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Oprah WInfrey Network
Oprah WInfrey Network

When the 24/7 OWN debuts this month, “My Time” will feature parents who were unable to pursue a passion because kids, chores and full-time work got in the way.Producers also are holding casting calls this week in Athens and Atlanta.

The dream must be a goal that can be accomplished in six to eight weeks, and a celebrity coach will stay with the winners for the entire process. A filming crew will document the time and produce a one-hour show that will outline the background story, journey and conclusion.

Those who simply want to go back to college should plan on not wasting their time as this is a very common dream, and definitely takes longer than 6-8 weeks. Those who do wish to go out to auditions, should have small business ideas or want to dance, run a marathon or something of that nature. This is a great opportunity for anyone that wants to be on Oprahs new network that has been getting some great reviews.

Check back here later for more details on casting dates and other information as we learn more and leave us a comment.

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  1. One of my college professors always told me that I had what it took to be a great writer. I never really paid him any attention… all I wanted to do was pass the class. I was young and really didn’t have any dreams or ambition. Three years ago my mother passed away leaving me to take care of my niece, along with the three daughters I’d already had. I started to find comfort in writing after struggling and going through so much. That righting turned into my first published book. Since then I’ve been really exploring my writing skills. My goal is to complete my second book, which aims to uplift, empower and educate women and young women. To let them know that even in a small state like MS you can still be whatever you want to be. I’ve also been working on a play and I really really need to polish and present it to the community but with a full time job, four daughters and a dog… IT”S HARD!!! I have people who are cast members of my play who are just waiting on me!!! In my 30yrs I’ve learned a lot and I’m finally learning to strive. I’m so FOR woman. My immediate family is nothing but women and as I stated above, I have four daughter… that’s it. So I want to do whatever I can do to help each and every woman I can help along the way. Whether that writing and telling my story to prevent our young girls from making the mistakes I’ve made or if it’s letting all woman know that you can do anything… that’s what I’m going to do. I would be PERFECT for this show!

  2. I want to be a fashion designer and launch my resort clothing line Soleil. I am a lawyer, wife and mother of two beautiful boys 5 & 10. I got my B.A. in legal studies and immediately went to law school. I met my husband in law school and we married when we graduated. I am a family law practitioner and although I am very good at my job I knew in my heart that the constant fighting and negative environment was not how I wanted to live my life. I read the secret and knew right then and there I could no longer do this career. I love fashion and have always wanted to sew and make my own clothes but with a law practice and family I did not have the time. I learned to sew the basics from my grandmother who was extremely talented and had a eye for fashion. I recently quit my job and went to sewing school and have been creating my resort line of clothing. I grew up on the beaches of Florida and live on an island in Savannah, Georgia now. I love the beach, sun and outside living and that is how Soleil was born. I am in the beginning stages and would love to have the guidance of an expert in this field to learn how to launch my line Soleil.

  3. I apologize for this extention to my initial email.I just i needed to be clearer about my dteam.
    Memphis holds an Ultimate Elvis that i know im good enough to participate in but would need help. Or Id like to perform in a reputable Vegas Venue or in a movie. I am already very good…with your help i could really polish up the details that i cant afford, for an opportunity i will never have without a miracle:)
    As for voice over work…i have so many celebrity voices and generic voices…please Free at least one of them, lol.
    Surely animators need new voices.
    Thank you again Deborah.

  4. My Dream is to become a Singer!! Not only do I wanna become a singer because I loooooove singing, but that will be my gateway to many other talents I have such as, acting and motivating people. I want but have a need in helping the world out with all the distress that’s going on. I want my voice to be heard and I want to make a lot of money to GIVE it all away. That’s my dream and I know that it will come true one way or another because my faith is high in that duty which I am called to do. GOD has a great plan for me to do so and I cant wait!!!

  5. I always wanted to be a super star, just to be in the position to take care of my 4 children, ages 16, 12, 7 and 3. But I really really would want to be adventurous, I always wanted to sky dive, yeah SKY DIVE I never had the guts because of me being a mother. And I can’t never go on a vacation or and sites that offers it. So it would be my great pleasure to did this.

  6. I am 35 years old. I am a grandmother my 18 and 16 years old have daughters of their own. I have always wanted to be an actress every since i was a little girl. I can remember staring in the mirror just talking to myself about what i wanted to be when i grow up. I have no training whatsoever. My kids know that this is a passion of mind and i want it so bad. I have work dead end jobs just to supports all of us. I feel at time im in someone else body. Ive made bad choices and i want want my dreams to come true. Please give this single mother a chance before its too late.

  7. I am the mother of SAMIYAH Wright and I am 22 years old I was raised by my grandmother and I always wanted to do a show about my life I have a 2 year old daughter and she can sing dance play the drums she can talk clearer than any 2 year old
    she can count to 20 knows her ABCs I just want t
    he bestthur life for my baby just

  8. Hi my name is Shaniqua Campbell and I’m interested in being a part of many
    of your upcoming projects. If given the chance I believe that I could bring
    a lot of talent, personality, dependability, loyalty, hard work & dedication
    to the team. You can contact me at ShawnaC.com@gmail.com also check out my website http://www.ShawnaC.com for photos, video reel & more. Thanks hope to hear from you soon.

    Shawna C. has the potential to be an industry favorite. Her
    professionalism and work ethics is what has kept her progressing in
    her craft. With a portfolio most models will kill for, Shawna C. has
    yet to become content with her success. After appearing in numerous
    videos, fashion shows, tv series, print modeling and commercials, Shawna C. plans
    to tap into the big screen.
    Shawna C. says she is interested in being a part of many
    upcoming projects. “If given the chance I believe that I could bring
    a lot of talent, personality, dependability, loyalty, hard work &
    dedication to the team.

    Shaniqua Campbell
    Measurements- 34″-27″-38
    Age- 25
    Height- 5″3
    Weight- 125
    Eyes- Brown
    Hair- Dark Brown/Short
    T- Shirt size- XS/ S
    Current Location- Memphis,Tn
    Links- ShawnaC.com

  9. Hi OWN! My name is Tiffany. I am a 40 year old African American female and I recently re-married my 1st husband after 19 years! I became a mother at 15 years old and have 3 children and 2 grandchildren with one more on the way. I finished high school and joined the Army. I gave up a dream of retiring from the military to be a wife and raise my children. I let go of who I was and wanted to become because I wasn’t raised or taught how to be a woman, wife, or mother. I lived my life learning the difference in the 3 and lost my dreams and ambitions along the way! I consider myself a product of “generational curses”, that I have passed on to my children and I want it to end now! From domestic violence, verbal abuse, infidelities from several marriages, alcoholism, death of my only sister, working 18 hour days and nights, having my children drop out of high school, having to visit my children behind bars (son & daughter), growing up without my only brother in prision for over 17 years, losing homes and cars, catching hell on the job because I want to be somebody and make a difference, having to take care of my father, the very same man who would burn money in our faces to keep from giving my mom child support. My life, my love, my struggles, my pain and my joy should be on the big screen. It’s my time to become the author of best selling books, novels, plays, movies, song-writer, mentor, inspirational speaker, and everything else I can possibly become and do. I want to open up state of the art day care centers, and afterschool facilities to help teenagers stay off the streets, help prevent teenage pregnancies, have resource centers for young adults who want to better themselves. I want to rise above and beyond my past and my children’s current hard knocks of unemployment, no education, no gov’t assistance because of felony records, so that my life will be blessed and I will be able to bless others. I deserve to have something in this life that I can share with the world and the world can truly see who Tiffany is. It’s My Time to be Blessed! I pray and hope that I will be considered for the opportunity.


