Food Network Looking for Talent!

The Food Network is holding auditions for their new show.
Talented People for The Food Network Show.
The Food Network is holding auditions for their new show.
Talented People for The Food Network Show.

You love to cook! Your friends love your cooking! And you have been waiting for a big break as a chef for years! Well this is your time. Your perfect time to go out there and light up the screen with your cooking is now. The TV Network known for their contemporary and specialty shows in cooking, from competitions to reality television, is producing a new Cooking Show and would like you as the next big star!

The Food Network is known for their food and cooking shows and is played in over ninety million households nationwide. In addition their shows have headlined and opened doors for their star chefs and cooks on CNN and other networks as well. The popularity of food and television combined is a hit in American households. Mario Batali, Bobby Flay, or what bout “BAM!” Emeril, all started on the Food Network and cleared the pathway for future cooking TV stars like you. They have now been featured in films, commercials, headlined their own magazines, published books, and even been featured in HBO’s hit show episodes of “Entourage”.

If you wow everyone in the kitchen and have a personality for days, it may be time to finally put your talents to good use! The Food Network is searching for female and males between the ages of 21 to 70 years old for an exciting competition. Auditions will be held at the Food Network studios in New York City for about three weeks in the near future and the competition will be underway as well. The show will star some familiar celebrities and Food Network stars. Make sure to submit an application immediately! This is your chance to be the next Food Network Superstar!

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

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  2. Holy hell, the comments I’ve read are so not my style. I’m just trying to get your attention – I’ve applied to be a contestant on a couple of your shows & would love to show you what I can bring to the table. Food Network, I’m a bonafide junkie. And Bobby Flay?? I’m your biggest fan. “Boy Meets Grill” absolutely rules my house. I can do this!!!!!

  3. No need to look in further, I am your person. I can cook I am witty, beautiful, full of energy and exactly what you have been looking for. I dare you to call.. or email.

  4. I would like to have my own show on the cooking channel. I cook good southern food. I lived in Ga. Georgia folks love home cooking such collards green, chicken and dumplings, sweet potato pies, butterbeans, cabbage ,fresh fried corn, good beef roast with brown gravy and rice, corn casserole, squash casserole, baked pork chops, peach cobbler. After you have work 8 hours you want a home cooked meal on your table . I am the one who can do just that I have been cooking ever since I was 9 years old, my mom and dad work so I had to learn how to cook. Call me so we can get this show going.

  5. While I’ve always been skeptical that an average person such as myself stands a chance at being chosen, I am taking the wife’s advice and giving it a shot.
    I’m not going to boast or brag and say “pick me”. I am going to say, I can cook my rear off, I thoroughly enjoy it and would make Food Network proud. No matter what I say in regards to my abilities or personality, until you meet me and see my ability /taste the outcome, it’s all simply just words. Regardless I’m a Food Network junkie for life!

    Be Blessed,

    Khalid H.

  6. I would love to be considered for the casting of this show! I’m a southern belle, food professional in Birmingham, AL. I own a thriving catering business, and we cook and deliver healthy meals to families all over the city! We have been featured in journals and newspapers, and we now have a regular cooking show on our local CBS station! Please consider me: tons of personality, talent, and a huge love for cooking and the food network!


  7. I would like to be considered for this competition because I have dedicated the past 3 years to sharing my love of Cuban food. I share my grandmother’s authentic recipes in my blog, Margarita’s Cuban Cuisine, but I also share my recipes on many other sites. I even started an online grocery so Europeans can access the necessary ingredients for authentic Cuban cuisine, I used to teach cooking and do many live presentations and did a presentation at last year’s BlogHer’s conference in Miami on the Flavours of Miami. I think I would be a good fit for the food network, because I am a very American Cuban American who lives in the UK….so it could make for a very interesting format. As a former lawyer, I am dedicated to professional excellence in my life and know I could use my funny fiery personality to produce a very appealing and personalised Cuban Cuisine cooking show. Most importantly, Cuban Cuisine is simply amazing good and very different from any other cusine being presented now on the Food Network so it would draw true foodies due to the many classic Cuban recipes few people outside of Miami know about.

  8. I am a skilled chef with over 30 years of experience in cooking, operating restaurants, and managing dining services as well as one of the featured Chefs on Fox 6 News. I would like to showcase my talent and leadership skills and put Bessemer , Alabama on the map for there southern dishes.

  9. I am your girl. I’m the Grill next door, the Smoked Out Mama, that will give Bobby Flay a run for his Smokin’ money. I can cook on anything, and will take on any food item on the grill or smoker. So hook a grillfriend up and give me a shot. I’ll always do my part to entertain and teach at the same time.

  10. Hi. My name is LeeAnn. I’m a teacher, wife, mother, and a fabulous cook. I don’t claim to be a chef, but I have a passion for cooking. I run a small catering company as well as teach high school Algebra. My point of view focuses on simple yet elegant meals Easily prepared on a week night and the flair of cooking for weekend dinner parties I would love to be considered as A food network contestant

  11. I have been in a kitchen since I was 8, I know every cooking show and after years of wanting my own shot to showcase my talent and creativity I know I’m ready for the food network.

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  13. I’m a bit confused. Is this COMMENT SECTION just to leave general comments or this the first part of trying to get in an audition with Food Network? I’ve read through this thread and a lot of people are posting their personal information for the public to see (as well as steal). I would do the same if this is the appropriate section.

