New Andrew Garfield Movie Casting Photo Doubles

Casting teams are hiring photo doubles to work on a scene for a new big budget movie filming in Los Angeles, California.  Producers are looking for someone that matches the description below.  The film has not yet been detailed, but the casting team has stated that Andrew Garfield will be the star of the movie.


Andrew Garfield emerged onto the scene taking the film industry by storm.  He has appeared in about fourteen movies that for the most part went under the radar; but lately is the star of high budget blockbusters.  Hacksaw Ridge is a Mel Gibson movie that hit theaters on November 2nd, 2016.  Garfield played the lead role in Gibson’s movie; a medic that faced tough circumstances during WWII.  It made $41.4 million in the box office.  Garfield surely is poised to become of one the biggest stars in Hollywood by landing roles in several upcoming feature films.


When: June 18th – Summer 2018

Where: Los Angeles, California

Featured Role:  Male , caucasian, ages 21-35, 5’9-5’11, Jacket 38, pants 30×32, shoe 9-10

Extra Role: Any

This is a great opportunity to be apart of a feature film with a huge actor like Garfield.  Not only will you make money as a photo double or extra, you will gain valuable experience in the industry.  Working on the set of a big budget film will open up tons of new doors for you.  During workhorse you will have the chance to meet industry professionals with tons of connections.  If you make a good impression on someone with connections you could find yourself in an even bigger role in the future!  The most important thing about these types of casting calls is for you to gain exposure in the competitive acting and modeling world.