  10. I could write pages and pages, and I’m sure a lot of other women could. I would love the chance to tell the world my story. I have a good and bad point of view as well as realistic point. Thanks for your time as well as consideration.

  11. I am a single-parent of three, college student, army reservist and have assisted in the taking care of my three siblings. All of my life I have been taken care of my loved ones, I have always wanted to act. Now days when I am asked what is my passion I draw a blank! I use to say that an over night stay in a hospital would give me some time for myself. But now I just wonder will I ever be in the position to try to act.

  12. To add to my comment above, i was recently arrested for not doing a good enoigh job cleaning the house and my kids were taken by dfacs and returned the next week during the hearing/trial and finally after throwing so much away, and being a victim of domestic violence, i pawned almost all i could find to come up with a better place to stay. Sadly that place was full of german roaches and i didnt move. So i tried to pursue my music now, harder and harder, but the strength behind my tears not only carry the sadness of loss and betrayal, but a feeling of guilt, anger and pain. Home sweet home…well, it used to be.

  13. Im an abandoned mother of six children. My husband cheated and left for the just before our house was torn down. I live “back at home with the ‘parents’. But now with 6 kids. Its been sad wanting a home again, and frustrating and lonely, even with all the people. However, i signed with BMI in 2009 and my music is now on itunes and other stores worldwide. I really need a miracle. Please, help! My kids and I never derserved to be punished like this. Please help me find the hope that awaits me and my children.

  14. I am a 31-year-old mother of four children. I have been wanting to sing, model, and act in movies my entire life. I became pregnant at a very young age and started a family down in Alabama. Later, we moved to Cincinnati, Ohio to make a better living. I sent video tapes to many talk shows in the late 90’s, but never received any feedback. I am ready to pursue a career in the celebrity world and I know I have what it takes.

  15. Aspiration: getting healthy in mind, body, spirit.
    Goal: regain passion a for life to be a good mother & return to school.

    Approximately six years ago, I became a homeless mother with a 4 year old autistic child after raising two other children, and sending them out into the world. I set a goal to find a new home, and get back to school, and become a nurse. While in the homeless shelter, I enrolled in school, and began classes a few months later. After a year in the shelter, found a home for my five year old son, all while working, going to school. Fast forward to 2010, and finding out my mother being diagnosed with terminal/stage IV adrenal cancer, and passing away five months later, three months before my graduation from nursing school. After passing the NCLEX in June 2010, and finding my first nursing job four months later (which was no small feat as a new grad nurse in this economy), my oldest son took his life, 11/17/10. After a lifetime of struggle, and hard hits, I wondered what more life could toss my way. I have fought through child and adult traumas many would find daunting, and managed to survive. I feel beat down and lost. I continue to fight, but feel I am fighting a losing battle. I find myself dreaming of going to see my son again. I am afraid I am going to fritter my life away waiting to see my son again, when I had so many dreams, and aspirations I wanted to succeed at.
    My biggest aspiration is to finish school to become a nurse practitioner, and work in Africa, Haiti, and other developing nations. What I am seeking is a life coach, or someone who can help me regain my focus, and the passion I once had. I was working on my BSN at the time of my son’s suicide last November, and put it on hold to grieve his loss. I find myself struggling to do the most menial tasks in life at this time, and not only are my hopes, and dreams falling by the wayside, I worry I am not being the best mother I could be.

  16. I am an aspiring actress trying to grab that perfect opportunity however, my lifestyle has impeded my ability to go out for something I want. As a struggling mother trying to balance family and a marriage on the rocks. I really feel that a lot of my discouragement and doubts have come from my inability to pursue my lifelong goal. If considered for this opportunity, I strongly feel this will open up so many doors and make me the woman GOD put me on this earth to be!!

  17. Hi! My name is Julie Souther. I am a wife and mother of 3 gorgeous daughters who are involved in so many activities that we are consumed with practices and games every week. In addition, I am an enthusiastic and creative Kindergarten teacher. Over the past 11 years as a teacher, I have shown students how to hold a pencil, write their first words and publish their own stories. However, when I first started college, my dream was to either write articles for a magazine or to be one of the first female sports reporters in the Atlanta area to interview and write reviews in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Immediately after college, my passion for writing was put on hold as I married and started my family of adorable girls. Although I love inspiring and developing little authors in the classroom, I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to have something of my own published. Before having a family, my life was filled with writing poetry and short stories. I think my goal is realistic being that I can teach and be a mom all while learning how to publish a piece of my own writing. Seeing something I’ve written published is like seeing a Kindergartener write his/her name for the very first time!!!! Please consider me!! Help me pick up my pencil again!

  18. Hi OWN, this is LISA MONTGOMERY from AL. and my life has been a story to tell! I am married with 4 children and a retired Gov. employee due to a fatal injury I had two years ago. Within the last year have regained my ability to walk again. I’m only 39yrs old and always had a passion for modeling “plus size fashion”. Growing up in Oakland Ca. in my early 20’s people would always ask if I was model I would answer no just a single parent 2 and just barley making it. I put all my dreams away so I could take care of my kids. Now they have grown up and are in school doing well they always say that I’m their Hero. Now that they have gone on and I have a wonderful husband that tells me all the time to follow your dream and passion life is to short. Well I’m not getting any younger so Please Consider Me for the show.Oh by the way I’m 6’1 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I have two children that are finally at the age where I could possibly send them to latch key or leave them at home if need be. I am finally pursuing my college degree which I had to put on hold for the past 15 years. I would like to start my own business. I have several business ideas that I have been brewing on for years. Unfortunately I am still a single mother and that of course limits me to alot of things that I would like to accomplish. I have family, but no one is willing to help out in the capacity that is require for me to get my foot off the grow. I want to finally stop working check to check and make a difference for my 2 children.


  21. I am a single mother and i love my kids although i became a mother at a very young age i was still determine to make sure i would be great at every chance in life God gave me and to be sure not to complain about it but do my best at meeting the goal i set for my future i have a passion for the youth and my focus are the young woman in this world who feel preasured from todays images put on telivision for the last ten years i have been speaking to fatherless and motherless youth everytime i get a chance to try my best to change some minds in these young woman so they can be the best in what ever they choose no matter what the circumstances are i love being a positive person for them to look up to although my closet has not always been in order i’m trying to put my best effort forward to be my best singing and writing poetry is my passion but helping others is my duty so if i am considered great if not you all will be hearing from me SEE SAW REAL RAW true life Thanks for the chance to chage lives with you. BLESSINGS AND LOVE

  22. I turned 15 in aug. of 1979.Four months later at Christmas time in the hospital I learned I was going to be a mother. The boy next door who was 19 but was in my class at school gave me my first drink & my first baby.
    Not knowing what to say we married in Jan. 1980, without a word from me. The father didn’t get off the school bus 2 weeks later, I never saw him upclose for 4 years. I divorced him my jr. year, deserstion.
    I finished high school, went to 2 years of collage. I left the Ohio Valley alone to get a job to support now my TWO children. Again left with a child at the ago of 21 supporting alone.
    What I missed was something in a job I could do no matter what.I’ve do many things and at one time made good money.
    Now the world has changed in the sales market and the kids are gone.
    I am alone and have no one. my son is in prison , my daughter is doing her thing.
    I had a nurses aide certicate but had to quit work because of problems carrying my daughter, it is now lost.
    I need a short term program that I can work at for me and to support me. I have been without work for a long time. I need some help for me. maybe in a 6-8week course? I really need advise.