    I would appreciate a response and direction of how I can add myself to the Food Network auditions without disclosing my personal information on this thread.
    Thank You.

    Jesse Watrous

  14. I’ve been cooking for 18 years, not only to I have the Cooking skills. I have the personality and mindset of the average person trying to figure out “something new” at a “budget friendly” cost. Not only do I prepare meals I also do desserts, because who doesn’t love at little sweetness after a meal? Calories? Honey please! I’m all about healthy delicious greatness in the kitchen. Putting me as the next food network personality is like having a close friend teaching you new things in the kitchen packed with laughs and fun. I call myself Chef Krazii for the crazy delicious meals I cook and bake up.

  15. Hi, my name is Kelly and I work as a teller at a bank. I went to Johnson & Wales and graduated in 2007. I have not been in the industry for 5 years now and my food intuition is raging. I have a gregarious personality and can have a good time with anyone. I have been waiting to find the right show to get back out there. I hope that I hear from you soon. Thank you

  16. Im looking for a new thing. growing up i never had a job yet I’m still single, and 26 years old. I watch all these people on TV and wish it was me. I don’t have money to buy new shoes. And yet I want a food truck. My heart hurts when I think of this dream as a cook. No will understand me. I can work because I working on my ssi if you don’t know what ssi look it up on Googl. My name is Tim and my famliy doesn’t know what is like to dream big. I want to be on a show so i can make food and get out there and help the world. I know you people dont want tp hear my sad story. I been up and down this coast to california to washington state. All life i grow up knowing i have to work so i can support myself. I do have culinary arts skils. So one day i stand tall and be proud, but now i sit hear and cry myself to sleep tonight. My dream is to be on a cooking show or knowing i touch someone heart with this message. Please I have no other way to get on this show

    • I like cooking for love. Smell the aroma, feel the texture of some foods, the challenge of finding new flavors, and be creative with sense and respect for traditions makes me happy. See the faces of happiness every time I make a dish is my BIG satisfaction. Since childhood I liked cooking thanks to my grandmother’s example.

      I was born in Bronx, New York and raised part of my life on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, and Illinois. By profession, I am an accountant for 15 years. During these 15 years, I’ve done full-time and part-time catering for different activities, while I was getting a degree in Culinary Arts, International and Caribbean cuisine.

      Always remember in a catering than I did for a Government activity when all had eaten and were satisfied, a person wanted the leftovers, when I was about to serve him, a lady started shouting NO, NO, you cannot leave me without leftovers, “this meal was the best I’ve eaten”. I was like Oh my God! but felt very good. Another anecdote was a girl saying that she was in the clouds with my food. I have so many anecdotes that does not terminate but say it is a so and so great satisfaction when your preparation of dishes is accepted.

      I would like to have the opportunity to participate in the food network reality show where is going to be fun and a learning experience. My email is: and my phone 321-439-8218.

      Thanks for the opportunity.

      Shammy Rodriguez

      • Hello, my Name is Joy Flowers, I’m Origianally from Miami Fla and I love to cook I started cooking at the age of nine I would come home from school and find my father preparing all sorts of meal and deserts so I found interest I come from a Muticulrural background and living in Miami it was Cuban Cusine Italian , Creole, Caribbean. And many others we caught our fish fresh every weekend and cooked it My father believed in fresh clean food no box everything from scratch and that’s what I have taken with me in my cooking all fresh and natural.. I have lived in four different states such as Miami Louisiana, Las Vegas, and now I reside in Seattle Wa and in every state my friends and family know me as The Chef of the family. I do all the cooking for Holiday Gatherings Etc. I cook everyday of my life so I figure I might as well be famous for it. I am a creator and an inventer of food. I have 99 Problems but cooking is not one… I am a loyal Food network fan. I have been watching since its aired. Emeril Lagasi is my first watched Martha Stewart Bobby Flay Rachel Ray just to name a few I have an empty nest at home and I’m ready to start my New life. Cooking for Joy.
        Thank you
        I’ll See You Soon

      • Shammy, you are very fortunate to come from such a small jewel of an island in the middle of the ocean. Puerto Rico was born, and so was some its finest cuisine. I am a transplanted NewYorker, here in south florida, and enjoy cooking also. You have the opportunity to show others not only native cusine, but your own implementations of some of these dishes.

        I wish you luck, and support you all the way down here in south florida. I am looking to get into a cooking show also, but, have to wait for availability near me. Follow this passion.

        Our food is so delicious, tasty . We dont stop at salt and peppper !

        P.S …I am also from the bronx, (fordham road area), and learned how to cook simply watching mami cook…especially con el tosino ! Que Rico ! I do want to remind you , for the future, do not place your email, or phone number. I will be monitoring this site for a bit, if you want to discuss recipes…..

        Good Luck to you, and dont forget the Limber de coco !

