Actress Lynn Whitfield
Actress Lynn Whitfield
Actress Lynn Whitfield

OPEN CASTING CALL FOR FEATURE FILM PARTY BUS starring Lynn Whitfield and will be filmed in Houston, Texas!

WHEN: April 18th 2015
WHERE: 540 Heights Blvd, Houston TX 77008
TIME: 10am -3pm

Nationwide casting call for comedy feature film PARTY BUS. Being filmed in Houston and directed by Michael Sterling PARTY BUS will feature Emmy Award winning Actress Lynn Whitfield (How to Get Away with Murder, Madea’s Family Reunion, Touched By An Angel.) and J Anthony Brown (Ricky Smiley Show, Think Like A Man, House of Payne and Tom Joyner Morning Show) as well as other celebrity cameos. Slated to be released in the fall of 2015 the movie will be shot in and around the Houston area and is slated for theatrical release with distribution through New Kingdom Pictures.

PRODUCTION DATES: May 27-29 and June 10 – 19th 2015 TBD

SYNOPSIS: Two friends decide to throw their shy co worker a birthday party she’ll never forget. Wild antics ensue when what starts out as an innocent celebration quickly turns into one hell of a fun ride.


MARCY – female 20’s, any ethnicity, – shy nerdy mousy demure type who later blossoms into sexy vixen.

MIKE – 20 -30’s African American male – tall good looking clean cut muscular guy, comedic ability.

RICK – Caucasian male, 20-30’s – party slacker, lovable jerk, Jack Black type, MUST have STRONG comedic ability.

RICK’S SISTER – Caucasian female, 30’s – grumpy type.

MONICA – 20 – 30’s female, any ethnicity, attractive, jealous insecure girlfriend of MIKE

TRACY – 20-30’s female, African American or Latina, mean girl Kim Kardashian type.

PORSHA – 20-30’s female, Caucasian or Latina, mean girl Kim Kardashian type.

PARTY BUS MANAGER – 20-40’S female, any ethnicity, bad attitude.

POP ROCKS – 20-30’s female, any ethnicity, sexy exotic dancer type, Rick’s love interest, good comedic ability.

PAROLE OFFICER – 40’S Caucasian male, stern and serious.

MANN MANN – 20’s African American male, hood type.

  1. FERGUSON – 40-60’S male, any ethnicity, office supervisor. Serious type

GRAPHIC DESIGNER – 20-30’S male, any ethnicity.

TAYLOR – 20’s Caucasian male, LGBT stylist

TATTOO ARTIST – male, any age, any ethnicity, tattoos a plus

DETECTIVE 1 – 30-50’S male, any ethinicity

PROMOTER LADY – 20-30’S female, any ethnicity, sexy VIP hostess, model type.

KYMANI – 20-30’s African American male, handsome stylish flashy type, Marcy’s love interest

KEVIN – 20-30’s Caucasian male, tall, preppy good looking, short tempered. Scott Disick type

Non speaking roles
SMOKE SHOP CASHIER — male, any ethnicity
OFFICE COWORKERS — males and females any age and ethnicity
MANN MANNS FRIENDS – 20-30’s African American males
MALE EXOTIC DANCERS – attractive males any age and ethnicity
VIP BOTTLE GIRLS – model types, any age and ethnicity
PARTY CLUB GOERS – males and females any age and ethnicity
EXTRAS – males and females any age and ethnicity

Please bring head shot and/or resume if you have one, but not necessary. Acting experience not necessary. Also accepting submissions for music artists and hair and make up artists (MUA). Please bring your music or portfolios.
Some roles are PAID. Credits, meals, snacks, beverages provided.

Submissions and inquiries can be sent via email to


Submitted by: Ashley

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg, Max. file size: 2 MB.


  1. Hey yall! My name’s Adam and I think i could be a pretty good fit for Rick’s character. Seeing as how that’s one of my main angles I’ve used in most of my experience and that could be a decent description of my personal life as well! I love making people laugh, I always have. I’m 5’11, 21 years old about 160 lbs actually pretty athletic build. I can’t say i have headshots readily available but can very quickly with notice, I do have a resume of theatrical works. Please don’t hesitate to email if you need a walking punchline party-boy type character!

