BRAVO Network Looking for Next Big Star!

Next Big Star Wanted for BRAVO Network
Are you the next BRAVO Network Star?
Next Big Star Wanted for BRAVO Network
Are you the next BRAVO Network Star?

Did you know that a network like BRAVO Network is constantly looking for their next big star, and stories and new characters to feature on one of their reality TV series? With their current hits being the Housewives shows spreading from the original “The Real Housewives of the OC” and now they have 6 other shows in the similar circle, they are becoming extremely successful at reality TV. Bravo recently also featured their celebrity runway, fashion, and cooking shows. They even have the notorious Tabatha headlining her Salon Takeover every week. With everything working out on even their dating show “Millionaire Matchmaker” things are running smooth at the network. Ratings are constantly going up!

In turn, Bravo is still looking for their next big star. It certainly could be you! Bravo is currently casting not only their already popular chef, dating and matchmaking show. But they would like your ideas as well. With their focus now being pop culture and reality show, fashion, makeovers, and celebrities Bravo producers are constantly looking for inventive concepts for a show. Bravo is currently located at NBC’s Rockefeller Center in New York, and Andy Cohen is the Senior Vice President of Production and Programming. Andy Cohen is best known for being the over-seer and winner of the Peabody Award for shows such as Project Runway, Queer Eye, Work Out, Being Bobby Brown, and Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. Cohen also received an Emmy Award for Top Chef and a few other nominations in 2010 for his other publications. Prior to any of this Cohen’s biggest success and learning experience was working for CBS news as  Senior Producer for “The Early Show”. With his extensive background Andy is determined to always look for an original character, story, or concept for the next big show for Bravo.

If you have a cool group of friends or a unique story to tell the world and are looking for an outlet and would love to have your own show, why not reach out to Bravo! There are plenty of agencies and talent companies in your area willing to hear your idea and connect you with the right people. Bravo is constantly looking for new talent and characters. So make sure to apply for a casting call immediately. Make sure to always fill the application out thoroughly and submit your story to them. They will also ask you for a photo, and once the phone call is made, make sure to get all details on the process. Maybe you’ll be sitting next to Andy Cohen at an after show soon! Good luck!

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  1. I have a brilliant idea and I have had it for a couple of years but I won’t write it out publicly as this is an idea and it seems unless you have juice there is no one to speak to about it…..this idea will not only bring millions of new viewers to Bravo but Millions in advertising…guaranteed.
    But I know that someone will see the idea and somehow it will become their idea and it won’t be executed properly. So Bravo if you take a once in a lifetime chance to contact someone out of the blue, this is the time
    and…no….I don’t want to be on TV so this isn’t about me at all just about my idea, and helping Bravo step it up a notch….Bravo you won’t regret it…….

  2. I’m actually pregnant and will give birth at age 56!! I am one of the few women in the U.S. & world, but the trend is definitely growing, and would make an interesting reality show into the life of an older first time, single, working mom and how does a “senior” mom cope?? It’ll be an an adventure for sure that viewers would be curious about!

  3. Hi Andy,
    This is Yasaman Moradi,I am Persian and I moved here in Los Angeles 5.5 years ago I am an Artist(Illustrator) and my husband is a very well known Sculptor,we have an art studio here in La and we are in touch with lots of wealthy Persian families such as Nazarian Family, I am his manager and all the public relations from our art studio happens with my effort we sold two pieces from my husband Sculptures to LACMA Museum I am thinking now about to have a red carpet opening event for his opening reception at LACMA on January 2016 and I am going to have some celebrities fro Persian community invited to our event.Because of the kind of the job we are doing, we travel a lot so by the Persian new year we both are going to Dubai for Dubai art fair and the we go to Iran for the new year. I used to follow The Shahs of Sunset It was not a bad show but obviously not as highly rated as keeping up with the Kardashians that is being shown by E channel.
    I have a really good idea about a reality show of a family living in Iran I mean my family,I go back and forth so I have the opportunity to travel to Iran whenever I want to and make real videos from the real life style in Iran,women’s fashion, business parties and…
    the subject Iran is a really hot subject or I better say topic these days and people here are really concern about the real life style in Iran,I can make it a really interesting show I just need help please contact me I have lots of great and interesting picture and videos to shear.
    if you help me I promise that this reality show will make the highest paid star of all reality shows in the U.S because don’t forget it is about a real life style in Iran and Iran and persian people are the most interesting topics to be think of and to make a reality show about.
    specially because of the nuclear deal that happens months ago.
    people in here have lots of weird imaginations about inside of Iran but making a reality show about a rich family(my Family) and the real life style and relationships in Iran would be so interesting for people in here it is like they discovering something new and every body will talk about it.
    please give me an email address for the casting/development department so I can send out more info.
    Thank you,
    Looking forward in hearing from you

  4. I am a 46 year old female. That works in a dental office. I live in a hotel room with my boyfriend of 13 years who doesn’t work so we can get married or he won’t go look for work, my 27 year old son who doesn’t work and my 39 year old nephew who works part time and won’t find a girlfriend so he can leave. All three of these men are sorry and they need to get a life so I can enjoy mine.

  5. My name is Annaliese and I’m a 26 year old living in Delray Beach, FL. Like thousands of other college graduates, I graduated and can’t get a job with my awesome psychology degree. the I owe over $130,000 in student loans and they have the nerve to tell me I need to take on another at least $80,000 to get a masters, then maybe, just maybe, I will get a job. But probably not, try a PhD.

    Now I find myself working at the Gap, folding t-shirts and sizing jeans. Doing these monotonous tasks takes the wind out of me every time those student loan payments become due the end of each month. I mean Kanye did his time at the Gap, so big things can be ahead for me too right? I have always had this feeling that I KNEW I was supposed to be bigger than…this. on the upside, I get to work with such an entertaining and unique group of individuals it almost makes the ridiculous, entitled, customers not so bad. Almost.

    My family is the definition of unconventional and dysfunctional. My lesbian sister is 18 years older than me and often confused for my mom and my mom gets confused for my grandmother when we are all three together. I however, believe I was adopted and or stolen since I look nothing like my family. My father was a judicial marshal when we lived in Connecticut and was badly assaulted leaving him with a traumatic brain injury. He is a handful and nothing like the strong hardworking man I grew up knowing, but most of all I just miss my dad. Our dysfunction is not always seen form the outside because they are how I learned to fake it till you make it.

    Going around plastering an “everything is great” smile is something I perfected at a very young age after the first time my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer I think. My families flaws aren’t necessarily something I want to air for the world to know but they are a huge reason as to why I’ve turned out the way I have, and for that I thank them.

    I met this amazing man two years ago. We met online, (shhh) but i tell everyone it was a blind date because I think online dating is so unconventional, but really what in my life is. He made me realize I had no clue what love was before him and makes me feel like a princess every single day. As cliche as it sounds he makes me want to be the best version of me for our future. We got engaged pretty quickly and are living together adjusting to the quirks we will spend the rest of our lives learning to deal with. Like how loudly he chews or is comfortable enough to pee with the door open. I haven’t even began my wedding planning process because it gives me hives. But we do have a date, 11/03/2016

    He is a total Type A personality and I kinda free fall in life and things just workout. This drives him crazy because he IS A PLANNER. He is also the emotional one and I am the guy when it comes to that aspect of our relationship. He travels A LOT for work so at times I go weeks without seeing him. He makes more money than me and that’s something I’m really insecure about and don’t want to put all the pressure on him to provide EVERYTHING. He likes to remind me he is about a decade older so that gives him a decade head start in his career, but I still feel like I should be further along.

    His mom is a Jesus lover who insists we sleep in separate bedrooms when we visit her or when she visits us in OUR home. Thats a whole different situation.

    I want my own show because I feel like I’m relatable to so many demographics I want to be a role model for how ypu can turn a tough situation into positive results. I struggled really bad fitting in during High School and something very few people know about me is I attempted suicide. Obviously, didn’t work but I want to prove it gets better and how you approach a rough time will define how you get out of it. I often turn to sarcasm and comedy to help me push through every day. My quick whit often causes me to be labeled as a bitch, and I’m ok with that. However, when people really get to know me they find out I’m an incredibly loyal person who would do anything for those I love.

  6. As a navy wife I’ve always wish that one day a television network would have a reality tv show based on how we live…it would be great if The Navy Wives was a reality TV show…thanks

  7. have ya all looked at this website? I know a set of twins that started a wedding and events business from Fort Worth to offer low cost and no cost dream events. It’s interesting because wendy Wortham gives back to her community and takes crazy trades for services she refurbishes and sells to fund the event. Isn’t it time that someone has a “feel good” show rather than rich folks squandering money? Most folks can’t afford a vacation these days and I don’t want to watch a show about rich people when I’m struggling to feed my family come on tv people and focus on real issues and real people we can relate to for a change!!!

  8. I am currently editing a two minute clip for a COMPETITION show (Shark Tank meets Apprentice meets Amazing Race). I have a tech star attached. I also will only show the project with an ND and better if you look at it via an entertainment attorney. I had an very noteable manager sometime back that was going to pitch this to Bravo network on my behalf (no trailer). I left him because he represented some A list talent but no writers. I am a writer and show creator (not an actress) so, you could say it was a pass from me. Upon completion of my trailer, I will register it and send a copy to my attorney and then I can pass it along to you. I know it is hot because I got someone millions of people know and inspires many in the tech world.
    BTW: All the people that pitch with ideas about how great you are, you have to actually prove you have talent. Put your project/yourself on your phone if you do not have access to a professional videographer. In case you have not noticed, a fair majority of people walking around believe they are fascinating (see Instagram) because they can walk, talk, and eat. You are really holding a captive audience of one (yourself). Just some friendly advice to save you the let down when you do not get any interest….ever!

    • Tara,

      That was great advice! I was just thinking of a show being made that sounds so similar to yours.

      Are you familiar with the law of attraction?

      Can we connect? I want to know more about your show idea and cast for it.

      Let me know.

      All the Best,


  9. Bravo has some interesting content. But, “the housewives” shows are downgrading to women … and it is so, so, so sick that television has gotten to the point that it makes money off bitchy women who lead useless lives yelling at each other doing nothing productive for society! I found a couple shows interesting for a couple episodes and then I became sick of them. I became as brain dead as the women on the shows! How about featuring men groups? Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?
    I actually have “almost” found the real estate shows interesting to see what kind of real estate places were available where at what costs and the estate agents’ personalities. But, I lost interest when they obviously showed how self-centered they are … except for one … I thought might be. The men “might” be growing up … but only a little.
    I highly resent the “housewife” shows and how they reflect on women. Good grief … just shut those women up, please, and put the public out of it’s misery for how absolutely stupid the women are!!! They do nothing but turn back women’s rights endeavors by centuries!

  10. Hi Andy. I will say that you absolutely need a fresh and new group to showcase that would be unlike anything on Bravo today. I grew up as part of a group of Congolese-Americans here in the U.S. We grew up with white fathers who met their wives in Africa. Some of the parents are divorced and some are still together. The product of these marriages includes me and a group of my fabulous friends who are like family. We are all so different and some of us are plain fabulous. We love each other but sometimes we can’t help but roll out eyes at one another. The matriarchs of the family are fabulous and can’t go a day without gossipy to one another about the others. A majority of us live in the DC area, with some in Pittsburgh, NY and Los Angeles. When we get together you better watch out! Congolese-Americans are fierce, prideful, opinionated and quite vocal. You know when we walk into a room and we definitely say what’s on our minds. My sister and I are fabulous and love each other, but at times we can’t deal with one another. I suggest this as your new show cause it’s a group of people that you don’t hear about. Not only are we passionate but we are fun. I promise we do not disappoint. Some of us even come from a line of African chiefs and our families are well respected when back in Congo. We are first generation Congolese in the U.S. and I promise you won’t be disappointed cause there’s so much to learn and so much to see! Email me! I know you’re curious

  11. dANce paRENTS, we have a lot of fun with Melinda -me , after dance and in between , dance travels , Pananma City Fl nationals , hair and makeup artist , along with the bling is Melinda’s piano and grill, honey, i am in Melindas’ world , i am naturally high, and we like to dance to hip hop., even the dads hilarious and even try lyrical.] a young teacher Jessie Capps met you at Bravo dance competition this year , from Releve Performing Arts, Hendersonville , Jamie Osteen owner, he said i need to ask Bravo about you ! You need your own Reality Show. Now recitial time , we can do this! A liTTle HuMor please

  12. Dance Parents, we have fun all the time , especially at dance competions with travel, panama beach fl. Nationals, and after a long day or weekends of dance we get together and try to dance, play the piano , Melindas piano grill’ , I am also a hair and make up artist , so ,it is like yo, lets get the bling on and pump it up in here. Anyway, one of our dance teachers a young fellow , Jessie Capps met you guys when we were at Bravo Dance, said i need to be on my own Reality Show.

