“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” Season 3 Casting Promo Models

Casting teams need models for the new season of one of Netflix’s biggest new shows.   They need all types of models for last minute promotional videos, photo-shoots, and TV spots set to premiere before season 3 is released.


The show was created by Netflix with Ellie Kemper leading the way as the lead character, Kimmy.  Kemper was chosen for this role after her longtime stint with The Office came to an end.  She was chosen because of her energetic and innocent humor that captivated audiences for years during her role as Erin Hannon on NBC.  Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was created by Tina Fey in 2015 and has garnered millions of viewers and praise since then.  After the success of season two, Netflix announced that it would be ordering 13 more episodes for season three set to premiere sometime this year.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is about a 29 year old New Yorker that finds herself in the middle of urban life after being rescued by a cult in Indiana.  It is a hilarious satire about adjusting to modern life for people that are “out of the loop.”  Ellie Kemper thrives in this role and captivates millions of viewers with her beauty, charm, and funny comments.


With Netflix announcing a new season, there are plenty of opportunities for aspiring and established actors to find roles.

Dates: March 23rd, 2018

Filming: TBD

Location: New York City

This is a great opportunity to appear in a Netflix Original show with a hilarious premise.  While the main character might seem doomed, she manages to stay positive throughout most of the show.  Not only is this show hilarious, the message provides viewers with a warm feeling and hope that they can overcome drastic situations.  If you are interested in acting in a huge show, do not hesitate to apply.

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