  17. Hey Food network, My Name is Ava Marie Romero, but just call me Chef Ava Marie as my stage name by the flow. and I am the next Rachael Ray of Food with the impersonations of Jimmy Fallon the female side and the Next Special needs Oprah of food on the food television world! I have what it takes to be a TV Host. I have personality, I am sweet, fun, witty and I do have some female Jimmy Fallon impersonations, but I stay true to myself as an autistic chef being born with autism doesn’t define me as a chef. I do have a lot of culinary talent, I can be a but sweet but I got star power. I can cook amazing recipes for the home cooks across the country sharing my stories to show them not just special needs people can cook, but anyone can be a master in the kitchen. if I were to have a deal with food network, I would have a cooking show in my new NYC Apartment, right now I am currently living @ home with mom/dad/dog Bellatrix but due to the economy I haven’t move out yet I am 26 years old and food network career would change my life entirely. if I become a food star I would get my own studio and I can be possibly live near the Fallon’s 2 doors down neighborhood chef on the block if I do live there from the bay area out of my parents place. so I have a lot of ideas to bring. I have cooking instructor experience, I been a local competitor at local cooking competitions and by 2016 of next year it will be my time to shine! so I am the next celebrity chef figure the next Rachael ray with a Fallon flair with a touch a kindness

  18. Hello Food Network,

    My name is Mercy. I live in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa. I run a Cake house. I would be interested in bringing authentic African Sweets and Flavours and African Cake art to the world. I love Baking, experimenting and teaching all this. I Love Food Network. Literally addicted.
    Been doing Baking for a while as a hobby then moved to it as a business 5 years ago. Completely self taught.
    Food Network would be a dream come true for me. I would also introduce the World to the authentic Sweets and flours that are found locally in my beautiful country. Can’t wait to hear from you.

    Kind Regards,


  20. Cooking relaxes me and the people in my life love it when I cook. I always have request at pot lucks. I am one of three (a triplet). My sister can cook as well.

  21. HELLO HELLO! Everybody loves to cook its seems, forget all that I CAN! cook. That is why I should be considered. I need to prove my talents to the world, and this would give the best opportunity to do so.
    My friends and family love my hand at food they adore my personality and I think that those two ingredients go well in the kitchen.

  22. Wow, I don’t know where to start. Cooking is my life. I enjoy every aspect of cooking. It is a passion that burns deep inside of me. I love, love, love the food network. You guys do an amazing job with all the shows you have. But there is something missing…. “ME”. I have a great personality and an amazing smile. I am extremely personable and it won’t be hard for the viewers to relate to me. I just want to share the gift that GOD gave me with the world. Don’t take my word for it. Check out my new YouTube channel I just started. Master King Chef Jerod. I feel we are a match made in heaven. The Food Network and me. I can’t wait to hear from you all. GOD bless and see you soon.

  23. This sounds right up my alley. Being a passionate chef for over 30 cooking love to make people happy and love working with people in general I spend a lot of time teaching young children cooking working with kids and adults inschool volunteering a community I just have a huge heart and a lot to offer sounds awesome.

  24. I’ve always been a fat kid at heart. If it’s edible.. I’m down. Food feeds the body an soul in a multitude of ways. It is our need, comfort and sometimes our therapists.

    I’ve worked in a vast array of cuisines, live a farm to table lifestyle, tasted/created the craziest of food/beverage experiments, explored markets everywhere (in LA), designed cocktail programs, worked for Hollywood’s most exclusive events. Sounds as if I have nothing to complain about. I don’t.

    I want to bring my poor man’s budget/take on fine foods and show that you can explore food and beverage. You just have to be smart about it. I’m also have a huge passion for not wasting food, child hunger and the GMO labeling movement. Please feel free to ask questions


    Jonathan Joy

  25. I own a cupcake business called Sugar Cat Studio and I won an episode of Cupcake Wars on The Food Network in December 2011. I am also a cookbook author; my cupcake cookbook “Sweet, Savory, and Sometimes Boozy Cupcakes” is due to be published in June 2015. I have a fun, quirky, and competitive personality – everyone says I’m made for TV! I would love to have my own cooking and baking show on The Food Network; it would be a dream come true. I would love to hear back from you!
    Thanks so much,

  26. When I was five years old, I was watching Martha Stewart and Julia Child cooking shows on Saturday mornings instead of cartoons like my little friends. I learned so much of a love for cooking from them that my mother let me start baking when I was only a little older than that. By age 10, I was cooking half of Thanksgiving dinner for my family and relatives! As I grew into a teenager, I could improvise recipes or create my own without measurements because cooking and baking was so familiar to me and was such a passion.
    Now, in my 20s, I am a wife and mother of two children which has given me a reason to further refine my cooking skills. Through my education in nutrition and my knowledge of foods, I have adapted a way of cooking and baking that incorporates healthy, fresh, and clean ingredients that keep my family healthy and fit, but the foods still taste like the unhealthy foods people do not want to give up. If I had my own show, I would use only the healthiest ingredients to create foods that people would have a hard time believing to be healthy. Healthy options can still taste rich and decadent without all the guilt, and I want to prove that to America! I believe adding a show dedicated to this way of cooking would really add something unique and inspiring to Food Network.
    Angela Doherty

  27. I have a larger than life personality and I take command of a room quickly. I am super high energy and I love to create a stir. I love to cook and anyone who has ever eaten my food tells me I should open a restaurant. People call me and ask me to make them casseroles, cakes, pies and anything else they can think of. I am a truly southern but without a southern accent . I am a very command person but in a super nice way. All my friends tell me I should be on T.V. and I would love to give it a try.

  28. I have 30yrs the food industry. I have a deep passion for fresh food and cooking. I’ve been told that I’m one of the unknown up and coming chefs who needs to get my flavors out to the world. I’d love the opportunity to introduce the taste buds of the world to my food and my passion of cooking

  29. Because I was the most entertaining contestant on my episode of Cutthroat Kitchen episode title Baby Got Backpack. I would be fantastic on any Food Network Show.