  13. 6 Female very talented musicians/singers putting on a show to raise funds for The American Cancer Society, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. With female guests, skits, choir, each female is so different in their style of music the variety is amazing. Drama… well 6 females that most of them have their own band and are the “star” of the show, now the show must be shared by other females each as talented as the other. All have jobs, families, and everyday stress along with their lives. The guests are more drama at times then they are worth and some have been asked to step out. A lot of hours spent putting this event on as learning songs apart and together, Skits include full make-up & costumes, here are some skits done in the past: KISS, Taylor Swift, Prince, Cher, The Blues Brothers, many others. This event is totally NON-FOR-PROFIT, 100% goes to Breast Cancer. It is about time you have a reality show that also benefits and brings awareness to an awful disease that could happen to anyone, including MEN, Children, Mothers, Sisters, Wives, Daughters, etc. If you walked in and did not see the stage and Barracuda by Heart was playing you would think it was Heart. Their event is the most popular in their area and they are in the top 3 for fundraising in their state. Six different lifestyles, jobs, the stress with this event before and during is at a maximum. These girls are not looking for “a break” they are just doing the thing they love the most outside of family/friends and bringing joy to their community and so many breast cancer survivors. It does take more then enough time to get everything prepared for the event to make more then a season of reality tv each year. If this sounds boring, believe me, the prep behind the scenes are a touch like the HOUSEWIFE shows. There is jealousy, difference of opinions, some do not prepare as they should and hold back the team, IT IS 6 WOMEN, AND MUSICIANS AT THAT ADDS TO THE EGOS/DRAMA

  14. I have an idea for a reality show called The Real His, Mine, & Ours. It’s a reality TV show about combined families. The idea behind this is to take families, like mine, and tell our story. We are an average young couple (30 & 32), raising a combined family of 6 kids. Not only do we have 6 kids, we also have my mom living with us as well as 2 dogs. I met my husband whom had 2 boys, I had 2 girls, and together we had a boy and a girl. I guess you can say that we are the real Mexican brady bunch! We have been together for 7 years, married for 6. This life has not been easy. We love each other and our kids very much. We have custody of all 6 of our kids, however, there are other parents involved and co-parenting is not always easy. I have raised my 2 sons (from another mother), since they were 1 and 2. I would like for this show to show the real life of combined and families and the daily struggles that we have, Maybe it would also give a little more insight to the non-custodial parents of what we go through and why they should try and be more involved physically and financially. I’ve got a lot of ideas around this show and would love the opportunity to discuss them. We would be great for the show because we live it, breath it,and know it. I am a 32 year old mother of 6 kids and my mom! I have no filter at times (ok, often) and I am not afraid to put our lives out there.

  15. My name is Corrie and would love the opportunity to tell my story of my Mothers Journey with Alzheimers. Recently she was diagnosed Alzheimers and caused her to no longer be able to care for herself. She was residing in Illinois and after her dr advise I relocated her to Mississippi to live with me. I am single independant and have been in Management for the last 12 years. Her sudden move has been a major life style change for me. The woman that was once so independant, well spoken educated, articulant has completely changed before my eyes. I am 42 and my mom is only 62 years old suffering from this disease. She still has the fight in her and wants so badly to be that woman shes used to being but can’t.

    My promise to her is that I and my sister will take care of her until she leaves this earth. Going to a nursing home is not an option. She’s too emotionally weak and fragile to put her through something like that. I say this because my mother is a product of adoption and her childhood memories of her moms abandonment still haunts her til this day. Even in her transition with Alzheimers she goes back to being left by her mother on somones door step. Since i moved her with me the journey has been so hard on me emotionally because it hurts to see her loose all her independence. She needs me to direct her next moves and guide her through out the day.

    Since shes been here with me this year I hired a care giver for to watch her until I get off. I have had to call off to a point where my job is in jeapordy for attendance. This is an issue I’ve never had before now but I dare not complain. Everyone says have you though about putting her in a nursing home because its a big responsibility for my age. Each time someone asks me that I kindly tell them that is not an option for my mom and that I will take care of her myself. It’s like its expected to put your parents away the first chance you get. I myself was raised in the south in Memphis, TN by a family of loving, humble and family oriented people who showed us as little girls how to care for your family when they get old. My granddad took care of his mom, my grandma took care of her mom, my dad took care of my grandmom, now i will take care of my mother as it should be.

    Yes it is challenging but ask yourself if your mother or father could take care of you until your grown who are you to not exchange the favor. Who am I to leave her in a facility where she knows no one and expect them to care for her in a dignified manner.

    Believe me it is challenging to care for someone with the conditon but I have found that patience is the best thing you will gain from the experience. Some of the things my mother does that would aggrivate another person would be:

    Repeating herself back to back
    walking back and forth and not knowing why
    No longer being able to speak to you the way she used too. Nothing is clear ( this is frustrating to her)
    Starting a sentence and completely forgetting what she was talking about
    Mood swings
    Hiding everything from herself,ex: money, jewelry, medicine
    Cooking and food burning on the stove
    Locking her bedroom door at night (when she has a seizure disorder so that I cant help her)
    Not being able to coordinate their movement

    During this time I have learned so much and believe I have something to offer someone else going through the same thing I am. I would love to share my moms story with the world in hopes that this will open the door to conversation for care for Parent with Alzheimers. Thanks for listening
    God Bless,


  16. Dang there is some competition out there. I am in my mid 20’s with friends around the same age and most of us have just finished college, are still in college or are looking for jobs. We have some pretty interesting and intense struggles with ourselves, each other or and our families. We live in Florida generally within two hours of each other and try to interact as much as possible. things can get crazy. yay for gay!

  17. Hi Andy! My name is Tameia Swinton. I watch Bravo with my family ALLL the time. In watching Bravo all the time I noticed that there are no shows about young adults. I think my friends and I would be great candidates for a young adult show focusing on life, jobs, relationships, and maintain friendships under certain conditions and circumstances. My friends and I are all young, fun, and very spontaneous young adults and I really feel Bravo would definitely benefit from giving us a chance to market a new idea to all the Bravo lovers out there! I really hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you!
    Tameia Swinton

  18. To be a superstar,is my dream and I have to fulfill it to make them true! Am the guy with respect,hard working,aiming to reach the goal,working under preassure.I’m tough enough

    • I drink more than I should, use profanity more than my mother would like, my daddy think I hung the moon and my friends think I’m hysterical. I’m southern by the grace of God but i’m far from being a “belle”. You might love me but you’ll probably hate me. Either way it’ll be good TV.

      P.S. I Love Andy Cohen <3

  19. My name is Carolyn I have had to endure every trial you can imagine but I think amidst all the drama that Bravo has which makes for great television in most cases it would be nice to see a show that’s actually positive a show where single mothers can win a chance to start their lives over maybe they are like me having to try to pick up the pieces after a divorce the show would be a competition and the winner would get cash or large prizes such as start up money to get a business they would all learn how to start over and rebuild their confidence through challenges that have lesson attached so in essence they we would all be winners. My other idea is a dating show with a twist myself and a friend would go out on dates with celebrities athletes and business men looking to date a regular woman no models no actresses just regular normal everyday woman it doesn’t necessarily have to be where everyone lives in the same house its almost like cinderella lol I hope my ideas get picked for development fingers crossed

  20. Mt name is Carolyn I have had to endure every trial you can imagine but I think amidst all the drama that Bravo has which makes for great television in most cases it would be nice to see a show that’s actually positive a show where single mothers can win a chance to start their lives over maybe they are like me having to try to pick up the pieces after a divorce the show would be a competition and the winner would get cash or large prizes such as start up money to get a business they would all learn how to start over and rebuild their confidence through challenges that have lesson attached so in essence they we would all be winners. My other idea is a dating show with a twist myself and a friend would go out on dates with celebrities athletes and business men looking to date a regular woman no models no actresses just regular normal everyday woman it doesn’t necessarily have to be where everyone lives in the same house its almost like cinderella lol I hope my ideas get picked for development fingers crossed

  21. Okay well I graduated in 2012 and got pregnant in 2014 and so did a bunch of other girls from my school we were all friends but when I tell you there was so much drama omg now we are all 21 gone our separate ways but slightly keep in touch due to social media I know we are all secretly competing on whose babies cutest who can stay in their relationship longest who has a better job and dosent baby reality tv sale ? Doesn’t real housewives sell? It’s like a mixture except we are all in our twenties we are hip and trendy young pretty with kids of the same age it would be a mix of teen moms and real housewives it would be so good

  22. I am gay and my mom hates it I’m the only girl out of three boys I want to get married but scared to death to face the family

    I am an aspiring singer who is a full time student. I travel a lot and am spending my summer traveling Europe with my best friend. A great show would be a look into a college students life. I feel like all reality tv shows are based around people with an immense amount of money who are just working. College students love to watch the ups and downs of other college students. Parties, breakups, mistakes, triumphs, etc. College is a great stepping stone for everyones future and a look into those lives would be such an interesting show.

  24. living with a man that my parents do not approve of only because he is christian and i am muslim. i love this man and hope to spend the rest of my life with him. my sisters love him. the problem is trying to get my parents approval. i met his parents on christmas and they were great. they loved me despite the fact that I am not a christian. this is a great story line because i have not seen anything like this on TV. i am many people can denitrify with this whether they are from different religion or the parents just don’t approve for some other reasons.

  25. My name is Breanna and I’m a single mom of two girls
    Im recently divorced. I’m hilarious and very wierd. Having my life on TV for everyone to see would be the next big thing. I want to be me and which is one in a million. My children are wierd too. We do strange voice when we shop for groceries. We sing a song before we eat icecream, we have random out burst. People stare at me and my children when we go places. Everyone has been asking us to sign up for a reality TV show.. at first I didn’t have the courage. But i want to see where this goes on giving America the ultimate laugh of there life. Just by being me.

  26. I’m a gay 35 yr old male. And I am donating sperm for my best friend and her wife to have a baby. It’s quite a process. She’ll be starting IVF in the next month or so. My best friend is from the south. Her mom is a republican that’s been living in the middle east for the last 10 years. My best friend’s wife is jewish and just recently passed the bar. Her parents are university professors. Me, I’m an actor, and grew up on a farm in Northern California. My dad passed away when I was young and my mom is a loving human being, but also bipolar. Most of the family on my mom’s side look like they could be on Duck Dynasty. My mom is having a hard time with the idea of me donating sperm and not being the actual father. Truthfully it hasn’t been the easiest decision to make. There are so many roads this story can go down and so many questions that still don’t have answers. We’re an interesting bunch.

  27. I am a realtor and I have a property management company in South Florida. I constantly have wild and crazy situations with tenants, landlords, realtors and investors. South Florida has a diverse mix of individuals and people clash all the time. Also, things can get heated up when negotiating and when things don’t go as plan. Evictions aren’t fun for me, but can be entertaining for some observers.


    I would like to bring to your attention “THE REAL EX-HUSBANDS OF LOS ANGELES”. Its a reality show about a diverse group of 6-7 gay men who are recently divorced or broken up with their partner/boyfriend. These men are currently living in Los Angeles and have different backgrounds and come from different walks of life. The cast would come together to help each other cope with aftermath of their failed relationships, but it is about a group of gay men so there will be drama, shade, and plenty of tea that will spill, but of course NO VIOLENCE. I came up with this idea from recently being dumped by my boyfriend and my heart was absolutely crushed, shattered, and everything in between. THIS SHOW WILL BE ANOTHER HIGHLY-RATED PROGRAM ON BRAVO, so I urge to consider the production of this.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Aaron Roseman

  29. Hey,

    My name is Matthew (Noel) Ferguson Jr. I am 22 years old and I am the next big thing if given an opportunity.

    Summer of 2014 I was in talks with Marc Anthony Nicolas a few times to appear on “The Talk” to voice my opinion on the topics of the day.

    I am a college student, who honestly and seriously do not know why I am in school. If they had a degree for being center of attention then I would absolutely LOVE school.
    Being that they don’t I make the best out of it until my time comes. My life some how centers around drama, love fails, and life trials. I have a great group of friends who sometimes have me question their loyalty and friendship but besides all out disputes and disagreements, we have a good time. Besides being 22 and feeling stuck in a lifestyle I know are smaller than my dreams, I am a homosexual black male. A very cute male to most. I came out to my family in 2012 because of my poor grades and I figured that my sexuality would blow some steam off of my grades but it only made things go separate ways. I have a very supportive family but it took a toll on my mother and father. My mom is now my best friend and my father is very distant. Matthew Ferguson Sr. and I haven’t had a conversation since that late summer in 2012. I’m still fabulously flawed.

    Since coming out, I met my Mentor who I call my father. He owns a dance studio in Little Rock Arkansas and he has been on the TLC show The Dancing Dolls with the team he coaches Fierce Elite.
    Life has its up and downs and life has its privileges but most importantly life has its blessings. When the haters increase that is how I know I am doing something right.

  30. Dear Andy, My husband and I watch the Bravo Shows all the time and are really big fans! Please allow me, to start by first introducing myself,My name is Delores Hawley ,typical ,average woman/mother grandmother,and wife. I am writing because I feel it is time Bravo take a look at the real life ,down side of a typical every day Family,whom faces Real Life Struggles. I watch your Shows and find them very interesting,but in all honesty I feel it`s time to show how the other side Lives. Yes I watch the Reality Shows and I am Swept off my feet by them.In all REALITY only a few people can actually Relate the Life Styles these people live. I am inviting, You and your Producers into my home,so that Viewers and Fans will see That there are two sides to every Story :Reality is How my Family lives from day to day!

  31. I just turned 21 and I have been taking over the towns of tempe and scottsdale with my friends. I have numerous of followers on instagram and snapchat that love to see me go party. I think this will be a great hit. I have videos that I know will sell this show.

  32. Hi, I’m a 32 year old, Caribbean American speech language pathologist. I reside in the Bronx in NYC. I entered college a 18 years of age, and since then, I have been dating Caucasian men. My ex was Greek, we dated 6 years, single 10 months. He cheated. I would love to be on a show such as Bachelorette, but the version of a Black women that only likes to date White men. I am very fit, with curves. 5’4, 140lbs. I have been looking for love for 10 months, and I am unable to find a man that fits my taste in every way, shape or form. The show could be in the island of Barbados where my family is from “Interracial Love in the Caribbean”. I can provide any pictures that you seek.

  33. I am ready to be discovered! It’s my time!!! I make for a perfect reality tv show. Follow me around and see the day to day shenanigans that get into whether face to face or online with celebrities. I have a great pilot also that I would like to pitch but I dare not post it on here so you all or someone else can steak it. I just need the opportunity. I make for great controversy!!!!!!

