Open Casting Call for Feature Film White Boy Rick

White Boy Rick
Richard "WHITE BOY RICK" Wershe
Richard “WHITE BOY RICK” Wershe

Open Casting Call for Feature Film White Boy Rick

The True Story Of White Boy Rick is set to be a Feature film and will begin filming this fall in Detroit, MI. Richard “White Boy Rick” Wershe is currently serving life in prison in Northern Michigan for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. Wershe’s story is not a cut and dry story, it is more complicated than it appears.

The Start of his career

It all began when his father, a paid informant, gave the police permission to recruit his son. At 14 years old Rick Wershe had the most unusual job, he was being paid by the police to get close to drug dealers and retain information on shipments and drug locations.  Wershe recalls being given a few bucks from a Federally funded task for to spy on drug dealers and identify them, however soon after he was  collecting up to thousands of dollars to gain the trust of drug dealers and help police bust them.  Documents show that for at least 2 years Wershe collected approximately $30,000 for the information he provided the Task Force. This job was Rick’s gateway to becoming a drug dealer himself, a job that landed him in prison for more than 26 years.

The Snowman

Richard Wershe Jr. was barely capable of growing a beard but was virtually among Detroit’s major known drug figures. Back then he was a white kid with baby fat filling out his cheeks and dark bangs falling loosely around his face who was dealing so much cocaine that it was believed he was supplying the Chambers brothers.

At the height of the cocaine era in the 1980’s Rick Wershe drove a white jeep with the words THE SNOWMAN emblazoned on the rear, he wore colorful tracksuits, gaudy heavy gold chains, ostentatious mink coats, he owned a belt made of gold and a diamond encrusted Rolex. Even getting involved in a relationship with the wife of another Drug Kingpin who went to jail, whom the FBI called a “Ghetto Princess.”

White Boy Rick’s Downfall

In May 1987, at just 17, White Boy Rick was charged with possession with intent to deliver 8 kilos of cocaine. He was convicted and sentenced to a prison term of life without parole. Wershe had the misfortune of being convicted under Michigan’s 650 Lifer Law, a 1978 act that mandated an automatic prison term of life without parole for the possession of 650 grams or more of cocaine.  Wershe’s sentence was then changed to Life with the possibility of parole.

Where is White Boy Rick Today?

It wasn’t until 2010 that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that sentencing a juvenile offender to life without parole for non-homicide crimes was ruled unconstitutional. Michigan eventually acknowledged the mistakes and failures with the 650 Lifer Law. Inmates already serving time became eligible for parole and were soon released. But Wershe is still serving his life sentence, even though Drug Kingpins and Enforcer who received heftier charges in the 1980s have long since been freed.

Wershe is now 46 years old and has been eligible for parole more than a decade ago but he has not been granted a hearing by the parole board. Speculations have been made as to why for just as long.

“They got me involved in this. I was a kid. I made a poor decision. Should I be paying for it 27 years later? I don’t think so,” Wershe said in an interview with Kevin Dietz of Click On Detroit.

Casting Call For White Boy Rick Film

Now his life story will be brought to life on the big screen and casting directors are in search of Caucasian males between the ages of 14-17. They are searching in particular for a baby-faced, street smart hustler and must have a magnetic charm and a swagger beyond his years.

To be considered for a role in “White Boy Rick,” please read the casting call provided below:

White Boy Rick
White Boy Rick


We’re currently doing a search for the feature film WHITE BOY RICK! Looking for males, aged 14 – 17, Caucasian. Must be baby-faced, street smart and a born hustler. He possesses a magnetic charm and a swagger beyond his years. These qualities served him well as an undercover informant for the FBI and later as a powerful figure in Detroit’s drug world.
Does this apply to you? Do you know someone who fits these characteristics? TELL THEM TO SEND US THEIR STUFF!!!
We’d love a photo and phone number/email (and if they have a resume, that’s fine, too)
DEADLINE: End of Day Friday, May 1st, 2015
If you’re interested in more information about the REAL White Boy Rick, check this link out:

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  1. I cannot get over the resemblance. And man, he started conning people in his manipulative games around age 3. He could get ANYTHING he wanted. But God, the uncanny identical nose, and his hair has darkened over the years, and the eyes, the cheeks, the round face, just the whole beiber look, which people used to call my son. Creepy he resembles a criminal.