  23. My name is Mavis Maria Hopper I am 39 years old and a mother of (2) daughters 16 and 10. I have always wanted to learn to swim, learn to type 70wpm, rock climb (I’m afraid of heights), and just take time out to focus on exercising so I could lose 20 pounds. Yes, my short terms goals might sound simple and easy to accomplish, but executing these goals are easier said then done. I say this as I just have not found the time for myself. I work full-time, just finished obtaining my Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice Administration, and I care for my ailing mother who is an amputee and on dialysis. I just really want to conquer these tasks and if your show would afford me with the opportunity to have time for myself, I would be appreciative.

  24. I have alwaysed loved to dance, act and also model. I have alwaysed wanted to become a dancer and be someone big doing what i love to do. At age 15 i made some choices and i became pregnant. I dropped out of high school and ran away from home with my bofriend. I had a lot of problems at home with my parents that i didnt know what to do. After awhile things got better my daughter was born and thing were starting to get a llttle a better, but then my babys dad got locked up and it got so hard for me. Then after all that he came back and i got pregnant again with a baby boy, We were trying to live a normal life but it was really hard because my boyfriend and i were still young. Then at age 19 i got pregnant again with another baby boy. I have 3 little ones that i love so much and that have taught me a lot. Im a hard working mother. I have a great job that helps me and family members that do also. I havent had time to finish my school or do any of the stuff that i wanted to achive after i got pregnant. My dream has always and will be to be a great dancer and show my children that if you work hard on your dream you can achive it. I dont just want to achive it for myself but also for my children.

  25. Helloo I am a 23 year old mother of 2 handsome young boys (5) and (2) They are my world,my motivation,the reason i want this so that they will never have to want for anything … i have been singing and acting since i was 7 yrs old in church and i have done a couple of plays in various places one of which is on you tube I sung on the prasie team and led the praise team alot in church people tell me all the time that i should go to auditions and be a comedian all the time but i havent really been able to do any of those things because i have always had to work to support my boys and im currently enrolled in school for paralegal which is very hard but i do it for them not for me but because i want better for them.i would look up audictions from time to time but i never really signed up for anything because i never really believed that i could do it and i didnt want to be away from my boys for long periods of time But my boys are getting older now and things are getting hard and i lost my job i look daily nightly for jobs and i get discouraged because nobody calls back so i begin to think about how everybody believes in me and they tell me that i need to believe in myself so i decided to get up this morning listen to my gospel music and it made me feel encouraged that with God ALL things are possible so i begin to look for auditions and when i seen this one i couldnt resist My Mom always told me its better to have tried and failed then to have not tried at all So Im stepping out on Faith and believeing that maybe this is my chance For me and my boys For me to live my dream and for my boys to have a better future!!! I hope to see you soon OPRAH!!!!!! lol

  26. I am a former Miss Black Alabama USA from Birmingham, Al. I am a single mother of twin boys that just turned 13 today! Their bday is 8-11-1998. I am 33 years old and acting is my passion! Most of the time i’m not acting im just being me and people are cracking up! People say I look and act like Raven Symone. It took the longest trying to convince my little niece and nephew that it wasn’t ” auntie Taletha” on the show “That’s So Raven” cause “auntie Taletha” is broke. But besides all of that… I have been struggling to raise my boys. Their dad was abusive so i left him. Got into another relationship that i thought was very pleasent untill one day he snapped and beat me so bad in front of my 5 year old son Christopher that i lost counciousness and whn i came to i had teeth missing, bruises and a concusion. I could go on and on but you know I just want to move foward. I just need a chance to show the world what I can do! I would love to audition for movies or t.v. or become a celebrity host even. Please give me a chance. Thank you sincerely for your time and consideration. Taletha Patton(STRUGGLING ACTRESS)

  27. I would love the opportunity to act, I was on my path of going to FullSail in Orlando, Fl after graduating from high school, when that dream failed I came back to my hometown of Dublin, GA. I started working at a convience store. I later met the father of my kids. We started dating and I was inspired to try once again to move back to Orlando, FL to attend film school again. Before I was able to leave for the second time I found out I was expecting, the doctor told me I was having twins so from then on I knew it was going to be hard to move with two babies, because their father decided he didn’t want to be apart of their lives nor mine. All my dreams of becoming an actor was deferred I just turned 29 I was 21 at the time I had my boys, they are about to be 8 in a few months. I am now attending classed at The Pro Actor’s Studio in Atlanta, GA. I would love to have the opportunity to work with some big name producers. I will volunteer just to get something under my belt.


  29. I feel I should be considered because, I have kept the belief that one day I would get my chance. I am 43. Married. 3 kids 2 grands and a full time employee. My side volunteer project is acting. Of course I think that’s backwards. I aspire to act.
    I’ve played in several plays in community theatre. I’ve had many roles from a homeless woman, to crackhead to a witch. But the biggest disappointments were the Almosts….I’ve auditioned for 2 movies. 1(last call) directed by Christopher Martin of Kid n Play. OMG! It came to my small town. It was my big chance. So I auditioned. And I received a role. I was in 5 scenes. And we shot the whole film. And it never aired. Noone even knows y or what happened. We were never contacted again. I was so hurt. I thought must not be ment. Years later another casting call. This one was in Birmingham. (she got next) a Bert Miller production. Again, I auditioned, got a part, and Nothing. So, lately, I’ve been working all the volunteer stage projects I can fit in my schedule, but been trying to keep an eye or an ear open for Tyler Perry casting calls. I always miss them though.
    Please consider my story, I still believe that my big break is out there somewhere. I was raised in Chicago, now living in Alabama.
    Thank You!

  30. Advertising is my life and my passion and I have wanted a career in the field since I can remember. In high school I was voted ‘Most Creative’ and everyone just knew I was going to be a fashion designer because of my unique sense of styling my clothes and hair, but little did my peers know my ambitions were in what I considered on the more ‘Executive’ side of things; I wanted to be on the front end of a dream like that, the persuasive voice that made one want to buy said fashions; advertising in relation to fashion, if anything. I had the strong desire to lead, be the Creative Director of my own ad agency or start my own advertising/marketing business. After I graduated from the local University I thought I was poised to pursue my MFA in Advertising, but something called ‘life’ happened: I got engaged and had a son and soon my dreams were put on the backburner.
    I love being a mother and I love the lessons and changes from the whole experience, but there’s a part of my spirit that still remains unfulfilled and a small flame that still lives inside me waiting to be ignited. Eventually my relationship didn’t work out and I have, on one hand the stress and extra drama from that, but on the other side of things I am quietly raising my son, trying to be an exceptional mother and homemaker for him; giving my all, meanwhile I have a dream that I hatched and can afford to make happen which will take me in the direction of what I want to do ultimately. It’s a manageable venture financially and time-wise, even with a child and full-time job – theoretically. I want to design and sell custom marketing solutions to local businesses. I have an amazing idea that’s as prime as the opportunities when internet marketing was in its infancy and I just know it will one day be what allows me to fire my boss and have the flexibility I so desire in my life and for my son, but I have such a difficult time finding the needed energy and time it will take to make it happen. At the end of my work day I have to take care of my son and by the end of the night as he winds down I’m exhausted. Sometimes I force myself to stay awake to work on the marketing materials or website for my business idea, and I feel like I’m almost there, but there’s still so much that has to be done that it’s overwhelming sometimes to even think about.
    One example out of many is I just found out that my son has cavities that have to be filled and it will cost almost exactly the amount of money for them to be filled as it was going to take for me to start-up my venture. My first thought is, he doesn’t eat a sugar-filled diet at home and then it’s an issue of what he’s eating at school; talking to the Directors and teachers there about omitting the sweets that they give him and spending the time I could be using to learn Photoshop to design my website on researching Early Childhood Caries in a toddler with four cavities. Another thing is that I have the desire to relocate. Again, that’s just one example out of MANY hindrances to finally making this happen (I also want to relocate; finding time to research places to live; my ex trying to take me to court for custody; and the list continues… where does the time go?)
    What I know is that I don’t need a lot of time to make my business lucrative and stable, I just need SOME time and of course the necessary capital this will take to make it happen for us! I feel it with every ounce of my being that THIS IS IT, it’s what I’ve been praying for and it’s a fantastic idea that fits all my skills and pulls from all my past sales experience that at one time in my life I didn’t think was relevant… I just have to be able to do it!