  34. If I had a time every time someone said you need to have a reality show here I’d be a millionaire several times over. 54 year old woman, divorced after 30 years and you could kill someone and do less time than I did in that marriage, a once jersey girl now living on a small farm in pa on jersey border but may as well be another planet. 2 horses, chickens and 2 dogs that wear clothes on a regular basis and appear on Facebook regularly, 1 crazy mother and uncle living in apartment on property, 3 women living in another apartment whom I helped out with a place to love who drive me insane daily, a boarding kennel business and also a life coach career that completes the insanity here. I use comedy to survive this life of insanity and have been doing so for years and everyday is an adventure here but life experience is what I use to life coach others that laughter is the key to a happiness because you just cannot make this shit up! Lol all real all the time!! My border collie watches all housewives shows and has been video taped doing so and his favorite is NY. I would love to be involved with a show on bravo I’ve been watching it since queer eye debuted years ago. I offer real life comedy with real people in real situations and wtf? Is a common question around here as I face one situation or disaster after another lol

  35. My name is Naomi I’m a rapper tranny I guess I have 2 great friends kay and jay heels we are all crazy and different and very entertaining im still a guy but I love to perform as a girl because my lyrics are amazing we are something that people will talk about if you can email ME I WILL tell you exactly why we are perfect I don’t want to pitch my show on here so that someone else can steal it lol please email me

  36. Hi my name is kristal Franklin I’m 30 yrs old and I have a 7 yr old daughter name shamia I’m currently in a relationship with my boyfriend roger for 2 yrs but known him for 4 1/2 yrs total. I relationship is so crazy sometimes I think we are on reality show we love each other so hard sometimes it gets crazy our friends and family rather see us with other people though. Everyday it seems like a battle to stay in this relationship and keep our family out of our business bravo tv we are exactly what u been looking for believe me the goals we have are challenging he trying to finish college but his eyes are bad so he gets discouraged but I’m always there to pick up the pieces mean while we both dealing with baby momma and daddy drama and I’m stuck on a dead end security job which refuses to let me spread my wings must I go on but I’m sure you heard of my company fjc security in nyc being on the news for so many things but that’s just the half of the drama in my life please consider us we would like to share our story with the world

  37. …. O wait did I forget to mention how f***ing cold it is in Wisconsin especially without a cuddle buddy? Yea i moved from the lovely sunny beach to the tundra where you’re ass could literally freeze off to be broken hearted and play back and forth with richy rich boy who I thought was a car sales men but turns out to have his own truck company at 27! I can’t even see pass all his car sales men mentality bullshit because it’s not worth the fights for the lifestyle because Im earning my degree if he could stop emotionally stop damaging me and stick to just me! Well now that’s contradicting because I’m open but when someone doesn’t want you to do something they will swear they want the same and then BAM repeat! Like come on God you were suppose to send Romeo and not a GRINDR boy! Turmoil I’ll tell ya. Then everyone’s like well you’re hott you can get plenty of people! So what do I do try and date girls…. It had been a while but come on its not suppose to smell that fishy! Where’d you find her Mike? O YA know a dating app…. Hmmmm no wonder she turned out to be 30 with 2 kids and smelled like red lobster! Yea yea give me a break I’m new to the scene… Talk to girls at school! That’s a great idea! But practically everyone is taken and this is Engineerig school where there’s not many! O but taken doesn’t mean anything to these girls, yea they want you because you’re sexy but if you have a boyfriend ladies you can’t expect boyfriend expectations from your boy toy! So more notebook long texts for what…. To sleep alone while they snuggle! Yea right! So many in between a I tell ya so what’s Mike’s night big idea? Porn! That’s right everyone just wants me for my looks why not get paid to be touched at least I get some compensation out of it…. Then the big brave Mike cracks his normal huge smile and bats his eyes and says I can’t… Now I’m too shy! Fuck have you seen porn stars their top notch and my ego isn’t up there with them quite yet! Even though whe. I get a few drinks in me I like to undress… I wouldn’t call it stripping because it doesn’t take much time get down to my boxer briefs! Shall I continue? I would if I didn’t have a final exam in thermodynamics which I have no
    Motivation for, but I have to do it because no way on earth can emotions prevent me from success…. Well at least that’s what screams inside! So Next time God could you please double check the package and make sure you have the right address! Thanks Mike Shea…. Sorry Bravo I have never blogged before before I’m just going to start letting the world know just how I feel!

  38. Is being bisexual truly a curse? Isn’t there a being out there that will love me for me and accept all my love without prejudice? Or maybe I am just gay but haven’t found that loyal guy that makes me feel comfortable being gay! If there is one thing that truly stands in my way of success it would have to be my own sexuality! I am a 25 yr. old Civil Engineering student with a dream to build and design bridges! I use to be a paratrooper in the military and am using my benefits to earn my degree. I grew up in a small town in Southern Illinois where gay people are mocked and look at with disgust! I joined the military to get the hell out of that place as soon as I could. While in the military I met a ton of gay people but a majority were behind the scenes and I still felt like I couldn’t be myself that’s probably why I ended up married to someone I barely even knew. Long story and over the top you wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t for the pictures made short I ended up in Miami Beach where sexuality wasn’t even defined. I was happy and moved my high school sweet heart from Southern Illinois with me after crushing on a guy I met one time because I thought he was a total jerk. I helped run a parasail boat there and was loving every bit of it besides I didn’t feel man enough for the girl I was with and worked my ass off to try and please her. Sex was great but I guess I felt guilty for being indecisive with my sexuality, and was working with Kim Friedman on a pilot show and wanted the world to see me for me but that didn’t go through…. Typing this on my phone so going to get to the point…. I ran back into the guy that I found very appealing to my eyes but I always kept it slow paced on the beach because I didn’t want to feel like a slut. I thought God finally sent me my Romeo because he was from WI and what are the chances of literally running right into someone all the way from WI again? I played the hard role and I just got out of a relationship but freaking 2 months later I’m living with him in WI!!! We been together for 3 rough years and it’s constantly a fight! After some domestic violence incidents and getting my front teeth broke I finally moved into the dorms at school. Did he go away? Nope not at all! I think he just wants me for my body but I’m too stupid to call it completely off because I changed my whole life for this guy and destin to make it work! Number one problem… Sex! Sex with each other no! The whole gay discrete lets do a random hook up because dick is that good kind of sex problems! And did you know gay people don’t have marital rights but can get in trouble as if they are when it comes to getting into an argument!!! Lots of messy stuff later… I’m still here with a broken heart! I can’t even focus on school work which by the way I do go to one of the best Engineering schools in the Midwest. What the heck more does a guy want? I tutor Calc 1-4, Physics you name it. I have a great look and I am very out going and open to whatever sexual desires keep someone faithful! Doesn’t even have to be completely faithful but honest about it! Rant rant rant… I’m a guy that’s truly a guy but tend to like guys if there was

  39. My name is Sylvia Walker, RN, BSN, MBA, MHA, CCP with over 18 years of corporate healthcare experience. In late 2011, I redefined my own life to become a self-empowered Ecopreneurist. The development of my organic products was based on my concern for the chemicals my family was introducing into their bodies and the health risk associated with those products. In March of 2000, the concept “Natural As I Wanna Be®, LLC” was a natural decision for me to create an organic skincare product line that represents healthy lifestyle choices for my family and for the benefit of others. My lifestyle and the lifestyle that I am promoting reflect who I am, NAIWBE Natural As I Wanna Be from the outside in and inside out. Our mission is to develop, provide and maintain integrity through the highest quality organic standards for responsible skincare products. In doing so, you Give yourself the “Gift of Wellness”™. I believe I have a very interesting family (a host of characters) that will keep people wanting to see what happens next.

  40. Hey Bravo,
    Andy my love, my name is Stacy Donahue. Please!!!!!! you need to do a show on gay married couples who have been in long committed relationships with children. It really shows the audience that married gay couples can live normal lives as heterosexual married couples do. You should cast all LGBT people who apply. The twist is you will see the challanges of blended families the differences that we face as being a gay married couple in a predominately heterosexual neighborhood. As my partner and I do. The friends we have who love us or judge us. Geez it could be a huge success. I believe Bravo is the perfect homebase for a series like this. PLEASE do it… Lord knows my partner and I,married 8 years with an 18 year old son in College, who are originally from Long Island NY but have moved to Columbus Ohio for the past 3 years. Ohhhh the mid west.. Lol, would make it interesting for sure. I am told that when I walk into a room I am a presence with my looks first and then personality. I know there are so many of us that are out there and can bring alot to the table on the idea. People want to see all walks of gay married life. Do it Andy Do it…. It will be a hit. I know it… But I Want to be casted.. LMAO WELL I AM BUT IT’S TRUE.. I never dissapoint or so I’m. Told..

  41. Hello- I have a great drama filled idea. Soccer Moms, yes, it’s similar to Dance moms but my daughter has played soccer in a well established town in Colorado since she was 4. Majority of the moms are stay at home moms who are willing to spend anything and everything on their “Olympians” career. It will not take long to show how caddy this soccer world is and corrupt. The clubs what they try to sell is incredible. Want fights on the field, come to Colorado. Parents are sad people living through their kids here. I am a very honest, blunt, hard working mom that does not fit in with the sneaky stay at homes.

  42. 6 females musicians/singers raising funds and awareness for The American Cancer Society, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. We have rose over $42,000 at our 1 day event in 5 years. We have females guest singers, we all have day jobs, other bands and families, we have be largest fundraising event in our area. We do much more than just play and sing, we have females guest singers, and of course with all women we have drama, ego’s, jealousy issues. We have “kicked” girls out of the show only a few times when it was very necessary. We have a lot of issues but that 1 day of the year we always are professional and get the job done. It takes many months of planning and practicing to get this event done at the level it is today. My girls in the band are from al walks of life/music. There is much more to us and our event that would take 2 more pages to fill. Thanks

  43. I think it would be awesome to have a reality show filmed in the custom airbrush store that I work at in Pittsburgh. It’s more interesting than tattoo shops because it’s freehand and the area we are located in we have some very colorful personalities and CRAZY requests for T-shirt, hat, bike, guitar, etc. orders. Our crew of 4 people are crazy and amazing artists and truly the funniest and most down to earth people you could ever meet. NOT to toot our own horns but were all also unique and hot haha. Would apeal to anybody into reality TV bc our personalities are pretty ridiculous along with the customers. But you also have the whole “art scene” genre folk that would find it pretty awesome as well especially considering how big street art and just artistic expression in general is pretty big! NOBODY STEAL MY IDEA (you couldnt anyway cuz they aint no otha custom airbrush shop like our shop) ;)

  44. Hi Bravo! My name is Aiesha a 23 yr old CT resident. I just moved back to CT from Boston to be closer to my boyfriend and family. If only i knew the drama i had ahead of me i would have stayed my ass in Boston. Im back and forth with staying in a relationship im not sure about and my family is non stop bumping heads! Its a nightmare here! we’re a very small Caribbean family that cant get our act together. I am waiting for the day to come where we can all be in the same room without going at each other. I was hoping Bravo can maybe help me get not only my family straight but my relationship as well.

  45. Ok so my story is quiet a simple one but very intriguing my husband and I just had a baby his name is Diego andhe is 6 months old the twist is my husband and I are both Tattoo Artists and own our own Tattoo Parlor we live a crazy life but in the end were just 2 parents who happen to live like rock stars…follow us through this journey of raising our son and balancing our rock star lifestyle.

  46. Hello my name is Naija and I’m and wife to a man with 4 children with the 3 youngest that lives with us and all three children have different mothers I’m the mother of the baby. The children’s ages are 12, 9 & 2 1/2 we live with my mother and she has leukemia (CML) and my aunt and her two children and her daughter whom is pregnant and due any day now. We live in a single family home in Queens,NY

  47. Me and my friends are an attractive group of guys/girls living in Williamsburg/ Greenpoint Brooklyn romantically linked to one another pursuing careers in fashion, film and music and photography. We are a more witty, raunchy and silly version of your vanderpump rules cast. Like Broad City but real and more ridiculous

  48. Moved from Los Angeles to wine country – culture shock. Married to a dentist. – he is awesome! Gave up med school, starting a business. Bc I hate my job. No kids. Lots of fun. Trying to get in shape for NPC or IFBB competition bikini.

  49. I run a retail business with a unique start up story but the challenge to stay in business is even more interesting. It’s a really cool business and I’m in a cool location. Please contact me for more information.

  50. I am 24 y.o.
    I was born in Bronx, New York.
    My mother raised me alone, i never knew my father, I’ve only seen pictures of him.when I was 7,my mother and i found out he passed away.I found out later on i wasn’t my father’s only child,I have 4brothers and sisters I have never met before. All my childhood i wondered how my father died and no one would tell me.when i turned 20 I was snooping around my mother’s file cabinet and I found my father’s death certificate and there it was… He committed suicide!!.. I was heartbroken.
    Time has gone by and I still don’t know my brothers and sisters. Reuniting a family from my perspective i think would be a great show for others and a chance to meet my father’s side of the family

  51. Well lets see….I have two crazy girls, 17 and 20. I am a single mom and very unorthodox in my approach as a parent. They overrule me so things can get difficult but they are great kids so I think they listen subconsciously to what I say to them . We also have my dad living with us and he is hysterical. he doesn’t even have to try as he is a natural character. He is going through a divorce to his wife of 56 years so as hard as that has been for him, he is now on and that alone could be a show. Who knew he was so popular with the ladies….? He is also hard of hearing so he sort of gets half of what we say and it is just too funny! He is also very smart and accomplished.
    Anyway, we all moved in together in September so my daughter Kristyn could chase her dream as a recording artist. We spent time in the studio with her amazingly cool and UBER talented team which is always entertaining…because Midge is usually with us. Kristyn, my daughter is looking for a record label and getting close….her best friend is Vib. He is fabulous. A beautiful middle eastern boy looking for love in the BIG APPLE. Lots of face time fun with this one. They are soul mates, really. He is DRAMATIC in a good way and frustrated by not having a boyfriend….Kathryn my 20 year old is a PRE LAW college girl and she also has friends that are like our extended family…..I am single and it drives my girls nuts. I have kind of always been singly because I had to raise my girls and they kept me BUSY. But now I have time and they are pressuring me to date. I date on occasion and it ends up being a hot mess. Will I find love in LA…..?