  30. I am a Chef in Birmingham Al and have been for almost 20 years. I have loved cooking since I was very young and have a extreme passion for it. I have run some of Birmingham’s Best Restaurants and will continue to have fun playing with food. I have also done 35+ spots on local TV cooking segments and not shy in front of a camera. Would loved to be considered for something for you guys. Do to the Food don’t let the Food to you..

    Matthew Guy Lagace

  31. I am a Chef in Birmingham Al and have been for almost 20 years. I have loved cooking since I was very young and have a extreme passion for it. I have run some of Birmingham’s Best Restaurants and will continue to have fun playing with food. I have also done 35+ spots on local TV cooking segments and not shy in front of a camera. Would loved to be considered for something for you guys. Do to the Food don’t let the Food to you..

    Chef Matthew Guy Lagace

  32. I am a 26 year old ICU Registered Nurse in Toledo, Ohio. I really didn’t start cooking until I graduated college and moved out on my own in 2011, but it has since become my favorite hobby and something I love to do. On my days off, besides catching up on sleep, I can’t wait to start prepping in the kitchen. Whether I cook for a crowd of friends, my family, or for my boyfriend, it brings me a sense of euphoria to know that they are enjoying what I created. All the compliments I receive from family and friends only fuels my passion to aquire new culinary skills. I would love the opportunity to show how a young and inspiring woman can throw it down in the kitchen!

  33. To whom it may concern ,
    Cooking is my passion. It is so much a passion that in 2005 I decided to start my own business. I own The Muffin Shoppe and absolutely Rock at what I do! Around town I am known as The Muffin Lady!
    I love to bake and cook and am self taught. I went through a rough patch a year ago when I was diagnosed at 39 with breast cancer. Luckily I Kicked it in its rump and now I am ready and able to kickstart my career again and shift it into a higher gear. I am extremely personable , funny and kind and can cook as if I would’ve had formal training. I want to be the Next Foodnetwork Star!!!


  34. I see that everyone here has a passion for food. I have to say I spent two years working out the kinks in my biscuit recipe. Ordered different flour some all purpose others self rising. Used shortening, butter and other ingredients until I perfected the biscuit. That is a passion and I have it for all the foods I cook. Everything from scratch if I can crust for chicken pot pies, pasta, Apple butter……. My family and friends continually push me to step out and show the world my talents. I am ready to spread my wings and fly. Want to show my kids and wife I have what it takes to make my dream come true.

  35. I’ve been cooking for over 15 years and I’ve found out that cooking is my passion and I’m willing to learn more about cooking. I’ve had people say they are just waiting on me to be on t.v. Also I have a catering company called PanHandlersDownHomeCatering where we won 1st place overall at the Men Who Cook Competition. I just want this chance for myself so that I know I can do this. Also I want to do this for my family and my city of Tuscaloosa and the state of Alabama.

  36. I’m a singer-songwriter but I was cooking before I was writing and performing. I’ve always been a fan of Food Network and dreaming of being a part of it. I started out cooking rich Italian classics, but as I moved into performing more regularly and began eating a vegetarian diet (my sister came home from Cornell with a pamphlet about eating less meat and I saw the pictures of the sad animals!!!) eventually I’ve evolved into cooking dishes that have my own original spin on italian and asian food. I’ve also dabbled pretty heavily in baking. Even though I don’t cook meat anymore I still cook meat for my brother. My family considers me the best cook in the house (I hope my mom doesn’t see this, although she has agreed before). Anyway, I would love to be considered for anything on Food Network. I’m a big fan :)


  37. Hi! I’m a foodie who has traveled the world tasting and learning about new foods. My specialty is Caribbean cuisine since I am Trinidadian American. I’ve been writing recipes since I was a child due to my family’s strong interest in the culinary arts. My dream is to one day host a cooking show that highlights the scrumptious food of the Caribbean.

    Thank you,

  38. To whom it may concern;

    My name is Danielle Ford and I’m 26 Years old. I should be considered because I’m very passionate about food and cooking, I’ve been cooking since i was 16 at home spent almost a year in a deli to get my start and I’m currently a chef at ruby Tuesdays. I love cooking and have been told that my food belongs in restaurants my family and friends and even co-workers tell me I’m a great chef. I love putting love into my food. Food is my life i couldn’t imagine not being a chef i wake up every day excited because i get to inspire people with my Love for food and cooking. I want to be a part of the next generation of chefs to make People fall in love with food as well as cooking again. If you consider me I’d be honored. I know I’d be a great asset to the industry with this opportunity i could change the food industry. I hope you consider me. if you do you won’t regret it.

    DanIelle Ford

  39. I am the author to 2 books – 50 Shades of Chocolate and Divas Guide to Dinner Parties – both books with a huge difference to regular recipe books – and that is what I could bring to a TV show! The books are quirky, funny, different but still full of great recipes – just like me!

  40. hi im julia and i love to cook and im going to me a chef when i am old enough but i wanted to sign to this competision to show everybody that i can make something good and just wanna be heard and show people that i can win this! but normally just learn my self but my grandmother teaches me somethime i have been to lessons and yeaa i started cooking on my own at age 6 and when i was tiny i just to take all the pots and pans out of the cabinets and started trying to cook on the floor hhaha enyway please let me know if you can give me this oppertunity to go and try my best :) best regards Julia.