  2. HOLY TWINS BATMAN! my 14 yr old looks exactly like this guy when his hair needs to be cut and he let’s his peach fuzz mustache grow in! WEIRD! CREEPY! Talk about the con artist too. Too bad we don’t live there and the call is closed. Crazy wicked identical! Soooo creepy!

  3. Hello sir,
    My name is Md Shamshad Hussain. I am 17 years old. I am from India and I am a muslim boy. I am a charming boy and my height is 5’7 inches and weight is 45 above. And my hair is curly black and my eye color is black. I will want to act this role because I will make fame me with struggle. Plz sir take me in this role because I make my dream in poor family.

  4. I’m Trent long from perquimans county, NC and I think I’ll play a good role in this movie

    Height- 6’2
    Age- 15
    weight- 160

  5. I am a MSU grad with a degree in film, including a semester of enrollment at Columbia College Chicago, where I directed, starred in, and wrote short films. Having studied the aparatus of film and written two feature-length screenplays, I possess an abundant knowledge of cinema and recognize good story telling. While I am too old to be considered for the part of White Boy Rick, I believe my physique and experience in front of and behind the camera could really add something to this project.

    Weight: 160 lbs.
    Build: Slender but muscular
    Height: 5’10”
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Short
    Waist line: 32″

    Overall, I am an attractive young man with dark, intense eyes and a stern/intimidating expression. This project sounds intriguing. I’d love to hop on board.

  6. Hello, I can truly relate to this story, and for my experience as an actor I really think I can do this. My name is Josh Keir I’m 16 years old turning 17 in september. I’m 5’7 and 140 pounds.
    If you need a picture email me for no information and I’ll be glad to send one.
    I can do this role no Doubt In my mind, if you want a great film I’m your mind I won’t let you down

  7. I have been living on the streets for too long and I want to start something great. My daughter is my priority and I want to improve her life. She needs a positive male figure that she can look up to. Modeling has been one of my long wanted passion and I know I have what it takes to bring that new innovated look that agencies look for.

    DOB: 07/19/1982

    Height: 5’8

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair: Black

    Suit: 38R

    Waist: 32″

    Inseam: 30″

    Shirt: Medium

    Shoe: 9.5

    Sleeve: 30”

  8. I have played as an extra in a few commercials and have been the main talent in a few. But this is the type of role that particularly interest me. Id love to have some more info.

    Brandon Painter
    185 pounds
    dark brown hair/blue eyes

  9. I’m 15, wanting to be an actor. If you wanted to get to know me please e-mail I am very interested to be in this film. And if started contact me for another film.

  10. I am a white caucasion that takes a personal interest in white boy rick. Have a lot of information stored about who he was from multiple documumentaries, gangland. I am also from Detroit and am a natural born hustler. Check my record! I have a mysterious, magnetic charisma. I am exactly what you are looking for if your doing a film about rick wershe if I could put it in a nutshell. I’d be psyched to hear back…need a break from how I’m making money now!

  11. I would love to be an extra or even play a role in the movie of white boy Rick because why play Rick from what I can remember hung around a lot of black people and I am an African American woman with a very youthful look

  12. My name is khaled im from algeria im 17 years old and i think that im the best for that movie

  13. I’d like a spot. I’ve been itching to act my whole life, and lead roles in plays just aren’t cutting it. This show is exactly what I’m looking for, and I am EXACTLY what you’re looking for.

    I was shocked as I read the description of who you’re looking for, I have high hopes that I’ll be in this film. The only mismatch is my age, I’m 20, but I look a little bit younger than 17. Otherwise I’m a perfect fit for your description, and my acting preference is precisely this person. I even look quite similar to him.