  52. Hello Bravo,
    My name is Elijah Mack. I know you have millions of these comments to look through & there’s many different varieties but I think my idea would be perfect. Now theres not many shows or reality shows that showcase dancers trying to make it & I feel that would be a good idea. I am a passionate deep dancer of all kinds from a small town called Santa Maria, Ca trying to make it as the next big thing. I’m attending college at Allan Hancock College as a Dance Major & I am 19 years old. Nobody ever gets recognized in Santa Maria & there is a lot of talent here. My dream is to move to Los Angeles and make it with a successful career as an entertainer all around as well as a “Star” on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. So… What better reality show is there than to make one about a 19 year old Male dancer from a small town called Santa Maria, Ca trying to make it. My plan is to move to Los Angeles in Summer 2015 to get even more professional training in Dance, Television/film, modeling. I hope you guys see my comment and consider me & my idea. I really believe in this & my dream & this would be great exposure. (
    Sincerely, Elijah Mack

  53. I grew up with a dysfunctional family they fight all the time they are one big mess with which i know would be good t.v. the drama NEVER ends…. I grew up in the south Bronx area..which should. Be good for viewing

  54. Truthfully I’m always saying me and my friends need our own show. Rather its a talk show or our own show. We’re all hilarious and say whatever comes to mind. Especially me I’m not the think first type.

  55. I have read through most of these comments and post and they all seem very interesting! So im going to keep it short and direct. But me im totally different from any other person on here and you would love to make an show with me. Im not going to say to much on the comments but contact me and you will not be sorry! Just Try ME!

  56. I have a great idea people will tune in on I currently in chicago i think people would really like to look into the lives of people who live in the ruff side of this known city i would want the cameras to follow my everyday moves like the real housewives i am a single mom working receiving help from the government i strugglr very hard but i never give up my goal is to become a better mom sister women daughter i tell everyone im the one thats gone to get us living better im sure people would love to see a reality show about people with out money so they can see our everyday struggle its way more to my story hope you all give me a chance to put my story on t,v

  57. I am a 27 year old hair stylist in the downtown area of Norfolk. Located in a great military town and the popular tpurist attractions for summer Virginia Beach va. I am a mother of a 7 year old son and a 3 month old daughter. I am extremely hard working and passionate. I would love to be apart of showing how beautiful the artistry behind being a hair stylist and being in the Industry truly is. It is a booming industry. With auditions, being an educator for color lines, products, cutting, and extensions. How innovative and creative our job is and how life changing hair can be for clients. I do extreme makeovers on clients. I am tired of seeing salon reality shows being over dramatized, and not showing the true nature of our industry. I love educating clients about their hair, setting goals, getting innovative and creative! What I love most of all are the personal relationships. Meeting people from all walks of life. Doctors, judges, lawyers, stay at home moms, college students, brides. Take a look into this beautiful industry and you will see why its one of today’s leading industries!

  58. I am a latino gay male 5″5 black hair 125.pounds hazelbrown eyes very attractive young male I am a pron actor my stage name June Quinones II been doing pron since I was 17 now im 28 and I still look like if im 17 allso i work as an escort I will like to put my life out on air for all the young gay community maybe they will learn something from it .I am from New Jersey 07104 but I work all around the world

  59. Bravo! My name is Chance Byrd. I am eighteen years old and live in Destin, FL. I feel that my story is perfect for reality TV. I am eighteen years old, and I have my AA degree from NWFSC. I will be starting my dual degree program to earn my Bachelors and Masters at the same time from FSU. I survived a major heart attack when I was sixteen years old. I was also a contestant for the #1 TV show, American Idol – season 12. I was cast in a feature length film “The Good Book” with Mainstreet Productions. I now have two films scheduled for filming early 2015. I also am signed with Rare Quality Talent Agency and I hope to inspire young artists to follow their dreams. I am in the process of launching my very own talent agency – “BlackByrd Talent Management” in Destin, FL. I am also working on launching a clothing line “BlackByrd”. Through all of my trials and tribulations I never gave up and now I am an eighteen year old who is getting ready to buy a 3 million dollar home in Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. However, my life is pretty dramatic and I feel that my story should be told. I feel that America would not only fall in love me and my family…but the most beautiful beaches of Walton County!! Destin, FL is the perfect place for a reality TV show and I feel that this is the time. This is the start of an amazing, successful empire. One that will inspire, encourage, entertain, and ultimately help guide the viewers throughout his or her lives!

  60. Info:
    Ethnicity- African American

    My name is Marcellus Sawyer. I am proud to be an openly gay, plus-sized, African American teenager. If that doesn’t scream diversity than I don’t know what does? I have always wanted to pursue acting since childhood. Movies were and still presently my escape from reality. I tend to call myself the “Vicarious King” because cinematic presentations offer a better life than actual reality. I have never had any acting classes or any form of training, but what I do possess is raw talent. I am constantly being told by friends and teachers, that I should be on the “big screen” entertaining millions of people with my humor. If I am blessed enough to be selected, I promise to you that I will give my all and make everyone that has given me a chance proud.

    PS: Other people at their best is equivalent to a quarter percentage of me at my best

  61. Hi I’m 25 i have a 3 year daughter name Lauren I live in a small town in north Carolina (Rockingham)I recently had a friend of mine that was on a show called are you the one season 2(ellie)I’m a down to earth person I keeps real i get along with everyone life of party.I’m just ready to see the world I need some excitement in my life haven’t had that in a while I feel like my life is just flying past me and I haven’t got a chance to see anything

  62. Judge Judy, Joe, Jill and Jones has played out it’s now time for a Magistrate Show. Here is what happens in real life when you are arrested and the officer is giving the Magistrate probable cause or not giving proper probable cause why a warrant should be issued for the defendant’s arrest, why a search warrant should or should not be issued. Or a Citizen comes into the Magistrate’s office and tries to get a warrant or a protective order or when an Emergency Medical Doctor wants to operate to save a family member’s life and the spouse or parents are undecided or against it…. Will the Magistrate use authority to issue the order to provide medical care if the MD says it can save the person’s life or he will not survive without it. What can happen when a case leaves the Magistrate or when that Magistrate is off duty after denying a warrant. Listen to Bond hearings….admit to bail or release from jail pending trial hearings. Tired of the Judge stories ….Let’s look at what really happens, before the trial etc. From a Former Magistrate Certified by the Supreme Court and a first*** out of 11 counties in the state. ie. Magistrates are on call or on duty 24-7 for all criminal processes is open for officers and citizens.

  63. In a nutshell, I’m simply a southern raised twenty something who is trying to find a balance between 401K planning and whether or not I should eat Ramen in order to save money for weekend activities. My mother raised me to be a lady while my father taught me to speak my mind and in turn I am stuck somewhere between “Bless Your Heart” and “Kiss My Ass”.

    One day I woke up to a world where day drinking on a Tuesday was frowned upon and I was expected to actually find a way to provide for myself. It was horrible. You mean I actually have to BUY toilet paper?? Whatever.

    So far my twenties have been THE weirdest period of my life and that includes the time I cut my own bangs when I was eight years old and got my yearbook picture taken with all five of my Spice Girl dolls. Along the way my peers have somehow evolved into 4 types of people: Some are getting married and having children (no seriously, like their own children…on purpose!) buying houses and embracing the permanence of their life decisions, others are continuing their education and prolonging the inevitable of having to actually settle into a field they’ll probably hate, and some are still stuck in college mode, continuing to party 4-5 days a week and talk about how “turnt” they are getting on social media. I’m actually really thankful for the last group for obvious reasons but mostly because when I’m having a bad day I can think of them and justify all of my questionable decisions because “I could be doing way worse, right?”

    Then there’s people like me. I’ve accepted the fact that I’m no longer a college coed, I currently have no desire to further my education and the thought of growing a human inside me only to one day force it out and give it all of my money for the next 18-26 years terrifies me. I’m responsible enough to have a job, exist in corporate America and earn a decent living, but I still enjoy eating cereal with marshmallows in it and sometimes I accidentally leave my flat iron on for an entire day.

    I am at a crossroads in my life (some would call it a quarter life crisis) and I am planning to leave my career, my family and southern lifestyle behind to try to make it in NYC. I have no idea what I’m doing but I tell it like it is and even though I can go from southern belle to table flipping Teresa Giudice faster than you can say “Lord have mercy”, I am a funny, genuine, 6’1″ brunette who loves her crazy mother and incredibly short best friends.

    If chosen I am all in. Mostly because I know that once cameras follow me around on a day to day basis there is absolutely zero chance that I will ever work in corporate America again. For lack of better words I’m a hot mess.

    Sorry, Mom.

  64. My name is Tikiya Woulard and I am currently a corrections officer in Orlando, Florida. I recently received my cosmetology license in the state of Florida. My dream is to own a chain of upscale salons located in Florida, New York, Texas and California. I have three close friends that also dream of owning makeup bars, being successful world renowned makeup artists and one that loves fashion and dreams of being a stylist. We came up with the idea of a reality that will show average hard working women hustling and busting our butts to reach our goals. Neither of us have received a handout from anyone. We believe our show would be a hit, because we are funny, beautiful, go getters and most of all REAL, which is what reality t.v. is lacking. We will be an influence to young women just like us that believe they have to have a man with money to achieve their goals. We are going to give the world THE REAL LIVES OF BECOMING A #GIRLBOSS! You all will fall in love with us and there is no doubt that the world will too.

  65. I think it would be interesting to showcase individuals after weight loss surgery. Their lives then and now. I have personally lost 125lbs since June 2013. I do not consider my choice to be the easy way out because like most women I dieted and exercised only to see little to no results. What I have gained was a healthier me BUT I unleashed a super sexy beast that I knew a long time ago that was hiding under weight gained from pregnancy and life in general. I am not your average boring female, I am funny as hell and if you can’t laugh at or relate to my day to day experiences as a mom of 2 girls, wife to my husband of 15 yrs, dysfunctional family and new found skinny girl problems, I’m afraid you have no soul…
    Hope to hear from someone!!

  66. A story about a few island girls trying to make their mark in the backstage world of hair makeup and fashion. It would open up a hold new audience of islanders… 3 girl and 2 guys… Try to build image management team from scratch… And trust we is some characters…

  67. Hello, my family is real crazy-and loud. We are a big Jersey family with huge personalities. We always have these funny experiences and say why don’t we have a reality show yet. You could be that outlet to let the world get another new sense of jersey.

  68. Hi, I am a very enthusiastic and dedicated young woman, as well as comedic, looking to fulfill my dream of entertaining. To be a part of these particular shows, would not only move my soul, but inspire me and soo many others! This is a dream that will never fade away. Praying that I would be blessed to bring my talent and personality to a very peculiar project such as this one. I was made for this! Reality is my middle name lol.

    Thanks in advance!

  69. Hello my name is Tiffany and I am currently the youngest politician in the south suburbs. I am very driven and have my own restaurant called Good Burger. I would like the opportunity to sit down with producers. I would love to be the voice and face of our youth and show them how and what it takes to make it.

  70. What are you? A question I am always asked to which I respond “A WOMAN, WHAT ARE YOU?” Although I know they are asking about my race! I am biracial (creole), like most from New Orleans, as well as, sassy, stubborn, hot-tempered, anything falls right out of my mouth (Oops did I just say that?), and I’ve even been called GHETTO (haters). I don’t wear makeup, I suffer low self-esteem (although you’d never know it), I just recently started allowing myself to have friends that are girls (trust issues from childhood), and I am very sarcastic which sometimes comes across as bitchy, but I’m also really cool and hilarious. Am I bipolar? :) My husband is Dominican (New York meets New Orleans! Talk about HOT!) and we have 3 kids, who must be paying us back for what we did to our parents as kids. I don’t get along with my brother, my sister lives across the street, and my gay nephew is in love with my nose. If you think this is all over the place, it ain’t even half of it! Baaaaybay there is so much more. Until I hear from you, the show must go on……..

  71. I that a reality show with my family would be funny, shocking, and interesting to a TV audience. I have four brothers that rap, produce, write songs, do videos (did all star week end Orlando 2012 video recording), edit videos, and sing. My mother have traveled with us to several cities Georgia, Minnesota, Florida, and Texas. While we tried to make it. We have tons of songs and beats. We have spent years giving CD’s to artist hoping to get heard. I think our family travels and struggles would be very good reality show. We have did shows and open up a show for Kirko Bangz In Louisiana.

  72. MUST READ! lol, now that I have your attention I MUST tell you about Turk and Emani. . Well Turk, platinum selling rapper, formerly of the Mega Group “The Hot Boys” with Lil Wayne on Cash Money Records has ventured out on his own and has an amazing story! He’s married to a very beautiful and I must say (hot) young woman Emani and they have TWINS boy/girl Tab III and Taylei! Turk has started his own label YNT records although not as big as Cash Money (yet) they’re well on their way. With his wife being diagnosed with Breast Cancer in august 2014 and now cancer free and regaining her fun and outgoing lifestyle, and Turk on the road doing shows and facing the ups and downs of an iffy music industry and the twins (15 months now) growing and coming into their personalities, I’m SURE so many will LOVE to watch their lives unfold on national TV! Contact info: or or call 404-997-8232 ask for Natasha!

