VH1 Casting Call for TV Series ‘Hindsight’

VH1 Casting Call

VH1 Casting Call

Attention all models and actors in the Atlanta area. There will be a VH1 casting call for the new television series “Hindsight” held this Thursday and Friday in Atlanta, Georgia as VH1 producers are looking for extras to appear during the show. The casting directors are holding casting calls and are looking for both men and women of all races between the ages of 21 to late 30’s who will be available to take part in this two-day filming session. There is also a need for people who own vehicles that are from the 1970s and 1980s to also be a part of the filming, which is expected to place in a lounge/bar scene.

‘Hindsight’ is a new drama from VH1 which is not set to air until 2015 , and stars Laura Ramsey, Craig Horner, and Sarah Goldberg. This new TV series is set to display a good amount of romance, drama, 90’s nostalgia, and humor as well it’s expected to capture a very wide audience. The main plot centers around Becca (Ramsey), who is a woman on the eve of her second wedding day but finds herself contemplating whether she is making the right decision. This leads to her thinking about her long time best friend Lolly who she has not seen in several years. The combination of this thought and a strange elevator trips leads to her traveling back to 1995 as she prepares to marry her first husband Sean, who is described as a bad-boy artist who is all wrong for her. Becca isn’t sure what is going on, but she does know that she must do whatever she can to reconnect with Lolly, and make additional moves that will affect her future.

This is one of the new directions that VH1 is going in as they have seen a good amount of success with more dramatic television shows and films. So this may be one of the best chances you have to audition for VH1 and start building your resume as an up and coming actor. All you have to do to become a part of this casting opportunity is to email three photos of yourself with your height, weight, age, and phone to HindsightATL@gmail.com.

You can also get more information about future casting opportunities signing up with us today. It only takes a few minutes and you will be able to get notifications about other casting options that are being offered.



  1. Love to be apart of this i would not let yall down i will do my job i love action thats what i do hope yall pick me

  2. My name is angel everyone knows me as AngelBaby, I’m from Minneapolis Minnesota, and I am a Model, video vixen, Host, actor I host 3 days a week and have over 100 videos I’m in the entertainment industry and I feel everyone has or had their moment but its my time know and if you Don’t play ya cards wright it can be over so I think it is that important to not mess up I live it but I struggle to and happiness mean to me life without struggle I feel like I have the skills but have not had the opportunity if you no what I mean allot of people are attracted to me because I do what their afraid to do one day I dreamed I would do something I always pray to do just waiting on my moment and I know it’s about time I have a crazy following on Facebook, SnapChat, and Instagram and more in person I have a single with 50 Tyson and many more I’m ready to get to business!!!!! AngelbabyVsAb and AngelbabyVsPrettyBrownPatterson is my Facebook-SnapChat Angelbaby-AB Instagram- AngelBaby_Prettybrown YouTube AngelBabyTwerking

  3. Hello my name is Louise.
    I am a 27 years old French girl (half Italian), I speak fluent English (I don’t have any French accent) and did all of my studies in London. I graduated from Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design (fine art). I also studied music (singing and guitar) at the London Music School. I am now acting on a French theatre production and work between London and Paris. l am extemely good at imitating accents! I have a slim, tall, athletic figure. I am 5’8 feet and have long chestnut/blond wavy hair. I am very mixed (I also have oriental origins). I have always acted and modelled a bit. I have a deep voice and a strong personnality, and I think I have the kind of physical presence for the show and would be absolutely honoured to be part of the casting.
    I can send you pictures.

  4. Hi!

    My name’s Maria. For years now I’ve been interested in acting and realized that it is what I want to be, and actress. If you don’t have a role for me, maybe I can be and extra. The sad thing is that I live in Finland and it’s almost close to impossible to me to make it big, but I’m ready to do anything for it!
    I can send a video tape to you as my audition, a skype/video audition. You can contact me by my email: mariabr-fi@live.fi

    Height: 164 cm
    Age: 14, 15 in May
    Hair: brown shoulder length, naturally curly
    Eye color: brown
    Nationality: Brazilian
    Skin Color: White, but tanned

    I am willing to do anything requested!

    Maria Xavier

  5. Hello, my name is Tarniesha Neely and I am very interested in playing this role. It has been my dream to actually act, sing, model, or become a talk show host. Please get back at me if you feel like I’m able to play a role in your show. My cellular phone number is 754-422-5895. Thank you!

  6. Hi VH1, I have some experience in Acting and I am currently in College to obtain my Associates Degree in Fine Arts/Acting. I love Acting, I plan to further my education in Southern Mississippi’s B.F.A., and M.F.A programs as well. If I am given the chance to audition for the show. In addition, I will nail the audition. However, I emailed my contact information and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  7. i have never acted before but i believe if i have the chance i will be great please contact as soon as possible

  8. My name is Cielance Bailey, I am 18 years old and I have some acting experience. I have been on sets of shows and films so I have a general idea of how everything works. I am 5’9 and extremely athletic. I live in the Houston,Tx area and I’m defiantly looking forward to see how the show will play out this season. baileycielance@yahoo.com

  9. Vincent Eroraha is very interested in acting. He participted in his elementary school’s production of in Suessical JR, in the role of the Cat in the Hat. He also played the role of “Daniel” in his church’s Christmas production of DANIEL IN THE LIONS DENS. He is excited to become a member of the drama club, this school year, which will give him the opportunity to continue to be involved in the art of acting.

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