    Thank you for reading!

  31. I should be considered, for the reason, no one ever wants to give me a chance. I always wanted to model and no one would give me a chance because i have a stutter problem and i don’t think thats fair. I can’t even find jobs. Im a single parent of four kids. 3 boys and 1 girl, trying to make end meet for my children and my dream has always been to model. Could you please give me a chance to pursue my dream. I try to do castings calls and i get them ones that want you to pay. I cant never afford to go to big casting calls to make it in my dream beacause i cant even get a job and modeling is my dream so please can you help me. Have a Blessed day.

  32. I am a single mom of four kids I had them back to back I never finished school I want to go to college for broadcasting but its hard…i am in ged classes but having kuds stop my life and im taking care of them alone

  33. I believe I would be perfect for this show. I am a mother of 4 boys! Ages 10, 8, 4, and 6 months. My life is consumed with football, basketball, track practice. Boxing, and piano lessons. And now my 8 year old wants to get into gymnastics. I believe in keeping my kids active and involved in extracurricular activities to keep them from just sitting in front of the boob tube (tv) or tearing up my house. I’m hoping that within the next year or two they can decide on maybe two activites that they want to continue to pursue. However with 4 kids, that equals 8 activities I have to fit into my schedule. Also both my school age children are honor roll (A & B) students, so I spend a good amount of time studying with them. Not to mention, I work full time for the IRS, which can defintely be stressful. I have a boyfriend of 6 years that I would hope to one day marry. And I have a 4 bedroom home that I have to keep clean and tidy. With all this going on I have NO time for myself! I started college about a year ago to pursue my dream of becoming a fashion designer, but due to financial and scheduling conflicts, I haven’t been able to finish. Being a designer is a lifelong dream of mine, I always loved to draw, I love dressing up and looking nice, I love sewing and have always helped my mom with it (but I’m somewhat limited in this area). I would love for someone to help me with my sewing, because I have great ideas, and great work ethic but I do not know if I have 2 to 4 years or the money to devote to a traditional degree program. With the right help Icould be designing and selling clothes in less than a year. This is my goal and I’d love to conquer it in front of the world and show all young women that no matter what turns your life takes it is never too late to live your dream!!

  34. Hello, My name is Marcia Weary I.A single mother of two daughters 14 and 22 with two wonderful grandchildren three and one. I am my family sole support system, the well begin of my family lays on my hands. I have always wanted to be a stylist or someones personal clothes shopper. I enjoy shoping and helping my friends, when I have time. They call and say Marcie I need you to find the perfect outfit and the right accessories to go with the outfit. However, I really dont have much time to shop due trying to work three jobs to try to make ends meet. If im not working I am taking care of my grandkids due to their mother having a medical condition called Multiple Sclerosis which causes her to have really bad flare ups. When she has the flare ups she may be in the hospital for a week sometimes month.I have toalso make sure my youngest daughter is okay and make sure she has what she needs and let her enjoy her time a youth. So by doing this Im constantly taking her to met her friends. Not only am I doing that I have to make sure my parnets or ok and not in need of anything. I have no me time and do the main thing I enjoy doing and that is shopping and helping others shop.I would love to be someones personal shopper, I would stop my jobs just to do that six-eight weeks just to do that I would be so HAPPY and have a chance to make someone smile and feel like the are million dollars.It doesn’t matter the sex age race or etc. Just a chance to help someone shop for a major event in their life would mean a lot to me.

  35. I have always wanted to be an actor. For as long as I can remeber I acted out sences from movies, and did little stunts to go alone with the fights. I was ready to start it off, but things went wrong in my house so i joined the Navy. I do not regret my choice, but i would love to see how i would have turned out if i went for my dream.

  36. I think I would a good experiment. I am married with two beautiful children. I been with my wife for 21 years and married to her for 11 years. She is what I think all mother and wives should follow. Words can’t began to explain the time I met her at college in 1992 to this present. I have tried my best to be the best man I could to her, but there has been two things that i have not been able to do for her. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO COOK ANTHING OR COMB MY DAUGHTER’S HAIR. I would love to host a show where I could learn how to cook or have men learning how to comb their daughter’s hair.

  37. Wow! It is hard to say that I had only one dream! These dreams to me are not past tense, but very much still in my “I want to vocabulary”!!! But my passion is acting and dancing. I absolutely love to LOVE others, and because I have yet to find a school that teaches “Loving Others”, I feel acting allows me the opportunity to place myself , (even just for a moment) in the shoes of someone else. I believe that when my heart is in it, my inner me will flow out and someone always relates to a character. I cry from commercials… (laughing) but it is true. NO, other than drama classes in college and church plays, I have never acted, but I iterally think about it everyday. But I know without a doubt, that it is something that I can do. The heart knows what it knows. Thank God! I have no dramatic stories that have prevented me from this passion… Life just happened! My daughter and being there for family became my prize and my desires became a haze. I have now taken this much desire of mine and chose to put it in to action by being the driving force to little ones. And when it is time I know God will show me. Until then, I do find time to role play with my daughter and dance and sing. It may not be on a big screen or in my workshop yet, but she is my biggest and favorite audience and the future of the little ones is NOW my driving force !!! Until then smooches!!! <3 <3 <3

  38. Hello! I would be so grateful to be considered for “MY TIME” because I have always wanted to become an actress!! Growing up everyone would tell me “you should be an actress, you should be an actress!” I was in plays through highschool, won an award for Best Supporting Actress in one of my plays!ha! ;-) Proud moment for me! In my 11th grade year of High School, I met my soul mate at a youth camp. At the very young age of 18 I had become Mrs. Donald Gray, he was 19 and in the Airforce! Next I was moving to Alaska, and now 18 happy years later we are STILL happily married and retiring out of the Airforce next Summer! I guess I can say I scarificed my dreams of ever becoming an actress for True Love! We started having children right away, and we have two wonderful teenage sons. Our oldest is also just enlisted into the Airforce and our youngest wants to go into the Coast Guard! I have dedicated my life to my husband and boys all of these years and feel SO blessed for my family. I would love the opportunity to have a shot at a movie audition or whatever may come my way! I am 38 years old and I feel as though it is “MY TIME” especially with my boys getting ready to venture into their own lives! I had the priveledge to do a little modeling and extra work while on our Airforce Journey. Was an “extra” a few times in South Carolina on Army Wives and had a blast just doing that! I own a small salon and spa in Charleston South Carolina and I am very proud of that. I’m an Esthetician and have had a career while being a military wife the last 7years, which is not easy moving around all the time! But I’ve learned when your passionate about something and you put your heart and soul into it anything can happen! I will be praying about this & in the mean time and I hope to hear from you!! Thank you for your time and God bless!

  39. I would like to open a non profit organization because it is something that I feel in my heart needs to be done. I have had a rough life but by the grace of GOD i have made it. I have had two children with different special needs. My daughter was diagnosed with lukemia in 2004 and is now in remission, right after she went into remission my next daughter was born with down syndrome. I strive everyday to give my kids the very best even when we go through rough patches, but I also teach them how important it is to be grateful for what you have because someone is is worse off. For the past 4 years me and my children have saved canned goods and bought turkeys and ham for 8 to 10 families each year for both thanksgiving an Christmas. I has taught my children to be thankful and to be caring to the less fortunate. I would love to be be able to do more, but there are times when I just dnt have eough to stretch to assist one more person who I feel is in need. I would love to be able to open a non profit organization to give back to my community, while setting an example for my children.