  73. Hey there,
    I direct a non profit teen outreach dance group based in San Diego. My girls and guys compete on a regular basis, perform throughout the city and travel from time to time for various dance events. My group is comprised primarily of Hispanic families from the inner city. They are definitely a spunky bunch with a lot of sass, but their personalities are captivating. I created this dance team in efforts to keep these teens off of the streets and give them some real training and talent. I’m sure they’d love for their journey to be followed, as we have encountered and still encounter many obstacles and drama within our group and from outside influence. They are a Ballet Folklorico competitive group. Two time award winning within this
    2013 season.

    Love to hear from you!
    Rose Gonzalez
    Ballet Folklorico Libertad

  74. To whom it may concern at Bravo!
    From a model, mother & wife..
    before modeling I was a flight attendant for TWA & American Airlines
    I created a great space for passengers- soon I was jetting to the hottest destination . My career of Jet setting was over right when I was coming from Paris 9/11 happen landed in New Found land. Canada…the most devastating shocking sadness news ever.
    Was inspired, Then decided to go to NY in enter the world most exciting cut throught, competitive, dramatic business.
    I have done a lot in my world of fashion I have a great idea that can benefit our young adult and women around the globe. If you are interested please feel free to contact me . If you want the drama. ?.. you know now what to do.
    katia :)

  75. REALITY SHOW PITCH: “Married to Medicine, Maine” or “Real Housewives of Bangor”. We live on the edge of civilization. North of Bangor is moose country, complete wilderness bordering Canada. Organic farming, lobstering, sailing, hunting bears…this is what “Mainahs” are all about. My friends and I are all “from away” hailing from major cities. Our husbands, all of whom are doctors, relocated here and our reality show would showcase the best (and worst) of Maine, our group of highly gossipy women and life in a very small town where we are the pseudo-socialites. My friends are witty, attractive, intelligent, mediagenic and diverse (opposed to this town, which is all white). I think the show would be an instant hit!

  76. My Name is Demario Charles AKA Mario from Natchitoches La Central La 29 years old 6’2 265 3 kids all girls three Baby’s moms trying to get one just started seeing another havent seen one in 2 years .I kill myself everyday to afford to go back and foward to court for all of them .Engaged trying to pay for a wedding next year . Everything is on my shoulder really want to make people happy .You want a hit show im that guy you have questions i pretty sure u know ways to contact me.

  77. I am an Iranian- American with a body like no other. Looking for my big break in show business.
    I can play many roles. My body is unparalleled.

  78. Hello, Bravo
    You need do a show for people like me battling with deadbeat baby daddy and family. My life is a living hell my kids bad as hell and they dad a deadbeat!. But the show about people living in section 8 housing and living pay check to pay check that me. That would be a good show people lights and water get cut off.
    That would be a good show!

  79. Hello Bravo! My name is Remy, I been in the hair business for 23 years and still grinding… if you want a reality real life situations, circumstances and problems weather it be good bad or in different. Well, this is where you should here our story… name of salon Classic Kutz Salon Barbara shop.. we are located in Washington DC in one of the poorest ward (8) in the Washington DC area. Even in this mist of that we deal with all kinds of people …. upper, middle and lower class it can be a circuit. It very competitive where we work and aggressive. I love this ten to gospel music while others want RB music… walk ins are a major issues and so on… but even in all that we are a family that has differnces…. we all come from different place and our life are no way the same ..
    Please consider me and my life and friend as well as Co worker

  80. I live in a small lake community outside of Charlotte…. we have a large group of 40+ very attractive singles and we love to socialize in and around the lake… whether it is a big raft up or taking a bus to the NFL games with kegs… it is always hilarious and full of drama. Everyone ends up dating each other and then breaking up and dating another person in the circle…. then new people try to get in the circle…Good times.

  81. Hi my name is Naeemah Purcell but I also go by the name of Pedii when I am modeling and singing. I live in Washington DC .I have many talents such as playing the piano, and guitar. I am a fun loving energetic caring individual. I’m a Pre Law student I love going out partying or just hanging out. I have rheumatoid arthritis which is an autoimmune disease that attacks my joints. I own three companies Queen Pedii, Pedii Arts and Architects of Desire. My family is as dramatic as dramatic can be. I am also writing a memoir about when I was a webcam girl and short horror novel. I was born to be a star and I know I can and will bring even more ratings to your network so please contact me if you are interested.

  82. Hey I have an idea for a new show and it’s call how to find a job in NYC the reason I came up with this is because I been trying to find a job to provide for my self and I really can’t find not one job I’m 24 and all I want is a good job

  83. Bravo…Bravo??? Bravoooo!!!!!! You looking for funny? I got the next Kathy Griffin/Kevin Heart funnier then funny right here! Allow me to introduce myself, My name is Jose or “Jo” and have had ambition to do nothing better but entertain people. Iv been told countless times I should be a comedian and have been working hard and desperately to achieve this dream. I know you can make my dream come true with the commitment and integrity you provide on every one of your shows. I love you guys like fat kid loves cake and I love zebra cakes….Please let me know when you wanna sign a deal.

  84. I love Bravo, they’re very professional and they know what they want and what they’re looking for.. I have plenty of ideas and I’m only going to share one of them.. I was thinking having like judges to be able to judge each tv bravo show.. For example the real housewives are soooo insecure, jealous, etc, I’ll tell each one of them how to look less insecure and act better because is all about the rating, they think they’re all that but I got news for them, “bravo is giving them the opportunity to be where they’re at” they seem to forget and I’ll remind them and put them in their place by telling them what I really think about their behaviors, they love drama well I’m the drama queen so bring it ;)

  85. I have a great idea for a tv show. My boyfriend of many many years just became an oil typhoon. He inherited family land in North Dakota and the oil companies are drilling and taking oil from their land, and now he has became a millionaire. I think that a show based on the lives of the people who are now becoming rich from the oil boom in North Dakota would be awesome!

  86. I would really like to do a show similar to the housewives of Atlanta but with a twist! It could be called The Gaywives of Atlanta! Depicting real life events of regular gay couples of several different genres of life representing different aspects of the gay life! I think it would help break the stereotypical views society has placed on the gay community! There are all different types of gay couples and single gay men and women! The video link is not of the idea itself but just something my mother and I posted a while back! I just wanted to give you an idea of what I look like!

  87. Hello bravo!!
    I am 27 years old jersey girl born and raised in a big family of 6 kids!!! My husband plays for the nfl .We live in TN during football season w our first child who is 4 months and also with our 2 lil pups!!! I’m a housewife and have a happy fabulous life that is never boring!!! I used to work a lot as a makeup artist in the NJ and NYC area working in the fashion business and also in the film industry!! I want to continue my passion by working from home making people look there sexiest!!! My reality show would be so entertaining from always having my crazy jersey family visiting also my husband is one of 6 kids to !! Our house is non stop!! I promise u that u all would be entertained!!!! From going to the nfl events hanging out w the nfl wives to doing everyday thing w my lil bundle of joy to making people look amazing!!!!

  88. I am 46 and married to a 42 year old man who makes my ADHD look boring. He is a part time model, a full time computer geek (works for his dad at a national printer sales company), and an all time Harley Davidson riding party hell raising 42 going on 24 good time guy, we ride over 20,000 miles a year on our bike and the group of friends we hang with just shake their heads at the stuff we do and the things he says. They range from medical people to funeral people there are even a husband steeling whore in this mix of people but one thing is for sure we ride laugh party and have a blast. I dare anyone to try to keep up with us.

  89. I would like to create a 20 yr High School Reunion Reality Show- We’ve been knowing each other for over 20yrs and everyone of us since 1975 until now, are still having Park Picnics, in the same park we grew up in….

  90. I am a mother of children I am a webcam model and phone sex operator and I am married I would love to show the world what it’s like begin a mother of multiples who is also a mother/ wife that works in the adult industry and I make a killing I love for my show to be living with the sanders my husband and I are a site to see everywhere we go we are stopped and truly recognized just from our family on site and people love us when we go out to eat they tell us we have very well mannered children and we are a huge family me and my husband are a wonderful team just spend the day with us we will have you laughing and dieting for more we are the sanders and we have more then what you can imagine to offer to the world check us out thanks

  91. Hi I’m Heather I am 29 yrs old and do Hair and makeup freelance… where to start let’s begin from my troubled childhood growing up w both sides of my parents and going threw crazy shit!! I moved from pa to Manchester nh through working at Hooters meet an outlaw that ran the Hooters there got caught up w cocaine and craziness…ended up moving to Florida w a guy from Boston within 2 mths he killed my Maltese dig and tried to kill me…..I ended up making it through that and staying in fl ..meant an older guy that owns a business that us everywhere especially through fl got married had amazing wedding… that went to shit after yr and half and still remained friends w him with adds alot more to my story…etc….

  92. I would love a show on woman under 35 struggling with infertility and are undergoing IVF… Please contact me as I would be very interested.

  93. I’m a mother of seven who who has struggled all of her life, I’ve unfortunately allowed myself to be dominated by my downfalls and my weaknesses, I’m still very poor don’t have too much of anything just myself and my children, a single mom with super talent, I’m tired of dreaming and I think I have a great story to tell and I also believe that my story will empower women and I could show them that you can still become successful, stay sexy, stay beautiful, be a mom as long as you stay true to yourself and really work hard. All I need is the opportunity, I don’t want a show, I just want the opportunity to make my dreams come true so that I can help make others dreams come true………love, Life and happiness to all!!!!!

  94. I’m a country girl from Georgetown TN, I’m looking to have my on reality show on my family. I and my niece Debraill are trying to make it in the modeling, acting and music industry we have had a lot of deaths in our family my brother lost his son Dion to a head on collision with a log truck before that I found my dad on the floor died of a heart attack we are trying to recover from the trauma. my family race cars we have dragsters and has been trying to get someone support our team to check us out you got to have dream to make it reality we want to live out our dreams we’ve had a lot of battle to fight but we are all we have an I would like the world to know that you can make if you try. Thanks Earon

  95. hey!!!! I am 31 years old and I live in Maryland!!!! I have a show that would make people laugh, cry, and get anxiety in their seats!!! Me and my best friend have the worst luck when it comes to love!! I just recently got out of a 4 best relationship with my high school sweetheart. He cheated on me multiple times and I am finally over it! My best friend loves to drink and when she does interesting things happen!! trust me my life is all funny, drama, and very interesting. Please give this a try!!

  96. I am 26 years old, I am a lesbian, and I live with my girlfriend of four years. I recently found out that my conservative, civil rights attorney father is a womanizer and an adulterer. He also has been living and earning income under two different social security numbers that he obtained through his affiliations with the Italian mob. He also has asked myself and my sister to keep his adultery a secret from his mistress’s children, who are adults, but my sister and I declined his request. As a result, he has completely abandoned both of us and I have had to keep my relationship with my stepmother (my father’s second ex-wife) a secret from him so that their divorce would go smoothly. He also cheated on my stepmother with the same woman as she was dealing with and getting treatment for her THIRD bout with colon cancer.

  97. I am 21 years old for one my name stands out from any other name there is which makes me different and unique in my own way

  98. I want to air a reality tv show about my family. One thing I have noticed is there is different nationalities on reality family tv shows, but I have never noticed a latino family….to make it even better my family is quite interresting! we have drama, love, arguments, unity, just about everything…above all different from any reality show yet! I know that someone would be pleased to watch my family problems, discussions and openess of the latino culture…. it will be different and will atract attention.

  99. Hey hey hey there Bravo!! Well, my name is Josiah, I’m 23 years of age and a super gay dude. I reside in the city of sin, the devils playground. Las Vegas, NV!! First off, all your shows are all over. From Orange County up to Beverly Hills, all the way across the nation to New York, New Jersey and down to Atlanta and Miami. Now, where’s Vegas in this picture? NO WHERE TO BE SEEN!! Me being the crazy, out going, fun individual that I am, I’m perfect for Bravo. I am definitely a Bravo watcher. Shows include, Shahs of Sunset (My new all time fave), Atlanta, New Jersey, Beverly Hills & Miami Housewives. Blood, Sweat & Heels is getting pretty good too. But these shows are all in places away from me, someone who definitely brings drama, sentimental and real emotions from the inside. I have a group of crazy friends that are always out on the weekends having a good time. I’m right there with them. I think we’d be the perfect fit for Bravo and the viewers. Viewers like drama, action and something that keeps them guessing. If you think you’ve found someone better than me and my friends, I think you’re all sadly mistaken. Did I mention that my group of friends that I’m always with are all gay? HA, a group of fabulous fierce gay men. Even more fierce than your little Fashion Queens. At least I think so. You wanna find out? you have my email. Toddles kiddies.

  100. Ciara walker says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    February 26, 2014 at 2:23 pm
    My name is ciara walker born in west Africa,grew in NYC ,now living in Indianapolis Indiana ,I speak French ,I’ve model for 5 yrs.iam 25yrs Acting on a hit TV show is my dream. I can adapt to different environments easily. I am very comfortable on camera.It’s easy for me to change into character and make the character I’m portraying come alive.Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

  101. My husband & I are truly black & white. He’s a cowboy born and raised in a farm and I grew up in the city. I like anything that blings and he likes anything to herd, feed, or ride. I dislike getting dirty and he loves it. I’m inside the house painting my nails and he’s cutting the horses hoofs. I like to wear my heels and he loves wearing his boots. I’ll wear boots if they shine or have bling bling. He wants to put my girls in the rodeo and I want to put them in ballet. This is constant everyday and my husband is very crazy, he bronc rides and bull rides. He loves to show off with horses, its his passion. There is always something happening in the ranch. If its not him its me. So, I was thinking of something along those lines.