  41. I enjoy cooking-takes me to any place in the world. I tend to not follow a lot of recipes as when I do I make them over with my own twists-I’ve been doing this forever. One problem I do have is it is hard for me to cook for only a few people I always tend to over do it-i guess that makes my motto by default Go Big or GO HOME lol

  42. I love everything there is about food! Preparing it, cooking it, watching shows about it and eating it! I have the sweet and savory skills to compete against the best I just need a chance to show what I’m made of and what I can do.
    Thank you,

  43. Hello Food Network,

    I am a 31 year old female living in beautiful Southern California with my lovely husband. I call myself an overtime Foodie because I never stop thinking about food. Living here has given me an opportunity to have access to fresh fruits and vegetables and plethora of cuisines to sample. If I was to pick a spice that describes me well, it would be “cinnamon” because it is sweet, spicy and fiery at the same time. It represents passion and is an essence of romance. I was born in New Delhi, India and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado which has given me the opportunity to adapt to two different cultures and get the good from both. My educational background is in Nutritional Science and I will be pursuing Masters in Food science soon. My style of cooking is healthy Gourmet food because I believe that healthy food can be delicious, nutritious and decadent. I would love to be a part of the show.

  44. My style of cooking is simple. I see something that I like and I recreate it. No ethnicity is off limits. I’ve even mastered the Amish version of Chicken Pot Pie. Never had the opportunity to enter a competition because I was too busy working and raising a family. Now that my children are adults and I’ve fed them for all these years, it’s now time for me to show the world what I can do in the kitchen. I don’t have a fancy background, but I do have a fancy pallete, due to my extensive travels around the world.

  45. I am VERY competitive and love sharing my gift of cooking with others. It is my dream to compete in a cooking show! I have had a passion for cooking since age 7 and that passion has only grown. A few years ago at age 19, I won a Country Women’s Beat the Heat competition receiving $500. I have also received Honorable mention in one of Taste of Home’s summer competitions, and have had recipes published by Taste of Home on three different occasions. I believe I have a unique talent with food and would love to have a chance at this competition!

  46. Mookie Mook is what my father calls me. I am 27 year old fulltime student and work two jobs. I hope one day I am opening up MooK’s by Me. Owning my own food truck AND restaurant is my dream that I am determined to make a reality. I will make my mark. I am too determined, passionate and stubborn to settle for anything else. Food is love.

  47. I my name is Stephanie and I am 25 years old a stay at home mom. I live in New York and love to cook. I cook for my friends my family. People enjoy my food and that makes me happy. My father was a great cook and people often say he left me with s cooking gift. He passed away when I was 8. I am young sexy and in charge of my kitchen.

  48. Hi i’m a 29 year old mother with 6 handsome boys and an amazing husband from Gulfport MS, as a big family we love food and love to try new things. Food is our passion me and my husband is young so we love to create new things that would be fun and good to eat, I also have a passion for pastries and Paris I think its the beauty and taste of it meanwhile we love to cook and bake I would love to be a fresh face with a awesome show (Family of 8) love food with great family chemistry!!

  49. My name is Marie Bruno. I AM a Foodie. Love the Art of creating exceptional meals. I cook with my Heart. My family and friends are always eager to come to my table. My recipes have been featured in Better Home & Gardens Magazines and their cookbook: Recipes From Prizewinning Cooks. Last year I was a finalist at the Pillsbury Bake Off in Las Vegas with my entry “Decadent Chocolate Hazelnut Tart”. I Love creating new recipes and putting a different spin on old stand-bys. I “think” food and enjoy mixing spices and seasonings. I am an Avid Food Network fan. Traditional Italian foods are some of my favorites but my friends will tell you I make a killer Corned Beef Dinner. I’m versatile and creative in the kitchen. If you love what you do, you’ll do it well. I LOVE cooking and baking. Before moving to
    Georgia (Reynolds Plantation) on Lake Oconee, we lived in Palm Beach where there was no shortage of fine restaurants. Soon we will be moving into our new home on our ranch where we raise Black Angus and Hereford cattle-a far cry from the Palm Beach lifestyle. I tell folks we gave up the ” good life” for a GREAT Life -and it truly IS! Family, friends good FOOD- Nothing Better. Thanks for letting me brag on my blessings. All the BEST, Marie Bruno 706-936-3401 P.S (Please don’t let my age fool you. I am an energetic, VERY active, very creative senior)! I hold Real Estate Broker Licenses in both Florida and Georgia. Besides cooking and baking, I also enjoy decorating, gardening, crocheting, writing and tending our herd. I can bring a fresh prospective to “seasoned” baking and cooking. I can teach Martha and Paula a few tricks. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for the opportunity. Marie Bruno 706-936-3401.

    • My name is Marie Bruno. I AM a Foodie. Love the Art of creating exceptional meals. I cook with my Heart. My family and friends are always eager to come to my table. My recipes have been featured in Better Home & Gardens Magazines and their cookbook: Recipes From Prizewinning Cooks. Last year I was a finalist at the Pillsbury Bake Off in Las Vegas with my entry “Decadent Chocolate Hazelnut Tart”. I Love creating new recipes and putting a different spin on old stand-bys. I “think” food and enjoy mixing spices and seasonings. I am an Avid Food Network fan. Traditional Italian foods are some of my favorites but my friends will tell you I make a killer Corned Beef Dinner. I’m versatile and creative in the kitchen. If you love what you do, you’ll do it well. I LOVE cooking and baking. Before moving to
      Georgia (Reynolds Plantation) on Lake Oconee, we lived in Palm Beach where there was no shortage of fine restaurants. Soon we will be moving into our new home on our ranch where we raise Black Angus and Hereford cattle-a far cry from the Palm Beach lifestyle. I tell folks we gave up the ” good life” for a GREAT Life -and it truly IS! Family, friends good FOOD- Nothing Better. Thanks for letting me brag on my blessings. All the BEST, Marie Bruno 706-936-3401 P.S (Please don’t let my age fool you. I am an energetic, VERY active, very creative senior)! I hold Real Estate Broker Licenses in both Florida and Georgia. Besides cooking and baking, I also enjoy decorating, gardening, crocheting, writing and tending our herd. I can bring a fresh prospective to “seasoned” baking and cooking. I can teach Martha and Paula a few tricks. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for the opportunity. Marie Bruno 706-936-3401.