  40. Hello! I should be considered for the show because I have waited my entire life to start my own business. I have dreamed of owning my own clothing boutique for 11 years and I know its my time!! My husband and I had our last child 1 year ago and I have now been able to focus on my dreams! I have my business plan ready so now I only need the finances to get it off the ground!! After my mom passed I realized that there is no excuse for not following your dreams!! Thanks for taking the time out to read my story!! Wish me luck!!

  41. I know you get many of these every day, and they are the same thing over and over- but to start off I can tell you I am willing to work with all I’ve got and do anything to succeed. My mom still has pictures from when I was four years old of me dressed up, and covered in makeup pretending to be an actress. My whole life I’ve dreamed of being an actress, I just don’t know how to get there. I’ve gone to places like John Robert Powers, and Tru Talent Agency but all they seemed to want was my money. Which my mom being a single parent hasn’t had a lot of for me and my brothers. I know I have what it takes, although I have room for improvement just like anyone else. I want this more than anything and I promise you I’ll be worth your time! I feel like I have what it takes to be big one day. I know there are plenty of other young girls out there dreaming to be an actress, but I’m dreaming the hardest.

  42. I should be considered for the audition because my heart’s desire is to sing! I have been singing since I was 5 years old, and have attempted to make my dream come true over the years, but raising my four boys has taken priority over those plans. I work part time, I’m in school part time, and a mommy full time! Although I love what I do, I find myself regretting achieving my life goal of being a singer. In my free time(or even at work) I write songs and prepare for that one day when I can sing for the world and not just my city! Im thankful for the opportunity to minister to my friends and community through song…but what’s in my heart needs to be shared with the world!!! My testimony is waiting to be heard!

  43. I want to be in a Tyler Perry movie. I’ve been a big fan since his first play and I just heart him. He should do a movie based on Oprah’s life and I could play her role. That would be great. I’m from Mississippi, like she is and I am in my late 20’s. Oprah was in her late 20’s when she did The Color Purple. Let’s make this happen.


  44. Should have left straight out of high school for Hollywood but didn’t have the courage. I know that it was my poor decision making that held me back from my dreams and now at 39-years-old with a beautiful wife and 2 incredible daughters and a dead end job, I often dream…what if?
    Well, if given a chance, I believe I can make it in the acting industry. Friends tell me I am funny, often in a way that goes too far for the audience, I have been told I am personable but for those who know me, they simply believe in me.
    Please give me that second chance, I will not disappoint. thanks

  45. I am a 36yr.old married father of seven kids 5 boys 2 girls.I always wanted to act but life kept getting in the way acting is my passion my family is my life.Now it’s time for me to go for my dream and let’s see how interesting my time turns out to be.I have already entered advanced acting classes.”IT IS MY TIME”.


  47. I am currently a 30 year old single mother raising two awesome daughters. Rahmane is 12 and Ariana is 9. I am presently employed as a Special Education Instructor in Houston, Texas; however, I have two major dreams to become an actress and own a women’s magazine comparable to Shine. I have recently began a modeling/acting career doing small roles but I have no prior experience writing published articles. Having a published article would be a dream come true and hopefully assist in gaining experience and knowledge needed to begin my own magazine. Thank you for your consideration.

  48. I’m a widowed 40 year old mother to a wonderful 12 year old girl. Her and I have a dream of creating a family business. It is an invention that I have played with for 6 years. Due to the tight budget raising my daughter alone with no financial assistance (social security/spouse/father) it has been virtually impossible to come up with the funding to get this off the ground. The people that have been privy to this idea all conclude it is an awesome idea and would greatly benefit the industry it targets. So far nothing on the market like it! We prefer to manufacture this in the USA and supporting the keeping it green way of life. I work full time and own my home so there isnt much wiggle room. All I need is to meet the right contacts without giving up my idea for someone else’s greed. I believe once it is off the ground it will allow me to pursue my real dreams, helping others and being able to better provide for my daughter. With hopes of college coming up in her near future it would allow her to pursue the education I wasnt able to . Besides when she’s grown and gone I dont want to be sitting back wondering what if ;)

  49. I was told I would never have children-and so my husband (who should be considered for OWN-My Time) began to pursue his music career-he loves to write and perform. But six yrs into our marriage, baby miracle #1, then #2, a while later-#3, #4, #5. He put his music career on the back burner, and worked long hours to support us-never ever complaining. Then came news of little abused, neglected children who needed adoptive homes, my wonderful guy was all for it-so came #6, #7, #8, then #9, #10 and #11. He works tirelessly for us, not having time OR money for his goals, his dreams, but loving on us and providing for us without complaint. He sometimes sits in the garage and works on words for his songs, but…usually gets interupted by a little one in dire need of their “daddy”. He is selfless, and we love him- I would love to be able to give back some of all that he has given us. Thank you for your time and consideration!

  50. I should be considered for the OWN, My Time Audition because my cause is not a selfish cause. It is a cause to help bridge families back together, one parent at a time! I am a single parent of 2 beautiful daughters, ages 21 & 17 and it bothers me that they fathers are not actively involved in their lives and only because that is the only way they know they can hurt me. I have never been the type to keep them away. I realized that there are a lot of children in this situation and if I can reach out to the absent parent and teach them that there is a way to keep a bond between them and their child and the importance of doing so, then that is what I am going to do. I was the ninth child out of 10. With that being said, my parents were 62(dad) and 59(mother) when I graduated from high school. I took the SAT and I took the financial aid papers to my dad but he threw them on the kitchen table and walked off. M dad was from the old school and we were taught that when you turn 18, you get married, get a job or go to the military. I chose to get a job and then later married. I should have pursured college but I did not. I just kind of gave up on it after I saw that my parents had. Of course,my mother never worked and had a 3rd grade education. So time went on and I missed alot of opportunities because I needed encouragement. But how could they(my parents) give me what they never had! So here I stand, 47 years old working two jobs to support my kids and I regret everyday that I did not go. However, I have a 501(c)3 organization that I would like assistance in getting off the ground, whether provided a grant writer, a donation or even if Oprah herself wanted to be the Director, I would would be willing to take second wing for her! The name of the organization is, London Bridges Kids Foundation, bridging the gap between absent parents and their children. It is a passion and purpose of mine. The organization is a service that I hope to have a home set up so that absent parents will have a positive environment to come visit with their child(ren). I plan to contact various sporting teams and local events in Atlanta, Georgia area for complimentary tickets to provide supervised outings with the absent parent and their child to start building a life long relationship between the parent and child. As time goes on, we will have father/daughter dances, mother/daughter teas, ice cream socials, and photo shoots with the absent parent and child. This service is much needed in our communities. We will provide counseling services on an as need basis. We will provide parent literature to the parents. Just getting a grant written for the business could make this happen! I am sure the President and the First Lady would support this great cause. If we put families back together, we can build up the community, which helps the nation and transform the world!

  51. I believe that I should be chosen for the show!!!! I am a 24 year old mother of 2 beautiful daughters. Since I became pregnant with my first Katelyn (5) I can’t help but pick up on my grandmothers disappointment. I want to show her that I have no let go of my dreams of starting a group home for children. I would love to work with teens because they are ofte overlooked due to age. My grandmother has always taught us to be greatful for what we have, and to share it with others. I just think youth today need guidence. Although I am still in the cateogory of young adult; I would use it to my advantage while working. I truly have had this dream for years now, and It would be awesome to have The OWN Network on my side!!