  102. Hey Bravo, Andy and Team,

    My name is London 29yr old male from Los Angeles I think my family and I would be a great fit for the housewives. My husband is military we have an 8yr old son I juggle my career, being fabulous and being both wife and husband all at one time. I may be a little competitive like some of the other women but honey I don’t think they are ready for a queen like me! Bravo your new cast mate is here and ready!!!

  103. Dear Andy Cohen & Bravo Casting Team!!

    Will absolutely! like to join you on one of the Housewives show. Knowing NewYork has one! we should try for our own group name. I do have a name once Bravo chooses us.

    Just a little note on myself:

    Drama from start to continuous!! I am a Naturalized Citizen, Born in Grenada W.I, The US Invaded the Island when I was 13. I am married to my husband 19 years older..( Drama with Health )
    I have gorgeous twins both (Autistic) Challenges
    I made my first Million at the age of 35 years old
    I am an Lic Associate Broker in Real Estate and I work Full Time for a prestigious Airline Club where VIP’s, Stars, Entertainers, Business Class .. too much to list with the rich & famous. I am also a licensed interior designer, which I don’t get a chance to practiced because of all the roles I had to play. I have a dysfunctional family with lots of Shades, secrets, & Drama.

    I have watched the Housewives since 2012 and my husband who is the one said I should be on on the show or create my own group!! Plus I Love you Andy Cohen in the Club House & Bravo Staff!!

    My Favs; Fashion Queens, Beverly Hills Housewives, Atlanta Housewives, Shahs of Sunset! Millionaires Club with Patty;Vanderpump Rules & Blood, Sweat & Tears. I am “Hook” say wa “Double Hook”.

  104. I’m am a 14 year old African-American female. I’m 5’6 1/2 close to 5’7. I can pass for a 16-19 year old. No joke. I am have a pretty thick filled out figure but I’m not all the way fat. I am currently dealing with acne, but I’m willing to put on makeup. I have brown eyes. People tell me I have Chinese eyes. I LOVE to talk. I can talk about anything. I am currently enrolled in dance classes, singing lessons and piano lessons. I would NOT mind being an extra or having a small role. I just need something so I can start making a resume.

  105. Based on all the reality shows I have seen, I firmly believe that Houston, TX would an amazing location for a reality show. Houston has amazing night life, juicy drama, and can easily attract a crowd. Houston is filled with wealthy people who dabble in occupations such as music, acting, modeling and party promotions and what other crowd would be good for a reality show if not that?

  106. Creating a show based on life in San Diego,Ca and what a great city life and weather we have, should be a show! My life and friends would make for an awesome show because we party hard with the inside connects, exercise, inside friend drama, and making the best of our beautiful city shine our little rain!

  107. I am a identical twin. We have been inseparable from the start. Same schools, same jobs, we bought our first car together. Our bond was so intense we go married on the same day and rented next door to eachother. At 18 we didn’t know what we got into. We quickly noticed we were pushing our husbands aside by spending more time together. We got a rude awakening on January 9th 2013. My husband had a severe motorcycle crash and my attention had to turn to him. Meanwhile my sister had new issues. Separation that led to divorce. Now she was dating. We went from doing everything together, to barely seeing each other. Learn how we manage to be as close even though our lives took two different routes.

  108. I am a identical twin. We have been inseparable from the start. Same schools, same jobs, we bought our first car together. Our bond was so intense we cmgot married on the same day and rented next door to eachother. At 18 we didn’t know what we got into. We quickly noticed we were pushing our husbands aside by spending more time together. We got a rude awakening on January 9th 2013. My husband had a severe motorcycle crash and my attention had to turn to him. Meanwhile my sister had new issues. Separation that led to divorce. We learned our bond didn’t consist of being together 24/7. Learn how we manage to be as close even though our lives took two different routes.

  109. I am a identical twin. We have been inseparable from the start. Same schools, same jobs, we bought our first car together. Our bond was so intense we cmgot married on the same day and rented next door to eachother. At 18 we didn’t know what we got into. We quickly noticed we were pushing our husbands aside by spending more time together. We got a rude awakening on January 9th 2013. Her husband had a severe motorcycle crash and her attention had to turn to him. Meanwhile i had new issues. Separation that led to divorce. Now I was dating. We learned our bond didn’t consist of being together 24/7. Learn how we manage to be as close even though our lives took two different routes.

  110. I am a identical twin. We have been inseparable from the start. Same schools, same jobs, we bought our first car together. Our bond was so intense we got married on the same day and rented next door to eachother. At 18 we didn’t know what we got into. We quickly noticed we were pushing our husbands aside by spending more time together. We got a rude awakening on January 9th 2013. My husband had a severe motorcycle crash and my attention had to turn to him. Meanwhile my sister had new issues. Separation that led to divorce. We learned our bond didn’t consist of being together 24/7. Learn how we manage to be as close even though our lives took two different routes.

  111. originally from Omaha Nebraska been living in Macon Georgia for the past 9yrs. and looking for my big break in acting. I Love to have fun, laugh, and sometimes crazy as hell. I’m very kind and giving but that can change quick if pushed up in a corner. I work with a group of women that come from some similar and others awkwardly different backgrounds. Some are downright country redneck/hillbilly to downhome in the kitchen cooking Southern Bells. Then we have a girl originally from the east coast, New Jersey area but been living in the south for years who’s down for whatever. we also got a taste of the Carolina’s in the house with a twist of African(geechy). She’s also a minister and likes to keep us in line with the word because things can get out of hand. Together we bring a flavor unlike any other, from non-stop laughter to wild adventure and even low down mischief and misunderstandings.

  112. I’ve often thought of my family being on the tube. I’m constantly seeing shows like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo or Duck Dynasty and come to the conclusion that my relatives are like them, in our own little unique way.
    I am 32 and my husband is 31. I have two children from a previous marriage. I am the fourth oldest in a family of eight, although all three of my older brothers have passed away. I’m the last biological child, my parents adopted four girls. The youngest are 13 year old twin girls who are like night and day. One is a tomboy while the other loves make up. One of my younger sisters has a child and will soon be having another child (by a man who has yet to start his divorce and his wife just had a baby) My 18 yr old sister is actually my niece. And although the twins are her half younger sisters by blood, the 18 yr old would actually be their niece considering my mom adopted them. Of course I have many stories like that. Almost likebhow my sister-in-law is also my cousin. We may be from Kentucky, but no one has crossed bloodline.
    My mom is a retired school teacher who still smacks ya in the back of the head if you say ain’t and will argue til she’s blue in the face with anything because she’s ALWAYS right. My dad is one of a kind, and not necessarily a good thing. Both my parents come from a large family, more than ten brothers and sisters each. I have PTSD from losing so many fam members, being in a coma and being beat for 7 yrs. My husband was in the military.
    I think our family could possibly be the next dysfunctional family. There is never ever a dull moment.

  113. Well HIIIII lol my name is Jamal and I live in Cleveland Ohio. I’m a hair stylist and I hang and work with a crazyyyy dramam filled friends that are also hair stylist. Our salon is the top salon located in Cleveland Ohio. And it’s full of drama everyday. You really need to come film us ine day and get a chance to see our craziness like a lot of craziness!!! Please get back with me I’m telling u this could be a hit!! And me I’m extremely over the top, real, and very crazy please get back in touch with me u won’t be disappointed


    now that I have your attention, I would like to just say that I have a proposal for you guys, this proposal could be the best one you guys receive! I live in Miami and I am currently dating a minor league baseball player, we have been dating since I was 18 and him 17. He got drafted right out of high school. My best friend is dating the pitcher from LSU and they have known each other for 3 years but started dating a year ago due to complications (which will be revealed on the show hopefully? (; ) so anyways my other best friend broke up with her boyfriend he was a loser that thought he would play basketball somewhere and blamed her for his unsuccessful Career even though he’s like 5’5. She is not single and mingling! (That’s a whole other story itself!!!!

    All of that aside. We are three best friends with the addition of our other regular friends that have relationships that are not normal, more drama, due to our boyfriends not constantly being here with us. We always have adventures and we always have our fair share of family problems as well… For example my family does not approve of my boyfriend because his skin is a different color than my own. We are all Cuban Americans and we can bring that Latin flavor to Reality TV!!!! I have won many many personality awards including miss amity in the miss Florida teen USA 2011 pageant ! Hopefully you take this into consideration and meet us up for the newest show with the highest ratings… GUARANTEED. (; see you soon!!! Ta-ta!!!

  115. Hello My Name is Sheena and I would love to have a reality show with me and my friends about the challenges of dating in Atlanta im young but divorced and i have a 2 year old and i never thought i would be facing the challenges i do, ther all in relationships, but still dating there married or there just out there,. in my group of friends we are all 29 and up. in my group of friends we have thesingle 30 year old that dying for a relationship, never been in a real relationship, you have me thats divorced that thinks i know what me and my son need we have the girl that settles and doesnt mind dating committed people and the one that is a serial dater, the one that is too good for half of america bc of all the degrees and money she makes, i really think people need intimate details on what it is to date in 2014 and all our small breakthrough our set backs our frustration and the huge reality of dating in this city.


  117. Hi Bravo! I’m a huge Bravo fan!! i mean the ultimate FAN! anyway…I’m a 32 year old, African American, mother of 3…..i currently live in Chicago…..born and raised in Mississpi though……i was adopted….always knew who my mom was…so when i got grown i found her in Chicago! been here some years and got married….been so for 6 years! my husband is an Army vet and after 11 years in service he can’t get a Job (and can sing…omg)…..i recently lost mine of 8 years( with a well known company that totally screwed me over)…so now being close to having nothing… and my husband are very grateful to have each other! I have 3 beautiful kids……the eldest is a 15 year old….she is definitely model material…at first she was passionate….she once landed her own modeling audition when she was 12….unfortunately it fell through because i had to pay and couldnt afford it…..poor thing ….she was disappointed and i think it affected her greatly….my 12 year old son is a hoopster….cold game on the court…(the next Derrick Rose)….my 10 year old daughter dances likes she’s taken ballet (never had a dance lesson ever)! i guess that’s what keeping me going….they give me life….they are truly remarkable….i’m a God fearing woman so i can say he’s really blessed me and my family with many great gifts! the thing is who really cares besides me! i mean….i try my best to nurture their gifts but I’m limited! did i mention i have a natural gift for acting as well….oh yeah! i can cry on cue, i’m very dramatic, and don’t know why people find me super funny! but thats not why I’m writing this long comment….im just waiting for a show about the real struggle! the real reality! real life! a show on making dreams come true!…like the show where they were building houses for needy families! yeah….viewers love those because you always end up crying at the end… heartfelt……those type of shows are more of what we need! shows that changes lives!

  118. Hello I live in Michigan and it would be good to have my own show about a 19 year girl that has a leanering disabilits growing up my whloe life it’s been hard, I can’t go to college and live my dreams my dreams are to Act, sing and be on tv it would be nice to do a show about my life and other things…

  119. Hello there… there is many reasons why my life would make a funny sitcom or reality show . Here is just a few resons, I am an imigrant from Costa Rica and with that comes my crazy, funny and sometimes wild family, my household in like the mondern family, really funny mixed child, Italian, sweadith very handsome funny husband and there is me… a bit of a basket case at times, clumbsy but I sitll manage to have my own business, help my mom run her and jugle family and social lfe. I live in Orange county Ca I owned a small skincare business and then I go from OC to the inner City to help my very , sometimes wild 77 year old mother at her business in the Inner City which is a whole other story in itself (funeral Home) anyway there is much more to the story if you are intereseted! It will defenitley be intertaining!

  120. I live in NJ and I watch every single episode of Housewives. Every one on of them. From NJ to Beverly Hills to Atlanta, I love them all. But NJ drives me nuts. They all drive me nuts cause all of these women have the life and somehow find ways to create drama over nothing. It would be really interesting to actually throw a real women into the mix. One that isn’t a millionaire, works her butt off to be one of 2 female executives in a company and has more to do during the day than talk about how this one said that and that one said this. Sometimes I think these women really need a reality check and throwing someone in there that can shake it up might be just what they need. I know I would enjoy watching that.

  121. I live in a big city Atlanta GA and I have a good show idea that has not surface the TV world yet. In Atlanta we have car clubs over 30 different ones. We go to shows and show off our cars and win trophies and sometimes cash awards. It’s a lot of drama and different people hating on everyone about who car is hotter then the next. You have everyone dating and dealing with the same people. It’s a lot if filled drama and it’s a lot if fun that goes along with it as well. I know for sure a show like this will get triple the ratings and will take off the minute it airs. If you want good ratings then this is definitely something you want to air on TV.

  122. I’m Holland Young 23 and ready to re define the “American Dream” for millennials. Come February I will be leaving my cushy life in Naples Fl for Beijing China.
    I grew up in St.Louis Mo and have had a privileged life of country clubs,private schools, vacation homes, and constant travel. Since graduating from Ole Miss in May 2013 I decided I need to take the road less traveled. Asia is a place of constant movement and great growth and ready to make a new future for myself. From the good to the bad and ugly “The American Beijinger” could be a great concept for a show. Showing the challenges of language, food, transportation,shopping, and finding love in Beijing. Taking a closer look into the Expat community and the amazing lives of those brave enough to take the challenge of being single in a foreign country.

  123. HI YA DOING BRAVO! Here’s the SYNOPSIS: We run one of the Largest if not the largest Trucking Company out of JFK Airport in NY . We do business all around the country and gross Tens of Millions of dollars a year, The Big Boss is considering passing the business over to a guy who is too busy chasing tail around NYC! And he has a Girlfriend! The Thing is The Boss doesn’t know what he’s up to and neither does his Girlfriend! When this guy should be having sitdowns with the bosses he’s having sitdowns with the ladies! One of the ladies happens to be the Bosses lady! He’s collecting money behind our backs and is searching for another line of business cause he has no interest in the Trucking Business. He’s too busy workingout/clubbing/tanning. This guy is 26-27 and still lives at home! It will soon catch up to him and it all needs to be on BRAVO! Our Connected Boss possibly giving a Multi-Million dollar business to a Backstabbing Arrogant Young Prick who thinks he has everyone fooled is made for TV!