  2. Hi I’m Marshay I recently just moved from Austin, TX area to Houston, Tx to pursue my modeling and acting career. Looking for the role to play as Tracy, Porsha or even the Promoter lady. I am 18 yrs. Old, 5’9, Confident, Outgoing and African American!

  3. My name is Esperanza iam 40 year sold I am interested in playing Monica, I consider myself like, jealous, insecure girlfriend type, I am experience in theater play, I was Extra zombie o 72 Hours to die this year which got release , Ricky Productions call me again to do another scene for Extra on Reto Sangriento.I am A Singer, songwriter, I like dancing, play Basketball, I Got in to Modeling recently, I will like to do commercial, I hope I can help you. CAN U PLEASELET ME KNOW. THANKS.
    Facebook Esperanto Herrera.

  4. Im a 20 year old dreamchaser. Being in the spotlight is something i always wanted. Ive never been in any big or small movie productions but i have been in school plays and put on shows for family. I love acting like a lot of my favorite actors/actresses from my favorite movies. I just had a son and he has pushed me to chase my dream and im doing it for him! Im asking for a chance. A chance to change my life and my sons life.

  5. I’m 6’2, 240 pounds, and very charismatic. I have tan skin and dark black hair, but I have kinda a baby face. But other than that I would love to join.

  6. Bad news… I am only available Saturdays and Sundays. The Good news is I will do it for free and can provide my own wardrobe. I think I would be perfect for one of the office coworkers as I have worked in an office for many years and I am always the most comical. I am 32, but I look 25. 6’2″, Dirty Blond, people say I resemble a young James Spader, Secretary days, not The Blacklist.

  7. hello sir/maam…i am Rakesh Baraik and i am 22 years old i am indian actor …height 5.11 sir i want to take part in your upcoming movie is there any role for me in your movie please inform me… sir its my pleasure to work with you all… it’s my dream to work with you… my

  8. DOB: 07/19/1982

    Height: 5’8

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair: Black

    Suit: 38R

    Waist: 32″

    Inseam: 30″

    Shirt: Medium

    Shoe: 9.5

    Sleeve: 30”

    I have been living on the streets for too long and I want to start something great. My daughter is my priority and I want to improve her life. She needs a positive male figure that she can look up to. Acting has been one of my long wanted passion and I know I have what it takes to bring that new innovated look that agencies look for.

  9. I am Shaiza from Bronx newyork raised in California, and recently relocated to Texas.Multilingual and multiracial, i look Hispanic

  10. Hi, my name is Jemina, I’m from South Africa and I love to sing, dance, and act. I’m quite outgoing, fun, and open minded. I am also a fast learner. I live in Lubbock Tx currently and I’m just looking for a great opportunity to change my current lifestyle!

  11. Hello my name is Tylee Smith a 21yr old African American male from Newport News, Virginia and I would love to try out for the role of Man Man

  12. Hello I am Diamond , a 15 year old junior . I would like to be casted as an Extra for this film. I have no experience in any other film ,but I can give promising results if I were to be considered. I am very cautious about putting all of my information out there but if there are any more questions or concerns ,please email me.Thank you for reading.

  13. Hello My name is Max Cuellar. I currently live in Baytown Tx, and I will love to audition for a non speaking role. I have nothing to my name. I love to laugh but, I know when to switch it on and off. I have some amateur stand-up experience.
    Hispanic male
    Age: 18
    Brown skin
    Cashier experience.

  14. Very interested in the role of Mann Mann I have a great performance and im used to cameras and acting . Over a million YouTube views and counting . Visit for more of my visuals.

  15. Hello! My name is Chelsey and I am 18 years old. I’m from Brooklyn, New York and currently live in Orlando, Florida. I am very outgong and have an athletic-type body. I am 5’7″ with curly dark brown hair, and am mixed. I think I would fit the role of the party goer perfectly because I myself enjoy a good night out at the clubs in Downtown Orlando. Please contact me if I am considered; this role is calling my name!

  16. I am a 41 year old male trying to get my foot in the door. Please consider me for a role in the movie.

  17. I’m Julie and I am 19 years old! I have had experience with films and shooting. I will be willing to play any female/extra parts!

  18. Hello, I am 20 years old and I am a singer from small town Jennings, Louisiana. I am a very funny person who is down too earth, love to clown and helped in my school theater classes. I would love to be apart of this film. It would be an honor if I were to get picked because not to many people reach for the stars where I live and i would like to change that.

  19. Hey I’m a 15 year old actress and I have completed taking classes at Page Parkes and I’m looking to sign with multiple managers and agencies at the moment, but for now I’m trying to get out there in my community and audition more to build my resume. Do you think I could be an extra, even though I am 15? Any feedback would be awesome!!

  20. Hi I’m a very multi talented female I’m am 21 african- American/Creole I”ve had experience with theatre in high school I’M very aspirable and loves direction and love to act and have a undeniable passion for taking on and merging myself into different roles I can play any of the female roles.thank you for listening.

  21. My name is Ashley and i am 22. I would be good for any of of the female roles. Im Latina, etc… I haven’t taken any acting classes but im very passionate about acting. I will not let you down. Just let me show you what i can do.

  22. I’m a 20 year old African American man (5’10”) looking to pursue my dreams in acting I work hard to get what I want and always looking for ways to improve my skills

  23. I’m 17 and has had some good experiences in the acting field. I’ve been in musicals, performances, and offered an opportunity to act for Disney. I’m funny, energetic, and hard working. I am versatile and can play any role.

  24. Muscular arms and chest and a very good looking African American male in my mid 20’s. I’ve played a few small roles in a couple short films, no lines yet but working on it. A hard worker and a bit of a goof ball, I think I’m made for the camera.

  25. Peoples Person , Tall Musclier type body, Very Funny guy with A Positive vibe always! Hard working Stud Ready to work!

  26. I’m a tall Latina with hint of Japanese mix. I’ll fit in very well, i can easily play all the female parts.

  27. Would Love the role of Mike, i fit the bill perfectly! 6′ 3″ 28yo athletic build, great personality! Leo charrisma.

  28. I have lots of experience in TV and Films. I’m a fiesty, sex older female, I’m able to portray Matriarch roles that support the main characters.

  29. Is there any way i can send a audition tape to you? I can not make it to texas today but i dont have a problem coming for those above dates! My name is Monet Bullard I am a 26 year old black female . 5’1. 165 pounds who has a passion for acting! I have performed in a few play at The Kentucky Center for the Arts & Actors Theator in Louisville Ky. I haven’t tooken any acting classes. but I know if I could have five minutes in front of you, I could show you I have so much potential! Five minutes with me and you will see I was destined to perform!

  30. My name is Monet Bullard I am a 26 year old black female . 5’1. 165 pounds who has a passion for acting! I have performed in a few play at The Kentucky Center for the Arts & Actors Theator in Louisville Ky. I haven’t tooken any acting classes. but I know if I could have five minutes in front of you, I could show you I have so much potential! Five minutes with me and you will see I was destined to perform!

  31. I sent email with headshot to above email.. I’m 24 and I think I could fit one of these roles perfectly. Take a look at my email submission.. I would be honored to hear back !

  32. I’m a women of many talents and trades and I love to share my gifts. If you need a bus driver, or a limousine driver I am her, if you need a hairstyles I am her, if you need a interior designer I am her, if you need a party planner I am her, if you need a cook or cater I am her, if you need a seamstress I am her, if you need a realtor I am her if you need an actress I’m her also. I want have to act out any of these characters just live the characters. I have a outgoing created personality that you will love.

  33. I’m very out going and funny and provided a natural comedic presence …..I believe without a doubt I could take this industry cor a u turn. You would not be making a mistake … talk is cheep but let me show you ..

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