PBS Drama “Mercy Street” Casting Extras


The PBS civil war TV series “Mercy Street” is now filming and has a new call out for Petersburg area talent available to fill a few small roles in upcoming scenes.

‘Mercy Street’ is an American Civil War medical drama television series.  It is created by Lisa Wolfinger and David Zabel.  The first season premiered on January 14th, 2016 and it was renewed for a second season in March.  So far there have only been six episodes, but it has been well received by critics and fans are excited to see what happens in season 2.  It is a very unique concept for a show, so people really appreciate the originality and historical references.



Two new patients for the hospital. 18-40 year old white men. Hair – short. Please put in the subject line: WEDNESDAY.

June 6-7 : African American man, women and children. Ages 6 and older. This is a small, intimate scene in a “pen”. Please put in the subject line: SLAVES.

June 6-7: White male, age 13-16. Please put in the subject line: FARMER’S TEENAGE SON.

June 6-7: African American female age 18 looking younger, to play a teenager. Acting experience required. In the interview, you will be doing improvisation with me. Please put in the subject line: BESSIE.

June 9: White males 20-50. Hair not too short on the civilians. Everyone must be willing for a trim, if needed. Facial hair a plus. Please put in the subject line: BRITISH OFFICERS/ UNION OFFICERS/ CIVILIAN MEN.

June 13: White male, 20s. Please put in the subject line: LORD EDWARD’S SERVANT.

June 15: African American female 30s, Please put in the subject line: REBECCA’S CHAPERONE.

June 15: White female 40-50s. Please put in the subject line: MRS. BLANKENSHIP.

June 16: White males, 30s-50s. Character faces, facial hair, hair not past your shoulders. Please put in the subject line: UNSAVORY THUGS.

The non-union rate is $64/8. (Union people, we are WAY over the count for Tuesday, so only looking for non-union).

If you’d like to submit, please include two photos (close face and full body) with the following information:

1) Name;
2) Phone Number;
3) Email Address;
4) SAG-AFTRA (yes of no);
5) All clothes sizes, including height and weight;
6) City You Currently Live In.