  124. Born to the name Indira but better known as Indi. I live in a place where if you are beautiful you are hated. Therefore, my group of friends & I are always the center of attention and the most hated. We are in the process of all trying to start businesses since we now all have degrees. We are a very interesting group and I know our should would be a success.

  125. I’m a young beautiful of many talents girl. I’m 22 with a 2 yr old live with my boyfriend. Oh yeah I stay in Boston ma. So I just figured why not give this a try and get a TV out in boston. The struggling life of a single mother, the truth behind every church girl. I gave so man ideas and ready to give the world a peak at my life it has its ups and downs its downfall and its glories but at the end I’m a dream chaser and will do whatever it takes to get to the top.

  126. We are a drama filled, loud, loving interracial family. We have baby momma drama, friend drama,serious in law drama. Bankruptcy filed, planning a wedding, having a baby for someone else(surrogate), my fiancé is a college student who is top of his school graphic/web designer. I am a stay at home mom who does photography & modeling in my spare time. We have a beautiful mixed baby girl, and he has a son from a previous relationship. He had a aneurism back in 2008 while he was in the navy he forgot everything couldn’t walk talk or see, now 2013 he does it all with a few everyday battles because of the aneurism. We are a power couple we enjoy the finer things but enjoy saving to get those things. We love to give rather than receive unfortunately that is why people take advantage of our kindness. We live in a small county town some where I’m sure bravo has never heard of. We work hard for what we have and try our best for our kids who are always number 1 in our lives. I do believe you would love the rest of our family drama and craziness if we are called.

    Thank you

  127. My granddaughter is a you tube sensation, she started making videos at the age of 3 & is 7 now & she’s beautiful & smart. I can’t give any more information because I need her mothers ok, but a reality show on her would be great if any network is interested email.

  128. The real kicker is that the CEO, was homless 12 years ago and did not want to live. 25 years in the streets and now a single father, found his mom after 30 years, and has been a car saelsmen for 11 years, and has started his company from his past””’

  129. Two best friends jumping in there car for 30 days Branding there company name GORDESI, in peoples face asking real life question,How do you live your “O”? PS”” These best friends sence 3rd grade One is Gay and the other is not….. Leaving 12/23/13… ” 30 days ” 30 episode’s”””

  130. I don’t consider myself to be a single mom because I am in a relationship with someone but when your in a relationship with someone who is incarcerated your technically living the life of a single parent. Currently unemployed, I try to make ends meet by selling jewelry that I hand make. So far my only buyers are friends and relatives but you have to start somewhere. I have two wonderful children who are both very talented, unfortunately only those who are close to us are able to witness their talent. I struggle to pay the bills so spending money to get them noticed is just impossible.

    Jawaun, my 15 year old son, is an inspiring rapper. He is actually pretty good even though the lyrics can be a little explicit. Hey, in my eyes he will always be my baby. He just recently moved in with his father but we are in the same city so I see him often. He stated to me that he wanted to spend more time with his dad but I think that he didn’t want to hurt my feelings and wanted to move because his father spoils him with material things.

    BreeAnn, my 5 year old daughter, is a force to be reckon with. Sometimes I forget that she’s only 5 because she has the personality and mouth of a teenager; until she has one of her toddler and tiaras meltdowns. Then I have a meltdown, my son just told me that he miss us arguing. She has her on style and has been picking her own clothes out for a while now and I remind you she is only 5. She speaks her mind and it don’t be in a disrespectful way but she make you say to yourself “Did she just say what I think she said”. If you ever meet her, you will never forget her.

  131. Harlem is so diversed and I’m a party promote /socialite the competition th e highs and lows of being in the spotlight but when the cameras are off taking care of my children and being a mother of a autistic son son. My team consist of five women wh have with different lives but our goals are the same and that is to take over the socialite party scene. The highs the lows we all go through the men the nightlife but still we eve to keep our sanity. There is a life outside the nightlife. Can we balance stay tuned

  132. I am 25 and live in a really small town in NC. I lost one of my best friends/boyfriend 3 years ago this past January. He committed suicide and it has been the hardest struggle of my life. I would love to reach out to others who have gone through this pain in their lives. I would also like to help ones who have attempted to take their own life…. hearing their stories and how their world changed for the better when their suicide attempt was not successful. I think we can all work together to make everyone feel they have a purpose in life… Even when the hurt inside takes over the mind, body, and soul. This type of thinking makes it almost impossible to see a brighter side to life….but there is a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. I just want to share my story about Michael as a person before and when he passed and help others who have been through the same.

  133. If Bravo wants a real train wreck to film. They can come and follow me. I have been a successful commercial photographer for 38 years, worked all my life, started in the farms and steelmills of PA. When they left the barn gate open, I escaped, I lived in Florida, Miami, Worked in New York and finally settled in Washington, DC. And for 20 years enjoyed a Ralph Lauren life style that I build myself. A year and a half ago, my business went into a whole, we are selling my home, my husband is going to divorce me. And of course he still has a fulltime job. I have a large house to empty and I own everything in the home. I had a backup plan to live out west with someone I was seeing and he left with a new girl.
    And I have no ideal what I want to do with the rest of my life. I will have money from the sell of my home. But I always had a bit of a plan and never saw these past 8 months ever happening to me.

    I am trying to empty my home out and I thought…do I need to pack all of this I have no ideal whatI am doing or where I am going and I have to be out in 2.5 weeks. The estate sale people are not really helpinhg.
    ANd I thought what a great ideal for a show.

  134. I would love to have my own show and confront friends and family members of mines.. My ex best friend cut me and my twin brother held me against a car and told her to cut me.. My sister is an alcoholic. My husband treats me like shit.. and soo much more..

  135. Hi Andy! Regarding your “Looking for Next Big Star,” I have a concept regarding “Next Big Show.” Ten years ago I recently set up my mother-in-law with a gentleman my husband and I met on a plane headed to the Cayman Islands. Long, wonderful story, but the short of it is they ended up getting married and had many wonderful years together until he passed away. I love the idea of LOVE! My idea is a show called “Date my Ex.” Have you ever heard a girl say “He’s great, but he’s just too nice!” Most girls don’t want to just kick the guy to the curb. The concept is a dating site on TV. The Ex sends in a video of themselves and the one they dumped explaining that while the dumpee may not have been a match for them, he/she would be perfect for someone else. This could also work with a “Date my brother/sister,” etc., concept too. It’s endless. The show would air the person looking to find love for their “friend” and each episode would contain 3-4 candidates they’ve nailed it down to. There would also be a dating website with the same title. Then people watching the show would have an internet link to browse and blow out of the water! Please consider. I don’t think I’m the only one in love with LOVE!

    Christine – 714.402.4087

  136. My best friend Kevin Cross and I have worked all over the world with stylist
    We have a bitter sweet way of dealing with clients…… he’s just a little british bitter and I’m southern sweet.
    We’ll visit southern salons in need of a company make-over… I’ll create space of style and beauty and Kevin will irritate the tar out of them with a British accent.
    Together it’s Lucy and Ethel Of 2013

  137. My best friend Brandon and I are openly gay hairdressers with nearly 40 years experience each. I’m a sharp tongued no-bull Englishman living in North Carolina he’s a southern gentlemen living with his entire family. We thought it might be interesting to travel through the southern states cold calling on small-town salons….. REDNECKS in ROLLERS. Perhaps a new twist on Tabatha takes over…. Queens move-in… spend a week working alongside hairdressers in the deep south. What a riot.

  138. We are a half American, half Saudi Arabian family. We currently live in the states but have lived in Saudi for most of our lives. All of our friends and people that are familiar with us say that we should have our own show and that they would watch it. There is always some kind of action happening in our family, and because the Saudi culture is so private this would be a one of a kind type project that has never been done before. It will surely get a response. We are family of three sisters and one brother and my parents are both from opposite sides of the world with my father being from a very traditional Saudi family and my mom being from a simple open minded American one.

  139. I have a big personality, looks and speaks my mine and the definition of a reality.Just recently ended a 2 years relationshipe and got left for another woman and cheating on and ready to have fun!!!!!! and do me.

  140. I am a 30yo Straight Female with all gay male friends! They date each other and the friends of their exes, Im always in the middle trying to give them advice and separate the two sides at times all while trying to balance my life out by stalking my single Ex. My life is very Interesting,vibrant, and filled with suspense, shopping, gays, Fabulousness and Words that are loud and mean absolutely nothing! Pls consider, you won’t be disappointed. 404-808-1847

  141. why isn’t there any reality shows with Big beautiful women. Im a 43 year old woman who would love to be on a reality show but no one takes big woman.

  142. I live in Oklahoma City and my best friend and I have the same outlook on life, to live life to the fullest while we are still young. Most people think the south are fat, boring people. Yes Oklahoma is known for teen pregnancy and people who live here get married, divorced, and have kids before the age of 25!! But my best and I are recent graduates with professional jobs and still go out every weekend and week nights. Nothing and no one really stops us. We’re opinionated, strong personality women and don’t care what people think about us. I love tequila and she loves rum. We are actually going to Austin, TX for 4th of July and going to have the time of our lives. Did I mention my boyfriend and his friends are also going on their own separate trip to Austin? He won’t be happy to finally see what I do when I go out and have drinks.

  143. Hello! I am from South Florida and I enjoy watching Bravo. I have a reality show idea about real normal African American women. My circle of friends are hard working everyday women with a lot of drama. We are not the Real Housewives of Atlanta we are striving to get to that status. Some of us do ok financial and some of are still struggling to get to a certain point. We are real women with real life issues dealing with starting over, job loss, children,issues with cheating men, and so on. We want to tell our stories a lot of people can relate to us because each of us are different and each with huge outgoing personalities omg! lol! Don’t get it twisted we are continuously on point with our looks and we are all from different walks of life. My mother has always told me even if you only have $5.00 in your purse always look like you are a million bucks no matter WHAT!!!
    Thanks for your time hope to hear from you soon Bravo and Andy !!

  144. Hello! I am from South Florida and I enjoy watching Bravo. I have a reality show idea about real normal African American women. My circle of friends are hard working everyday women with a lot of drama. We are not the Real Housewives of Atlanta we are striving to get to that status. Some of us do ok financial and some of are still struggling to get to a certain point. We are real women with real life issues dealing with starting over, job loss, children,issues with cheating men, and so on. We want to tell our stories a lot of people can relate to us because each of us are different and each with huge outgoing personalities omg! lol! Don’t get it twist we are continuously on point with our looks and we are all from different walks of life. My mother has always told me even if you only have $5.00 in your purse always look like you are a million bucks no matter WHAT!!!
    Thanks for your time hope to hear from you soon Bravo and Andy !!

  145. We are in the process of shooting a pilot for a new show its about a divorcing housewife family, her single friends, career and its something that has definitely not been done before would love to present it or be picked up by Bravo…Please contact me via email for further details…

  146. Hello Bravo! Andy is the man! I can’t get enough of Bravo it is truly wonderful. With Bravo not having a show following the Latin culture yet I know that my friends and myself have what it takes to become the next Bravolebrities. I’m Luis a 23 year old latino from Long Island, New York. I am currently a flight attendant and love my life. I am the oldest of five children and the only boy. Although life is great most of the time we all have some things that hold us back from complete happiness. I am gay and I haven’t told my parents. I don’t know how they would react especially being Catholic, but I am willing to have my life exposed to the nation and let the young men and women know that it is ok to be gay. I have a very tight close group of friends who also have the daily struggles but are striving to get to the top with their careers. Growing up in this town has made us powerful young men and women who don’t let anyone walk all over us. As Kyle Richards once said ” In a town full of phonies shes not afraid to be her” is the say way we’re feeling about here. The gossip is endless and the great dinner parties we have sometimes do come with a lot of cattiness and drama but we know that at the end of the day we are like one big family just trying to survive like everyone else. We also have a big trip scheduled for this coming summer into Barcelona, Spain it’s probably something you wouldn’t want to miss. So why not follow the lives of six good looking latin men and women try to make it to the top. We know that Bravo and the viewers will not be disappointed with this show and the cast. There is a lot that people don’t know about the latin community and what it’s like to be a minority and trying to be successful in today’s society. Thank you for your time in reading this and it would be an honor to hear from you. Luis Nunez.

  147. Hi! I am a 23 year old latina living in Texas. A new and upcoming blogger and online boutique owner. Trying to balance my life as a fashion blogger, business owner and personal life as well as growing my empire and become well known. Blogging and being involved in fashion is not a job to me since I enjoy what I do. I live with my boyfriend of 6 years and we are currently struggling to become parents so that is another phase in my life that will unfold as well as my career.

  148. Hello Bravo, Andy. I LOVE Bravo I cant get enough of it! I have an amazing idea for a show that will help millions of people throughout the country besides that we can make it a very fun show, please take a look at my website and you will get an idea more or less of what I’m trying to do, I really can’t say what I want to do because I don’t want to give my idea away but I promise you that you will be very happy with it. But I can tell you that it will be fun and it will help people feel good and look good about themselves. I also have my own hair product that I am currently working on my own hair product that no one has on the market, I know that you will be very impressed with my hair gel once we talk about it. I am also working on my own memoir that I’ve been writing and I am now’ in chapter 9. to tell you just a tiny little bit about it I was rape at five years old I was molested of 5 I was dressed like a little girl 5 and I was hit by a car at five and many other stuff has happened in my life due to this this situation. Have my own app that is currently out and his call one dollar stylist and it’s going to be a hit especially if we merge it with my story and my hair gel and my book as well and my website. Please consider me to be your next star bravoTV I have such a great idea that I believe you will be happy with it. I look forward to hearing from Bravo very soon. is my website and you can also see my apps on Android and Apple. Thank you for taking the time to read my reply. Hector Abreu

  149. I am 27, from richmond ,VA. I have alot of friends who have clothing lines, in production, promotions and music. We all have the drive to push to become something great. Having a tv based on something positive for young adults would be something different. Of course drama will unfold we are not perfect but we try our best.

