Casting Call for Actors for the Web Series “Tycoon”


An upcoming web series “Tycoon” requires male and female actors to fill in both, principal as well as secondary roles.

Role Requirements for Principal Characters:

Role Requirements for Natalie Boyle:

Gender: Female

Age: 25 to 25

Racial/Ethnic Background: Any.

Natalia Boyle is a young woman of simple taste. While being very attractive, she shows no particular interest in fashion or make up. She is smart, intelligent and can think for herself. Has a great personality.

Role Requirements for Leroy Merick:

Gender: Male

Age: 26 to 26

Racial/Ethnic Background: Interested candidates must either be Caucasian, Hispanic or Latin.

Tall, exceedingly handsome and exceedingly rich Leroy Merick is the son of Donald Merick who is considered as a real estate giant in Miami. Unlike Natalie, Leroy is all about dressing well and keeping things stylish.

Role Requirements for Donald Merick

Gender: Male

Age: 52 to 52

Racial/Ethnic Background: Interested candidates must either be Caucasian, Hispanic or Latin.

Donald Merick is an influential real estate extraordinaire. He has a large build and an overpowering presence which is symbolic of his huge success in business. While he is a bit overweight, he knows how to carry himself very well which is one reason why he always makes a lasting impression on others. With several companies to head, Donald Merick is a busy man and is always involved in one deal and initiative or the other.

Role Requirements for Donna Merick:

Gender: Female

Age: 50 to 54

Donna is a real estate tycoon. She is an ambitious woman who knows what she is doing which is precisely why most Miami banks and businessmen are always willing to back her up. She is huge success in the real estate market and leads many top real estate companies in Miami.

Role Requirements for Benny Boyle:

Gender: Male

Age: 25 to 25

Racial/Ethnic Background: Any.

Benny Boyle is Natalie’s husband and is the proud owner of a large agricultural farm. He imports mangoes to Europe and does fairly well at his work. Generally, he is a wise person but sometimes people seem to take advantage of his niceness.

Role Requirements for Secondary Characters:

Role Requirements for Kevin Gomez:

Gender: Male

Age: 25 years

Personal assistant to Leroy at Merick Inc, Kevin in a tall and good looking man of Puerto Rican descent. He joins Merick Inc after graduating from college. He is a smart fellow and knows that loyalty and diligence to his work will get him far in life. He is an intuitive, sharp and witty person who if given an opportunity will end up rising to the top of his game.

Role Requirements for Friedrich Wolfgang:

Gender: Male

Age: 45-60

Friedrich is a wealthy man who has already made it big in his business: he is a billionaire. He has a nice personality but does not necessarily believe in going the extra mile for everyone. He is successful and he knows it.

Role Requirements for Kristina Wolfgang:

Gender: Female

Age: 45-55

She is the wife of Friedrich Wolfgang. A sweet, well dressed woman.

Role Requirements for Jefferson:

Gender: Male

Age: 25-35 years

Jefferson used to be Natalie’s previous Bank Manager, but with some twist in events and now that Natalie is successful and runs her own show, Jefferson work for Natalie.

Audition Guidelines:

The auditions will be held in Miami, Florida. Exact location will be disclosed later.

Shooting dates begin from 11th July till 5th August, 2016.

All selected candidates will be paid; $350 per rehearsal day and $700 per shoot day. No payments will be made on travel days, fitting days and down days.

Per diem for non-shoot day is $50 and for shoot day it is $25

Hotel and Coach travel will only be arranged for people outside Miami.

Interested candidates must send their pictures, resumes, reels via email. Candidates who are not locals should send in their self-tapes as well. Any submission without these details will not be considered. The email id to send all these things to, as well as the exact location and timings of the auditions can be found out by clicking and subscribing on the following link: