Casting Call For Salon, Stylist or Nail Tech Horror Stories

Salon, Stylist or Nail Tech Horror Stories

Casting Call For Salon, Stylist or Nail Tech Horror Stories

A brand new show is coming to TV and it is all about exposing the disgraceful work of so called Hair Stylists and Nail Techs.

Someone recommends a new stylist or nail tech to you and you want to try them because the person who is recommending them a great hairstyle or amazing nails, so you figure why not. You already have proof that this stylist’s work is good. Then you go in to get your hair or nails done and what happens next is the stuff of nightmares.

Now is your chance to expose these stylists for the true disgrace that they are and you can do it with the help of an expert stylist. If you have a Hairstylist or Nail Tech horror story, now is your chance to tell it.

To be considered for this Brand New Show, please read the casting call provided below:

Did a salon, stylist, kitchen beautician, or nail tech destroy your hair, scalp, wig, extensions or nails? Share your story with us and expose their shoddy work along with our expert stylist. Our goal is to prevent these terrible experiences from happening again!
– Are you in disbelief that there are certain stylists or technicians still out there practicing?

– Did your stylist pull out, burn, or damage your hair or scalp?

– Are your stylist’s or technician’s station and tools so far from on point that they gave you an infection or disease?

– Did your stylist ruin the expensive hair that you purchased and refuse to compensate you?

– Are the medical bills from a botched service bigger than the one you got at a salon?

If so, email us your contact info, photos and video of their work if you have them, and info about what happened to you to:


  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg, Max. file size: 2 MB.


  1. Every single time I get a haircut my hair comes out wrong!!!! Every single time I go, I always wind up with someone new or someone who says they know what they’re doing, but no never ever right! I try to do it myself from now on! I have natural black hair and when I went blonde it was something else………….

  2. My mum is a pro stylist, she sometimes styles famous people like Beyoncé or Barrymore and I learnt from the best, I change my hair style constantly

    • Hello I would be great I ran a hair salon before called heaven touch salon with my mother I’ve then moved to Tulsa Oklahoma and went to school for hair braiding then my ex husband and I got into a domestic situation and I had to drop out doing braids hair and nails changes a woman or man on the inside my story about Hair Salon would be great for this film

  3. My hair was down to my waist line I went to this salon that my best friend was raving about for weeks
    I was scared that to go but finally I said OK I’m going so I did .
    this lady grabbed my hair in a pony tail and before I could speak she snipped my hair off after I had told her I needed a trim I didn’t know a trim meet chop off all my hair! !
    Now I have an uneven chopped mess right so I call my previous hair dresser and asked her to try to fix it well I thought I could trust her that was not the case well needless to say I went from ads length hair to Grace Jones in a matter of 3 months unbafukenlievable! I have no trust in hairdressers I would never go to another as long as I have hair on my head !

  4. Hello I am a hairstylist, I hold 15 hundred clock hours for the state of Illinois working toward obtain my Cosmetology license. To my knowlegde I have not caused any disappointments to my clients…but I never know. I also love to sing as well as I have I amazing voice and I am looking to sing and share my talent in one of your television shows. If not singing I would be open to being an extra.

  5. Hi,
    My name is kimberly, i think i would be perfect for this role because i have had the craziest hair styles that went from changing colors to my hair falling out from me cutting it off. i have tried so much hair salons and i’m just so tired of going through my nightmares and i still haven’t found the right salon up to this day. i can say i’m my own salon.

  6. I have a story to share! In fact, more, than one.
    I had my hair literally melted off, after “getting my perm done”, when my hairstylist unclimbed the rollers, my hair started falling out and melting. It was like in a horror dream. I didn’t get any refund or complimentary service afterwords either.
    Two years later, in another salon I paid for highlights, and my hair turned out gray, like a grandma. I looked scary for a while. But that mistake got fixed, thankfully.
    Ironically, now I’ve been scouted as a hair model!

    I would love to be in your show.

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