  52. I always wanted to be a singer. Its has been in my blood since a child listening and watching my mother sing and making the entire congregation faint. My mother was my competion because no one in the world could beat her. I said to myself when I was a young girl watching her sing, that “one day I will beat her”. My mother passed on December 21,2009, it was her dream for me to be a singer, she had “faith” I could do it, I had “fear”. I dedicated myself to my family I raised and is contiually raising my 2 neices 17 and 14, I taken care of my mother until she died, she had multiple illness so I dedicated my life to my family, and NEVER or EVER will regret it. I had a major surgery 2 month after my mothers death and just keeping my family upbeat when thats all u know how to do it gratifying to me! Father is ill and just found out the annivesary of my mothers passing my brother has mutliple scolorosis..I must continue on…I sang in front of Luther Vandross and he stated, quote, “I could put Whitney out of business”, he gave me his information but I just wanted to be an background singer due to my fear, being a Luther Vandross backup singer oh my gosh!! Also sang for Lil” Milton the blues singer when I was 15 and he told my mother to help me work on my fear, he wanted me to go on an world tour as an opening act for him, he came back to hear me again but the fear was still there… I was told that I have an voice that comes by every few years, and not easy to find… So now that I have no one to take care of as yet anymore and have been doing alot of thinking I said to myself..”Lisa, what about u, what do u wanna do, and what are u gonna do!” I WANT TO SING!!!!!


  54. My ultimate, ultimate dream is to become an actress…I KNOW I WILL MAKE IT…I just need the opportunity. I have been putting it off for years because of this and that. I have a child who is amazing but I want to be an example to her and show her that dreams can come true…. please consider me you will not regret it

  55. I am a 28 year old wife and mother of two little boys ages 2 and 3. Before I had my boys I was always physically fit and doing activities like running marathons for charities, etc. Once I had my boys I became a tad bit out of shape and after I had my second son my husband and I decided that I would become a stay at home mother so that I could take care of the boys. During this time, I would register for marathons and start trying to train myself to get back in shape but I would never have the time to do so. I would get a number of workouts in and get more energized but when it came to it I was never at the point where my body or time would allow me to do the race. I am DETERMINED to go through a strenuous training to get myself back in shape to be able to complete two marathons. One marathon that is a MUST is the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Marathon because right now is an extremely hard time for me and my family. My Aunt is currently in the last stages of breast cancer. Just found out that the doctor said that the chemo is no longer working so its now just time until………. She lives in Tennessee and my husband drove me up there about two weeks ago to make sure I got to see her before anything happens. Yesterday my husband got a call from his mom to say that his father was in the hospital due to them finding a tumor in his throat. Right now they are not able to see if it is cancerous because it is too infected so once they get the infection to a point where they can do a biopsy its a waiting game for us. So because my family is going through these times with family members fighting cancer this is one marathon that I am determined to work at!! Of course, help through the process is always welcome!! :) Another marathon that I am dying to participate in is the Walt Disney World Marathon Relay which will be conducting in January 2012. We just moved from Orlando to Hollywood, FL but we still continue to take the family to Disney world every year. The Relay race will be between 2-person relay team that will run 13.1 miles (one team through Epcot and Magic Kingdom and the other team through Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios) I have to register before November 1, 2011 but I am still skeptical because of not being sure that I will be ready. I know that my drive is strong. I know this and show it by being a stay at home mom whose hobby was photography and I have turned it into a business that when I just started this past November 2010 I have done photos of celebrities and fashion shows, etc. So I know when I put my mind to it and I want something I will get it. Sometimes I need help in pushing myself but who doesn’t!!

  56. Not sure where to begin on this one. My dream could take 1 of 2 paths and I would be exstatic. My dream is to become a ballroom dancer and to open my own studio. I have studied dance for years and have been able to teach from time to time but have never been able to have my own space. I’ve located space in my home town but it is a bit pricey and with a new floor buildout, the startup funding is steep. I have been certified in a few different dance techniques but none of those seem to help in my daily job behind a computer. My husband is the stay-at-home-dad to our 4 year old son so i carry the financial load for the family. I also have started and run a non-profit organization in Colorado Springs that helps local business owners and sick patients in my area (www.csmcc-net.org). I work 50+ hours per week at my day job and fit in the non-profit were I can. With all that, I haven’t been dancing in years.

    I have let so many projects come between my dream and my reality that I’m fearful I will never accomplish my own studio. Should that dream seem too large, I would love to be able to take the time to apply myself and compete in a ballroom competition. I have never taken ballroom formally but with my age and skillset, I think I would be fantastic – I would love even more to find out.

  57. I turn 50 this year in March. Like others I got married when i was 20 years old. Fell in love with my high school sweetheart and had 3 childrens. ( a boy and girl set of twins). My children are all grown and have kids of their own. yes i am a grandmother. I was in 2 screen plays and I also was an extras for two films. I got a divorce when mu kids was young. My job and raising my kids kept me from going after my desires to become an actress. I have wriiten a sreecnplay and I want it to be seem in NY on boardway. Yes, I still have big dreams for myself.

  58. I am 55 years old and a mother of 5 boys and 2 girls. I remember at the age of 9 years old wanting to become an acctress and model. Unfortunately my mother was not the kind of person to encourage a child to reach for the stars, instead she would discourage me by being overprotective and warning me of people being so ruthless in the world, I couldn’t go anywhere or participate in any kind of school activities.Needless to say i grew up being undecisive and lacking confidence. After graduating school I started college then got married and pregnant within 2 years. After getting pregnant I stopped going to college and embarked on a long journey of hard knocks. As my kids grew up I encouraged them to reach for the stars while praising them for their efforts along the way. After my eldest son graduated school, did one tour in the Navy, then graduated college he in turn reminded me that it was now my turn to finish college, which I did in July 2010 with an Associate degree in Human Services (social work) but I feel so empty inside because thats not what I really want to do. Acting is it. But at this stage in life I don’t know how, where, when and what to do to get started not to even mention finances. I don’t know where to turn but here’s hoping that someone in addition to my heavenly father can led me in the right direction because at the age of 55 I still want my dream.

  59. My dream has always been to become a great basketball player and to make it to a WNBA try-out. I have wanted to play basketball professionally since high school so my interest in basketball started later than most which put me at a disadvantage. My junior year of college, i had just began to reach my potential in getting really good at basketball. During an away game I thought I had a stomach virus and too my surprise, I was pregnant with my first child. I was really excited but knew that I had to put my dream on hold. Years later, I have decided that it is time for me to pursue my dream again. the only problem is that I have gained so much weight and it is a struggle trying to juggle a household and I dream. I try to play basketball at least 6 days a week but it does not seem like enough. if only I had some help in reaching my goal, I could prove to myself and to my family that nothing can stand in the way if you just work hard.

  60. I have two dreams to accomplish,dance and acting.instead of playing the lead role of,Harriet Tubman in an elementary play I chickened out and took a silent role as an extra slave lol.not getting accepted to laguardia high school for dance was heartbreaking for me.i blamed my mom because she didn’t put me into dance lessons. She was too busy chasing my two older sisters dreams paying for singing lessons for one and modeling lessons for the other.i know my life would have been different but that wasn’t Gods plan for me.I’ve been thru some things in my life I can’t believe I even made it thru.i have three amazing little blessings,got my GED a few yrs ago yay!!.moved to a great place,finally got my license,got a job and engaged to a man who has loved me since I was sixteen.life is good God is good but something is missing… My loVes my passions, the two things that bring me to life and make me who I am.I no longer want to be in the background or be silent I wamt to b front and center doing what I do best ENTERTAINING!! I fear no stage no dancefloor or set. This is my time on your marks get set Im ready!…. Now lets go….