  50. Hello, I love to cook and create my own healthy but yet delicious recipes. I enjoy changing fattening recipes into a healthier version and making it my own. Cooking is my passion! I would love to share my 100’s of delicious recipes with the world by having my own Food Network Show. I am originally from Tennessee but I have lived in Queens, NY for 14 years. My wonderful 84 year old Grandma inspired me and taught me how to cook. I’ve never went to culinary school but I have years of experience and enjoy it so much. I create healthy savory dishes and also healthy scrumptious desserts that no one else has. I have created muffins & cookies that have NO sugar, NO butter, NO flour, NO eggs, gluten free & vegan friendly this is my own creation and it’s made with all natural ingredients. Healthy & soooooo Yummy! I will be happy to email photo’s of all of my dishes & desserts. Hope to here from you soon.
    Thank you,
    Tracey Lynn

  51. I am a mother of eight and an army wife. I am a kitchen manager at a bbq restaraunt. It has been my dream since I was seven to have my own cooming show. I love to cook. I absolutely love to make cakes. I compose my own recipes and desugns. It would mean so much to me to be on m very own cooking show. This is more than a hobby to me. It’s an art!!

  52. Please let me know if you’re looking for a writer for your weblog. You have some really good posts and I believe I would be a good asset. If you ever want to take some of the load off, I’d absolutely love to write some material for your blog in exchange for a link back to mine. Please blast me an email if interested. Kudos!

  53. Where to begin…you’ve heard it all…I’m a chef on a private jet; Also, I am one of three Chef hosts on a food show for in Jackson Michigan (called Food Circus).
    As everyone here, my life is cooking. I’m also have an animal rescue and donate my time to community and children’s charities. Traveling to new countries and tasting the food is my main focus and it’s what I’m fortunate to accomplish while working.

  54. Who dont love food? I am an all around great cook because I love food, I love to eat and am not afraid of new things. Being able to cook is just part of my passion for food but the idea of new and exiting ways to eat and enjoy food as well as respect the ingredients is another huge part of cooking. The food network is my go to channel I love all your shows always learning and loving every second of your broadcasting. I would love the chance to wow you with my food and learn from you over at food network as well. I am willing to travel anywhere and do whatever it takes to be a part of your line up i would love the chance and thanks for the tons of food based shows you have brought into my home.

  55. Im a 34 year old chef who absolutely loves to cook. Im a head chef at Just a Dash Catering in Highland IN. I am responsible for creating our menus for all of our catering and our cooking classes that I also am the head instructor for. I am a retired US Army chef, I have three ACF medals from competition in the military. I am funny, high energy and I love to teach everyday people how to bring the passion back into cooking.

  56. For me my truest expression of love comes out of my kitchen! Food is Love for me, and I love it. When I cook for you I am giving you the very best of the love and joy I have to share. I’m the person you call when you need a recipe for something you had but have no idea how to cook. With Love I share my knowledge or we work together to figure it out. Please choose me and let me show people that recipe they wish they could make at home!

  57. Hiii….myself reema arora angi….I jus can say about my cooking that….I luv to play with vegetables and differnt types of masalaz..I luv to cook..n evryone @ home lovd d food made by me..from kids to elders..ebryone wants me to cook…and my frenz tooo…..I wll b grateful to you if u give me a chance to show my d people and az well you…thnx:)

  58. I am a Nutrition Consultant and Nutrition Educator. Food is my passion and so is cooking for health. I love showing families how to make meals more nutritious and more delicious using fresh, seasonal ingredients. Food can either be your best preventative medicine or your slowest form of poison. I show you the difference.

  59. I would like to be on Food Network is possible. I am currently a 22 year old man from Chicago who is looking to be on Food Television. If you wish to follow me on Twitter @bronychefpro to some of my other culinary works as well as some other adventures along the way. Thank you and I hope to meet with you soon.

    Kyle Hedlund (AKA Le Brony Gourmet)

  60. Hi…
    I have a real passion for cooking…and for years, friends, family & co workers have always asked why I do not do this for a living…or I should have my own show, or have missed my calling! Although, I ave worked in restaurants growing up, I was never worked as a cook. I have always wanted my own restaurant…love creating my own recipes…am good with flavor profiles for many types of cuisine… and just love cooking for people or sharing my love for food! I am looking for an opportunity to do some competitions for cooking, throwdowns…and having fun also doing what I love but serious in the sport of competition as well as, the winnings too! There seem to be So many great new shows for the amateur or passionate home cooks…and want to be apart of some that are still around or new ones starting. Please let me know if there are any shows I can participate in…& of course would be thrilled to be on!! Thanks so much…and hope to hear from you…Soon! Tica from Largo, FL :)

  61. I graduated culinary school in 2005 at the age of 32. Totally new profession for me, but wanted to improve my chances to not be a statistic when I try to open my own restaurant. I’ve been working in the field in several different types of kitchens for the last 9 years and still haven’t got my chance for my own show. My passion is huge and I want to show the world so that maybe that door I need will open.