  150. There’s always some kind of show that is jersey based whether its jerseylicious, real house wives of NJ or Jersey Shore. But what viewers don’t know is what it’s like for young adults (21 and up) that actually live at the Jersey Shore. My name is Francesca and I’m 21 years old. My friends and I have always spoke about what it would be like if our lives were recorded as what’s its like to really live at the jersey shore itself. We live on long beach island New Jersey which is a location that is right in between seaside heights and Atlantic city, two popular places that many young people across the country come to visit, vacation and go out. I feel like my group of friends would be very interesting for a reality show because we have the fun,excitement and drama that I feel reality TV would enjoy. We’re always going out whether its atlantic I city, New York City, seaside or just hanging out at the local bars on long beach island. theres always something juicy going on in our group and were never a boring time. people who vacation in our area in the summer always assume that our area is like the “jersey shore cast”, it really is not.i feel that viewers never really had a look at what is really is like for young adults that actually live at the jersey shore.

  151. Hi my name is Joy from brandon Florida , I was born in the Philippines but grew up in Japan then move to USA since 2003 been here for 9 years now and currently working 7 days a week 9 to 8 and managing my own hair salon business and at the same time I have 20 years old son and 16 years old daughter living with me and I have a loving husband police officer and my beloved mom and dad that I am taking care of. I would love to show people in America how can be successful and have a beautiful life if you do same thing I do.

  152. I am a Sexy Ageless Beauty Over 40 with a New Reality Show idea. I live in the Austin Texas area but looking to SHINE!!! My Show idea would be a group of Sexy Women that are Ageless in their Beauty who have always had Dreams & Fantasies at a very young age of being A Model, A Calendar/Magazine Girl/Video Girl, A Playboy Playmate, A Stripper, or even a High Classs Porn Star but haven’t been able to meet the right people to show them the way and time has passed by BUT NEVER TO LATE!!! Maybe shoot in Las Vegas or Atlanta. This would show other ladies keep going for your Dreams & Fantasies and IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!!!

  153. Hi,

    My name is Thomas Graziano, age 28 born and raised in Staten Island, NY. I want to take the time to write this comment box to propose an idea of a reality TV series among Deaf people. I am Deaf myself since I was an infant due to my illness that affected my hearing loss. I have grew up going to speech therapy to keep my spoken language alive and I also am fluent in American Sign Language. The whole point is the idea of having a reality show that involves deaf people to educate America that we, in the, Deaf community have normal lives just like the rest of you like having families, driving their own car, etc, but we face discrimination everyday when it comes to searching for jobs due to our deafness but not giving us a chance to show them the qualities and special skills but rather to choose hearing person with lack of education and experiences because they want someone to be on the phone at all times. There are technologies available without having barriers in communications such as videophone/ video relay services. Deaf people have dreams to pursue and nothing can stop them from becoming a teacher, actor, designer, construction worker, electrician, and many more career choices they can choose to succeed in life. Other thing, for a reality TV show there would be a first big deaf reality star in television history and whoever has the huge fan-base could lead more opportunities like creating a clothing line, fragrance, or even a role in a TV shows or movies or maybe their own reality TV spin off.

    I’ve always had the passion to be in television since I was a kid because I always loved to be the center of the attention but there are times I am little camera shy but I can loosen up when the camera sticks around for quite awhile. Both of my passions and dreams to pursue are acting and fashion design. I have a vision to open my own clothing stores where people can buy the clothes they love.

    Before I forget to mention, reality TV must have drama involved right? Deaf community is so small that many people know each other no matter where they are from and of course there are always dramas involved compared to hearing world. You would not believe your own eye if you see so many feuds, fights, etc. Deaf also love to party and boy they do know how to party and blasting music so they can hear enough and feel vibrations through their bodies. This idea of this show could help to change the perspective and opinions of hearing people’s eyes and become more open minded, not discriminate against anyone who are not able to hear. Hope you can consider having this idea. I hope to hear from you soon.

    • Well said, Tom! You made your points very well and I agree! Bravo, u should pick Thomas otherwise, it’s your LOSS! :)

  154. My name is Angelica and my friends and I are 4 college girls LIVING IN Houston,TX; 2 of us have are trying to make it in the entertainment industry and balance going to school and going to auditions, and others are coming into their own with graduating from college.Getting onto their new and dazzling careers.

  155. My wife would be great in ashow maybe called Gym rats. Her and her friends are always having issues. Fighting with each other, the owner of the gym witha diferent girl every week and getting busted, the old men walking with hard ons, ugly girls thinking they are hot and sex in the bathroom.

  156. I am an artist, that produces and directs my own off off off broadway productions. I have three published books etc. I was thinking of maybe a new reality show for people like me. Where not quite discovered yet but is working on it. The show should show all cast members doing there everyday thang and adversaries to overcome meanwhile, dealing with each other’s madness.

  157. I have 10 siblings ranging from ages 31-9. I am the third oldest child (24) and I have three other sisters that are my best friends (ages 31, 24, 19, 15). Out family is very close and we have our moments of fun, drama, excitement, etc. The girls in the family are into fashion, shopping, planning events, etc. We would make a great TV show!

  158. Hey Bravo! My name is Daniel Luna and I’m 22 years old. I have an amazing best friend named Lauren Hudash and she just turned 22. We are from Orange County, California and around here in the Newport area we are well known as the “Party Cousins”. Everyone we met we tell them we are cousins so that they know we are not together and it makes them accept a little more how a guy and girl could be so close. We are an awesome team when were out on the town. Free drinks, limo’s, going to the front of line’s at bars and clubs, and responsible for throwing some very huge events. We do have some close friends but usually we like to go out just us two because we almost always have more fun just us two. People think they know about us because of what they see on facebook and when were out but no one sees how close we really are. We have each other’s back and are as close as sibilings. My family absolutely adores her and her family feels the same as me. We are together almost everyday and have some really crazy adventures. We are very social, funny, friendly, and love to be the life of the party. I think we would be great as a tv show because we bounce of each other and make such a great team. We’re starting to get a little nervous because she’s about to finish the last of her classes at junior college and was accepted into SDSU for the fall. We only have summer left to really stay close before our friendship will be tested with the distance. She isn’t going to be taking a car down to school and I work two jobs and will rarely be able to take time off to go down there. We talked about possibly moving out there together which made her parents happy that we could move there together and have each other’s back. My family however doesn’t want me to leave since usually when I do it ends up with me and trouble. We are kind of torn and don’t want anything to change. We don’t really have to many close friends since most people just try to use us to get invited to things it’s hard to tell who is real and who is fake and this is why we don’t wanna separate. We already trust each other so much. Here is my facebook link and here is hers and I have also attached some pictures of us. If you think we are something that would be a good match with bravo or the show you are looking to create we would love to meet with you

  159. Hi my name is Martika L. Milburn and I would love to start a reality tv show with my crazy and fun family and friends. I would like to show people how Louisiana really gets down. From my wild and crazy family that loves fueding with people to my fun crazy friends that loves to party and have a good time. We throw the hottest parties around and we’re always the center of attention.

  160. A college student who lost her mother about a year ago now trying to complete a degree while trying to really enter a dream world of fashion and fame while trying to support her family.

  161. I think i would be the best and most viewed show in usa i was on another reality show and they called me back 3x for the finals the most viewed show and won award, i am very entertaining and funny never a dull moment i do tons of diff things from corporate events,my company to pro poker player to shot girl to actress im all in one and try me out for the most viewed show ever

  162. I am 29 and love Bravo!! I recently went thru a traumatic health emergency that unneccissarily led to a hysterectomy & I almost died as well as lost the baby I was pregnant with. I am now unable to carry any future children that my fiancée and I were set on having. I will need a surrogate mom!! Maybe you can do a show helping women fimd IVF treatment and audition surrogate moms!! My story is very unique but too long to describe in an email. Please consider this idea as well as my self for a participant.


    Jillian Diaz

  163. Hello,
    My name is Jack Fagan. I am 19 years old living in columbia, SC. I know Columbia, SC not exactly the best place in the south but trust me I want to get out of here as soon as I can. The story that i have and want to share with the world is what it is like to be accused of being gay. Since i was 10 years old, all through middle school, high school, and even now I’m college, I have always been mistaken as benign gay. Bullied since I was 10 years old has caused me to have so many different emotional problems and relationship problems. Girls always think that I am gay also and its limited me from really being in a relationship with anyone. Besides the bullying i went through and still go through a little now, I also had so many questionable problems as far as “am I actually gay?” “Maybe there all right and I am?” Its made me doubt myself more and more and now i am just a mess in the whole situation. I grew up mainly with two older sisters and my mom. My parents got divorced when i was 8 years old. So he is in my life but i did not really grow up with him so I’ve always been a little feminine. However now I feel like I have missed out on so many opportunities in my life such as relationships with girls. Also I have a huge passion for singing and acting. However, as you could have guessed, I haven’t really done anything in public because I’ve always been made fun of all my life so i have never had the confidence to really shine. I would love to be part of a tv show because i would be able to hopefully get my message out to the world about how damaging it is to people when they are bullied and limited all their lives. I really hope that I am considered to be part of a tv on Bravo and would love the chance to finally stand up for what I went through. Thank you!

  164. I think a good concept is job searching. Personality and profile Makeovers. Getting under experienced young people trained and prepared for the working world.

  165. i am fun beautiful energetic and outgoing. i love traveling and meeting new people and i’ll do anything to be realize my goals. within reason. i love tv i love reality tv and i love clothes and im an attention whore.

  166. Hi,I am 24 and have so many friends around the same age as me (under 30) .The thing we have in common is we all have 2,3, 4 or 5 kids .Wev are the girls who were the teen moms before the show was even out the difference between us and them is we have mutiple kids , The difference between us and “The real housewives is we are REAL! and under 30 lol …Dont get me wrong we are all very Beautiful women I have done playboy ,modeled and continue to work with promotional companies representing brands like henny . oF COURSE WE WANT AND DO LOOK GOOD BUT WE ARE THE NORMAL GIRLS THE NORMAL YOUNG MOMS AND ARE JUST AS OVERWHELMED HAHA ..THERE ARE ABOUT 5 OF US RIGHT HERE IN TOWN .ONE GIRL IS A CHEER COACH ones a model, (so am i ) one is super hott ,single and has 5 kids ..we are all making it in the “real world ” Ohs and ones an rn we are very interested in making a reality show and Yes we do have some great crazy chacters to throw into the mix just take a minute and calll me I will explain everything .

  167. I?d be inlcined to go along with with you one this subject. Which is not something I usually do! I really like reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to speak my mind!

  168. Hello I’m Jazmyn Wallace and am 17 years old currently living in Phila, Pa. I’m writing you because i truely believe my family and I were born stars. My family on a everyday basis is filled with drama, laughter and just pure fun. My mom and dad are seperated and argue like brothers and sister I have a sister and a brother who are hilarious and annoying. Everyday it’s something new in our house. My mom is a struggling mother just trying her best for my sister brother and I. If you gave us a chance you would fall in love with my family we all have so many different unique personalitys even our little puppy. haha. My family is huge and we all love/hate each other I have alot of videos of us goin HAM on eachother lol. If you are interested you could get back to me. Thank you!

    • Bravo,
      I am 45 yrs young, mother of 9 children, (24,23,14,12,11,9,8,5,and 3), African American. DIVORCED…On and off again with ex husband.
      Born in the USVI, Saint Thomas, residing now in Texas.

      I have a lot of drama in my life and thought that maybe through living my life out “real life” on TV would help correct some of these issues for the better. John and Kate plus 8 do not have a thing on my family. If you are looking for REAL drama, including happiness, sorrows, stupidity, greatness and much much much more, both on the positive and negative side then contact me…ASAP
      I would love to hear from you!


    • I agree We need a Reality show on Single Mothers or Fathers. Focusing on struggles of career,kids,education. It’s been a journey for me struggling w/my daughter’s heart defect, surgeries, hospitalization and managing our home. Yes this isn’t house wife…All things we have 4eyes,4arms&legs, 2hearts..due to the absence of the other parent!

    • IM AN 35 yr old single Mom of 12 children 6girls 6Boys I live in Baltimore Maryland i had all my kids by 1 man we’ve be
      en separated for 3 and half years now he moved on with his life co-parenting can be a bit challenging at times my Name is Nicole Williams I would Love to do an reality show 443-991-2315 thank you

  169. Rincon Puerto Rico is a small surf town full of bars surfers young and old. Although is in PR the town is mainly full of Americans. Is full of drama. The joke is always a reality should be filmed here. One of the writers of pawn stars was here last week to find ideas for a show because of the uniqueness if the place and it’s people.

  170. i have MANY ideas for gay friendly reality shows & KNOW that id make the nation fall in love with me :* follow me on twitter @ayoblake

      • Do you need to pay for this auditions. Are they going to ask you to pay for pictures or is this a real casting?

    • Hello Bravo ,
      I know you hear this all the time. I have a great idea for a show. I recently did some filming for Kimberly Clark. The film production crew suggested I contact Bravo and explain my idea for a show . I would like to get an email address to be able to send this in to you and the casting / development department .. I have pictures and a video that I can send along with the idea.
      Thank you
      Kimberly Kukich ( the other Kim K )

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