Audition for Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

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We are looking for non-AEA fully costumed actors to portray our host Professor Von Guttenberg and our hungry Zombie, Dr. Oxy, during an ongoing production that has the participants as protagonists in an interactive experience where they find clues and solve puzzles to escape a room. As Prof. Von Guttenberg you will walk participants through instructions for half of the performances you give and then be Dr. Oxy for the other half.

More info about the production can be found at

WHERE: Auditions, training and shows all take place at: 660 B Bryant St., San Francisco, CA 94107

WHEN: May 11th 5-10pm


  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg, Max. file size: 2 MB.


  1. My name is Gabriel Geesey and am looking to audition for a role in “Trapped in a Room with a Zombie”. I am eager for an opportunity to work with you guys and gain valuable experience.

  2. I am interested in the Audition for Trapped in a Room with a Zombie. Please let me know if you’re having auditions. I have experience in modeling, commercials, radio ads and photo shoots.

  3. I’m interested in this but it doesn’t leave me send the information because I’m from Spain and my telephone number isn’t valid, but I wanna go live there to do some auditions. How can I do?

  4. Hello, l will love to audition for any role you might have. I was a movieextra, l’m a Ventriloquist, Cartoonist, Break dance, Driver License, Door Greeter, Comedian and more.

  5. my name is mohamed and i and i am trying to start acting just like my friend andrew m., and i was going stopped when i found this website, but than i had second thoughts so i submitted my information and now i am trying to find audition for comedy tv shows on disney, nicklodeon, and cartoon network

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