  62. Hi there! I’m a crazy, 53 year old wife, mom, grandma and actress/model who LOVES to cook and bake! However, my real joy comes from creating my own recipes and techniques. I am currently in the process of patenting some tools that would allow any cook to reinvent their own recipes into fun, mobile and/or healthier versions and to think, cook and bake outside the box.
    Here’s a segment of a video that I submitted to a Rachel Ray cookbook contest but, unfortunately I missed the deadline due to technical difficulties:(. It shows an example of one of my recipes..

  63. I’m a crazy, 53 year old wife, mom and grandma and actress/model who loves to cook! However, it’s not enough to just “cook or bake”, I love to reinvent every recipe that I try. My husband calls me a mad scientist but he and my family always love my creations which makes me feel soooo good! I’m in the process of patenting some tools that would allow cooks to think and to create recipes “outside the box”.
    Here’s a portion of a video that I had submitted to a cook book contest that shows an example of one of my creations.. I apologize for the shaky video;)

  64. Hello, my name is Devron Bonds but I prefer to be called Smiley. I have been cooking for just about all of my life. I moved from Mississippi to fulfill my dreams of being a chef. I am currently doing my school internship at the Knickerbocker Club on 5th ave. My overall ingenuity of going beyond the average whenever I cook, allows me to meld together dishes of wonderment and intrigue. Like for my last practical I made taco shells made from bacon and and bacon cup egg bakes, which is just bacon put in muffin pan and the cups are filled with egg mixture; eggs, bell peppers, and cheese. Please pick me because the world needs my miles of smiles.

  65. Sweet & Sassy with a passion for throwing it down in the kitchen!

    I watch as much food network as I can and would love for the opportunity to shine! Plus, the camera loves me ;)

  66. My friends call me Chef Erika, I’m 24 with long blonde hair, a curvy body and amazing cooking skills. I cook all the time, and my friends and family are always begging for my food. I rarely follow recipes, I just add spices and flare to my dishes, and they come out great!

    I always cook in hot clothes, I think looking hot makes the food taste even better. I think I would be great for this show! Unfortunately, many people stereotype chefs and assume they are overweight or unattractive, and it’s time to show America how chefs can be hot too!

  67. Let me begin by saying that if not for Food Network I would have never realized my true passion and that is cooking. I am what you would call a true “Nashvillian” and have several friends in country music business that have encouraged me to open a restaurant here in Music City due to my skills both in the kitchen and on the grill. When asked how I learned to cook so well I always have the same response, “I watched what they did on Food Network and added my own flare to the dish”. Eating and drinking is something we all have in common and must do in order to stay alive, might as well make the best of it. I would like the opportunity to share my passion of cooking with the world and can’t think of a better way to reach them than through Food Network Television. Give this country boy a shot to show the world what I got, you won’t be sorry. I’ll out work them all !!!

  68. Please choose me. I’m a wild fire in the kitchen boasting with confidence. 51 years young, beautiful blue eyes and I am not camera shy. Quite photogenic, if I do say so myself. But most of all, I want to show everyone how creative and spontaneous I can be. I’ve owned five businesses from gourmet sandwich shop to fine dining restaurant. My last endeavor was a shoreline family restaurant that I remodeled and included two levels of outdoor dining. Killed it !!! Then there was an offer to buy which I couldn’t refuse. Now I have time to follow my next dream, cook on tv. I WANT THIS !!!! BAD !!!!!! Thank you.

  69. FOOD IS WHAT I LIVE FOR !!!!! Some people eat to live but I live to eat!!! I also love to be passionate with my mise en place. I mean, I love the bulging eye on the King Salmon or the beautiful color, texture and short lived sweetness of persimmon. I hope you know what I mean. I love greens, purples, reds, oranges, yellows and the rest of the color spectrum living delectably and harmoniously on a plate. Trust me !!!!
    Thank you,
    Chef Frank

  70. OK So you can all cook. But can you cook good enough to beat me? I say bring it on. A lot of people say they can cook. So you can make an egg. Boil an egg. Beat and egg. But can you make that egg to be the last meal that you would ever eat if given the choice. I can. I can guaranty it. And I never went to school for cooking, or worked in the food industry. Now? I ask your-self this, Can you really cook ? If so, like I said. Bring it on.

  71. Because I’m WICKED FUNNY!! lost 163lbs .12years post of gastro by pass .can’t eat like a human!! drag . but Awsome!!! I’M SKINNY!!!!Over a billion people have some kind of weight loss surgery and are struggling with totaly changing the way you eat. drink . my best friends are a cocktail fork and baby spoon and a straw. There is no food show like to weight lost surgery community.who better to host it.ME! GIZZI!!have experience and the issues . ps . I own ahumble pasta shop in Greenacers Florida . how cool us that. have culinary back ground. grew up next to slicer. lets do this!!it will be fun . chow

  72. I love to cook for a one or a crowd. I am a culinary grad but been managing food service opertions for years. Its time now for me to show the world what I have to offer with some caribbean flava. I take pride in my caribbean culture so I work hard at refining the cuisine to compete with main stream cuisines.