    I wish I knew what sort of comment to leave that wont be brushed off, what sort of format that isn’t just skipped over. I’ll just leave some random information about myself I feel might be necessary. Thanks for your consideration.

    Ethnicity: white
    Gender: male
    Height: 5’6
    Build: athletic
    Natural eye color: green/blue/grey
    Natural hair color/style: dirty blonde/loose-wavy
    Experience: 1st-3rd places in several speech and drama meets, a few lead roles in plays, improv with practice groups.

  14. Name: Henry Wimmer Height: 5’8″ Hair Color: brown Eye Color: green Age:20. My story is pretty quick and simple, I had dreams of going to the military but am injury has ended that. Still in great health and athletic shape just a military disqualifier. So I’m looking for a new passion. I would never lie and act like I have major experience, but I’m very passionate about anything I put my mind to and would love the chance to at least audition. My contact information,
    Thank you

  15. Name: Richard Huber Height: 6’1 Hair Color: brown Eye Color: blue Age: 25. Hey casting crew my name is Richard and I’m a part time actor and I love action packed movies and shows. I believe I’m the man fit for the job simply because I do my own stunts and I’m athletic with rock hard abs ;) hey ladies, and all in all just a great attitude and a wicked personality. So what are you waiting for! Pick up your phone and dial 1-403-376-6622 it could be at 2 am I’ll answer. I’m really looking forward from hearing from you guys. Chow for now. thank you

  16. Hello I am 16 years old from Croatia. I am acting since I was 7. I adore acting but also I found myself in this caracter because I am a teeneger and I was hanging out with not so good teens and stuff like that. I would love to get a chance if you are interested.

  17. Hi, my name is Brogan I am a 12 year old boy in new York I am educated in a catholic school i’ve taken many acting schools and growing up near me you half to be a born hustler.

  18. I’m Dylan, an aspiring actor whose acted in various plays over the years and taken on many leadership roles at school and in musicals all around the Seattle area. I’m 17 years old, and currently enrolled in an program called running start which could give me some leeway in order to film.
    I’m blond haired, have green eyes, baby face but skinny build, and I’m really invested in acting.

    I know this application is very late; but I can’t help but put myself out there for a role I really think I could take on.


  19. Hi, I’m Arko Ayobh and 17 years from Norway. I’m originally from Kurdistan, but storage in Norway since I was 4 years. i have balck hair, 1.85 cm height and 80 kg weight and i good shape body. I have long been interested in becoming an actor and I have had starring role in the school musical at my school too as a bad boy, I have directed a talk show and participated in it themselves in array. I got a lot of positive feedback from teachers and people I know round me for the work I had stats down to this. As a person as I describe myself as a Joker, because when i am acting i am doing it the way that people believe that the person i am acting about is really me. I have grown up in some hard places in the middle east and experienced much and i still know how i can get back them feelings. I realy hope i get a chance here and i promise you that you guys won’t regret your choice of taking me in. I really hope i can be part of this exciting project, i have a good feeling about this. Looking forward to hearing for you as soon as possible.

    Gender: Male


  20. I am the guy for this. Don’t listen to any of these other comments. I am educated and also have the street smarts to go along with it. I grew up playing hockey and racing fast motorcycles. I would love to go after this roll. I would feel right at home and will enjoy showing my grit and heart. I have the look that is needed along with the entire package. Email me for photos questions or anything.

    Much Appreciated,

  21. I am 15 years old with same featurees. Brown hair, Brown eyes. Im 6’3 and would love the opporitunity. I live in Toldeo Ohio.

  22. Its late but I look similar and have grown up in this environment and have friends who have been in similar situations. Could play the part to a key

  23. I just seen this? If there’s still a opportunity I’d love to audition for the Role. I’m 16 & I live in Akron Ohio so email me for more information!

  24. If you are looking for any African Americans to play roles in the movie please contact me. Or get a hold of me threw One Source Talent.

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