general. The pinup look is easily my favorite and classic “Alyssa” look.
    My heritage comes from France, Germany and Native American.
    Thanks dolls!

  29. Hello there, my name is Beneiah. I’m an all natural American Indian and European. I’m tall, blonde and busty. I grew up driving muscle cars as they are my passion. As I’m approaching age 50, folks think that I’m 33.

  30. My name is Kandie, I’m 26 years old but feel much older. I love most everything about the 50’s era, the style both men & women’s, the cars… There’s something to be said for it. I’m very good with people, funny, and love being photographed.

  31. Hello there!

    My name is Claudia. My work experience is very diverse, i have worked for different TV & Movies as extra. My first time event was for: Aveda hair show back on 2005. I was one of their models, after that hair show i got into the films, which I really enjoy. These unique experiences have helped me to network and improve my work.

  32. Hey there! I’d be perfect for this job.. Are you kidding me, I get to be myself in every sense of the word, and get paid too? Sign me up :) I’ve always had an edgy style, since I can remember. My mother raised me to have good morals, not to worry about the latest looks. While she embraced my wild, unique side, I always seem to be ahead of myself being that girl who was setting the trends, not following them. This is right for me, you won’t be disappointed. A lot of my friends after school were always in their garage, working on one of the guys old skool Chevy’s, while us girls were flipping thru the Hot Rod Mags. Good Times…I tell ya, those were the good ole days! You should DEF pick me, I Live for fun and being on the Edge, I also Love to Swing!

  33. Hi, yall
    my name is Alexa Torres Collins, im
    Date Of Birth:March 29,1994
    I have Expierence in acting/singing and modling from Agency School ,”Jhon Robert Powers” in san Ramon, California and as well as my high school. Please contact me for more information and if intrested. Growing up as as a child my family always introduced to the Art world. I love too act and sing with my heart and soul,please consider me, this opprotunity is a chance of a life time. I got turn down so many times. Please cosider. Thank You!
    P.s Also im a BIG PINUP FAN like My Grandma, I still have her clothes and the History of the war and other things during the 1940s-50’s!!

  34. Hi, yall
    my name is Alexa Torres Collins, im
    Date Of Birth:March 29,1994
    I have Expierence in acting/singing and modling from Agency School ,”Jhon Robert Powers” in san Ramon, California and as well as my high school. Please contact me for more information and if intrested. Growing up as as a child my family always introduced to the Art world. I love too act and sing with my heart and soul,please consider me, this opprotunity is a chance of a life time. I got turn down so many times. Please cosider. Thank You!

  35. I am very interested in this opportunity. I would love to be a pin up model. I got picked for seventeen magazine when I was sixteen. I don’t want to miss out on this chance again. Please contact me. Thanks for your time.

  36. hey my name is deneshia sutton im 22 years old im a african american female i live in fort pierce fl i ejoy acting im very funny i like telling jokes i know how to transform my character i have dark brown eyes in i have black hair im a average height ive been actin every since i was 6years old i also was in school plays

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