  61. I am a 43 year old mother of four children (ages 22, 18, 10, and 7). I have always been interested in modeling but got side-tracked by life. I’ve been told that I have the looks and height, but I never had the necessary confidence to actually pursue modeling seriously. As I aged, my confidence grew. The problem now is that I don’t know how/where to begin. I encourage my children to pursue their dreams and I feel foolish for not taking my own advice sooner!

  62. My name is kacie schmidt im a mother to twin girls who were born premature at 28 weeks, im married to my husband doug schmidt who was in the military for 3 years. we got married on september 26, 2009 i was 18 & i had my girls at 19. my girls spent 3 months in the NICU, since they were born early i have to be a stay at home mom until they are old enough to start walking, they have lots of needs that im afraid something will happen if i leave them at a day care. me & my husban have had alot of stress put on us he got honorable discharged from the miitary in feburary 2011, he recently got a job working part time. it will be a while till im able to work which sucks because i wanna be able to help my husband provide for our family. i want to be the best mother to my daughters & for them to look up to me. i wanna become a producer/director it has been my dream since i was in middle school.

  63. Life began for me at age 17 by my choice,and now almost 18 years later i have five beautiful daughters and a son. At age 35, I’m wondering where has time went, my plan was to be retiring from the armed forces in about 2 years,but it seems the LORD has another plan for me. I was reared in a two parent home with financial stability and my parents were what i called strict then but now after having children of my OWN,( espcially girls), I now understand they were only being fair and had our(my siblings and I, 2sisters 1brother) best interest at heart. The world has changed dramaticly and I pray on a daily basis for discernment. My dream is to fulfill my children’s dreams,through them I have been blessed!

  64. I’m 19 years old and my dream has been to be a singer. I have been raised in a household of musicians my whole life. I have been practicing and tying to reach my goals and put my dreams ahead of anything else. But when I was 17 I found out I was pregnant the day before my 18th birthday. At first I thought I would have time, I could juggle it all; but I soon realized after I had my daughter that I couldn’t have been more wrong. I have no time to do anything; sometimes I will go days without eating and hardly drinking anything cause I’m so busy with trying to make her stop crying and cleaning a house of four and two animals alone as my form of rent. With the stress of figuring out were I will have to live next (when my welcome is worn out in each house I shift to) I just don’t have the time to ever focus on me or my dreams; that I want now not just for me, but for my daughter. As much as this situation has torn me apart and though I have nothing and know it will only get harder I cant say I regret it I cant complain cause I have a wonderful gift from God and I made the choice to be irresponsible and I will forever take care of my responsibilities. I just don’t wont to see my dreams fade away like so many other young mothers; but most importantly I don’t want my daughter to see me fail or struggle, I never want her to think she cant reach for the stars. I want to be a great example, I want to give her every opportunity in the world. I need the guidance and the courage I once had, to know that I have what it takes to make my dream become reality.
    Thank you for your time.


  65. I don’t have any children, but I have put in my share of caring for those who are unable to care for themselves, from school-aged, to the elderly and I’m still finding myself doing that. I strongly feel that it’s My Time. 310-925-4895

  66. I grew up in rural Alaska and always knew i wanted to be a singer or do Musical Theater on Broadway (even though it wasn’t that popular at the time). I toured Europe with America’s Youth in Concert in High School, I graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC in 1987, I sang in clubs in L.A. and NYC and sang with Jewel on the “End of the Road” syndicated radio show with Host Tom Boddett (My family and Jewel’s family have connections that go WAY BACK) and wanted to pursue a career in Entertainment; but had the chance to marry a home-town girl in 1990 (the love of my life) and moved to Arizona where I worked multiple jobs and went to auditions (not much to audition for in Phoenix back in 1990) mostly local commercials, and ended up moving back to Alaska in 1991 and started a career with UPS (because it was a good job with good benefits). 20 years later, I have been married 21 years, have been climbing the corporate ladder @ UPS for 20 of those years so I can provide for my family; but have felt a hole in my soul every day of that 21-year period because I feel there is something more I was meant to do and share. I do have a 16 year-old daughter who is extremely talented and wants to go to Julliard for Musical Theater, and she is the absolute Sunshine of my Life! I direct the Youth Wing at our local Community Theater in Aiken, South Carolina and try to inspire kids to reach for their dreams and not to let anyone tell them they can’t make it!! In April (next month) I am taking six of my students (including my daughter) to participate in a Broadway Student Summit in NYC (sponsored by MTI) and am SO excited for them to see NYC for the first time and to get to touch their dream and hopefully be inspired to work harder to make their dreams come true. One of my students (that is going on the trip with us) was just accepted into the American Academy of Dramatic Arts/NYC so we are all excited for her. The greatest satisfaction in my life, since I put my dreams on the shelf to support my family, and raise my daughter to be everything she can dream of being, is to make a difference in the lives of these students I work with, to see the possibilities within themselves. I still have a dream of singing on Broadway one day; but if I can at least get other kids there, I will have made a difference. I know I have what it takes to be on Broadway, I just dont have the time with my work schedule and my home responsibilities to pursue it full-time. People who see me perform in local community theater always ask why I didn’t stay in New York to pursue a career. I just take one look at my family and there is my answer!! I still dream though!

  67. I am a 25yr old African American male from Cleveland Ohio. I moved my family down to Atlanta GA to pursue my actor/comedy career. I always felt in my heart that I am supposed to do something special in my life and this sounds like the thing I been waiting on. I faced alot of adversities in my life and can relate to almost everybody please give me a chance I fell like I could something different the world has seen and I wont to show my kids that anything is possible.

  68. Life! Yup that’s what happened. I have always dreamed of being able to create beautiful thing. I love to design children’s clothing and have tried to own my own company several times. I love to plan parties for every occasion and have dabbled in the wedding business as well. I have even tried fashion image consulting and Interior design. My dream is staring/ hosting in my own Design show. “Designer Mom” I call myself when no one is around. I have thought about auditioning for Project Runway but I never went to school for design so I lack in adult pattern making skills. My goal when I turned 20 was to be on Oprah but “Life Happened”. I seem to always have the best ideas for everything but then “life happens”. Mini Martha my friends would call me. I am a 30 year old mom of 4 beautiful kids 3 girls and 1 boy. I got married young and had my first baby, birth control and all 11 months later and “life began” at 19 year old. I keep trying to fulfill my dreams but it seems that my kid’s dreams are always top priority. I am the second youngest of five girls in a single mother family and growing up life was good however in my teenage years our family’s life got a little crazy. (Death, teen pregnancy, drugs, criminal record, adoption you name it happened) And so I think I pushed aside anything I wanted to do so as I too would be a burden for my amazing mom. The pattern of dream and push away keeps repeating it’s self because “life happens”. I wouldn’t change my life or circumstances for anything, because that’s what makes me who I am a strong independent, fun, creative Designer Mom!

  69. OK, Where do i begin? I am sure that many people have had to place themselves on hold due to having children. I feel that parenthood makes you stronger and gives you a more optimistic outlook on life. With that being said, I have always wanted to be a “SUPERSTAR” from the time I could speak, I wanted to act and sing! However, sometimes life throws a curve ball in our direction. I now have 4children and I have escaped a very dangerous and abusive relationship. This man took my self esteem so low that I didn’t want act or sing anymore. I thought that I couldn’t do it! He would always tell me “No one will hire you with all these kids” .. I have made a lot of sacrifices for my children and now I just want 1 shot at my dreams again!