  73. hi im 12 you should make a kid cook show the show will atract fammillys and kids the show should be called kids kichents trust i know how to cook we ould even have litle skits to help kids cook im just trying to save for a haverd ed the show would get rave reviews and kids would love me oh u should colud add another person if u want
    ps: im a girl

  74. i am 17+ , very funny and dramatic i can fill an entire room with energy i am the life of the party and how can i forget i am a caribbean sensation who loves to be in d kitchen i mean who doesnt like the taste of jerk (caribbean flavor )

  75. Hi!!!

    I’m a home cook with a little bit of professional experience. I graduated from The New York Restaurant School back in 2000 ( now known as the Art Institute) . I did some executive dining and a brief stint at ESPN Zone.. then life happened and I was forced to step back from food and provide for my two daughters. Fast forward to today, my kids are older and I have been looking for what my passion is and its food, I have had other jobs but I love to cook and eat:-) My family and friends love my food. If theres a party I’m on it! My friends look forward to my food for our monthly dinners and I have so much doing it. People seem to like me and I think the tv will too.

  76. Hello all,
    I am a very talented Chef, I used to be Iron Chef Cat Cora’s Executive Chef . I feel that I have what it takes in culinary talent and in personality. I would love to audition for Food Network. Notice I an not using the Iron Chef to pull strings.
    check out my menu on my site. It is seasonal, fresh farm to table California Cuisine
    Ramon Padilla

  77. i have been baking in my fathers bakeries since im a child he came from italy and got into the baking business so i learned from the old school of hard knocks my last job was director of bakery operations for fairway market i was there for 10 years but left due to medical reasons I think i have alot to offer so PLEASE contact me.
    thank you
    angelo villareale
    ps i have a u tube video called the bagel baker fairway market

  78. Hi Food Network!
    Frist, LOVE your shows!!! I can’t say I’ve cook all my life, matter of fact, stay away from the kitchen as much as possible growning up. My Mom was a canner and a baker. I always hated when it was time to canned or make millions of christmas cookies. Least that’s what it seem like to me. Moving along in life what I hated so much, I love now. It even relaxes me, unless I’m doing catering job that had to go out 5 minutes ago. Yes, I have a small catering business I’ve came a long ways. People love my food and I love my food. So never went to school for cooking but I did fine out that was my calling. So here I am in the business of cooking. Have to say love to cook more than baking but I do both. So if I’m one of the types you are looking for, let me know. Hope to here from you. Theresa

  79. I was cooking ever since I was 12 years old. I am Very good at it. I won’t say much because action speaks louder than words….

  80. I am 16 but I have been cooking for years now and I believe that a young bubbly and artistic girl would bring a new twist to Food Network. I have also been watching Food Network for years and my family and friends ask me to cook them something almost daily and I have old family receipts that need to be shared with the world and are to die for. I live in Texas so you can sure look forward to big, delicious, fried or fatty, soul or diet food. I make a great variety of foods fancy or feast like foods, with a variety of breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks, dinner, and my favorite dessert. I hope to hear from you soon and thank you for considering me to be a part of the world of Food Network.

  81. I love to cook. I think about it all day, every day. I’ve been cooking since I was a kid. My profession has been cooking for the past six years. If the television is on it’s cooking. I always watch the shows and I know I could have my own if I had the chance. I want to make a show that doesn’t have a set cuisine. You name it I’ll cook it. Possibly even allow viewers to choose the ingredients. I love making new flavor profiles and trying new techniques. I’ve made things I’ve never even heard of. I know I’m young and have never been a “chef” but I have many chef qualities. I see what they do on television and I know I can achieve the same. I have a great personality and I want to show the world and food network what I can do. Please give me a chance!

  82. hy my name is joanice i realy like to cook i am chef in puerto rico rigth now but i want to do diferent thinks be a profesional and i realy wanto to try

  83. I would love to be on your show. please consider me. Please email any inforamtion that i would need to be apart of this show.

  84. To whom this may concern,
    I would like to begin by saying that i admire cooking with all my heart. my friends are constantly coming over for brunch and dinner. Thank god, i love throwing parties , especially for my inlaws so i can impress them.
    i have many friends and i really find myself very likable. i would give anything to be given the chance to audition for a cooking show for foodnetwork, please allow me just a chance so i can show you , and finally live out my dreams!
    thank you
    Shelly Sasson

  85. Please use the following info to view drop Box
    pass word track918

    Both myself and my Co Host Vincent Brooks are featured in this promo our UBDazzled concept for a Cooking Show is Creative .It would be my pleasure to sgare our vision with you.
    Thank You.
    Diedre Brooks- Hernandez

    • My husband, in-laws, and friends have all told me that my cooking should be in a restaurant or on T.V. I am a stay at home, and I can make quality meals in a very short amount of time that taste like I have been cooking for hours. I don’t have recipes, my unique cooking style has been a hit! I can look at a picture and general ingredients and make a dish. I don’t have professional training but you would never know it with my cooking! I am also very teachable. I am eager to learn. I know I don’t do everything perfect, cooking is my passion!!

    • Hello! I would like to start off by saying F&B Baby! I love Food and Funny… I’m a 32yr B/M who revolves my life around cooking.. I’m a certified Chef and currently have my own catering company and work at ABE restaurant whom have 24 locations. In my small town of Asheville N.C. Ive uplifted my communitys with food&funny. I also have a AMAZING IDEA for a show and I’ll bet my foot its a hit, need my hands to cook with!!! :-D Its in your hands… Thks!!! Oh my mother also wrote a book about me. Its called A Mothers Cry He’s Still my Child… I’m the full package with a story!! :-)

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