Taraji Henson Reboot Movie Casting

Casting directors for a new Taraji Henson movie are casting talent in Atlanta. The project is a remake of the 2000 movie, What Women Want. The casting team is looking for all types of actors and models to appear in the reboot.


The original What Women Want is about Mel Gibson as an advertising executive who is suddenly granted the ability read women’s minds and then uses that to sell them things and seduce them. The remake will be about mostly the same material with Taraji Henson as the star. Henson is an American author and actress known for several works since she started in the industry in 1996.  She most recently starred and flourished in the incredible film, Hidden Figures.  The official title for the reboot will be called, What Men Want, and Henson will play the same role that Gibson once played, just from the opposite perspective.


When: November 20th

Where: Atlanta, Georgia

This is a tremendous opportunity to be in a movie with tons of significance and meaning both in history and in our present world.  Not only will you be paid for this position, you will gain plenty of valuable experience and meet industry professionals that can open up new doors for you. You don’t want to miss the chance to become an actor in a top tier movie.

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