  70. since the age of five I have known that I was destine to be an Entertainment Vocalist singing is a passion that I live Eat,Sleep,Drink and Breathe daily its become an obsession for the past 15 yrs my dreams had to take back seat to me being a mother and a wife only for it all to vanish I lost everything except my DREAMS its been 30 yrs now and I’m more determine to see it my dreams leave from a memory to reality I want to share this AMAZING gift to the world

  71. Becoming an actress has been my dream sense the age of 14. I have attended modeling and acting classes and has had head shots taking spending over 3,000 and still nothing. I then had to put my dreams on hold because I had a baby who is now 5yr old and has been diagnosed ADHD, and that is a job in it self when your are a single mother. I then had a second child 4 years later which put my dream on hold longer. Now that they are here thery are my motivation and my drive to pursue my acting career, and they look to me as their hero… So this hero must FLY! People then started telling me that may be i should give up on my dream of becoming an actress and I told them No; Having children doesn’t stop you it just slow you down but at the same time makes you push harder. I want to become an actress so badly I cry when I see someone else who has gained great success at becoming an actress because all iIcan think is… That will be me one day. I think I should be considered for Own- My Time because I am Passionate, have a bubbly personality, A people person, Responsible, A go getter, Has a Great speaking voice and a Smile that will brighten up a room. My Motto is: You have to at least try, If don’t try your already a failure!

  72. I am a 44 year old divorced mother of 2 girls and about a year ago my younger sister died so i took her teenage daughter in so now i have 3 teenage girls as well as helping out my mother who has breast cancer whom lives in Indiana as well as being supportive of my father who has prostate cancer in Ohio. I am the oldest of 5 children and I have always been the one who takes care of everyone
    else and never myself, I have been diagnosed with Chron’s disease but that is
    ok I am in remission and big as hell (ha! ha!) despite all of this I desire to get at least of my business or show ideas off the ground which can happen in 6 to eight weeks. My business and or show ideas fall in with the theme of living your best
    life and I think that I was put here to help or influence or inspire or motivate others to live their best lives. Call me to find out my reality show or business ideas. 678-508-7141
    one of my awesome ideas off the ground and going and with the right

  73. My dream is to become a well known dancer/choreographer for music artist or broadway. I am a 23 and just had my first child, he’s 7 months old now. I have been dancing for many years now, but I ended up pregnant while in college and dancing for me has dwindled away. I’m a single mother with no help at all. I see audtions that I would love to do but can’t because its hard to find a sitter or I have to think about if I were to make it, what would I do about my son. Its very difficult because I’m not financially stable to move anywhere with him. I think this show will help me to go forth with my dream and keep my head high to my goals in life to have a better life for me and my son. Please may I have this chance to show you my talent.

  74. I am a 33 year old Mother of 7 whose dream was to always become an actress. of course, like many, this is a common and seemingly unattainable goal to most mothers over 30. I have not had “professional” training, however I am the female version of Wayne Brady, Jamie Foxx, Etc. I was in Drama in school and was the star of my class. All I ask for is one shot. When Oppurtunity meets preperation,it equals success, and I am indeed prepared, I just need my oppurtunity. I have attained my youthfulness, and can blend in with the highschoolers if need be! I am a very dramactic, comedic person that deserves a chance to be seen.

  75. I have been someone’s sister, daughter, wife, and mother all of my 39 years. In 2011, I have declared it “The year of Kelli” I quit smoking, joined a gym, lost 64 pounds, joined a theater group, and training for the Peachtree Road race in July. I am VP of the Band Boosters and member of North Georgia Community Players. I did not begin this transformation for anyone other than myself. I have learned that growing involves critical thinking about the everyday decisions and goals. Come join me on my journey to a better me! Living my best life with no apologies. When I cross the finish line of the marathon, I will be giving myself (and others that love me) a better me!

  76. WOW! I found time to search the internet and find this casting…this feels like a break within its self. I have fully dedicated my life to the existence and well being of my three beautiful boys (15, 9, & 5). After becoming a mother at the age of 19, I was still determined to complete my college education in obtaining my degree in early childhood education–since a little a girl, I always wanted to become a teacher and have an influence in the lives of our youth. However, I soon became bombarded with hardships and life’s chaos that soon led to me not obtaining my Masters and becoming a teacher. I gave birth to my second child and now, a loving caring mother of three and stay at home mom, I find myself a teacher, educator, and trainer, not in a classroom setting as I had always dreamed, but in my very on home. I still want to make my dreams come true, but I currently feel confined to my family. I am torn on whether to be proud of my achievements or bitter towards my failures…

  77. My ultimate dream is to become an actress. I had a small speaking role in a movie filmed in Atlanta. Also I have been in a few plays. I am a single mother of two boys. I recently lost my five year old all of a sudden. After his passing something has been telling me to get back into acting. Everywhere I go people always ask me if I act or sing. People always tell me what great charisma I have and how humble I am. I really think acting is my calling.

  78. My ultimate dream is to be an actress. I had one small speaking roll in a movie filmed in Atlanta. I also sing. Everywhere I go people tell me that I have great charisma and should be in movies or on tv! I am a single parent who recently lost my 5 year old son. I still have one son. After my oldest son passed away something just told me to get back into trying to act. I think acting is my calling.

  79. My dream is to become an actress. I do not have any training what so ever, but i feel i do have God giving talent, i can speak in different accents that delight my family and friends. I love to write plays and teleplays and dream one day i can get a chance to show them to someone willing to take a chance on me. I’m a 29 year old mother of 2 who has put her dream down to raise her children. My husband is currently in the military so i have had to play both roles for the past 3 years due to deployments. I would love a chance to put myself out there and do what i love to do, which is entertain people with joy and laughter through acting.

  80. I feel like my whole life I have been waiting for my time. In high school I thought I was finally coming into it and then at 16 I got pregnant. No more cheer leading and no more dance team. I tried to complete school and ended up homeschooling but home became a place of sadness and pain and confusion for me cause by the time I was 17, I had a son diagnosed with Autism. He would cry for hours on end, bang his head, scratch his face and everything. Lost all speech and so on but he was my baby, what was I to do. The time and effort put into him and then I ended up having another son, as time went on the pressure built. By then I just decided to work when I could and have whatever kids I was gonna have and get it over with. I am now 28 with 4 kids. 3 boys and 1 girl who’s 3 now and they are my everything. . I managed to get my G.E.D and worked when I could and currently looking into computer certifications. I feel like now I am at a point to where I am ready for a new phase in life. I want to have a life. I spend most of my time at home with the kids and feel as if I have missed out on alot in the world. I watch t.v and go out occasionally but sometimes I feel like a woman being released from prison after 12 yrs.Now I just want my kids to have everything they need and a mom they can be proud of. All I hear when people see me now is “you had so much potential to be and do but what happened?” Life and autism happened.They tell me how strong I am and how they love my positive spirit but deep down my soul longs to be happy. I just want a peace of mind so to speak. To feel like my life isn’t over and that things will change. I am so lost and wish I knew where to begin. I know I am capable but sometimes the challenge is fear itself. I said my motto for this year was gonna be “No Time for Fear. ” lets see how it goes. However this may workout, thanks for asking. Lol.

  81. My dream was always being an actor. I started as a stage actor in Colombia South America and was working full time and doing theater, a struggling actor. Then I got pregnant with my second child. The father was also an actor and he got very ill. All dreams came to a stop and reality kicked in. From there on, it was two decades of raising my kids and surviving every-day life. We came to the US (legally) in 95. Now my kids are grown up and have their own life. Two years ago I decided to start again and got my website and pics and resume but at 50+ and somewhat overweight and no contacts in the industry, not much has been accomplished yet (plus “normal life’s dirty bumps on the road” have also hindered my development, i.e., the lack of financial resources in itself is a roadblock to going to courses or networking). Any how, I was once told I have “stage presence” and I love, absolutely love acting. I believe I can be a great actor. And I believe I can show the world that even at 50+, if you keep your dream alive, you’ll make it come true.

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