TNT’s “Animal Kingdom” Final Casting Call

The new season of TNT’s Animal Kingdom is needs actors and models to work starting in March.  They are currently casting in California and will begin filming shortly.  The casting team needs one featured actor to play a villain and several actors to play the villains bodyguards and crew.  These are mostly featured roles, so the open call will be available for aspiring actors to try their hand directly.


Animal Kingdom is an America drama television series created by Jonathan Lisco.  It is heavily inspired by Australian films.  The show debuted on June 14, 2016 and was quickly renewed for a second season following mostly positive reviews from critics.  The show averaged about 1.5 million viewers per week.  It stars Ellen Barkin as the head of a California family that is fueled by criminal activities.


Open Call: March 5th

Filming Begins: March 13th – 16th

Other Film Dates: April 28th – May 3rd

An open call is a chance for you to attend and audition without and prior experience or reservation for an audition.  You will have the chance to walk in and simply impress the casting team with your abilities. There are no perquisites to an open call, you just walk in and give it your best shot.

This is a great opportunity to appear on a great TV show on a highly respected network.  TNT is known for its dramatic TV shows and well-written plots, and Animal Kingdom is no exception.  It is great to act in an up-and-coming show in its beginning stages because you will develop relationships with other actors and the directors of the show.  If the directors, producers, and other actors like your abilities, you may be asked to act in a different role for them or even one day earn yourself a featured spot in one of the creator’s projects.  It is always a good idea to make a good impression on the directors because you never know if one day they will give you a chance to audition for a huge role.

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