“Planet of the Apps” Is Looking for App Developers


Apple is creating a new TV show called Planet of the Apps. When the announcement for the new show was made, Apple was quick to point out that it wanted to do a show that concerned apps and how they are developed.

Apple is working with Propagate to create and produce this new exciting show.  It is casting nationally for app developers and engineers looking for a shot to be funded.

The Show

According to the Press Release, the show is about apps and the life of the people that develop these apps. The series is an unscripted.

The show is about the search for the next great App. Developers that are selected as a result of these casting calls will get the chance to work with some of the most accomplished and influential experts to grace the tech industry. If your Apps are impressive and innovative then you will have a great shot at being funded through this show.

Looking for Fresh Recruits

The casting calls are an open for all opportunity where you can apply to play the part of human developers. Being one of the first TV products by Apple, there is potential that the show can go on to become a big success.

However it is important to note that anyone that is looking to make the most this opportunity needs to be a citizen of the United States of America. Residents of the US and other countries may also be allowed to work just as long as you are able to display that you are legally qualified to work in the US and that there are no Visa restrictions etc.

How to Apply?

If you are interested in getting on a TV program about Apps, all you need to do is log onto https://www.planetoftheapps.com/ and press the blue apply now button on the website.